The Call: Prologue

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Ken: *comes strolling in with the perfect tan, cue: drooling* Hello, I'm sure that you've had a good vaca- *stops dead in his tracks* Oh no...

*situated in different places of the room is the Digimon Emperor, polishing his whip, and Sam reading a Quantum Physics book*

heath 999: As you can tell, I've added a few muses while you were gone.

Wormmon: *comes crawling, very sun burnt* Did you get it from Ken's Luver?

heath 999: Nope, they're staying this time for a while, and I didn't want to take her muses that long of a time.

Ken: Oh no...

heath 999: I got them from e-bay, including all of the episodes for season two.

Ken: Is this your surprise fic?

heath 999: Nope, it was cancelled, I found out I didn't have enough to write in it, it was going to be my anniversary fic, but I e-mailed all of my consistent reviewers instead, thanking them. Oh yeah, and Wormmon, you get to have vacation a little longer, I don't need you.


Ken: *starts to run after him* TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!

heath 999: *without looking up from her work, grabs him by the back of the collar and yanks him back into a seat* Hold it, Ken-chan! I still need you.

Ken: *face bright red* K-K-Ken-c-c-chan?!

heath 999: *gives him a seductive look* Yup! And please review, everyone!

Ken: Help me...


~Ken's POV~

I walk slowly home.

It's been a year since the defeat of Malomyotismon.

My parents have finally learned their ways, but I was afraid that it wouldn't last, that they would want their cruel-hearted genius son back.

I hate being right...

They want their genius back; they want the fame that comes with being parents to a genius.

I glance at my latest test returned to me, a D slashed neatly on top of it.

Despair is the only thing I feel right now...

despair on what's going to happen when my parents are going to find out...

and despair on what's going to happen to me when they're done yelling at me for not being the genius I used to be.

Maybe I should become that cold-hearted genius again.

I stop immediately at the thought of going back to the monster that I was. Sighing heavily in sadness at the thought that I was even thinking of doing something like that.

The digidestined won't probably help much, either...

we've gone our separate ways, really trying to keep in touch, but failing as time seems to separate us.

And the fact that the digiworld has been closed for the last year.

I miss Wormmon....

he was the emotional anchor, the only being that I could go to when the powers of darkness would rise again to try to claim me.

Now, with the anchor gone, I'm floating away from the light again, with despair and sadness filling my soul.

The dark spore is inactive, Gennai said, there's nothing to worry about.

He's wrong....

there's much to worry about.

I slowly start walking home again, hoping to get home before "The Call" is made.

It's calling me back again...

and I don't know if I can avoid it.


I walk slowly in, already hearing the sobs from the living room.

I'm too late...

the principle has already called my parents.

My mother turns to me, sobbing hysterically, "why can't you be a genius like Sam?" She cries.

I can't...

I can't be the monster that I used to be.

"The principal called, he said that you had to go back to normal schools! YOU IDIOT!" My dad smacks me harshly across the face, his anger getting the best of him.

I just stand there, tasting blood from a split upper lip. "I'm sorry," I sob sadly, "I'm trying my best!"

"It's not enough, we want to have a genius again! We want to have someone we can be proud of!" My father once again shouts.

Tears of despair spill down my cheeks, they don't understand, I want to make them happy, but I can't.

A burning sensation runs up the back of my neck, pains that I haven't felt for a year.

Fear fills me.

The dark spore...

it's battling for control, it's reactivated.

"You're getting tutored, and no more soccer until the grades are up to at least an A!" Dad shouts.

Anger overwhelms me, they can't do this to me, soccer is my life!

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" I shout, feeling the anger of the Digimon Emperor rising.

"Ken, we just want you to be smart, to be like a genius like Sam!" Mom desperately pleads, trying to make me understand.


terror hits me like a ton of bricks at the stray thought that slips in my head, and I flee into my room, ignoring the angry shouts from my family.

I slam the door, locking it with a deadbolt that I bought soon after the defeat of Malomyotismon, and the start of my parents sudden drive to be their perfect son again.

I slump against the door burying my face in my arms despite the blood and sobbing tears of sorrow into them.

Maybe I should become the Digimon Emperor again...

a burning pain shoots up my neck, piercing through my skull, trying to rip my brain apart.

I look up.

And not to my surprise, I no longer find myself in my room anymore but in...

"the dark ocean..." I whisper fearfully.



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