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Chapter 3: A New Home

Written by: KingSnow5092

The helicopter landed in the hangar of the secret base Fergus then told everyone that it was safe to get out they unbuckled their seatbelts, jumped out from the helicopter, and walked toward the back door of the base as Keen looked around the hangar he was amazed to see so many helicopters in this base he wondered if he could fly one of them someday. "Wow, these helicopters are amazing I wonder if I could fly one of them someday?" Keen said. "Aye, lad! They are amazing helicopters but you can't fly them because you're much too young." Fergus said as he shook his head. "Oh come on, I'm able to fly my Bean with Bacon Megarocket without any problem in space." Keen said, shrugging his shoulders at the man. "That's different lad, that's a spaceship these are flying machinery for the war." Fergus told him.

Keen nodded to the man understanding what he meant by that but he still wished that he could fly one of the helicopters someday then they reached the back door of the base BJ knocked on the door when he did the door slightly opened to a face and a door swung opened to a Causcain-American woman with blue eyes, dark brown hair tied in a bun, slender figured, red lipstick, wearing a long blue shirt, a long blue skirt, and black shoes named Anya, she was Keen's grandma. "William!" Anya exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around him and BJ wrapped his arms around her as they both hugged each other. "Oh thank God, you're okay." Anya said. "I'm fine, Anya and my friends are fine as well." BJ assured her as he rubbed her back. BJ and Anya let go as they walked inside of the base along with their friends.

Anya peeked out to make sure nobody followed them once the coast was clear she got back inside, closed and locked the door behind her they all walked into the main corridor of the room. The large room with brown walls, floors, a large round table in the middle, a large computer area with many computers hanging above the large brown desk with items on it, two chairs in front of the desk, chairs around the table, a kitchen area near the corner with a pantry as well, a doorway leading to Caroline's room, and a stairway leading up to the second floor of the base. Keen walked to the computer area he had never seen so many computers hanging on the wall before except in security areas of the evil aliens. "Do you like it?" A female voice said from behind.

Keen turned to see two men and one woman in a wheelchair walking and scrolling up to him their names were Caroline, Klaus, and Max Hoss they were allied soldiers and good friends of BJ. Klaus was a German-American man with blue eyes, slightly shaven blonde hair, tall, wearing a blue A-shirt, a black and yellow coat, green pants, tattoos on his arms, and black boots, Max was a German-American man with blue eyes, slightly shaven brown hair, very tall and muscular, wearing a long gray shirt with a reindeer on it, blue overalls with many colors on it, and no shoes on his feet, and Caroline was a German-American woman with blue eyes, gray hair, wrinkles, red lipstick, wearing a raspberry-colored shirt, long green pants, brown boots, and sitting in a wheelchair.

Caroline scrolled up to the young boy with a smiling face and said. "Hallo, you must be Commander Keen, the future grandson of Blazkowicz."

Keen nodded his head to her as he held out his hand and asked. "Yes, but who are you?"

"My name is Caroline Becker and I'm the leader of this secret base I am a skilled pilot and know a lot about machinery I'm even devolving the suit to help out the disabled people and make them even stronger than before." Caroline explained, both shaking each other's hands then they removed their hands. "Wow! You're just like me I'm a genius too, an excellent pilot, and a great creator!" Keen said. "I know I've read all about you from the bio on my laptop you're pretty smart for an 8-year old." She said, nodding at him. Keen blushed a bright red as he turned his head away. "I"m not that much of the genius." He said bashfully even devolving a friendly crush on her. The woman giggled at this. "Don't be so modest you're a great hero." Caroline said. Keen smiled at her as he bowed to her.

After that the woman scrolled to the computer area to do her work as Klaus walked up to the boy and knelt down on one knee in front of him. "Guten Tag! My name is Klaus it's very nice to meet the future grandson of William Blazkowicz!" Klaus said, sticking out his hand to shake his with. Keen was about to reach out his hand when he noticed a Nazi symbol on his shoulder he gasped as he pulled out his ray gun and pointed it at the man. "Freeze! You Nazi spy!' Keen shouted. The man lifted his arms in the air with a surprised look on his face as Max backed away in fear but BJ ran toward his grandson, got down on one knee, and put his hand on his shoulder. "At ease, Billy, he's not a Nazi anymore he's on our side now." BJ said, wagging his finger at him.

Keen turned to his grandpa with a confused face and said. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, you see after many years serving as a Nazi he realized what he was doing wasn't right so he turned over a new leaf and become an allied solider like us." BJ explained to him. The boy turned to the man as he grinned sheepishly at him and put away his ray gun. "Oops, I'm sorry Klaus I didn't know." Keen said as he waved to him. Klaus chuckled as he put down his arms and patted the boy on the head with a smiling face. "That's alright, it was a simple mistake. You were only trying to protect yourself like your grandpa did when we first met." Klaus assured him. Keen smiled at him then he grabbed his hand and the man grabbed his hand as well they both shook hands to show no hard feelings then Klaus got up and walked back to the large man next to him.

"Did you really attacked Klaus when you first met him?" Keen asked, raising his eyebrow.

"It was a force of habit and I was trained to fight against Nazis." BJ said as he scratched the back of his head, twitching eyes from left to right, and blushing a bit. Keen chuckled at this then Klaus came with Max walking toward him the large man looked scared after what Keen did to Klaus. Klaus assured Max that he was a friendly boy and he only attacked him based on instinct after that Max calmed down a bit and held out his hand to the boy before him. "Hello, my name is Billy Blaze but I'm better known as Commander Keen!" Keen told him as he held out his hand to the man. Max looked at the boy in confusion then Klaus translated what Keen had told him then they both shook hands but as they did Max lifted Keen in the air and shook him very quickly because of his strength. "Whoa!" Keen exclaimed.

"Max, take it easy on him." BJ warned as he held out his hands. Klaus translated what BJ told him after he realized that he was being too rough with the boy he placed him down gently with his hands folded together, turning away from him, and cried in his hands Klaus placed his hands on his shoulders assuring him that it was alright. Keen walked up to the large man and patted him on the back Max turned around to the young boy who had a smile on his face he told him that it was alright as Klaus translated what Keen said to him. Max then stopped crying and smiled as he held out his hand again and they shook hands again but this time they did it gently after that they pulled away with smiles on their faces. "It was very nice to meet you, Max." Keen said.

Max nodded as he jumped up and down repeated his name over and over clapping his hands as well Klaus put his hands on his shoulders telling him to calm down a bit to which Max nodded to him then they walked upstairs to Max's bedroom after that Anya walked up to the boy and knelt down on his knees. Keen turned around to see his grandma in front of him. "Hello grandma, I'm Billy Blaze or better known as Commander Keen, you're future grandson." Keen said. "I know, Caroline told me all about you and it's so nice to see my future grandson here with us!" Anya said. Keen smiled he then ran up to her, wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a hug. Anya wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug as well. "It's nice to see you too, grandma." Keen said softly.

BJ smiled he knew he and Anya will be good grandparents someday in the future and they were going to have a grandson who protects the world from evil aliens just like how he protects the world from evil Nazis trying to take over the world as well but they need to be careful because if he or Anya dies then Keen will disappear forever and they need to protect Keen as well even though he's able to take care of himself he's still a kid and he didn't want Keen's parents and his children to blame him for what happened to him in the past. They all need to be extra careful around this time. Then Anya and Keen released each other from the hug then Anya stood up from the floor. "Is it okay if I look around here?" Keen asked. "Of course, you're welcome to look around as much as you pleased." Caroline said.

"Thank you!" Keen said as he bowed to her again.

Keen walked around the room seeing what was there after that he walked into the kitchen area and right into the pantry he grabbed a few snacks, placed them into his pockets for later, walked out from the pantry, opened the fridge, grabbed a can of soda, placed it into his pocket as well, and walked upstairs to the second floor. He saw many rooms there and in the middle was a large brown pillar with many pictures of the solders hanging on it and many lit candles glowing around the pillar it was a memorial for the past solders who had lost their lives during the battle in WWII. Keen walked up to the pillar, bowed his head, and folded his hands together in a silent prayer for the lives lost during the battle.

After paying his respects, he walked into Klaus' room which was a small brown room with a large white bed, orange wallpaper above the bed, a large brown desk with tools on it, a small brown desk with a paper near the end of the bed, a large cabinet next to the large desk, a chair in front of the small desk, and a green rug near the bed. He walked into the room right up to the small desk he took a paper and read it. He frowned at what he read on the paper it was Klaus' past life before he became an ally. He saw many horrible things when he was a Nazi like Max losing his parents during the war when he saw that he became a good solider and adopted Max as his own son. Keen sighed in sadness as he shook his head at the letter.

"Poor Klaus and Max, what is this world coming to?" Keen whispered to himself he was glad that his parents were alive and well and had a good life except for the few times he got bullied by Mortimer but otherwise he had a good life anyway but he felt sad for Klaus and Max his grandpa from the future was right those Nazis were worse than the aliens he had fought! He shook his head as he placed the paper back on the desk so Klaus doesn't noticed anything wrong with it. He then walked out from the room and into Max's room he was surprised to see what it looked like. A large room with many-colored animals decorated on the wallpaper, a large cradle-like bed, a large desk with a purple music box on it, a shelf filled with toys, and many boxes and toys scattered around on the floor.

He saw Klaus and Max sitting on the bed together the large man was playing with a large green box with shaped holes and trying to place a small orange star into a triangle hole but he couldn't fit it through he was starting to get angry as Klaus patted him on the shoulder speaking to him in German while trying to calm him down. "Max Hass!" Max shouted, trying to place the shape into the box. "Max, calm down! It's not helping you to get angry over this." Klaus said softly as he gestured him to calm down. The boy looked on that man needs help and he's just a person to help him he could be his tutor during this awful time when Klaus wasn't around. "Excuse me!" Keen called out as he walked toward the two men. They looked at the boy who stopped in front of him.

"What are you doing here?" Klaus asked. "I thought I would help Max figure out which shapes goes into which hole, if you don't mind that is." Keen explained to him. Max smiled he turned his head to his father nodding to him hoping that Keen could help out. Klaus nodded back to him he then turned his head to the boy nodding to him as well in approval. Keen grinned he then took a box from the man, placed it on the floor, and sat down with his legs crossed. "Now, I'll show you which shape goes into each hole." Keen said as he held up his finger. He then held up the star block to the man he then showed him to place the star block into the star hole, then the triangle block into the triangle hole, and so on and so on.

After Keen showed him how it was done he handed the box to the man who took it back from the boy, shook out the shapes on the bed, and placed the shapes into the right holes once he was done he smiled a biggest smile in the world! "Max Hass! Max Hass!" Max said, shaking his box in happiness. "Good job, Max, you did it!" Keen said, clapping his hands. "Max Hass!" Max said as he showed his father. "Ja, you did a good job, Max! Very proud of you!" Klaus agreed. Max then grabbed Keen by the waist and pulled him into the gentle hug as Keen hugged him back as well. "Danke! Danke!" Max said. "You're welcome, big guy!" Keen said. After hugging for a while, Max placed Keen back on the floor gently. "Danke for your help, Keen." Klaus said, nodding to him.

"You're welcome I'm happy to help anyone in need! If you need a tutor for Max when you're not around come to me!" Keen told him. "Danke, I will!" Klaus said as he winked to him. The boy then walked out from the room with a grin on his face feeling good about his deed he then walked into another room which was Fergus' room. It was a large room with a large desk with many papers on it, a chair in front of the desk, a large shelf with many electronics on it, a large white bed, and many boxes at the end of the room. Keen was impressed by the many electronics on the shelf he walked toward it taking a good look he wondered how he could get this electronics like this back at his house?

Keen then walked out from the room he then looked into Wyatt's room which was a large brown room with a large white bed, a rainbow-colored rug on the floor, a nightstand with a lamp on it, a large desk with many metal scraps on it, and a cabinet above the desk. He then walked away from the room and looked inside another large brown room with a large white bed, a large nightstand near the bed, an air vent above the bed, and many boxes stacked at the end of the room he figured that this was his grandparents' room which was fine by him he didn't want to see them kissing or any other mushy stuff. He walked to another staircase, walked passed the toilet stall, and stopped in front of the door with a sign with "Tools" written on it.

Keen figured that this must be a tool room of this base he opened the door to the room with a large brown desk with a blueprint and tools lying around the desk, a large tool rack filled with tools hanging on it, and a box filled with knives and a crowbar as he looked at them he noticed a red and white circled target sign nearby the room when he got a closer look he noticed there was a secret bedroom nearby. The bedroom was large with brown walls, brown floors, a large white bed with a purple blanket and a white pillow on it, many chairs and small desks scattered around the area, and a picture of BJ hiding behind the blue wall with a pistol in his hands with an angry face and a Nazi guard walking in the hallway toward him. "I'll take this room!" Keen exclaimed.

He ran toward the bed, sat down, covered himself with the blanket, and rested his head on the pillow as he looked up at the picture of his grandpa he sighed in happiness it was a dream come true he was going to fight along with his grandpa against those Nazis and nothing will get in his way! Keen then closed his eyes and began to day-dream about escaping Castle Wolfenstein like his grandpa did back then.

-Keen's Day Dream-

Keen opened his eyes to find himself in a large blue dungeon with a dead Nazi guard at his feet he ran up to the guard, grabbed his pistol, loaded it, and ran out of the dungeon room he then ran down the hallway into the corridor there was a Nazi guard there which was a German-American man wearing a brown Nazi uniform and a gray helmet on his head with a pistol. When the guard saw Keen he started shooting at him but Keen ducked and shot the guard down to the floor. He grabbed more bullets from the dead guard he then ran through the door, down another hallway where another guard was he then shot that guard as well and he opened the door where two German Shepherds charged at them while barking about to bite him!

Keen backed away as he shot down the two dogs they whimpered lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood he felt bad for killing the dogs but they were working with the Nazis so it had to be done and besides this was just a day-dream. Keen then looked around for anything that could help him but there was nothing but bowls of dog food lying around so he ran out of the door and back to the corridor he then ran through the door into a long brown hallway where two Nazi guards were waiting for him. "Auchtang!" The guards shouted as they began to shoot at him he ducked and fired at the two guards killing them instantly. He then ran into the small opening of the hallway to see a picture of the Nazi eagle.

Keen rested his back on the picture as he did the wall moved away from him he dropped to the floor and looked up to see a secret area in the wall he quickly ran into the area to see a machine gun with many bullets and first aid kits there. "Whoa! A secret area!" Keen exclaimed. He ran to the secret area grabbed a machine gun, loaded it with bullets, and ran out of the area. He then opened the door to a large brown room with a Nazi guard standing there looking away from him. Keen shot down the guard with his machine gun, he then grabbed the bullets from him, ran to the right side of the room, and opened the door. He saw treasure there he grabbed all the golden grails and treasure chests there and stuffed them into his pocket. Since this was a day-dream anything was possible like stuffing large things into your small pockets.

He then ran out of the room, to the left side of the room, opened the door to the large gray hallway, and turned left to the hallway to another guard there he shot down that guard as well, he then grabbed more bullets. loaded it, ran to the right, and opened the door to a large gray room with two Nazi guards there they began to shoot at him but he ducked and shot the guards dead! He then grabbed some treasure there was well he then ran to another door, opened it, and ran down the large gray hallway with no guards at all. After a while, he reached another door he opened it and there was an elevator door with three Nazi guards standing there with their guns pointed at him. Keen pulled out his machine gun and mowed down the guards.

After he killed the guards he ran toward the elevator door, opened it, ran inside, closed the door behind him, turned around, and flipped the switch as he jumped up and cheered in victory! He then suddenly fell down to the ground.

-End of Day Dream-

Keen opened his eyes and sat up from his bed with a smile on his face that was the best day-dream he ever had he was going to be like his grandpa someday, sure, he was the galactic hero but he wanted to be an army hero as well like his grandpa he then heard footsteps coming toward him he pulled out his ray gun, hid behind the wall, and when the footsteps came closer he jumped out from behind and pointed the gun at the intruder it was BJ who held up his arms in the air. "Whoa easy there, Billy! It's just me!" BJ said. Keen lowered his gun and put it back in his pocket with a sheepish grin on his face. "Sorry grandpa, I thought you were a Nazi." Keen apologized. "That's okay, Billy, you did a good job of being sleathly but next time peek out from the corner to make sure that it's either a friend or foe." BJ assured him.

"Yes sir!" Keen said, saluting to him.

BJ chuckled at this he walked up to his grandson, knelt down on one knee, and looked at him with a smiling face. "I see you found a bedroom to sleep in." BJ said. "Yes, it's a secret bedroom! I'll take this bedroom if you don't mind." Keen said. "Not at all, nobody was using this bedroom anyway." BJ said. The boy smiled he then told his grandpa about the day-dream he had earlier when he was finished the man patted his grandson on the head. "You're just like me alright." BJ said. Keen chuckled as well then they heard someone else coming up the stairs they turned to find that it was Fergus with a scared look on his face. "Fergus! What's wrong?" BJ asked as he stood up in front of him. "Keen, you need to come down at once there's a message for you!" Fergus exclaimed.

"Who it's from?" Keen asked the red-bearded man.

"Mortimer McMire!" Fergus answered.

Keen's eyes grew wide and clenched his teeth together in fear what could Mortimer want from him? The three of them ran downstairs to the main area where Caroline, Anya, Klaus, Max, and Wyatt were sitting around the table waiting for them to come when they came they all sit down together at the table. "I'm glad you're here Billy there's a message for you from my laptop!" Caroline said. She brought the laptop to the table, placed it in front of the boy, and went to the page where the email message was coming from. Keen moved the cursor to the email message he then opened it to show that there was a link to the video of the email message from Mortimer. "It's a video from Mortimer!" Keen exclaimed, pointing to the computer. "What does he want?" Wyatt asked.

"I have to open it and find out!" Keen said. He moved the cursor to the link, then it showed a black screen with a large red play button on it, he clicked on the play button, and the video began he turned up the volume loud enough for everyone to hear then the video began. The screen showed Mortimer in his office behind his desk he had his hands folded and an evil grin on his face. "Hello Commander Clown, if you are watching this I just want to let you know that I kidnapped three of your friends LT. Barker, Spot, and Princess Lindsey! I would've kidnapped the Oracle Janitor but he's immortal so I let him go but three of your other friends have been kidnapped and been taken to three different locations!" Mortimer explained.

"What!" Keen exclaimed, putting his hands on his cheeks.

"That's right! Try to rescue them if you can or otherwise they will die a horrible death like you will if you try to rescue them as well! For a fair game I will tell you where your friends are located, Barker is in the Lunar Base, Spot is at London Nautica, and Princess Lindsey is at my compound but I won't tell you where she is at my compound you'll have to find out yourself if you live long enough that is!" Mortimer explained some more he then laughed evilly. Keen growled in anger as he pounded his fist on the table he wasn't going to let Mortimer get away with this he needed to stop him, save his friends, and get back home to his own timeline! "I dare you to try to stop me and rescue your friends! See you then, Clown!" Mortimer said still laughing evilly. The screen then went to black with a replay button on the video.

Everyone sat there in silence for a long time they were shocked that such an 8-year old boy would do such a horrible thing at the young age? Keen turned red with anger and slammed his fist on the table he growled as well. "Mortimer isn't going to get away with this!" Keen shouted. He then got up from his chair and ran toward the door but BJ got up from his chair, ran toward the boy, grabbed him from behind, he lifted him up, walked back to his chair, sat down, and set Keen on his lap while holding on to him. "Where were you going?" BJ asked. "I'm going out there to stop Mortimer and rescue my friends!" Keen answered, shaking his fists in anger. "Easy there, Billy! You can't just go out there willy nilly we need to think of the plan before we put it in action." BJ told him shaking his finger at him.

Keen calmed down a bit as he lowered his head in shame he then looked up to his grandpa with a shameful look on his face. "I'm sorry grandpa, I just don't want my friends to get hurt." Keen said. BJ put his finger on his grandson's chin and lifted him up to his face. "I know you do but we need a plan first then we go out there to blow some Nazis away!" BJ said. Keen nodded his head to him. "Mortimer is such a bully! He done many things before but this time he went too far!" Keen said, shaking his fist in anger. BJ rubbed his back the boy calmed down some more as he looked at his grandpa. "I know how you feel so here's the excercise that would calm you down I learn from my old friend." BJ said softly. "What's that?" Keen asked. "Count to four...inhale...count to four...exhale." BJ explained to him.

"One...Two...Three...Four." Keen counted quietly he then inhaled.

"One...Two...Three...Four." Keen counted quietly again he then exhaled.

After that Keen felt better he turned to his grandpa and said. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome!" BJ said.

Keen then wrapped his arms around his grandpa and hugged him as BJ wrapped his arms around his grandson and hugged him back as they hugged each other after a while they released each other and began to come up with a plan to save Keen's friends. "How are we going to save my friends?" Keen asked them. Caroline grabbed her laptop and brought it back to her computer area. "Not to worry, Billy, I'll look up where the locations and where your friends are then we'll come up with a plan to save your friends." Caroline explained to him. Keen smiled as he gave her a thumbs up. "Thank you! In the meantime, I'll go to my bedroom and snack for a while!" Keen told her. He then jumped off his grandpa's lap and ran upstairs to his new bedroom to have a snack.

A/N: End of Chapter 3. Well, Keen sure loves his new base, he had made some new friends, and he's has a friendly crush on Caroline Becker which is cute of the 8-year old child to have but just a friendly crush and nothing more! But Mortimer had kidnapped three of Keen's old friends, put them in three seperate places, and plans to kill Keen when he gets there to save his friends! Now Keen and his new friends must come up with a plan to save his old friends will they come up with a plan in time or will they suffer a horrible fate! Stay tuned!

Fun Fact: The day-dream Keen had is silimar to the Easter egg in "Wolfenstein The New Order" where BJ sleeps in the secret bedroom and has a nightmare about level one of Wolfenstein 3D which was an awesome Easter egg and it was funny as well. Only this time, Keen is the one in the nightmare instead of BJ! I thought it would be cool to add him in this story! After all, he is BJ's grandson.

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