Dear readers,

This story will be my version of what I imagine season 6 of "the Dragon Prince" would look like. At the time of writing, we've only had three seasons, and I've written seasons 4 and 5 as a fanfiction, titled "Heart of a Dragon" and "Eye of the Storm" respectively. If you are new here, I suggest you go read those first, as this story heavily builds upon what I've written there.

For those that have read the other two works of fanfics; thank you for sticking with me this far! It is still a passion project for me. Once I've finished all four projects, I will probably get them printed in book form for me personally to have in my bookcase. It's just a matter of pride and accomplishment really. I've always wanted to write my own books. Though these fanfics are not completely original (I'm working in someone else's fictional universe after all) I still see it as an accomplishment to write two pocket-sized novels in the span of a year. I just hope I can do the same with my own original ideas once I've finished this project.

It's almost exactly a year ago that I posted "Heart of a Dragon" online and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. At the same time it has also been a very educational year for me to see what works for me when writing fiction and what doesn't. Keeping a schedule with deadlines worked very well with "Heart of a Dragon", but the pandemic threw a wrench in my schedule for "Eye of the Storm". We're still in the middle of the pandemic but at the same time I have had some time to adjust, and I do think it's high time to continue working on this project. To make sure I will succeed, I will use the same rules as last time:

- The Dragon Prince has nine episodes a season, so I will have to write nine chapters for this adventure

- I will post one chapter a week

- Including the "Author's Note", this will give me ten weeks to complete this project.

Without further ado, I present to you "War of Cinders". Enjoy!

Jaco "Ocaj" Koster