What? An omake for a oneshot? Surprise!

"The president wants to see both of you," Yashiro said as they entered the car the next morning. "First thing."

"Both of us?" Kyoko asked.

"Do you know why?" Kuon asked, a beat later.

"Yes and I can guess. As can you." He looked both of them in the eye meaningfully, then turned around and started driving.

The couple locked eyes. Shit.

The ride to LME and the trip up to Lory's office were stiff with tension. Kyoko was working herself up into a panic. This had to be her fault. She should have just returned Kuon's sweater normally, instead of wearing it all day. They had been so careful, and now their secret was out to the one person Mom hadn't wanted to know! She was going to be so mad at her! What were they going to do? She fidgeted as they rode the elevator. Kuon leaned over casually and brushed his knuckles against hers - the most he could do at LME, but that little bit of contact helped. She took a deep breath. Right. Mom wouldn't actually be mad. She would just be a little disappointed that Lory was in on the secret. Granted, Kyoko didn't like the thought of disappointing her future mother-in-law, but it was a less panic-inducing thought. And she needed to stay calm for this.

Ruto opened the door and ushered Ren and Kyoko into the office. Yashiro chuckled to himself as he sat down on one of the plush couches in the waiting room. While they talked, he would finalize the battle plan that he had helped 'Ren' and Kyoko develop. Also because he did not want to see whatever unholy hell was in Lory's office today, if Ruto's costume was any indication.

Kuon blinked at the worm-on-a-string and long furby-themed office, including his boss. Lory was lying on the couch, pouting, while wearing a giant, fluffy, neon orange worm costume, googly eyes and all. There were several long furbies standing around him (well, leaning against the wall), staring into Kuon's soul. He had the very strong instinct to get as far away from these cursed beings as possible. (Kyoko, for her part, found the long furbies adorable.) "You asked to see us, president?"

Lory-the-orange-worm let out a long wail and wriggled on the couch. Natsuko the anaconda, wearing a hat that used to be a furby, slithered out from under the couch and off to a nearby pile of worms on strings. She didn't want to deal with Lory's nonsense. Kyoko glanced up at Kuon, concerned. "President Takarada?"

"BETRAYAL!" their worm-boss wailed. "My CHILDREN! How COULD you?"

Kyoko flinched. Kuon stepped in front of her. "Boss," he said, in warning.

"You're DATING and no one TOLD me!" Fat tears rolled down into his worm fluff. "I have been waiting for AGES and I have to call you two in to TELL me after seeing that sweater! And I've just been WAITING for you to TELL me because I KNEW, but no! I get to know late, when I've been rooting for you to get together from the start!"

Kuon sighed, took Kyoko's hand, and led her over to sit on the loveseat across from the weeping pile of Lory. "Technically, we're not dating."

Kyoko picked up one of the large worm-on-a-string plushies to hold with her free arm. She was going to need it for this conversation. Kuon let go of her hand and put his arm around her instead, letting her hold the plushie with both arms.

Lory stopped wailing and sat up to demand, "What do you mean you're not dating?"

By way of an answer, Kyoko slowly pulled a chain out from under her shirt, revealing the engagement ring through which it was threaded. She gave him a sheepish grin. "Surprise?"

The fluff on Lory's worm costume stood on end from the noise he made. Outside the sound-proofed office, Yashiro looked up from his notebook with a grin. So they've told him.

When the noise (and that was really the only way to describe it - Kyoko's angels and grudges had fortunately saved Kyoko's and Kuon's ears) had ceased, Ruto brought his worm-boss an oxygen machine. A few minutes of puffing later, Lory sat up, pouting. "Do I at least get to know why you've not told me?"

Kyoko, whom Kuon was physically restraining from diving into a dogeza, blurted out, "I'm so, so, so sorry, but Mom didn't want us to tell you!"

Lory's head snapped over to her. "What?"

"She wanted 'the kidnapper' to suffer a bit," Kuon explained with a grin. "So, surprise. We've been engaged for a couple months now and have been dating since I got back from the filming in the States. Oh, and we're moving in together in a couple of months." He turned to Kyoko. "Am I forgetting anything?"

When she shook her head, Lory sprang to his feet. "Well! Then it's time to start planning your party!"

"No." Kuon shot him down as soon as the words had left his mouth.

"No?" Lory challenged. "You have made me wait for years, you have almost caused a PR mess with that sweater, and you say no?"

"How did you even know it was my sweater?" he asked.

"Because Mogami-kun would never purchase something that expensive."

Kyoko fidgeted with the worm she was holding, unable to deny it. She glanced over at Kuon. "Maybe you should tell him your plan?"

"Right. Boss, I have an alternative to your party." He grinned.

"And that would be?"

"A bigger one, just not right away." Lory perked up at that, so he continued, "So, I'm sure you've noticed that Kyoko and I have been leaving breadcrumbs for the public for a while."

"Starting with the sheep pillow," Kyoko mumbled, cheeks pink. Even if I didn't realize that's what he was doing at the time.

"Meaning that, once we make our announcement, people will put the pieces together. And I figured that you would find that too boring." He gave Kyoko a squeeze. "So, I think a double-surprise is in order."

"He wants to reveal his identity and engagement at the same time. On Yappa Kimagure Rock." She finally looked up at Lory, the start of a smile on her face. "It's a good way of spreading the public's attention between the two, to sort of take the pressure off of each."

Lory, always down for Overdramatic Plans, was hyped. Upon confirming that Yashiro knew what was happening, he called the manager in to start plotting and sent the two lovebirds away with one last bout of wiggly worming.

"That went better than expected," Kyoko sighed as they sat down in the waiting area. Judging by the squeals coming from the president's office, the two of them wouldn't be needed for any actual planning for some time.

"Yeah. I expected him to pout for longer." He rested his arm on the back of the couch, behind where Kyoko sat.

She struggled to not cuddle against his side. "Is he going to hold it against us?"

"Not for too long, probably. Though he's going to try to guilt-trip us into doing things." He sighed. "More than he already does, I mean."

She giggled. "Is that why you promised him an even bigger party?"

"Hey, you know how he works." He shrugged. "And since it was Mom's idea, he can't really get too mad."

"True." She nodded sagely. "No one can deny the fairy queen."

He glanced around, then stole a quick kiss. He was rewarded with her face going beet red just as Yashiro exited the office. "Ready to start the day?"

"Yes!" The pair stood up and followed him, Kuon's hand lingering a little too long on Kyoko's back as he guided her in front of him into the elevator. The door closed with a ding, leaving Sebastian to deal with the hysterical, worm-clad man on the phone to his dear friends in the states.

For anyone who wants to read about said reveal, you can find it in "One for the Money, Two for the Bo." ;)

Shameless self-promotion aside, I hope you enjoyed this omake!