Ironic Star Trek Deaths

Yes, I have no life, so I've come up with what I believe would be the most ironic deaths for each of the characters in Star Trek: Voyager. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome show; just thought this could be amusing. Some of the ideas are from my friend who happens to love Voyager. Feel free to e-mail me if you think there is a more ironic way for a character to die. They are extremely short stories. TNG and the Original deaths will follow, as for DS9, my personal favorite; I need to have a brainstorming session with my friend again for those. Not that she'd be much help. She never watches it anyway. Check out her stories under Shawshank penname. I'm rambling. Oh, yes. I do not own any of these actors, know them personally, do not own Voyager, or any part of it, but the warp core might be nice, and I am not affiliated with any thing to do with Star Trek Voyager, or any Star Trek for that matter. Let's start the deaths!