Warning: the following story is not mine. To the reader who is reading this, I don't own this story well at least half of it but it's my recreation the Fan comic "Ternion". There was once a talented artist name Hellody that created this story but never finished it because she got married and had kids. She was in college during the time of this sonic story of her own. I do not own most of the characters nor any upcoming characters until later. To Hellody if you ever see this or get this, thank you for introducing me to this world. The world of art, creation, and love. You opened a door for me. A door to this new world where I did new things to my imagination. And thank you ZedolonGirl for bringing this story back to me showing me a way to finish this. I thank you for bringing me here. This is me finishing what Hellody started maybe not the way she thought or planned but at least its finished beautifully. As of now, enjoy.

Chapter 1: Prelude to Despair

I knew I shouldn't have followed him. Internal thought along with Sniffling sounds from a pink hedgehog in the woods. But the past few days but the last few days had been torture on my mind.


"He had been hiding something from me… from everyone. But what?" Says Amy following the blue hedgehog in the woods walking. "It's weird, its not like for Sonic to be walking." She thought. "Wherever he's going in such secrecy… it sure has his mind occupied."

While continuously following Sonic. Unfortunately, I've had this gut wrenching feeling that something was about to change. And it involved my Sonikku. I guess it was my undying love and affection for him that made me creep in the shadows like a stalker. But I'm not a stalker, I'm just looking out for him. I just… love him." Said Amy looking back around noticing she lost him. "oh Yeah" Dumbfounded and annoyed with herself. She looks around to make sure she wasn't discovered. "Crap I lost him!" she follows the trail where sonic left and goes through bushes. And Then it happened.

Making her way out of the woods in an open field where the sun was bright. I wasn't sure who it was at first but then I saw her. This brown figure with a blue vest. Sally Acorn!

After all these years of her being gone I just couldn't believe it. Depression then rage filled me for a moment then I figured why sonic was acting strange for the past few day. That's what the letter he received days ago must've been about.

"I can't believe she's back… How could I forget about Sonic's first crush? His first love? His first kiss? His first everything?" She thought. Then the Realization hit me. "I've… lost." Amy said.

After all these Years… All these years of running after him, thrusting my heart in his hands for all the world to see I've dedicated my childhood to loving him. Times when I should have been creating playful memories of an innocent childhood, I was risking my life fighting evil in the name of Sonic. Chasing after a blue streak, proclaiming my love to the dust in the wind kicked up from his always fleeting feet.

Look how Sonic and Sally gaze into each other's eyes, like long lost lovers. After seeing this makes her wanna cry.

"That should be me. Why can't sonic look at me like that with those eyes?" she thought.

Sally closes her eyes and so does sonic. "What are they… Are they about to kiss? They're leaning in. NO! I-I can't watch!" The pressure is too much to bear, she feels like she has to explode. She runs off into the woods crying and sobbing before Sonic and Sally hear something trail off but missed it, questioning what it was.

"I should have known… Should have known he still had feelings for her. Why else wouldn't he acknowledge me? Shun me away? He loves her… he STILL loves her." Said Amy sobbing and crying. While running through the woods, a red and black hedgehog notices a familiar face running through the woods crying. "How could you sonic? After all I been through for you. She hasn't been there for you like I have. She hasn't been running after you, fighting for you, loving you her whole life. H-how could you?" The red and black hedgehog overhears her and follows her from the trees. She trips over a tree root and falls into a puddle of water. After being daze for a few seconds she sits up. "what's the use? The pain is too much to bear. It's not like he's dead." Said Amy.

After a few minutes of her sitting there in the grass on top of the hill she thought about a lot of things. Remembering the time she first met sonic when he saved her from Eggman all those years ago. Wishing he hadn't saved her. "Is this what its like to lose someone you love? Shadow, I am so sorry for your lost.? Remembering the time Shadow talked about Maria. Still listening to her from a distance behind a tree unaware that he was following her and listening.

"hmph" after hearing that made him felt good in some way. Like maybe he is special. Standing there listening her crying behind a tree.

"I never thought I would endure such heartbreak in my life but in this instant… I can actually hear my heart shattering." Amy thought. After 10 minutes of unbearable pain, she cried herself to sleep. Shadow notices and picks her up bridal but also like carrying a baby mixed together and teleports her to her house.

Finding the key in her pocket he unlocks the door and carries her to her bedroom. He lays her down in her bed and puts the sheets on her and goes on is merry way not long after he leaves a rose for her on the bed.

To be Continued…