kurama alters the seal at the last moment and instead of being sealed away combines its charkra with narutos along with his memories that he will get acces to when he unlocks his chakra

some guy gets reborn as naruto but has absolute absorb and copy system letting him absorb anything form of energy he wants that infludes element affinities and bloodline copy lets him copy any skill by being in contact with a person who knows it and to start off he absorbs kurama before he is born

a naruto that just follows actual logic for example no way would he eant to protect the village a be hokage more like survive amd becomenstrong enough to do what ever he wants obviously seeing his dads face everybday he should realize who he is so yea jist basically make him have common sense and ifnthe hokage sees him as a grandson surely he would make sure he is properly trained and fed and mostnreasonable relationships for him would be the daughter of the ramen stand not a girls who constantly refuses him or one who cant even talk to him

ok so harry potter once again would be fun if you made him have a brain and perosnality hoa friends would obviously not be ron and hermonie he would not go to either slytherin or gryfindor

most likely be a puff cause he would want true friends also would actually care about learning and be useful besides plot armor use some girls that are used less for pairing abbot davis patil twins or lavender brown

the books describe accidental magic as intentiinal magic ao inwould say thenfirst tume hes getting the crao beat out of him have hime teleport to a wizard family no to much of strethc his godbrother neville still alive he is heir black so the tonks or you know any family you want and still sadly hermonie wouldnt be useful cause in all honesty wouldnt wizard families train their children it only makes sense that theu would so yea and ron is still useless like always dont have to bash him just so much better choice of friends

ifnyour a fan of wbwl have his mom leave with him and raise him whia hisndad raises the other from that you ahould have several scenarios

list more when i think of some