A/N: Hello, I'm KingSnow5092! This is my first Commander Keen and Wolfenstein crossover story and it's also a slight AU of Wolfenstein The New Order but with Commander Keen in it! I'm surprised that nobody made a fanfic about this one yet! So, I'm the first one to make this! I found out that BJ is Keen's grandpa so I've always wondered what would happened if Keen had fought along with his grandpa during the Wolfenstein universe and this story idea came to my mind after playing Wolfenstein The New Order. I remember I used to play Commander Keen and Wolfenstein on DOS back in those days and I still do on the DOSbox and Steam they're great blasts of the past! This is my first crossover story of Commander Keen and Wolfenstein, so go easy on me please. If you don't like it then that's fine too we're all entitled on our own opinion like The Shadow Reader would say but enjoy if you like it!

Warning: This story is rated M for excessive violence, blood, gore, scary scenes, WWII references, deaths, and dark scenes. I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by the WWII references and it's other themes if you're offended by it and I'm sorry it's just the way Wolfenstein is made but I'll tone down the references if you like! If you're easily offended then don't read this story or if you're under 18 then don't read this story as well! I apologize in advance if you're offended but that's the way Wolfenstein was made. Still, I'm sorry please try to enjoy this story!

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Chapter 1: Forward to the Past

Written by: KingSnow5092

On a warm summer night, there was a boy who was hanging out at his grandparents' house while his parents were away on their honeymoon for the weekend and his siblings were away at summer camp his babysitter was sick with a flu so she couldn't babysit him but luckily his grandparents were available to take care of him to which he was happy to go over there he loved spending time with his grandparents because he gets to listen to his grandpa's stories about the time he fought evil soldiers and their evil leader back in WWII he could listen to those stories all day long and he also told his grandpa his stories about the time he rescued the universe from evil aliens and their evil leader as well! They love to spend time together they were like best friends they were both alike because they save worlds together. His grandparents knew about his adventures in space and they were proud of him but they warned him to be careful and not to get hurt and he assured them that everything would be alright.

The living room was large with brown walls, tan carpeted floors, a large blue couch, a large brown coffee table near the couch with a TV remote and game controller on it, a flowerpot on the stand nearby the couch, a large black screen TV in front of the coffee table, below the TV was a shelf with a DVD player, video game system, and stacks of DVDs and video games next to the console. Keen was sitting on the couch playing the video game about his grandpa fighting in WWII against Nazi soldiers and their evil leader he was on the last level about to kill the last boss and he was excited to have finally beat the game and save the game world from the evil doctor who wanted to make the world worst than it already is but he wasn't let that happen anytime soon.

Keen was an 8-year old Causcain-American boy with blue eyes, short brown hair, freckles on his cheeks, wearing a yellow football helmet with green "G"s on it, a purple t-shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes. "Alright, Deathshead it's time for you to die!" Keen shouted at the screen. He grabbed his controller as he mashed many buttons on it to fight the doctor shooting at him, collecting items, dodging his attacks, and many more things until eventually he defeated the boss and it showed the ending on the screen as the credits began to roll. Keen jumped up from the couch and cheered as he did a victory dance by jumping around the room and cheering in joy. But then he heard someone cleared his throat from behind he turned to find that it was BJ his grandpa standing there with an angry face and his arms crossed.

BJ was an elderly Causcain-American man with blue eyes, short gray hair, gray beard, muscular-figured, wearing a short white shirt, tan overalls, and black shoes he was angry that Keen was making too much noise waking him up. "Having fun, Billy?" BJ asked. Keen blushed as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment as he chuckled a bit. "I'm sorry grandpa, I just won the game and I got carried away with the excitement." Keen said. BJ looked at the screen of what kind of game he was playing it was his game where he fought the evil doctor Deathshead in he then smiled as he looked down at him. "It's OK, Billy, but just try to keep it down." BJ told him. "Yes sir!" Keen said as he saluted to him.

"Good, you like that game don't you?" BJ asked.

"I sure do, but I usually skip some of the cut scenes where you and grandma start kissing each other." Keen said as he closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue in disgust. BJ chuckled at this it was so cute when his grandson thought kissing was disgusting but he was also glad that he didn't see the scene where he and his wife would do things he didn't want his grandson to see that yet he was too young for that stuff he was glad he usually skip the cut scenes involving that. Keen then looked up at his grandpa with a smile on his face. "Someday, I want to be just like you when I grow up and maybe join the army!" Keen told him. BJ smiled as he knelt down on one knee and patted him on the head. "I know you do." BJ said, touched by his grandson's words.

"But you know something it would've been cool if I could go back through time and fight along with you against those Nazi soldiers and take down their leader! That would be so cool!" Keen said as he raised his fist in the air. BJ frowned a bit as he shook his head at him. "Whoa, I don't think you want to be with me during those times." BJ said. Keen looked at his grandpa in confusion. "Why not?" He asked. BJ sighed as he looked at him with a sad face. "What those Nazis did back then were worse than what those aliens you fought tried to do, in fact, the Nazis made the aliens look like saints in comparison! Sure, aliens tried to take over the world but that's nothing compared to what those Nazis did back then, just trust me on this one, okay?" BJ explained to him.

Keen thought about it and he knew his grandpa was right what those Nazis did back then were far worse than what those aliens but still it would be nice to fight along with him he then looked up to his grandpa and nodded his head to him. "OK grandpa, I understand." Keen told him. "Good." BJ said as he patted his head again BJ then stood up as he told Keen that it was time to go to bed to which Keen nodded as he cleaned up the stuff in the living room before going to bed.

After doing his nightly routine of taking a shower, brushing his teeth, changing into his PJ's, and bidding his grandpa good night he went to his guest bedroom and tucked himself into bed. But after he went into his bed he couldn't fall asleep he kept tossing and turning in his bed thinking about going back through time to fight along with his grandpa during the war he knew his grandpa was right but he just couldn't help himself he always wondered what it could be like to fight along with his grandpa during the war. "I've wondered what it could be like to fight along with grandpa during the war I bet it's fun and exciting even action packed! I just wished I could go back through time and fight along with him." Keen whispered to himself. After that he felt tired and finally fell asleep resting his head on the pillow.

A Few Hours Later...

"Wake up, Commander Clown!" A rude voice shouted out.

Keen jolted up from his bed as he blinked a few times before rubbing his eyes and looked around to the sound there he saw someone he had never thought to see for a long time it was his bully who always teased him at school...Mortimer Mcmire! He was an 8-year old Causcain-American boy with gray eyes, black hair, freckles on his cheeks, wearing a black football helmet with red "M"s on it, a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes. He was standing there with an evil smile on his face and his hands on his hips. "Mortimer! What are you doing here?" Keen asked in shock. "Surprise to see me?" Mort asked. The boy nodded his head at the other boy. "How did you get here so fast? I thought you were at summer camp with my siblings?" Keen asked.

Mort rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms in anger. "They kicked me out because of the prank I pulled on your siblings I plugged their bathroom sink with paper towels, flooded the whole cabin, and when your siblings ratted me out on me they kicked me out from the camp, my parents sent me back home, and I got grounded for a month!" Mortimer explained. Keen laughed at this. "Serves you right for being a bully!" Keen said. Mortimer growled in anger as he shook his fist at him. "Laugh now, Keen, but you won't be laughing for long after I show you this!" Mortimer said as he pulled out a small black remote with many-colored buttons, a slightly large button, and a small TV screen on it out from his pocket. Keen looked at the remote in confusion and asked. "What's that?"

"This is my time remote it's like a time machine but portable and with this baby I could go back through time and change history like going back to your grandpa's timeline and killing him so you don't exist anymore!" Mortimer explained as he laughed evilly. Keen gasped in horror he then jumped onto the other boy as he tried to struggle the remote out of his hands as Mortimer was struggling to get his rival off of him. "I won't let you go back through time to kill my grandpa I rather you take over the world in WWII than to kill my grandpa." Keen shouted at his bully. Mort grinned evilly after Keen told him that he then pushed Keen off of him as he fell to the floor and looked up at his bully.

"That's an even better idea, I could go back through time during WWII and take over the world instead of Hitler! Or even better, I could take over Deathshead's compound and make my hideout there I could do both at the same time be a ruler of the world and an evil doctor at the same time!" Mortimer said as he laughed evilly. He then turned to his rival with an evil smile on his face. "Thank you for that idea, Keen maybe you're not that dumb after all...nah! I'm still smarter than you!" Mortimer said as he mocked him. Keen couldn't let that happened he had to stop his bully right now or otherwise the world is doom! He couldn't stop Mortimer in his PJ's, he had to change into his Keen uniform. Luckily, there was a bathroom in the guest bedroom where he could change.

Keen quickly grabbed his football helmet, purple t-shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes, ran into the bathroom, closed and locked the door behind him, he changed into his usual clothes, and came out from the bathroom with his yellow helmet, purple t-shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes on with a large green ray pistol in his pocket about ready to take on Mortimer he got out of the bathroom just in time as Mortimer was ready to go back through time. Mortimer set the coördinates on his remote, he then pointed it to the wall, zapped the wall with a red beam coming out from the remote, and a red swirling portal appeared on the wall. Mortimer turned to Keen with a smile on his face and said. "I'll write you a postcard after I gone back through time, Clown!"

Keen growled as he dashed toward the other boy he then tackled him from behind after he did they both tumbled backwards into the portal and it closed behind them disappeared into a cloud of red smoke this was going to be one adventure that Keen will never forget!

A/N: Oh no! Mortimer has gone back through time to take over the world during WWII and Keen went with him after he tackled him from behind now Keen has to stop him from taking over the world and altering the timeline! Luckily, his grandpa from the past there and will fight along with him to stop Mortimer before it's too late! In the next chapter: Keen is tied up in Deathshead's compound as Mortimer ordered his new goons to kill Keen but luckily his past grandpa comes in just in time to save him after they get to know each other they tried to escape and head back to the base but the guards were alerted by Mortimer and orders them to stop them will they get out alive? Stay tuned and find out! Read and Review...BUT NO FLAMES!

Fun Fact: The game Keen was playing earlier is the reference to Wolfenstein The New Order game it's the best game ever with exciting and action-packed scenes in that game but some of the areas are hard and frustating but otherwise it's a cool game! This story is a slight AU of that game but with Keen in it!