"There is no one magic! R-right?!"This is for talking.

"Bold words from a dead man!" This is for Demons/Gods/Dragons/and other intelligent Magical Creatures talking.

"Warren's magic is invasive!" This is for thinking/using telepathy.

"Troublesome Ningen!" This is for Demons/Gods/Dragons/and other intelligent Magical Creatures thinking/ using telepathy.

"Rasengan!/Chidori!"This is for yelling out magicalspells or describing/naming certain magic.

*FILLER IS JUST EXTRA DETAILS OF CANON!!*This is for lacrima communication and mechanical devices.

{4:20} this is for time

(Huuuggh/sigh) This is non-combative action.

(Bam) This is a combat action


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Dark situations: Character deaths, Mentions of rape and slavery, Somewhat descriptive gore, Mention of alcohol and drug use.

World building: use of some realistic situations and physics, use of some Cliches, Character power-balancing, Character development, some original story arcs, mentions of religious figures and beliefs of faith.

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Chapter 1: Magically insert originality here

Being Isekai'd is the phrase used for someone being sent to another world. These two words are what many otakus, and somewhat normal people know about yet wish for this situation to happen to them. Well let me tell you that the starting point of being isekai'd is not always a happy light show or just waking up somewhere is usually pretty...gruesome. My Isekai experience unfortunately starts off not so differently than normal….

St. Joseph Hospital E.R





"You know dying from Covid-19 is a lot more painful than I thought it would be. What with coughing up pints of blood for weeks and feeling my organs begin to finally shut down from this unbearable pain, especially since I'm at least 17 years old and I have only been out of my house to pick up groceries two and a half weeks ago. Honestly I..I-I'm scared...that th-this is my...final moments on earth…. Well...at least I got to see my family...one last time..goodbye everyone...I..Love...you.." Thought the dying soon to be new Shonen Protagonist Arashi Kazama.






Dark Void


(~No P.O.V

(Ughhh!?) Arashi groans as he groggily opens his "eyes" to an ever expanding darkness with what looks like gray clouds.

"Wh-where..am...I?! I-Is this hell?...or heaven?" questioned the teenage boy's soul, only for the gray clouds around this realm of darkness to begin emitting arcs of red and blue energy startling Arashi as he was sitting next to a cloud,before they started swirling in front of the teenager until a bright flash of Silver light reveals a new person. At least Arashi thought it was a person since there is little to no features on this thing except for a silver outline of what a human male is, except that it seems to be holding in some kind of purple gas as well as having dichromatic eyes. With one eye the purest sky blue, while the other is a deep crimson red almost like blood. Immediately after the flamboyant entrance of this mysterious being Arashi decided to ask some questions.

"Wh-who or w-wh-what are you?! And wh-where am I?" Stuttered out Arashi.


The enigmatic being stares directly at Arashi's eyes for 7 seconds before turning around making Arashi feel as If his soul was not worthy of being judged by this obviously divine-creature. After a few seconds of being thoroughly creeped out by the silence Arashi asks the being carefully yet somewhat sarcastically "Uh...did you see something you like...or not? …Because I'm not into dudes."

"Hilarious…. But as a matter of fact I have indeed found something or rather...'someone' to have piqued my interest." The enigmatic being deadpanned rather calmly with a hidden tone of amusement.

"O-ok then….So what happens to me now?" Arashi nervously asks before paling somewhat heavily while thinking "I hope this god..or...demon..or whatever doesn't have malicious or perverted intentions for my soul. Lord knows my bo—er soul is not ready for it."

"Hahaha You need not worry young mortal for I have no need to direct malicious...or perverse torture upon your soul. Especially since it is a miracle your soul is still in one piece after winding up in my domain."stated the deity both amused and curious.

(Phew) Arashi sighed in relief before falling over anime style a split second after learning he could have been wiped out of existence if he wasn't as lucky in the past 7 and a half hours while his soul was being transported between dimensions. Arashi only knows this exact time frame due to having his watch with him when he died.

"As for what I am going to do with you now ...well, since your soul managed to be resilient enough to survive the dangerous unintended journey to my realm. And you have made me highly amused with your joke and mental prayer which is no easy task as none have entered my domain in milenia without my permission. I Realis Omni Breecher shall grant you Arashi Kazama a choice of what new reality you want to be in." Started speaking Realis before being interrupted by a high-pitched girly squeal that would have broken his hearing if he wasn't an omnipotent being.


Arashi squeals in pure joy for 5 minutes straight before taking deep calming breaths.

"~Jiiiiiiiiii~" Realis blankly stares at Arashi

(Hrrghmm) After clearing his throat Arashi begins speaking with a red face of embarrassment. "Ok with that fan-girl moment out of my system… I can not thank you enough Mr. Realis. But can I really be sent to any reality I choose!?" Exclaims Arashi in childish glee that his and every other otaku's dream is becoming a reality while remaining thankful for this second chance.

"Man this mortal human male has quite the set of lungs on him..." thought Realis bemusedly before answering.

"Yes you shall have the opportunity to go to one world of your choosing...however...since you come from a world with no mystical or superior genetic powers. I have decided to give you three powers or skills that are genetic and mystical in nature to be tailored for you in the world of your choosing." Explains Realis, while simultaneously shocking Arashi with how lucky he is, before he hums in thought over what powers and world he will choose (Hmmm).

The void


30 minutes pass as Arashi carefully debates each world he knows that has powers and does not begin as a death trap because what's the point of living if you just die instantly without even training your new powers. And since going to a world that only requires a single particular life skill, would be like his old one, but only slightly more interesting than his home universe. Arashi crosses out all those particular universes from his mental list. He then takes another half an hour picking through a mental power list for three powers while being careful to choose two that need to be trained with extensively and one that is really helpful but has a drawback because what is the point of going to a new world if you can steamroll everything in 5 minutes wouldn't things get boring after a while. It wasn't long before Arashi finally made a decision.

"Ok Mr. Realis I choose to be sent to the FairyTail world during the year X777 in a clearing 12 yards away from where Natsu Dragneel is, with the time also being 15 minutes before Natsu is found by Makarov." Said Arashi being sure he was specific with his new life's location and time period so that he can at least know what to change without drawing too many enemies to himself.

"And your 3 chosen powers or skills" asked Realis while mentally smirking as this mortal who seems to think things through unlike many others in his world, the deity had observed from outside his domain.

"The three powers and or skills I have chosen are— firstly an eye magic version of the Rinne-Sharingan, but I have to train it from the basic Sharingan up to the next levels with certain powers being more energy intensive than others. Secondly, A magic version of Rikudo Madara Uchiha's healing factor except it takes large amounts of magic to heal fatal wounds or poisonous effects. And finally, a magic version of the Shadow Clone Jutsu. With all the abilities that come with it from Naruto Shippuden and the Original Naruto. Don't want to mix that up now do we?" says Arashi with anticipation and confidence, with all his choices.

"Wow that was...really thought out well." Blinks Realis in surprise before he grows a large grin and begins chanting an ancient language that Arashi couldn't understand which in a span of seconds began creating a portal of purple and silver energy under Arashi's ghost-like feet. Which starts to pull the soon to be living boy down into the portal.

"Very well young Arashi it shall be done, but know this… the version of FairyTail you are going to will not be completely similar to the anime you know… Now I hope you enjoy your new life." Stated Realis with a smile but before Arashi could say a word he fully vanished down the portal, with it closing, leaving just the grey flooring of clouds once more. Realis begins thinking amusedly at how he will react to his new appearance."Arashi you have not only amused me but you also impressed me with your forethought and planning so as a bonus for well thought out desires I will change your appearance to fit in more easily."

"Well With that out of the way… I might as well go visit a Naruto reality because I can't wait for the latest Icha Icha book to be in my collection." (Hehehehehe)

Giggles Realis pervertedly as he then vanished in a flash of white light to visit the Naruto reality to get his new copy.


Fiore Kingdom East forest

{Morning, July 7th, X777}

~Natsu's? P.O.V~


"Igneel where are you!?" Shouted Natsu as he wandered through a clearing a few miles away from a town with the currently popular guild FairyTail, he unknowingly startled a tiny old man mediating 15 minutes away from him in a clearing with dense trees surrounding a small pond.

(Hicc)... (sniff)... (sniff) "...Dad please just give me a sign." cries Natsu in sadness though stopped as he sensed a large amount of magical energy being dispensed through the forest 36 yards away to his left. Wiping his face clean from tears, Natsu runs to the spot thinking it might be his father Igneel in hopes that his father had been just pulling a bad prank on the poor boy. Upon arriving at the new forest clearing he didn't see Igneel or even a trace of a large tail or wings that wouldn't be that hard to miss. This caused his mood to dampen somewhat but before he could leave the open spaced clearing he heard something rustling in the bushes to his right five feet in front of him. Thinking it's an animal, his fist lights on fire while starting to slightly drool seeing as he hasn't eaten anything but nuts and berries in the last 12 hours since waking up in this forest, even after swimming in that hotspring the night before. You would think that there would be fish in hot water, but poor Natsu had to learn the hard way after an hour of trial and error.

(Gurgle~rrrurmm)"Man I hope whatever animal in that bush is edible because I need more energy if I want to find Igneel."moans Natsu in hunger while holding his grumbling stomach.

But just as the little dragonslayer was about to light the bush on fire to draw out whatever animal it could be. A human hand shoots out of the bush startling Natsu so much that he falls on his ass in surprise. The hand was grabbing on to the top of said bush before pulling up the rest of the mysterious person's body slowly. Until it reveals a boy similar to his age but he has spiky yellow hair with what looked like black highlights and pale honey skin staring at him in shock. Natsu stands back up quickly before he leaps back five feet with his fists on fire startling the new guy from his surprise before the fire dragonslayer shouts in a cautious yet somewhat inquisitive tone.

"Who are you?!...and why do ya smell weird?" Natsu said while holding his nose at the stench of foreign powerful magic, while the boy in question just stared at him with red eyes which had a concentric ring that has a singular tomoe on top of the circle all while having a look of not wanting to answer but really couldn't hold his back.

"If you want to know. My name is Arashi… Arashi Kazama and I can't really explain how I got here too well…" "Not like anyone would believe me at the moment." Arashi states with a sigh but thinking the last bit to himself all while wondering to himself mentally if Mr. Realis was a trolling kind of deity. Arashi then has a small flashback on what happened earlier.


{10 minutes ago}

~Arashi's P.O.V~

A bright flash of light engulfed my eyes after I fell through Mr. Realis's portal while I was falling between what I assume are dimensions and universes. After what I felt was like 3 minutes had passed. I decided to think about what kind of plan I want to take with the events coming up for my new life and all villains I will have to face off with in the far future, especially villains like Brain, Mard Geer, Acnologia, Zeref and others. The plan I had so far was very basic. I was to become friends with natsu and the main cast, join their guild and help them train to become stronger than they were originally, but just as I was about to add more details to my plan I started to feel as if every piece of my soul was on fire. It felt like someone was using burning hot metal to create my skeleton and organs, before using what felt like pure lightning bolts to create my nervous and cardiovascular system and then finally it seemed as if someone was crushing my forming body with boulders by creating my muscles, skin and finally my hair. The pain was so intense that I started to scream bloody murder until my new bodies voice was shot "(Aaaarggghhh!) Ffffffuuuuck! It burns it b-buuuurrnssss!" After 3 more minutes of mind numbing pain I started to blackout, but just before I could I had one last thing on my mind "Mr. Realis you 'NEVER' mentioned that being reborn was ss-s-so Painf-f-full…."

Meanwhile in Naruto Universe #69

~Mr. Realis P.O.V~

A disguised Mr. Realis Omni Breacher is giggling heavily while reading the latest Icha Icha book from a surviving Jiraiya before he let out a sneeze, while immediately thinking. "That Arashi kid must be talking about me… did I forget to tell him something(hmmm ) oh well… I'm sure he's fine. Now where was I. Oh Satsuki you bad girl (hehhehehehheehhe)!

Back to the Flashback

~Arashi's P.O.V~

It wasn't until a minute later that Arashi's newly formed body exited the magical portal and the unconscious boy landed inside a bush taking a well deserved rest after screaming in pain for 3 minutes straight while having his body reconstructed piece by agonizing piece. However our protagonist was startled awake not even 7 minutes later opening his sky blue eyes wide before he unconsciously sent magic into them unknowingly activating his first stage sharingan after hearing a girl's voice screaming for her father. Arashi loudly complains "there goes my quick nap" before he lightly choked on a bug, while thrashing around in what felt like a bush. Arashi doesn't realize that his thrashing inside the bush might make it seem as if he were an animal. After Arashi mistakenly swallows the bug he shivers heavily in disgust since he hates bugs with a burning passion, but just before he could scream in discomfort he notices the heavy scent of fire and ash getting close to him. Arashi then quickly raised his hands to get out of the thing he was in only now realizing it was a bush from the texture of the leaves he was holding. Grabbing the bushes branches and pulling himself up Arashi notices that he wasn't alone. Feeling a lot of heat coming from behind him Arashi turned around slowly so as to not set off what he hoped was Natsu Dragneel. Only to come face to face with what can only be described as a rule 63 Natsu but with emerald green eyes. Arashi in total shock opens his mouth wide with bulging eyes not even caring that he may seem rude all while thinking "Why is Natsu a Natsume!?...Realis is this what you meant by some things being different from the original story…?! Man this is going to be weird." While Arashi was stuck in his own shocked silence he soon noticed that everything seems more clear and that things moving slower than they usually were before. This shocked Arashi further since he wasn't expecting to unlock his eye magic this early. Natsu who He will call Natsume from now on started talking, Arashi quickly shook off his stupor before paying attention to what she is saying.

End flashback

~No P.O.V~

After finishing his flashback Arashi walks out of the bush he was in, not realizing that Mr. Realis only gave him boxers to wear. Without realizing it Natsume blushes and turns away in embarrassment not knowing why he did so before he says "hey you red eyed weirdo put some clothes on you pervert."

"Wait what?" Asks Arashi in confusion not knowing why Natsu is turning away while red in the face, until a gust of morning wind passes by making him unconsciously shiver from the cold.

"I said put some clothes on ya perv." Natsume replies turning even more red in the face while thinking "Why am I getting all embarrassed seeing this dude almost naked. It's not like it isn't anything I haven't seen before… I wonder if it's because of that hotspring I was in last night."

After rubbing his arms from the cool morning breeze Arashi looks down at himself, only to find out he is practically naked.

"Oh Geez! I-I'm so sorry… I didn't realize I was basically naked Natsume..." "Hey! Who are you calling Natsume! I ain't no girl! My name is Natsu, N-A-T-S-U and… I'm a guy!"Arashi began apologizing to the female before the dragonslayer cut him off in true feminine fury, hitting him on the head with a flaming fist. (POW)

"YEOUCH!" Arashi let out a small cry of pain while clutching the steaming bump left on the top of head by the female dragonsalyer.

Arashi Quickly comes to the conclusion that this Natsu wasn't always a Natsume after his steaming lump was healed. He then decided to bite the metaphorical bullet and ask "Okay okay you're Natsu. But why do you look like a girl…?"

"Huh, what do you mean?" Questions Natsu while rubbing the back of his head not even noticing that his hair was longer and silkier than before.

"I'm sure if we find a place with clear water, you will understand what I mean Natsume…" Arashi said with a sweatdrop.

"(Grrrr~) Okay fine! If it will stop you from calling me that girly name then, I think there was a pond about 15 minutes west of here." Growls Natsume or Natsu as he wants to be called while pointing to his left.

"Ok then what are we waiting here for... let's go!" Says Arashi in enthusiasm at starting his journey in earthland at long last.

Secluded pond

{15 minutes later}

"Man that was the longest 15 minutes ever. I just hope Makarov is still near the pond by the time we get there" Arashi thought with all the energy his tired body could muster; making a mental note to train his stamina later, while following behind Natsume as they brush past between some tree branches. They finally found the secluded pond only for them to see a tiny blading old man dressed in a orange outfit that has a weird symbol on the back of his hooded jacket complete with a orange and blue striped jester hat, reading a little orange book with a red cancel symbol, giggling pervertedly with a blush while quietly saying (heheheh)

"Oh Minako you naughty girl…"

After seeing the book Makarov was reading, Arashi in total shock drops his jaw with bulging eyes while thinking "Why does Icha Icha exist here!? Jiraiya's perverted antics shouldn't cross all of reality!"

While Arashi was having a short existential crisis, Natsu was walking over to the pond while ignoring the urge to hit the old man for no apparent reason. Upon looking at his reflection Natsu doesn't know what he is looking at since in place of a 11 year old fit, salmon spiky haired boy with vanilla almond skin and brown eyes was a 11 year old, fit girl with pale bisque skin and somewhat spiky long bubblegum pink hair, with emerald green eyes that had natural long lashes,and full somewhat plump, pink lips. After seeing the reflection Natsu shakes his head, before rubbing his eyes rapidly, upon opening his or rather her bulging eyes again, while staring at what is now her reflection Natsu lets out a long girly scream before angrily yelling about how this isn't possible. (KYYAAAAAHHHHH!) "This can't be happening! Why am I a cute girl! I was a boy yesterday!"

Natsume's now accurate girly scream broke Arashi from his stupor making him rush over to her by the pond and attempt to calm her down but he decides to first check his own reflection since he wants to know if his sharingan is still active and to avoid dealing with an emotionally upset female dragonslayer that punches first and thinks later, a little bit longer. Upon looking at his reflection Arashi notices that his eyes are back to their original sky blue color theorizing this happened because he wasn't unconsciously focusing some of his magic energy to his eyes so his sharingan must have deactivated while on the way to the pond. While ignoring the fiery explosions happening in the background, Arashi looks at himself further and muses that his hairstyle looks like a teenage Obito Uchiha's with yellow being the main color, while the color black highlights the top of his hair spikes and the bangs framing his face. Arashi also notices that he seems to have pale honey skin while his facial feature looks like a mix between Hashirama Senju and Minato Namikaze. Arashi also notices that he is the same age as Natsume which gives him extra time to train in-order to become strong enough to protect this world, and the people he knows he will be great friends with. Standing up by the pond's shore Arashi decided to make a mental vow right then and there, clenching his fist as he did so with it being placed on top of his chest right where his heart's at. "I swear! I will master my new magical abilities! And I will become the strongest Mage in Fiore… no the whole world... even if it means protecting this world and those I love with my very life!" Arashi after having made his mental promise of a lifetime turns toward Natsume since he isn't calling her Natsu due to him being what he assumes is a girl permanently, completely oblivious to the look of exasperation and hopelessness that said girl is giving to him and to herself. Unknown to either of them Natsume's scream also had the unfortunate side-effect of scaring the old man, making him jump from his perch on a boulder only to fall into the pond causing a small splashing noise. (Plop~) His Icha Icha book landed on top of the water, right where the old man fell in.

Natsume after noticing that Arashi is done with what she assumes is checking himself out with his reflection rushes over to Arashi; the only person her age she has come in contact with after her father the Fire Dragon-King Igneel; grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him back and forth rapidly while streams of tears fall from her emerald colored eyes. After shaking him and crying for a few more minutes Natsume slumps down to her knees with blue lines of depression hovering over her. Until she quietly begins to say something all while sniffling and hiccuping throughout her words "Arashi (sniff)it's all over I lost my sacred dragon jewels…. An-(hiiic)-and now Igneel won't recognize me when I find him...(sniff) since I'm not a boy anymore…. Please Arashi (hhiiiiic)... tell me… what should I …(sniff) do now?"

After regaining his bearings from all of her shaking, Arashi then places his hand on the right shoulder of the distraught and kneeling boy turned girl while gently calling out "Hey". Which gets Natsume's attention, making her tilt her head up to him, with tears streaming down her shimmering emerald green eyes. Arashi then began speaking in a caring but stern voice. "Natsume I may not have known you for very long... but I got this feeling, and it's one that makes me think that you are a strong and special person. It's with this feeling that I know you will get through this and any other situation and come out with a smile on your face when it's all over. So don't lose hope yet… for this world is a magic filled adventure, so I'm sure if we search for it we will find a way to turn you back… but~ if we don't then I'm sure your dad will know it's you since most good parents will know who their children are even with something like this. And if this Igneel guy doesn't… I'll just beat him up to make him understand that it's you. You okay with that... Natsume?"

After hearing that heartwarming speech Natsume wipes away the tears from her eyes, before standing up and giving Arashi a hug until she quickly lets go with an embarrassed blush on her face once she realizes he was still only in boxers. Natsume turns away from Arashi where she quietly gives him her thanks only after she yells and hits him on the head for calling her 'Natsume' (bam)"I told you before Arashi, just call me Natsu!… but thank you for that speech, Arashi...I-It really helped." Arashi with a lump on his head from Natsume's punch just says "Y-your welcome... but I'm still gonna call you Natsume" "Why are you gonna still call me that!?"Natsu angrily asks Arashi while raising her flaming fist to pound some sense into his skull, only for Arashi to calmly reply with "Because while you're a girl now people will need to differentiate your girl form from your previous male form since you clearly aren't a guy at the moment." "Ok, I think I get it now… doesn't mean I like it though…" Natsu begrudgingly accepts the reasons for why he must be called Natsume for now, lowering her flaming fist in resignation.

"Hey if it's any consolation, I will call you Natsu whenever we're alone from now on… okay?" Arashi softly states oblivious to the effects his words are having on the now female fire dragonslayer.

(Blush) "That's F-fine with mm-me." Natsume agrees with a faint blush still trying to get a grip with her out of control emotions while she is stuck as a girl.

While the two were having a small moment the pond the two were nearby started rippling with waves startling them until a little geyser of water erupted from the pond revealing the little old man covered sparsely with sea-weeds, jumped from the bottom of the pond with his book of smut on top his balding white spikey hair covered head since his hat was lost under the somewhat deep pond and to top it of his look his bushy chevron mustache was dripping wet, looking more like the bottom of a mop.

"Geez young lady, you scared me so bad with your scream I almost blacked out in shock and fell deep into the pond. It's a good thing my body instinctively placed a magic barrier around itself saving me from sleeping with those fish down there." Natsume in shock started bowing up and down while repeatedly saying "Sorry! I'm very sorry, gramps". Meanwhile Arashi just sweat drops while chuckling nervously and thinking "(eheheh) Man I completely forgot Makarov was down in the pond…guess I was caught up in the moment…."

"Bah.. it's okay you, youngsters were just being kids. Besides it'll take a lot more than a medium sized pond to finish off Makarov Dreyar the Third guild master of Fairy Tail!" Makarov both assured and boasted.

After being easily forgiven Natsume decided to blunty ask the old perverted wizard known as Makarov a question. "Hey gramps what the hell's a Fairy Tail?"

(Whaaap) Arashi's facepalm echoes throughout the forest because he forgot how blunt Natsume can and will be for now and later on. Arashi soon begins thinking of how to fix some of her blunt nature. "Man I forgot how blunt she can be in canon… I guess I'll have to educate her on manners since no-one else really tried to." Coming out of his mental teaching plans Arashi then notices that Makarov has a smirk letting him know that a speech is coming.

"Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist... Like them, it is an eternal mystery... A never ending adventure…. That is the meaning of Fairy Tail, a guild that can be your new adventure filled home with its members as your new family." Makarov explains to Natsume and Arashi, before noticing the girl was sparkly eyed in amazement while the boy was nodding with closed eyes and a small smile on his face.

"Wow Fairy Tail sounds so cool!" "But do you think me and my friend Arashi, can join your guild gramps?" Natsume yells out before asking a little quietly while unconsciously using a secret dragonslayer technique her dad Igneel taught her. Not knowing Igneel only taught it to her as a joke when she was still a boy, since only females can use it to its full potential. It was a technique known to almost everyone else as the Watery Eyed Puppy Dog Pout but for dragonslayers it's the... Baby Drake Whimper. Natsume unknowingly used this secret dragonslayer technique to try and get Makarov to say yes, not knowing he was going to do so anyway. Makarov was soon hit with absurd levels of adorableness that he fell onto his hands and knees in exhaustion. " Alright!..little lady you're both in. Now please (hu-huff)... stop using your puppy dog (heeeeghh)... pout before you give me a heart attack from sheer cuteness!" Makarov panted in panic. Natsume did as instructed but was oblivious to the effect her ability caused Arashi who was also "un?-fortunately" caught in the technique range. Natsume decided to turn toward Arashi and began to tell him something. "Hey Arashi, did you hear that we're gonna be members of Fairy Tail now. Isn't that co—(eeeh)?" Only to find out Arashi was on the forest floor unconscious while sporting a goofy peaceful smile on his face. Looking at him with a sweatdrop Natsume asks the now recovered guild master a favor. "Hey gramps can you help carry my friend Arashi with us to your guild?"

"Sure I can, young lady but may I ask you for your name first, since I can't be calling you little girl or young lady everytime we speak now can I." Makarov agrees while setting a simple condition. Natsume freezes at this question before she reluctantly answers her new guildmasters question with a shy blush on her face. "My name is… Natsume. But just call me Natsu for short when we're alone... Okay gramps."

(heh) "Sure thing Natsu" Makarov agreed with a smirk before he used his magic to increase his height to be 6 and a half feet from the meager 2feet and 10 inches he was before. Upon picking up the unconscious Arashi, Makarov and Natsume start walking out of the East Forest.It wasn't long before the three came upon the city of Magnolia, home to the guild known as Fairy Tail.

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OMAKE 1: never mess with a R.O.B

"Very well then, I Realis Omni Breecher shall grant you Arashi Kazama a choice of" Realis began speaking before he heard boisterous laughter coming for the mortal soul in front of him

"(hahahahhaheheheh) Oh my god! Thats frickin hilairous your entire name is a literal acrynoym for R.O.B(hahahhahah)"

(tick) (grrrrr~) " You know i was gonna let you reincarnate into the highschool dxd universe for your good deeds." "But now! I BANISH THEE TO PONY HELL!" Growing a tick mark and growling menacingly Realis then says in a calm angered tone before he screams in pure rage.

"Ahhhhh~ SHIIiiiiiittt!" were the final echoing words of Arashi as he was sent plummeting a magic portal, to learn the lesson that equine friendship was magic.

Till we meet again~