Hell Overfloweth

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AN Okay, this seems to still be unclear to others. There was a timeskip back in chapter 1 between the fall of Wall Maria and Eren being found by the scouts. It's been five years, but Eren still appears to be the same age as when he was eaten.

"Moblit, why is Eren in the supply room?" Hange asked with a leveled tone, as if she were trying to imitate Levi.

Her assistant tilted his head. "He was already here when I arrived?" Moblit answered simply, looking to the boy in question next to him.

Eren was standing on a table that was pushed against a case of shelves. This allowed him to pull the various, thankfully safer supplies off it.

"Right, somehow that doesn't surprise me. I'm starting to think Eren just broke the lock," Hange said with a sigh, shaking her head. "So, why is Eren currently taking out all our toilet paper, spare cloaks, unused paper and what I think are the cleaning supplies I hid from Levi a year ago?"

Eren raised an eyebrow at the basket full of ironically dirty cleaning equipment: sponges, brushes, etc. Moblit was entirely unphased by that comment though. "He offered to help? And I thought you'd want me to keep an eye on him?"

"No, no, I get that and I appreciate it, but why are you doing it at all?" Hange pressed in confusion.

"You don't know, Ma'am? Captain Levi ordered everyone to check for a rat nest, and I got the short straw to check in here," Moblit explained, rolling his shoulders a bit as he picked up a box off the floor.

"The rats are back? Again?" Hange said with another headshake, glancing to Eren. "Eren, have you seen any in your room?"

Eren shook his head. "Rats don't like me."

"I'm not going to try to understand that right now," Hange said flatly. "Now, why were you down here at all?"

"Someone said you hide the ration bars here," Eren stated with a displeased tone. "I was lied to."

"And you didn't just ask me?" Hange asked with her hands on her hips.

"I wanted to get it myself," Eren answered simply.

"To be fair, Section Commander, he seems really bored," Moblit stated in observation, Eren nodding in confirmation.

"Eren, I get that, and I'm sorry, but this isn't usually a place for children," Hange apologized.

"I know," Eren stated.

"And I don't know what kids usually like to do for fun," Hange continued, rubbing her head.

"I know."

"I...okay then," Hange said in awkward acceptance. "So, what DO you want to do, Eren?"

"I want these," Eren said instantly, holding up a box full of blank paper.

"What, you want to draw?" Hange asked curiously, but got no answer.

"Can...we even afford to give him that?" Moblit asked warily. Paper wasn't exactly in short supply, even now, but they still had a budget.

"I'll pay for more. I have a lot of money saved up," Hange assured proudly as Eren patiently watched the exchange.

"Ma'am, that is because you forget to eat. And buy new clothes. And bathe," Moblit reminded flatly.

"That is why you were ordered to remember for me," Hange countered dismissively. "Now, Eren- and he's gone again."

"Section Commander?" Moblit said, pointing behind her.

Hange blinked as she turned and found Eren waiting at the door for her with his box of paper. She turned to Moblit with a scowl. "Did you see him move?"

"Yes?" Moblit answered, confused by the question. "Didn't you?

Hange's eyebrow twitched as she refused to answer.


Armin had to admit, the mail visits to Trost were nice in a way. He wasn't a slacker at training of course, but it was nice to be back in the city again; being around people, hearing the commotion of everyday life. It was so peaceful here. Trost almost reminded him of...


He made a conscious effort not to sigh wistfully as his mind drifted to less pleasant memories.

Five years. Five years since the Fall of Maria. Three since they joined the military. The two years between those points were pure, undiluted Hell.

His eyes shifted over to Mikasa as she steered the horses pulling their cart. He still remembered when he found Mikasa and Carla, with no Eren. He didn't know who took it worse: Carla who cried until her eyes went dry, or Mikasa who remained silent and dead-eyed to the world for days and weeks. She ate, slept, and bathed but only when told to. Carla barely pulled herself together as the days went on, but she managed with help from Hannes.

If not for Mikasa to worry about, Armin didn't know what the woman would have done.

He remembered that one horrible day, when he found Mikasa alone one day, with a knife. His heart had dropped into his chest, thinking that Mikasa was that far gone. And a more...selfish part of him was afraid that his final friend would leave him alone in this pit of despair that humanity found itself in.

Even just thinking about that moment made him sigh.

"Tired?" Mikasa asked idly.

"No, I'm fine," he assured quickly, getting a pointed and knowing glance from her. "I was just thinking."

Mikasa didn't press him to answer, but he decided to anyway.

"That day with the knife," Armin answered with a weak smile, scratching his cheek.

"You thought I was going to kill myself," Mikasa recalled, a bit too calmly in Armin's opinion. "I didn't really think how it looked like at the time. I just needed to steady myself."

Armin nodded in understanding. He didn't get it entirely, just that clutching a blade helped her recall the night Eren saved her from kidnappers. Which was pretty easy for her to do given they trained with Titan-killing blades. If he was a more twisted person, it would almost be funny: Mikasa didn't clutch the knife because she wanted to die, but because she was trying to remind herself that Eren wouldn't want her to take such a way out, of the strength their friend gave her in life.

True, the scarf did that too, but...it was something easier to understand than it was to put into words for Armin.

Even from beyond the grave, Eren had a complicated influence on Mikasa…on both of them, if Armin was being honest.

"We're here," Mikasa stated as they stopped at an alley next to the Trost Office of Mail.

One of the only remotely good things about living within the confined space of the Walls for a century was that the Mail System had evolved rather rapidly and easily. While not every village got mail, they were usually a horse ride away from the nearest place that did. Post from the military and nobility took priority, but people could usually get a response within a month of sending a letter from one side of the walls to the other.

"Ahh, you must be the cadets for the post this time," the postman greeted idly, a middle-aged man sporting a curled mustache. "Paperwork?"

"Right here, Sir," Armin said, pulling the folded document from his pocket, showing it to the man. He scanned it briefly before nodding, prompting Armin to return the paper to his pocket. It was basically just an official looking letter from Instructor Shadis, summarizing that "these brats are the ones to lug the letters back to base," more or less.

He remembered the one time someone lost the note. Mina was running laps until the sun rose.

With that, they were led to the backroom, where the man motioned to several bags and crates by the door to the alley. "That's all of them this time, along with the supplies for the horses. Unless they're actually making you kids eats that slop."

Armin chuckled nervously at that as he and Mikasa were left to begin working. And he was unsurprised to see Mikasa lift two of the crates at once, completely effortlessly. He didn't envy Mikasa's abilities per say, but his less than muscular nature made the vastness between their lifting ability greater than others compared to Mikasa. He sometimes wondered if Mikasa could lift a full horse and all his intellect couldn't decide if that was possible or not.

So he was a bit surprised to see her paused in carrying the supplies as he entered the alley. "Hm? Something wrong, Mik-?" he stopped, seeing someone sitting on their cart. Normally, he'd think it was a thief, but...

"Hello," the brown haired, hazel eyed child greeted with a curious look on his face. "I'm Calmer? The old man said you might need an extra hand, but I think he misjudged one of you," he introduced, eyeing Mikasa's load curiously…or maybe her arms, which were definitely stronger than they looked.

Mikasa glanced to Armin, who smiled apologetically. "Sorry, but we're not supposed to let anyone else touch the cargo," he explained diplomatically as he put the bag down in the cart. "Calmer?" he repeated with a head tilt.

"My parents had interesting ideas for names," Calmer answered evasively, sliding off the cart. "You mind if I just, you know, stand back here while you work? Old Timer said I'd get a bit extra if I helped you two."

Armin smiled and swore he almost saw Mikasa do so as well. It was nice, seeing children in their innocent mischief of youth.

"So, can I ask you a question about being a soldier?" Calmer asked curiously.

"Is it "have you ever seen a Titan?"" Armin predicted knowingly.

"What? No," Calmer denied with a scowl. "I just want to know how you don't vomit? You know, with the OMD-Gear?"

"ODM," Armin corrected automatically before looking sheepish. "It's funny you mention that. About a fifth of all those that drop out are the ones that can't keep their meals down."

"Wow. That must be hard on your stomach," Calmer mused.

"You get used to it," Mikasa said idly. "Usually, you have to worry more about things getting caught in the equipment."

"But...you wear a scarf, and have long hair?" Calmer pointed out with a scrunched brow, looking pointedly at the object and the hair trailing down to the middle of Mikasa's shoulders.

"Long hair is only a problem if it gets down past the middle of your back," Armin pointed out, pointedly not saying anything about the scarf.

"Okay?" Calmer said uncertainly. "So, how old do you have to be to join?"

"Do you want to?" Mikasa asked simply.

"No, but if I run out of options...," Calmer trailed off.

"It's not for the faint hearted, but I understand what you mean," Armin acknowledged, knowing that sometimes soldiers were people who were just out of other options in life.

"Thirteen," Mikasa answered in a blunt tone. "Twelve, depending on your birthday."

"So, did you just join then?" Calmer asked, looking to Armin with a head tilt.

Armin smiled awkwardly. "No, I'm just...short," he admitted, tossing a final bag into the cart. "There, that's the last of it."

"We should head back then," Mikasa stated, nodding to Calmer.

"Thanks for the "help," Calmer," Armin said with a nod.

"Thank you for "letting" me," Calmer answered knowingly before heading inside.

"Well, he seemed nice," Armin remarked, getting a hum from Mikasa. "So, you think he really works here?"

"Not at all, no," Mikasa admit as she snapped the reins and got the horses moving again.

"Yeah, me either," Armin admitted with a sigh. "Let's just hope he was trying to steal something instead of leave us...something."

Mikasa nodded, taking a sniff of the air. Well, if something was left, it didn't stink at least, so probably not a turd or anything like that…probably.

The duo fell into a comfortable silence as they rode, as they were wont to do. It was always nice to have someone who understood what you were going through without constantly being asked about it.

"So, what's the first thing you're going to do after we graduate?" Armin asked as they began to exit Trost, back in Rose proper. "And don't say knit the scarf."

Mikasa hummed at the jab. "There's nothing in particular. There's a restaurant Hannes wanted us to visit. You can come too."

"Thanks," Armin said with a nod. "I'm finding a good lake or stream to just fish for a whole day."

"You rarely catch anything," Mikasa pointed out.

"Yes, but it's relaxing, and it feels like you're doing something while doing almost nothing at all," Armin countered sagely. "And if I do catch something, well, that's a delicious bonus."

Mikasa smiled a bit at that. Trying to fish had been one of Armin's attempts to get more food for them during the food shortage years ago. While he didn't have much meaningful success back then, he did enjoy the attempts. And that's all they had these days, small moments to take joy in.

"Hm? Mikasa? Why are we stopping?" Armin questioned as Mikasa pulled them over at a split in the road.

"I'd rather not hold it all the way back to camp," Mikasa answered with a straight face while climbing down.

Catching her meaning, Armin glanced to a tree Mikasa was heading towards before purposefully looking in the opposite direction, just to make sure he didn't see anything improper. The first year after the Fall of Maria had killed any embarrassment about impromptu bathroom breaks.

Mikasa sighed in literal relief as her bladder emptied, using a mercifully large leaf from the tree as an emergency tissue. She paused as she heard a horse head on by, before rising to pull up her pants. She glanced down the road, seeing the rider was had stopped to chat with Armin. They were from the Scouts, judging by the emblem on their back. The dark haired teen kept a critical eye on the pair before something caught her attention.

A foul stench. Was that her? Was she getting sick?

With a frown, she glanced down, seeing nothing obviously strange about her urine.

Then she noticed the real culprit.

"Hoi, everything okay? Did something break?" the woman asked, bringing her horse to a stop near the cart.

"No, everything's fine," Armin said with a polite smile to the bespectacled woman. "My friend is just taking a bathroom break."

"I swear, everyone uses that tree," she remarked, glancing in the general direction without actually looking at the tree. "Well, in that case, good luck on the road."

"You too," Armin called as the woman's horse trotted off towards Trost.

"Someone you know?" Mikasa asked after approaching as she climbed back up.

"No, just a Scout that probably thought our cart broke," Armin remarked, looking at Mikasa curiously. "Everything okay? You took a long while?"

Most girls would be more embarrassed by the question. Then again, Armin would probably be more embarrassed asking literally anyone else this question. "I'm fine. Just found something disgusting behind the tree."

"Oh? I guess that tree is a popular spot after all," Armin murmured, assuming it was a turd.

"No, that wasn't it," Mikasa denied as she got the horses moving again. She didn't need to look to know Armin was looking at her inquisitively. "It was a dead rat."

"A dead rat?" Armin repeated, a bit surprised that bothered her at all. They found those before, even in camp.

"It was old and decomposing. The smell surprised me," Mikasa explained. "I'm surprised no animal ate what's left of it. It must have been there for days."


"Well, I hope you're happy, Eren," Hange said as she entered his room, rubbing her neck. "I bought replacements for all the paper I gave you, so I hope you- eh?"

Hange half expected Eren to not even be there when she looked around the room. The other half thought he would be scribbling something on the paper.

She did not, exactly, expect to find Eren ripping the paper apart.

Eren paused in mid-rip, giving Hange a glance before continuing in his tearing.

Hange watched with confused interest as Eren took the ripped piece and placed it on the floor. And then another, and another.

Carefully, calmly, Hange moved closer while trying to figure out just what Eren was doing. He wasn't stacking, and they were all arranged on the floor very neatly. So he was obviously trying to make something, but she wasn't sure what or how she was even supposed to look at it.

"It's not done," Eren answered bluntly, not even glancing her way this time.

"Uh-huh," Hange accepted, tilting her head to see if a different angle helped. But all she saw was randomly arrayed fragments of paper. What could he possibly be doing?

Still, if he was doing...whatever this kind of art was called, that at least meant they shouldn't have to worry about giving him more paper too often.

"You were gone a long time," Eren noted with an interesting tone to his voice.

Hange started for a second. Was that concern in Eren's voice? That was...nice to hear, for multiple reasons. While she appreciated the sentiment, she was happy to know Eren's emotional state was, well, better then it could be. "Oh, nothing, it just took a while to find the paper at the Mail Office. You'd think the guy running the place would have some help."

Eren hummed, but didn't say anything, apparently accepting that.

"So, soup, bread, milk, and a ration bar?" Hange guessed with a smile.

Eren nodded as he continued his work. "Cold tea if he has any."

"Ha! So that's what Levi was grumbling about," Hange said with a grin, patting his head as she made to leave.

"Hange." She stopped, looking back at the boy, who tilted his head up at her. "Did you find Mikasa yet?"

"Huh? No, I'm sorry Eren, but it'll take a few days before we can even get a proper search for her," Hange explained apologetically.

"Are you sure?" Eren asked with narrowed eyes, frowning behind his scarf.

Hange blinked at the pointed question. "Do you think I'm lying, Eren?"

"Hmm," Eren paused before shaking his head. "No. Just a feeling."

Hange suppose she shouldn't argue with that. Still, this person couldn't be too hard to find, with a unique name like that. Or spotted for that matter, as they were probably wearing a red scarf, by what Eren said.

Hange hated to disappoint Eren, but what were the odds she managed to miss noticing someone like that?

End of Chapter

There you go, another chapter of Eren being adorable and creepy. bit a;sp sp,e to,e woth Mikasa and Armin. Yeah, the last five years have definitely fucked them up a bit, but they also understand each other pretty damn well as a result, same as canon, but...a bit more due to not having Eren around.

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