Hey, guys. This is my first ever Fanfic published on here. I hope you like it. It's pretty short, just a scene I came up with. It's with Bella and Edward.

I was scared. Everything was almost just a blur. Forks' mossy green trees flew passed me in a flash, over and over again. Edward Cullen had me propped above his shoulders with his stone cold hands wrapped around my ankles. I had his neck practically in a chokehold, but it didn't hurt him.

"Are we there yet?" I mumbled to him as I buried my head in the crook of his neck, closing my eyes.

"Almost, Bella." He chuckled.

He ran me up towards a bundle of trees. I could tell there was sunlight creeping in from the other side.

"You ready?" He asked me.

"Should I be scared?" I laughed nervously.

He laughed with me. "No, it's completely safe."

He lifted me off his shoulders and onto the soft, damp grass. Then he lead me into the trees and into the bright sun.

"Wow..." I gasped. "It's beautiful."

"Best meadow I found in Forks."

I looked at the mass of purple and pink lupines slightly waving in the spring breeze.

Edward took my hand, his cold marble-like skin melting into the warmth of mine. He lead me into the center of the meadow and we sat down.

"Bella," He asked.

"Yes?" I replied looking up at him.

He lay down on his back. I did the same.

"I was thinking. Of you and me. Having a life together."

I thought about it. I was 17. His age. Well, the age he'd been for a long while. I loved the thought about it, actually.

"It's ok to say no, I know I can tend to move on fast, but-"

"Edward, no. It's fine- I mean, I guess I've been thinking about the same thing for a while too." I smiled.

He smiled back at me.

I looked at his angelic face and into his deep, liquid topaz eyes that always seemed to melt any stress, sadness, or anger away instantly.

"I love you Edward Cullen."

"I love you too, Bella."

And he pressed his cool lips against mine.

Sorry if it was so short. It was just an scene I had in my head all day. So I decided to write it down. Thanks for reading! Love u all! :)