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Daphne and Harry were the only ones who stayed behind in the room of requirement. Everyone else, guessing or knowing that tonight was a special event for the two, had already left.

Harry sat lazily on the sofa with Daphne snuggled to his side. It had been five minutes since their friends had left the room, leaving the room totally silent.

"So...tonight I am all yours. Go wild." Harry quipped, finally deciding to break the comfortable silence. Daphne couldn't help but snort at his phrasing. She looked up from his chest where she earlier was snuggling and smirked at him.

"Oh I am very interested in going wild. But don't say it as if you are an unwilling participant and this task will inconvenience you. You are just as eager as I am."

"Touche." Harry grinned, pulling her on his lap, his hands snaking around her waist. He leaned forward, gently brushing his lips over hers.

"I think I am more than eager. You may even say that I fucking need it." Harry whispered on her cheek, his lips lightly grazing on her pale skin. He abruptly pulled back and beamed at her.

"Did you get that? 'I fucking need it'. Like you know, I need fucking." Harry chuckled at his own joke. Daphne's lips twitched in amusement as she cupped his face with her hands, her gaze stuck to his lovely lips.

"Yes, yes. It is so wise and funny that I am laughing hysterically." Daphne answered blandly, still looking at his lips. Before Harry could protest about his sense of humour, Daphne mashed her lips on his. Her soft pink lips pressing on his, massaging it sensually.

Harry readily kissed back while pulling her tight against him, leaving no space between their bodies. His hand dipped behind her, grabbing her arse. Daphne then opened her mouth and granted him entry. Harry let his tongue run over her lips before plunging in her mouth. Daphne shivered on his lap when she felt his warm slick tongue tracing her lips. Her tongue swirled around his tongue when they met in her mouth, hugging, dancing, fighting.

Daphne's breath hitched when he began sucking on her tongue. She bit back a moan when he did that. She let his tongue wrap around hers while she caressed his face.

Her scent, the smell of her was so enticing that he couldn't help but want to breathe every inch of her. Harry was in a daze as he hungrily kissed her with all of his passion while squeezing her buttcheeks. He loved how she tasted, he loved how her mouth felt pressed against his. He loved her warm breaths blowing on his cheek. His hands were in their own beautiful world as they mauled her sexy arse, the thin green robe the only thing keeping his fingers from touching her warm soft skin.

Daphne finally pulled back, her lips red and wet, her eyes wide and glazed. She quickly undid her robe, pulling it off of her body and threw it on the floor. Harry licked his lower lip as she now remained just in her black bra and knickers. He ran his fingers on her naked back, loving the feel of her smooth skin. Daphne trembled as goosebumps appeared on her body. She met his eyes and grounded her lower body on his lap.

"We can do all this foreplay later. Let's finally have sex. We have been waiting for this for a considerable time." Daphne purred and slipped away from his grasp, standing in front of him. She unceremoniously stripped herself naked, letting the sexy bra and underwear fall on the floor.

Harry himself fumbled with his clothes without taking his eyes off of her. He didn't want to miss a single second. His eyes traced her hands as she unclasped her bra, her bare breasts enticingly popping out free, as she slid down her knickers, showing her shaved pussy without any anxiety. The lack of nervousness was expected since Harry had gotten very friendly with the space between her legs. Precisely, Harry's hands and mouth had gotten very friendly with the space between her legs.

At last he too threw all of his clothes on the floor, standing naked across from her, his cock proudly pointing up. Daphne's lips pulled into a grin as her gaze lingered on his dick.

A big comfortable bed appeared to their side, thanks to the room of requirement. Harry stepped towards her and pulled her naked body close to his, wrapping his arms around her waist. Both of them shuddered in pleasure as their hot and soft bodies pressed together.

"Yes, let's finally have sex. Though if I remember correctly, didn't you promise Astoria that you won't lose your virginity until you are 15?" Harry questioned her after pressing a kiss on her forehead. Daphne chuckled softly while her hands roamed on Harry's back and arse.

"Don't worry. I have talked with her and she had agreed to this, not that I needed her approval. And I will be 15 in a couple of months so it isn't that bad. Now stop talking." Daphne smirked, nuzzling his neck and jumping up, wrapping her hips around his back and her arms around his neck.

Harry immediately caught her hips, keeping her in his hold. He hurriedly carried her to the bed and climbed up on it with her in his arms. He laid her gently on her back on the bed and hovered over her, with his hands on either side of her head.

Daphne smiled softly and spread her legs. She grabbed his neck and pulled him down on her. So, now he was lying on top of her, his chest pressed to her breasts, his face in her neck, his lower body between her hips.

Harry bit her neck sensually as he guided his erect member to her virgin entrance. Daphne held her breath in anticipation while lovingly cradling his head. She closed her eyes when she felt his bulbous head rubbing on her slit.

"Be ready." he whispered on her neck and pushed forward. She prepared herself for the pain, and the blood. She knew it was going to hurt, at least a little bit. That's why she had taken many potions which would minimise the pain along with the contraceptive potion. But in the end the pain would still be there with the discomfort.

So she was extremely surprised when she didn't feel any pain. She moaned in his hair as his shaft sank inside her. She clutched his head to her chest while she tried to get comfortable with his length inside her.

"Harry, did you use your Deus to not make feel any pain?" she mumbled slowly, tilting his head up, meeting his groggy eyes. Harry just nodded, not in any condition to talk as he felt the heat and softness of her pussy walls wrapped around his girth. He slowly pulled back and then swiftly reentered.

She inhaled sharply as he bottomed out inside her, resting his whole length into her, snuggled tightly by her vaginal muscles. Daphne arched her back and squeezed his torso with her hips, feeling a wave of pleasure hitting her. Harry groaned out loud and set a steady rhythm as he began pushing and pulling, thrusting into her.

Their gaze finally met as they became comfortable with the pace of their rolling hips. Daphne sent him a loving smile.

"I love you." she said, cupping his cheeks.

"I love you too, Daph." Harry smiled back. He leaned forward and kissed her affectionately while their hips were engaged in a smooth languid dance.


Jasmine couldn't cry as she huddled in her bed. There were so many emotions jumbled inside her that it was hard to choose one. She was sad, no the word sad wasn't enough to describe her sorrow. She was broken, dead inside. She was angry, apoplectic, baying for the blood of her parents' murderer. But most of all, she was lost. She was alone now, without her parents. She was in a phantom maze which had no exits. She didn't know what to do with her life anymore. Her reason for living was dead. Her parents were no more. What was she supposed to do now? Did she have to continue her mission of abducting Harry and bringing him to her house? No, that was illogical. Her parents were dead. What was the purpose of continuing the dangerous quest anymore? Then what was she to do?

She closed her eyes, trying to escape these overpowering emotions and questions. She will think about all of these in the morning. She needed a sleep and a clear head to plan her future and her righteous vengeance.


"Can you stop grinning, please?" Tracey groaned. It was early morning, she and Daphne were currently sitting in the Slytherin common room, planning strategies for the upcoming double duels.

"Nope!" Daphne said with a happy grin. "You can't understand what I am feeling, Tracey. You are just a virgin after all."

Tracey's eyebrows twitched in annoyance. Since the last fifteen minutes when they both met in the Slytherin common room, Daphne had taken every chance to brag about the loss of her virginity.

"You can't imagine how fulfilling it was when he slid inside me. You can't imagine how lovely it felt when we kissed passionately while our lower bodies partook in a wild dance. You definitely can't imagine how happy I was when Harry stayed the night and slept with me...with his arms around my body. And the love I felt while waking up with his hands fondling my rear and his lips biting my neck...Hey! Are you even listening?"

No, she wasn't. Tracey had her fingers pressed in her ears, blocking the crude and unwanted details of Daphne's and Harry's night. Daphne pouted and glared at her.


"And you are dead, again." Harry said amusedly, tapping her forehead with his wand. Fleur just sighed from where she was on her knees, totally spent after the intense spar with him. He pulled back his wand and pushed his other hand forward.

She quickly accepted it and he heaved her to her feet. She groaned softly, her legs were killing her. She shifted her weight and leaned on Harry, making him stumble.

"Hey! You do remember that you are taller and heavier than me. Don't just slump down on me." Harry complained but put his arm around her waist, keeping her from falling.

"Then start doing your magic. Take away my tiredness and rejuvenate me." Fleur mumbled, hugging him and resting her chin on his shoulder. Harry did just that. He transferred some energy from where he was touching her waist. Fleur sighed in relief as energy started filling her up. Few seconds later, she stood on her own feet, good as new.

"Thanks. I think I will keep you as my personal energy recharger." She grinned, ruffling his hair.

"I politely say fuck off to your offer."

"Don't break my heart Harry. I will give you a kiss if you agree."

Hearing that, Harry smirked at her. He turned towards her and gently cupped her face with his hands and pulled her closer to him. Fleur gulped down and didn't protest, leaning forward eagerly, towards his face. Her heart was thumping rapidly in anticipation as his forefinger brushed against her lips. She stifled a shiver of excitement as their eyes stared into each other, her face slowly inching closer to his face. She was so close that she could feel his warm breath on her lips. She finally closed her eyes, ready to have her first kiss. Her lips parted a little to merge with his lips. But instead of meeting his lips, her parted lips met his fingers as a barrier. Her eyes snapped open. She stood unmoving, stupefied.

"Hahahaha!" Harry laughed, pushing her face away. "I am aware enough to know who wants a kiss and is dying for it. Hint: it's not me."

Fleur broke out of her stupor and venomously glared at him.

"Harry, you are going to kiss me now." Fleur said in a hard tone, enunciating each word. She wanted it, no, she needed it. She finally had met a god in the human body and her wait was thankfully over. Then why the hell would she dance around the opportunity? Harry clearly desired her, that was clear from his gaze. And she too liked him. Now was the perfect time to feel his lips on hers. Now was the time to finally enter into a physical relationship.

Harry just grinned at her.

"Is this the way to talk to your teacher? Is this the way to talk to your master?" Harry replied, stepping forward and playfully flicking her on the forehead.

"Ow!" Fleur groaned, rubbing her forehead.

"If you want anything, you should know how to ask properly." Harry announced with a smug smile.

"Please master, kiss me. I am going insane imagining the taste of your mouth. Please master, kiss me. Please listen to your servant and student's plea. I beg you to finally grace me with your loving kiss." Fleur insisted, bowing her head, knowing that's what he wanted to hear. It wasn't really hard to act like that since her feelings were exactly like that.

"If that's what my dear Fleur wants. Close your eyes and relax." Harry ordered. Fleur immediately closed her eyes and relaxed her posture.

Harry looked at the veela lustfully. He walked around her and stood behind her. His gaze hungrily took in her form. Fleur was just in her t-shirt and shorts which didn't hide much of her figure. He stepped forward, closer to her. He really didn't like that he only came up to the nape of her neck. Fleur was taller than him obviously since she was older. He suppressed the urge to use his deus to grow his height.

He finally stepped towards her again, this time pressing her from behind, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the nape of her neck after moving her silvery blonde hair over one shoulder. Fleur quivered but didn't protest. She had believed that he would kiss her lips directly but it seemed Harry wanted to tease her before kissing her. Though a grin formed on her lips as she felt something poking on her derrière. She pushed back her butt, driving it against his crotch. She felt his surprised gasp on her neck.

"Hehe, you really are too horny." Harry mumbled, pressing his hips on her buttocks.

"Says the boy humping on my arse." Fleur groaned, feeling his hard shaft. Harry chuckled and turned her around. Fleur still had her eyes closed as ordered by him. Harry grabbed her face in hands and pulled it over his face. Their lips joined in a hungry kiss. Fleur fervently responded to the kiss she had been waiting for. Her arms wrapped around his head as she merged her parted lips with his, loving how their lips fit, loving how soft and amazing his lips felt rubbing against hers.

She opened her mouth wider, urging him to use his tongue. Harry pushed his tongue in her after tracing her lips with it. Fleur shivered, gripping him tighter as their tongues hugged lovingly, their mouths exchanging the taste of each other. And what a taste it was!

Though she was surprised when Harry pushed her against the wall, her back softly hitting the sturdy wall of the room of requirements, still they continued their kissing like there was no tomorrow, putting all the lust and passion in that kiss.

But she was bamboozled when Harry, while still kissing her, vanished her shorts and knickers, leaving her lower half totally naked. She felt his hands on her arse, mauling her cheeks aggressively. This time, Harry disconnected the kiss and pulled back, staring at her hungrily.

"Just say stop if you don't want to." Harry whispered, his forefinger lightly tracing her slit. Fleur's hips buckled when she felt his touch down there.

"I am just surprised that till now we were dancing around each other and suddenly now, after only our first kiss we are jumping right into sex. I thought we were taking it slow." she said dubiously.

"Hmm, I guess it is strange but I extremely trust and like you by now. And your teasing today just made me want to take you right here and now. Since I kept my promise to Daphne last night, I am basically free to fuck anyone from now onwards. Who better to have sex with than a veela friend who is going to be my companion for eternity!" Harry quipped, squeezing her pussy gently. Fleur bit her lip, her legs shaking from pleasure. "But the question is, do you want to have sex with me now? You can obviously stop me since you are a friend and I am never going to force myself on my friends."

"You are stupid if you think I will intentionally lose this chance. As you know I am itching for sex. And you are a perfect candidate to scratch that itch." Fleur grinned slyly, her hand roaming over the bulge on his pants. Harry's eyes glinted in satisfaction. The next instant, he vanished all of their clothes, leaving both of them stark naked. Fleur glanced at his cock which was staring at her. She immediately wrapped her fingers around it and started moving it with an amazed and curious look in her eyes.

Harry sighed in bliss and leaned forward, kissing her neck while his hands found her ample breasts. This went on for a minute, Fleur giving him a handjob while Harry leaving hickeys on her neck and shoulders. His hands too were busy fondling her round tits.

But it wasn't enough for Harry.

He pulled back and turned her around. He pushed her forward. Fleur yelped from the sudden motion but put her hands on the wall instinctively. She moaned loudly when she felt Harry's cock rubbing on her arse cheeks.

"Harry, did you read my mind?" Fleur giggled, not knowing how he knew about her liking rough wall sex.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Harry said absent-mindedly and honestly. His attention was on her perfect tight bubbly arse. He spread her arse cheeks and found her pink pussy hidden between. He guided his throbbing dick towards her quim and started pushing it inside. He put his hands on her waist and resumed sinking in her cunt, loving how her pussy hungrily squeezed his member. Fleur all the while was screaming and moaning as her desire for sex was finally being fulfilled. Harry slammed forward, fully entering her wet core.

"'Aryyy!" Fleur moaned, pressing her face on the wall as Harry started moving in and out of her.

"Fleur!" Harry rasped, clutching her slim waist while fucking her from behind.


Hermione was absolutely clueless about what to do next. How was she supposed to console her best friend who just lost her parents in some attack? What did she need to do to make Jasmine utter a single word? She had tried everything but Jasmine had remained still and silent on her bed, not moving, not wanting to go for breakfast. Hermione couldn't fault her for that. She didn't expect Jasmine to be hungry after knowing her parents' fate last night. Still, she couldn't leave her friend here all alone and hungry.

"Jasmine, are you sure you want to be alone right now? I am positive that being alone with your own thoughts at this time is the most detrimental thing." Hermione tried again, squeezing Jasmine's hand. No response. Hermione sighed sadly and stood up.

"If that is what you wish for. I will be back in thirty minutes with some food and you have to eat that." Hermione smiled weakly and left the Gryffindor's girls dormitory.

Jasmine finally relaxed when Hermione left her. She loved Hermione. She loved her more than anyone but right now she didn't need food or company. No, right now she needed the fire of her vengeance to destroy her enemies. Then only will she feel anything again. At least she again had a purpose now, she thought with a cruel smile.

"I know that smile." a voice interrupted her thoughts. She tensed instantly. "It's the smile of a monster planning to quench its thirst of bloodlust. I see it in the mirror quite a bit."

Harry Potter was sitting cross legged in front of her, on the same bed as her.

"I heard that your parents were killed. I wished I could give you my condolences but since they were going to die anyway by my hands, it would sound fake." Harry smiled kindly.

Jasmine could practically hear the loudness of her heartbeats.

"What do you mean?" she asked with a raspy voice, finally using her voice since last night. It was odd how soft and throaty her voice sounded.

"Oh, come now. Stop your innocent act. I know you were planning to kidnap me and give me to your parents who then were going to torture me and kill me to find the origin of magic." Harry said softly.

Before Jasmine could protest or say something in her defence, Harry continued.

"Alas, it seems someone else killed them before they could even face me and see how foolish and unrealistic their ambition was. Honestly, you should be happy that your parents died before they could taste my cruelty. I would have been very thorough in breaking their mind, body and soul for my righteous revenge. Shame that someone else took away my chance." Harry laughed. Jasmine growled and lunged at him, all the suppressed anger and sorrow coming out after hearing that.

Harry dodged to the side and grabbed her by the neck before lifting her up upto his face. Jasmine was struggling to breathe, struggling to unclasp his fingers from her neck.

"Weak. Too weak to take revenge." he spat on her face. Jasmine flinched instinctively as his spit landed on her cheek. But she didn't get much time to rage at the degradation as Harry then slammed her on the bed.

"Umph!" she groaned, lying on her back, on the bed. She could just imagine what would be her state if he had thrown her on the hard ground. She wiped his spit from her cheek by her sleeve.

"What do you want? Why are you here? Are you here just to toy with me before killing me? Is that it? Are you going to break my mind, body and soul?" she sneered sarcastically from where she was lying on the bed, not looking at him. Tears were already pooling in her eyes. First she had lost her parents and now she had lost her first friend too.

Harry, who was standing beside the bed, just glared at her.

"I am here to give you some options. I am here to forgive you. You are not unredeemable since you haven't done anything against me yet." Harry said coldly, again sitting on the bed where he had sat earlier before Jasmine had tried to lunge at him.

Jasmine's face snapped towards him in surprise. She hadn't expected that. She sat up and looked eagerly at him with disbelief.

"Really?" she asked, barely believing his words. His lips curved in amusement.

"Really. But my forgiveness will have a price. Are you willing to pay for it?" Harry asked, scooting closer until he sat in front of her, until his knees touched hers.

"I will do anything to live and to remain your friend." she immediately answered.

"First listen to my conditions before agreeing."

She nodded.

"You are going to become my slave. You are going to become mine. I can't have a friend whose loyalty towards me is in question. Do you agree with that?"

Jasmine was gaping at him.

"A slave? But you said I will be your friend!" Jasmine shrieked.

"You will be both. Since being my friend didn't stop you from betraying me, I can't take risks here." Harry smiled coldly.

Jasmine snarled and tried to again lunge at him. Harry again grabbed her by the neck and slammed her down, this time on the floor. Jasmine yelled painfully as her back collided with the ground.

"Don't act like a stupid Gryffindor. Think properly, leave stupid pride aside to think about survival. You know what! I think you need some coercing." Harry hissed and snapped his fingers.

Jasmine suddenly found her body not in her control. She stood up obediently and bowed her head to Harry.

"You think I can't force you to obey me. You think just because you have your mist, you can defy me!" Harry whispered angrily, walking away from her.

Jasmine anxiously waited to see what he would do next since she couldn't do anything else. Now in hindsight she knew she shouldn't have moronically jumped at him. But there was no use crying over spilled milk. And she still felt that it was right to try to punch him for the slave thing.

"I think a little emotional torture is required to show you how weak you are. This world is my playground, this world is my story and you are just a plaything, a side character no one cares about. Accept it happily or with gritted teeth, doesn't matter to me." Harry said calmly, waving his hand.

Jasmine's eyes widened in horror as she saw two dead bodies in white hospital gowns appearing on the floor. Bile rose in her stomach and tears poured from her eyes.

"Ah, my would be murderers. Your parents. Hmm, the killer did quite a job in killing them. Wow, so many holes. How many bullets did he use to riddle their bodies. Though I think they died instantly. A small mercy I guess." Harry grinned, stepping over them and coming to stand in front of Jasmine.

If her body was in her control then Jasmine would have curled on the floor and sobbed her throat raw or tried to strangle Harry. But now, she only stood and let tears flow from her eyes, not being able to avert her eyes from the gross scene.

"Though that doesn't mean I can't take revenge now."

Suddenly the two bodies trembled and started moving. Jasmine's scream died in her throat. Both the bodies stood straight like soldiers behind Harry. He waved his hand again without looking back at her parents' bodies, still staring at her with a blank face.

The bullet wounds suddenly disappeared. Their pale skin filled with life. Their eyes snapped open.

Jasmine looked on with awe as her parents came alive. There were no signs of death on them. If they weren't wearing hospital gowns, Jasmine wouldn't have found anything strange with her parents' health.

"They are not alive. There is no soul inside them. Even I can't bring back someone from the dead." Harry laughed seeing the hope die in her eyes.

"Your adoptive mother sure is a pretty lady." Harry said in a suggestive tone, walking around her mother's body.

"Hmm, a classic blonde haired blue eyed woman. Not bad." Harry mumbled, running his fingers through alive-not alive mother's hair.

"Can't see much of her from this baggy gown. It needs to go." Harry announced, vanishing the gown, leaving her all naked.

Jasmine's eyes bulged with disgust and horror as he walked behind her mother's body and hugged her from behind, pressing his hips on her arse while cupping her breasts with his hands. He did all these while staring at Jasmine.

And she understood the meaning behind it. He just wanted to hurt her. He just wanted to take revenge for the betrayal.

"Wow, your mum just might give me a new fetish. Necrophilia if I remember the word correctly." Harry laughed, squeezing her tits. Jasmine tried to scream at him to stop but she had no voice.

"Moan my name, woman!" Harry ordered with a slap to her arse.

"Harry!" Jasmine's mother's body moaned lewdly, grinding her arse on Harry's hips while he fondled her chest, his fingers sinking in her soft flesh, his thumbs rubbing her coin sized areolas.

Hearing her mother's voice should have filled Jasmine with happiness but instead it felt like a sword had passed through her chest.

"Now you get it. Don't you Jasmine? There is no fighting me. It is futile, useless. And I agree that your mist gives you some immunity. But 'some immunity' is not total immunity. Otherwise you wouldn't be standing still like a statue while I molested your dead mother's body in the presence of your dead father's body." Harry smirked and pulled away from her mother's body. Harry again waved his hand while walking towards her.

This time, the life fled away from her parents' body. The bullet wounds again reappeared. And thankfully the bodies were now wearing hospital gowns. A second later the bodies returned where they were in the muggle London.

"Now since my revenge and humiliation of yours and your family is over. We can start over." Harry declared and finally gave back her body's control. The first thing she did was turn away, drop on her knees and puke out on the floor.

"That's disgusting." Harry mumbled, stepping back from her and the pool of her vomit.

'Says the boy who just molested a dead woman's body.' she thought while panting heavily.

"I will clean that for you. And I guess I will clean you too." Harry sighed and snapped his fingers. And an instant later, Jasmine was standing in front of him, totally refreshed as if she had taken an hour long bath.

This time, Jasmine used her brain and didn't start a fight. She just remained still, glaring at him.

"Do you accept my proposal? I can promise that I will give you everything you need and will treat you as a friend if you accept it. Of course you would still be a slave but a far better treated one." Harry asked again.

"Please explain why would I become your slave willingly. Just show me the reason." Jasmine asked him with forced calmness.

"Well, because otherwise I will have to consider you an enemy. And I am very cruel to my enemies as you might have guessed that fact. I will also tell you about your real identity which I am sure you always wanted to know. By accepting the proposal, you will gain many things. I know it is not the perfect solution but then again nothing is perfect in this world. Except me, I think." Harry answered thoughtfully. Jasmine gasped in surprise and stared at him, ignoring his last arrogant sentence.

"You know about my identity? Will you tell me about myself?"

"Yes, if you agree to my aforementioned terms. If you agree, you will have a purpose and a friend again. And an accomplice, a powerful wizard to help you get your revenge. Yes, I will help you with your revenge." Harry replied, stepping forward and cupping her cheeks. Jasmine did her best not to flinch.

"Just accept it. And I will become your eternal companion. I will help you, I will love you, I will care for you forever. My problem was with your late adoptive parents, not you. You don't have to become them. You don't have to become a dead body. You can become my dear friend again and I will welcome you with open arms." Harry cajoled looking at her with his soft emerald eyes. She was silent for the whole two minutes. But Harry didn't interrupt her thoughts and just kept caressing her face.

"Okay. I agree." Jasmine said in a tiny voice.

"Then recite after me. 'I, Jasmine, willingly bind myself to Harry Potter for eternity. I will be his friend, lover, companion or anything he wishes for. I will follow his every order with all my being. I won't ever try to hurt him or his other companions intentionally. He will be my everything. He will be my purpose and he will be my love. Mother Magic and Lady Death become witness to this sacred joining. May no force however strong could break this bond. Mote it be!'. "

"I, Jasmine, willingly bind myself to Harry Potter for eternity. I will be his friend, lover, companion or anything he wishes for. I will follow his every order with all my being. I won't ever try to hurt him or his other companions intentionally. He will be my everything. He will be my purpose and he will be my love. Mother Magic and Lady Death become witness to this sacred joining. May no force however strong could break this bond. Mote it be!" Jasmine repeated, finally deciding to take the leap of faith. She hoped she wouldn't regret it. Shadows and golden lights swirl around the duo like a tornado. Harry pulled her in a hug and Jasmine readily wrapped her own arms around him, needful of the physical affection after the news of last night.

Half a minute later, the strange lights and shadows vanished. But Jasmine still didn't pull back from his embrace and buried her face in the crook of his neck, tears running down from her cheeks.

"Everything will be alright, Jas. I am with you. I will always be there for you. We will show them. We will show them all, Jas. We will take revenge from your parents' killers. Even though I didn't like your parents, I will help you in avenging them since you are my friend." Harry consoled in a soothing voice, cradling her head. Jasmine should have scoffed at hearing that since he was the one who had been torturing her few minutes ago. But she didn't. She believed him. Maybe it was because of the oath or maybe something really was amiss with her own self, with her own artificial soul that she was wrapped around the boy who just molested her mother's dead body while emotionally and physically hurting her.

"Thank you, Harry." Jasmine whispered gratefully. Harry too smiled happily though for a different reason.

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