Any type of change wasn't something I always welcomed with open arms, however, this one was different.

I just looked at the new school in front of me. As I felt my heart beating within my chest, I walked into Forks High School. I could tell that something was different as I walked into those doors. My mother's words rang in my ears.

' You can never be afraid. It's a leap of faith.'

" I miss you a lot Mom." I whispered to myself. My mother sadly passed away when I was ten. It's been seven years since then.

" Ah the new transfer!" A receptionist said as I nodded, moving a lock of my hair.

" Yep that's me." I said as she smiled. She handed me the papers on my schedule.

" I hope you feel very welcome here Ms. Song." She said with a smile. I smiled back, I went on about my day. Through science, math and art. After that class, I went to one of the bathrooms. I looked into the mirror and took in that this was my life now. Living in Forks, Washington instead of living back in New York, it's what Dad wanted and says what's best for us.

" It'll be alright Jace." I said as I just took in my appearance. I stood an easy 5'6, my long honey red hair reaching down to my lower back. My eyes radiating their normal deep dusk blue color. I took a deep breath and exhaled, it wasn't long before the lunch bell rang. I sighed as I put my hair up in a bun and left the bathroom. I went into the lunchroom and sit down with my lunch.

" Hey, are you Jacelyn Song?" A boy asked as I looked up. I nodded.

" Yes, that's me. But I go by Jace." I said as he smiles.

" I'm Eric. You want to sit with my friends?" He asked, he seemed sweet enough and I liked that.

" Of course." I replied with a smile. After picking up my lunch, I sat with four others.

" This is Mike, Jessica, Angela." Eric said as they all smiled at me, I returned it.

" And Bella Swan, she's new here too." Eric piped up. I saw Bella and she gave a shy smile.

" This is Jace Song." He says as they eyed me like the new toy in the playground.

" Song? As in the new deputy's daughter?" Bella asked as I nodded.

" Yup. That'd me." I say as they all smiled. Soon one of the lunch doors open and I see them, they looked beautiful and perfect.

" Who are they?" Bella asked as my eyes stayed on them.

"The Cullens." Angela says as I didn't think much of it.

" Doctor and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They all moved down here from Alaska two years ago." Jessica said in gossip like tone. I tune out most of the background noise.

" They keep to themselves." Angela says I nodded. It's none of my business to know.

" Because they're all together. Like, together together. The blonde girl, Rosalie, and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett...they're a thing. I'm not even sure that's legal." Jessica says as I smirked. Letting a small chuckle out, I saw that Rosalie was nothing but beauty as it was flaunted on her. Emmett had the playful glint in his eyes as he watched her.

" Jess, they're not actually related." Angela told her as if she had repeated it to her more times than she could count.

" But they live together. And the little dark-haired girl, Alice, she's really weird..." Jess said as I saw Alice light on her feet, she was like a graceful pixie. Childlike but with purpose.

" She's with Micheal, the handsome guy. I mean, Dr. Cullen's like this foster dad slash match maker." Jessica continues, it was as if she was slightly jealous of the situation.

" Maybe he'll adopt me." Angela says in a dream like voice. I felt my eyes gaze upon one of the last two boys that entered. He was tall with a lean figure, his honey blonde hair gently combed. He had a look that was unreadable, but he looked to be a kind soul.

" Who that?" Bella asked as Jessica smiles.

" That's Edward and Jasper Cullen." She replied as I saw from the corner of my eye the honey blonde's gaze on me.

" Edward's totally gorgeous, obviously. But apparently, no one here is good enough for him. Like I care." She said before I saw her smile fall.

" Jasper on the other hand, not interested in anyone. He looks tortured and its sad." She said as if it made her upset.

" Anyway, don't waste your time." She said as if with a strict tone of voice.

" Jasper, He's doesn't look tortured to me, he seems like a kind soul." I said before taking a bite of an apple.

" How would you know?" Mike asked as I swallowed my bite.

" Cause I'm good at reading people." I said before the bell had rung. I got up and went to English. I sit in the back, I don't want to give myself away. I feel someone sit next to me. I turned to see it was Jasper. My heart skipping a beat, but I let a small smile display on my face.

" Hi, I'm Jace Song. New girl." I say as he turns to me and stares at me, a blank expression. I just let myself be happy. He seems kind and misunderstood.

" I'm Jasper Cullen. It's very nice to meet you." He replied, his voice was smooth and with some drawback as if trying to be himself when he didn't want to. His eyes were like honey, smooth gold with a bit of depth and dark. I gave a small smile before paying attention.

" I can't seem to read you." He says with a little irritant but small tone.

" Hm?" I asked as he looked confused, what did he mean?

"'s nothing." He says as I nodded. It wasn't long before the class had ended. I got up and I felt like I was being followed. I saw Jasper get in front of me with a small smile.

" Do you think that we could be friends." He asked abruptly. I was slightly taken aback, but I nodded.

" Sounds fascinating, I don't see why not." I replied as he nods and walks away. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. I just went on about my day. Flashes of Jasper's eyes entered my mind and I felt a little jolt of warmth pass every time. After school finally let out, I headed home. I parked my 1970 Black Chevy Chevelle SS four-door.

" Home sweet home." I said as I put my key in the door, I unlocked and heading inside.

" I'm home!" I called out.

" Good! How was your first day?" Dad called out, I smiled as I went into the kitchen. I saw Dad with dinner ready. I smiled as I sat down. My father, Alaric Song, was as some say very handsome. His hazel eyes stood out as a prominent detail. His sandy blonde hair combed neatly. His most prominent feature was the boyish smile he always had on his face, but he could be serious as he wanted to be.

" It was great. I meet another new girl, her name is Bella Swan." I said as I put some pasta on my plate.

" Ah! Chief Swan's daughter, I hope you two get along." Dad replied as I shrugged. I couldn't get Jasper out of my head.

" How was school?" Dad asked as I smiled.

" It was alright, everybody looks at me like I' the new toy in the playbox, but I'm alright." I said as Dad smiled.

" How's Forks treating their new deputy?" I asked as he chuckled.

" They are treating me alright Jace." He said with a smiled. I smiled back.

" I have some homework to do." I say as he nods. I headed up to my room and shut the door. As I did my assignments, I could feel at peace with my thoughts. I listened to some music, the rhythm felt good and soothed any pain that resided. It wasn't long before night had fallen.

" I better get some sleep." I told myself. As I got dressed for bed, I thought I felt eyes on me, but I shook it off. We lived in the woods alongside a creek. No one would be out there.

" Jasper seems nice." I say as I shut off my lap. I let my eyes close and sleep takes me, but as I let my mind drift to unconsciousness, I feel the eyes upon me again.