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"Mina, stop squirming!"

"I'm not though?"

"Ughs, whatever. As soon as I see Corey it's on sight", Trina hissed the last two words with malice. Thankfully not literally, no matter how much the newfound scaly parts of her wanted to.

Mina just whined under her breath. Few things were scarier than truly pissed off Trina, and tonight she found out one of those things was a truly pissed off snake-ified Trina. Even if she hadn't figured out the whole slithering thing yet. Hence, her being carried by her beleaguered 'friend'. At least being changed into some sort of moth creature helped, what with having another set of arms and all.

They were on the outskirts of the festival, hunting for Nick Mallory, when the transformation caught them. The resulting shifts freaked both of them enough to forget about both the hunk of their dreams and any plans for fratricide. Temporarily, at least. Trina had been the first to calm down once she noticed that her newfound scales were pretty dang cute actually. Her colors were like a valentines card - a white underbelly with a pink base while globs of lavender formed heartlike shapes on top. Or flamelike if you tilted your head and squinted. The pattern was reminiscent of a ball python morph, or perhaps an anaconda given the sheer size of her tail. Her meticulously cared for skin had been replaced with scales of the same nature too. It was almost worth the whole no legs thing. That was a dealbreaker, or rather, a going-to-break-Corey-for-this-er. Oddly enough, her hair remained the same.

Mina was much more drab compared to her sparkle snake companion. Her new color palette was limited to a pale, chalky green that faintly glowed in the moonlight and a velvety reddish brown. The latter color made the set of insectoid limbs that burst out her middle look like they were transplanted from one hell of a creepy puppet. They each ended in a three digit hand, the main two fingers equipped with grasping claws. Thankfully; her original set remained the same, albeit in the same velvety color from the elbow down. Her sparkling new moth wings, could have covered a small table by themselves. Currently, they draped across her form like a poncho. A simple eyespot decorated the inward side. The bottom part of the wings extended into something akin to a kite's tail, which by itself was nearly as long as the wing was wide. Two brushy antennas sprouting from her hairline completed the set of insectoid changes.

"You sure you don't want to go home?" She asked, legs trembling from the strain.

"Quiet, I wanna see if Nick got even cooler."

"Nick Mallory didn't think he could be this much cooler", Nick Mallory said as he walked by.

"GASP!" Trina whipped around fast enough to topple her makeshift ride.

The small town celebrity wasn't as radically different compared to the pink and green duo. His only extra bits were the majestic, glacier colored antlers crowning his head and the icicle spines poking through his shirt. No extra limbs, or lack therefore of, plagued him. What did plague him was the frost crackling to life as he examined his slushpuppie blue skin. It spread in an arm's length radius around him, flash freezing the ground with every step as he walked by. There was even a trail of snowflakes and a faint twinkling sound following him.

"Oh, hi Nick!" Trina chirped faux casually, twirling a strand of hair. "Do you need a cuddle buddy to keep warm?"

Luckily for him, the obsessive fangirl hadn't figured out how to move yet. He still took a wide step back just in case. "Nick doesn't think that's a good idea for a reptile. Good luck with that snake thing." With that, he headed off to do Nick Mallory things. Like trying to figure out to get antlers to fit inside a helmet and if this whole ice thing was going to kill his moped. At least it warded off the fangirls.

Mina wheezed as she freed herself from underneath her boss. "Maybe", she panted, "maybe nows a good time to learn how to slither?"

She too took a long step back from that slit pupil glare.

"Hmmmmmmm..." Professor Riguadon hummed for the fifteenth time in just as many minutes.

At this point, Laney had gotten used to feeling her tail thrash. Sure, fifteen minutes wasn't so bad, but the barbie-troll doll-she didn't know what had her phone the whole time. The very same phone she would punch her bandmates for trying to swipe. Granted, there was nothing incriminating or inappropriate on it, she made triply sure of that, but handing it over grated against everything she had and then some. It was all she could not to growl.

The bassist was just about to combust when the professor is exclaimed, "Ah ha! It'll take a few days to fully translate."

"What?!" A curl of flame came out with that exclamation. She cleared her throat before continuing, voice rising in volume with every word. "Are we gonna be stuck like this the whole time?!"

"Afraid so! And we're all going to keep being like this until we figure out how to reverse this. Who knows, it might even be permanent if it's not sorted out by the time the Candy Corn Moon passes", he said cheerily, like this was all some big fascinating research project. "Now, about those discovery rights..."

"You can have 'em", she deadpanned. "Can I have my phone back now?"

Laney scrambled to catch her phone after the professor carelessly tossed it over his shoulder, all but prancing off towards the temple. Score one for the cat-scorpion reflexes! Score none for being back to normal anytime soon. At least she had something to report back to the band.

"Wait a minute, do you know..." She turned around to call out, but the professor was already out of sight. "...What we are?"

Carrie stared at the gelato cup precariously balanced on her knee, then at the tiny wooden spoon provided. She stared at the pinkie length claws poking through the ruffled feathers, then back at the spoon.

"I miss having hands", the frontwomen whined. "How am I going to play when I can't even hold things?"

"You could learn to play with your feet", Kim jokingly suggested.

"Hey, Konnie? You got, uhh..." Lenny made a vague gesture to his face. "All over you."

True to his word, there was a perfect ring of half melted dessert around her mouth. It stood out even more against the black latch of fur that migrated over her muzzle when she wasn't paying attention. The drummer went crosseyed trying to lick it off before her eyes lit up with an idea.

"Hey, check this out!" Squishing her face between her paws, Konnie's expression scrunched further with concentration. Her efforts were rewarded with the colored patch of fur, and most definitely not the gelato stain, squirming for a few moments before slowly dripping up between her eyes. The effect was pretty trippy, truth be told. "Tada!"

Her sister applauded her while the bassist handed her a spare napkin. "Cool! You got any idea what else you can do?" She asked.

"No idea what so ever!"

Carrie was trying to figure out if she still had the physical capability to clap when she spotted two familiar faces in the crowd.

"Is that-?" Recognition made her perk up, nearly sending her cup into the dirt. One hand went to balance it while the other waved. She nearly whacked herself and the nearby Kim in the face with her feathers in the process. "Yo! Cleet, Bessie! Over here!"

"Well, I'll be," drawled the redneck genie. Calling him a genie was a stretch - he looked like a regular hillbilly with nary a jug in sight. Bessie was still blue anthropomorphic cow, albeit with legs now. "I haven't seen you kids since that dinosaur hoedown."

The keyboardist laughed nervously at the reminder while the Carrie carried on. "Yeah, sure, long time no see, can we wish ourselves back to normal?!"

"No can doOOOo," mooed Bessie, "Our magic's plum gone."

An uneven chorus of disappointed groans rose at that.

"Even if we had it, we couldn't undo it. That magic was spooky!" Cleet explained, "I would stay clear of this one kids, gives me the heebie jeebies."

"Do you know anything about it?" Larry asked politely. "The magic, I mean."

"Whatever it is, it's been here a lot longer than we have. Sumthin' about it just don't feel right."

"Like a pie that's been left in the sun tooOOo long and grew an attitude. A real stinker if there ever was one", added Bessie.

The former genie nodded in agreement. "Yeah, all nasty like. Welp, me and her are gonna try this whole shoe thing if y'all wanna skedaddle on outta here."

"Uh, thanks for the offer but we're going to stay here for a bit", Carrie said, wondering if she really wanted to know.

"SuOOOot yourself. Take care, chickadees!" The heifer waved before looping her arm through her companion's and walking away.

Carrie suddenly decided she didn't want to know. Judging by the look in their faces, neither did anybody else.

Konnie waited until the demagicified duo were out of earshot before commenting, "That last one was a stretch."

"Ehh," her sister said while making a so-so gesture. "Anyways, can we throw garbageband at whatever this is and hope they cancel each other out?"

"I was hoping we could sell them to repay the deposit," replied Lenny.

"Psh, you couldn't buy a - wait, Mina?" Carrie's head swiveled as she gets again distracted by a familiar face wondering about. Her dessert was forgotten in favor of catching up with her own sister. "I thought you stayed home?"

"H-Hi Carrie, loved the show!"

"No talking on the job!" Trina snapped, temper shorter than ever. Not only was she part snake, pretty cute or otherwise, but she couldn't even get close to Nick Mallory and her punching bag of a brother was nowhere to be found. Obviously, that made her minion the next best thing. "Mina, march!"

Said minion gave her sister a weak smile, trembling under the pink weight and silently begging her to let it go. Sure; Trina was pushy and abrasive and a whole other slew of negative adjectives, but that didn't mean she wanted to anger her further when she was in such a state. Who knew what sort of physical violence was hiding up her scaly sleeves.

Maybe, had she still been human, the guitarist would've gone along with her wishes. She would've brushed off the anger and focus on her band, maybe make a mental note of treating her sister to something nice later. But Carrie wasn't human anymore, and bugified or not she was still her sister. Something knife-sharp and furious bloomed in her chest, and she shoved the scaly bitch before she even knew what she was doing. Turns out those wings weren't so weak after all - they were strong enough to knock all three meters of Trina off a small distance.

While the snake was still stunned, she grabbed her sister's hand and began to book it. "C'mon girls, lets go!" She urged over her shoulder.

For once, Lenny didn't protest at being called a girl. Getting away from that unstable pink bomb was much more important than a lousy, unlistened to correction.

Laney finally made it back to the rest of the band when Trina's enraged shriek echoed over the treetops. Surprisingly, no geyser of flame followed. Nor was there any unearthly chorus that backdropped a diary worthy freakout. The only thing that came out of it were a few startled birds and a couple people turning around in confusion before going back to what they were doing.

"I was gone for like twenty minutes, what did you guys even do?"

"That's two full episode, do you know how much stuff happens in them?" Kon pipped up.

"Wasn't me this time!" Corey defended himself, one hand tryin to keep the cloud turned beck pillow on. "I was trying to come up with gigs." 'Trying' being a keyword because there really weren't any themes you could do with a band consisting of a mermaid, a cat scorpion, a dog with a unicorn horn and a dog with a magic rain cloud.

"I'm telling you the furry circus thing isn't gonna work out. Nobody wants to be the clown!" Kin said, wanting to get in the last word.

"Whatever, let's bail before Trina shows up." He made to get up before remembering that he didn't have legs anymore. Or any knowledge of how to do more than flop around. The guitarist stared at his fish tail for a long moment before turning his puppy eyes onto their drummer. "Koooooon, can you carry me home?"

"I vote we toss him in the creek", Laney deadpanned.

"Anyways," Kin spoke over Corey protest, "what did the guy say about the pictures?"

"Oh yeah, he said it'll take a couple days to fully translate them and we're stuck like this until they figure out how to fix it. Didn't even stick around to tell us what we are."

"I don't wanna smell fishy forever!"

"Good thing I was already a dog!"

"You sure there's no way to speed this thing up?"

"No crazy inventions", the redhead quickly vetoed. "Let's leave this one to the professionals and head out before they remember we broke their custom ordered instruments."

The three boys hissed between their teeth at the reminder. That was encouragement enough to get the hell out of dodge before the professor got back. Corey did end up being carried in the end, though less like a princess and more like a stack of potatoes.

A light shone through the crack, illuminating the tiny room. The sides and ceiling were cast in shadow, but the blue star figure still shone bright and colorful.

"There you are", Professor Rigaudon crooned, "we'll get your secrets out in no time."

Here's princesquishables art of Laney! https/media. discordapp. net/attachments/. 243531424492158988/787119660788219974/unknown .png

And the rest of Grojzow11's earlier art

Corey and Laney https/media. .discordapp. .net/attachments/. 747969973733031936/748372131426861126/image0. .jpg

Kin and Kon https/media. discordapp .net/attachments/747969973733031936/748372132001743019/image1 .jpg

Lenny/Larry and Carrie https/media. discordapp. net/attachments/747969973733031936/748372132374773801/image2. jpg

Kim and Konnie https/. media.discordapp. net/attachments/747969973733031936/748372132701929472/image3. jpg

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