We Live Again

Episode 15: Justice

By Cosmina Inspira

Disclaimer: The Gargoyles animated series, including the Goliath Chronicles, is the property of the Walt Disney Company and its affiliate Buena Vista. The characters of The Gargoyles Saga, including the Brooklyn family, Tommy Kimura, and affiliated Yakuza characters from TGS, and are based off of ideas from Greg Weisman before the canon SLG comics, and are the creations of the collaborated TGS staff with permission to use their characters with term of acknowledgement. No copyright infringement is intended here nor authorized by the copyholders, this fan fiction author only writes for fun and entertainment. All original characters, including Hiruko Kimura, Sly Sid, and Typhon are the property of the author Cosmina Inspira.

A/N: This story begins at least a day and night after the events of 14. Crosscurrent. Also some Japanese words for translation: Ani-Brother; Oyabun-Boss. If I misinterpret these words, as I got them from a Google translator, please let me know and I'll correct them. Thank you.

****Previously on Gargoyles…

"I swear, I'll keep your clan safe." The Captain of the Guard to Demona

(Canon) City of Stone pt. 1

Scene of Captain of the Guard helplessly watching Hakon smash a stone Gargoyle in canon episode Awakening.

"What exactly does a detective do, Lass?" Hudson

"When someone does something wrong, I find out who and arrest them." Elisa

"Who says what's wrong?" Goliath

"We have a justice system that the people decide." Elisa

"You mean the humans decide!" Goliath

(Canon) Awakening pt 3

"I should drop you right now, down into the gutter where you belong," Goliath growled as he dropped Tony Dracon from high above the city, before swooping down to catch him as the gangster fainted as the large Gargoyle concluded, "But Gargoyle justice is not human justice."

(Canon) Protection

"It's not fair to hold all humans responsible for something that happened centuries ago." Elisa

(Canon) The New Olympians

"Is this right? To do nothing is not the Gargoyle Way."

"My Love, do we take up the cause?" Desdemona

"Yes, it is the Gargoyle Way!" Othello

(Canon) High Noon

"Why do we risk ourselves to protect the humans' castle?" Demona

"She's right, let the Vikings have it, we can survive anywhere." Othello

"A Gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air." Hudson

(Canon) Reawakening

"What's 'Yakuza?'" asked Hudson.

"The Yakuza is a massive crime organization originating in Japan," Peter said, "They've had West Cost strongholds for years, and now they've moved their operations East as well."

(TGS) Guardians

"Wait! Cease firing! Cease firing!" Matt

"Bluestone? What in the devil's name do you think you're doing!? You have no authority to call a cease-fire. You are obscuring a tactical situation." New Gargoyles Task Force leader (Named Detective James Kowalski in my WLA series as he was never named in TGS)

"You have to be kidding me, you know that the Gargoyles are not responsible for this! The Gargoyles were under attack. They were defending themselves. If you have eyes, you would've seen that!" Matt

"You actually care for those animals?" The Task Force Leader (Kowalski)

"You know nothing. You may have my position, but you'd better watch your back." Matt

(TGS) Through the Storm

The hard faced detective stood off to a shadowed area of the warehouse as though waiting for someone he did not want anybody else to see. He then turned at the sound of expensive footwear to see a man dressed in a slightly ripped and scorched business suit with a few burned holes.

"Mr. Nielson," Kowalski greeted him sternly.

"Detective," Frankie returned.

Kowalski held a small bundle of one hundred dollar bills to the Dracon mobster, which he then placed in his jacket pocket as Kowalski said, "Tell me everything."

(WLA) Collateral

It was a night like any other in the great metropolis of the Big Apple, quiet and solemn save for the ever-blaring acoustics of city noises from car horns to warbling sirens.

Other than that, it was quiet. Too quiet.

Until of sudden crack of noise broke through the silence of the night, a warning of nearby danger and best avoided by the likes of those with an iota of common sense lest they be enlightened by what makes this omen of trouble mongering.

Silence was now but a fleeting thought as another mini crack of thunder pierced the darkness, to then be followed by an angry shout.

"Over there!" a rough voice cried as its owner pointed in the direction of a fleeing silhouette, "Don't let 'em get away!"

Another loud gunshot broke through the near pitch black of darkness as the figure fled, only flinching for a half second at the sharp ping of a ricocheting slug.

The one who made the missed shot instead chose to pursue his would-be target and deter him from escaping, but it was nearly futile. Franklyn Neilson, AKA Baby Face Frankie, could barely see anything in the dimly lit abandoned, wooden crate filled building as he pursued his quarry, brandishing his weapon close as he slowed to a quick walk at a nearby corner he was certain his saw his quarry had turned.

He leaned stiffly against the wall, counted to three and swiftly jumped into the open, took aim and fired again as another loud bang fired off simultaneously, confirming his instinct of where the enemy ran to.

He only felt the slug zip by his ear, Lady Luck hadn't abandoned him yet and he thanked the gods the intruder missed. Frankie took a deep calming breath, trying to slow his pounding heart from the adrenaline rush of the chase and game of Cat and Mouse.

"Get it through your damn thick skull, Kimura!" he called out frustrated, "This is Dracon territory. It has been for generations, and it's going to stay that way, so you and your Yakuza friends can just hitch your asses back to wherever you came from."

"This is nothing personal, Mr. Neilson-san," Hiruko Kimura's voice echoed, "Simply business, and seeing as how your superior refused to pay mine, he feels other forms of compensation are necessary and will be taken by whatever means he deems necessary."

"Cut the crap," Frankie groaned, "You're movin' in on Dracon territory, and since you and your Yakie friends don't get that, the boss made it clear you're to be shot on sight, and that's that."

"If you allow us to leave with what we came for," Hiruko said diplomatically, "this needn't end in a gun fight and further bloodshed, and on my honor as a Kimura we shall leave your claimed territory in peace."

"No deal, Kimura!" Frankie yelled and just shot in Kimura's direction again, his slug hit a wall where he thought the Yakuza thugs might be, barely missing them as it created sparks near their feeble hiding place behind a tall wall of wooden boxes.

"_This is a waste of time_" complained one of Hiruko's comrades in Japanese, unsurprisingly Takeo, AKA Tommy Kimura, "_We're risking our asses for nothing, and you know that Dracon crony will never let us take what we came for with our skins intact_"

Hiruko gave Tommy a calm but cold steely glare as he said warningly, "_You should know better than to question your Ani, because if you question me you question our honorable Oyaban, and you know the consequences of that. Besides, whether or not we successfully get what we came for, this is about sending a message, and that is why we must succeed in this war most, Little Brother_"

Tommy fumed at this, but grit his teeth and kept quiet about it for now as he knew Hiruko was right. Yet, he still thought they were wasting their time and were going to get killed, and worst of all he will die without regaining his honor.

Another round of gunfire shot off, a bolt from out of nowhere as its snap broke the silent stillness again and the slug barely missed another one of Hiruko's crew as it imbedded into a wall. Hiruko, Tommy, and their colleagues shot back at Frankie's party, then Hiruko counted to three and signaled to the others to make a mad dash for escape.

What was only several meters away seemed miles away to Tommy; the door to maintenance and beyond that the back exit. But first they had to get passed their enemy's barrage of gunfire with only the weak make shift shield of crates and boxes between them.

An eternal frozen micro second later, Tommy held his breath as Hiruko gave the signal and they all ran like bats out of hell or like they were being chased by Oni, at the same time Frankie yelled in anger, "After those Yakuza bastards!"

More violent gunfire broke out in a warring territorial dispute between two organize gangs vying for the right of claim, neither willing to back down.

The Yakuza party ran as a swarm of slugs flew around them from behind, to which they eagerly returned with their own shots. One bullet even nicked Tommy in his left leg, making him stumble as he gave a pained grunt, but Hiruko was there to catch him and carry him to safety which made Tommy grudgingly respect him, but still hated Hiruko for it.

This allowed a chance for another one of their colleagues, Ryu, to grab a sample of their intended target from an open crate half a second before another bullet ricocheted and barely missed his hand.

****Above the city

"You're certain he wasn't being truthful, unlikely as such a thing is for him?" Desdemona asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

"More than certain," Othello answered with a hint of annoyance, "He lies and he deceives, for it is all he knows just to get what he wants. No doubt Coldsteel would have said anything to distract me and Goliath to avoid defeat on that island."

Desdemona was momentarily doubtful, confusing mixed feelings grew within her ever since Othello and others returned from a mission to the North involving King Arthur's quest to find the Holy Grail and Othello told her of his and Goliath's battle with their still mechanized malicious rookery brother.

"Perhaps," she agreed for now, "But deceit or not, what is to be done with him?"

"The same as we've always intended, Beloved," Othello answered with a granite tone, "To stop him and bring him to justice, as is the Gargoyle Way."

"As strongly as I share your determination, Othello, I can't help but wonder if it's enough."

"I believe I understand what you mean. He was banished from the clan once, but that wasn't enough, and I have my doubts about locking him up as humans do or the clan once did with Demona."

"Humans also executed their criminals, even before the Massacure. I admit, I've always felt on the fence about it I believe the human saying is."

"A brutal practice, I concur, but perhaps it has its place as even our brother still fears death as he should."

Desdemona could only be a bit unsettled by her lifemate's words and would have confronted him about it, but it was still Coldsteel they were discussing and she didn't completely disagree which troubled her even further.

The conversation would have continued when they heard the undeniable loud banging shots of gunfire below from supposedly derelict abandoned buildings nearby and quickly glided to investigate and stop the criminal activity.

The Yakuza men finally made it to the maintenance door and then the exit to practically burst through to the dark and deserted street as gunfire continued to be exchanged as they ran, even though a wounded Tommy slowed Hiruko down.

"_Leave me_" Tommy grunted in frustration, "_I'd rather die with some dignity than continue to be your stooge_"

"_Don't be stupid, Little Brother_" Hiruko told Tommy, "_I don't leave anyone behind, and I thought you wanted your honor back_"

Tommy sneered in frustration as Hiruko passed him to Ryu, firing back at their equally armed pursuers, taking shelter behind a nearby dumpster as the others made it to the black unmarked van that suddenly squealed to a stop at high speed.

Hiruko was only a few dashes away when Frankie and his followers burst through the door when there suddenly came two inhuman roars from above and got rapidly closer, as though fearsome battle cries from ancient times.

The two gangs looked up to see the distinct silhouettes of large winged forms from the shadows, gradually revealed as Gargoyles by the limited street lighting; a large gray-blue one with tall horns and a powerful muscular build and a beautiful caramel tan one with split wings and curving ram horns.

"Damn!" Frankie spat, "Tony's friends again! Everybody scatter!"

Like roaches caught in a bright light, the Dracon members, among them Glasses and Pal Joey, ran in random directions moments before the Gargoyles landed hard and fiercely among the warring gangs.

Looking around the scene as the two human gangs scattered, Othello and Desdemona gave smiling looks to each other as they too split up into opposite directions; Othello after Frankie's gang while Desdemona pursued Hiruko and his escaping followers.

As Ryu dragged and pushed Tommy into the car, leaping in as the tires squealed and burnt rubber at a high speed, Hiruko dashed from behind the dumpster as fast as he could as the black van began to drive away and only glanced back for a moment as the brownish tan winged creature pursued him and the Yakuza followers with remarkable inhuman speed on all fours.

He won't allow fear to slow him down and came within a few inches of grabbing onto the van's side door and leaping in when a strong taloned hand grasped his collar hard and yanked him back, making him miss the van as the side door slammed close as it sped away. Inside the van, as Tommy and his friends nursed his injured leg an arrogant dark smirk spread on his face.

Hiruko struggled hard in Desdemona's vice strong grip as he spewed inappropriate language in Japanese, frustration grew within him as she seized his gun and easily crushed it like aluminum foil as she glared at him with fiery glowing red eyes.

"I understand some of your words, villain, and I do not appreciate their meaning," she declared with a rock hard tone, "We are in no way Oni, but Gargoyles, a name you will learn to respect."

"I'm impressed," Hiruko said in English, "How do you know my ancestral language?"

"That's not your concern," she stated dismissively as she dragged him back down the deserted alley, "But I do know you work with one who harassed a good friend of my clan, and until he is apprehended you will answer for his crimes and the rest of your ilk."

He tried to free himself from her grasp as she searched for something to tie him up with, and his continued squirming annoyed her enough she flicked a talon between his eyes hard enough to disorient him and drop him in a pile of garbage bags.

While Desdemona handled Hiruko, Othello briefly chased after Frankie and his goons as they took off in random directions. Singling out Frankie as the clear leader of the group, Othello easily caught up to him in a few bounds, growling threateningly.

In a panic Frankie took a few shots at Othello, missed several times but hit his red chest armor once or twice to make the large Gargoyle grunt in surprise. Othello just growled in annoyance at Frankie as he flared his large wings and easily overtook the lead gangster as he grabbed his suit jacket to leave deep tears in it and crushed Frankie's gun.

Unlike Hiruko, Frankie squirmed enough to slip out of his jacket and madly ran as fast as he could but seemed to trip over his own feet in a blind panic and fell to the ground with a hard bodily thump to nearly knock himself out. He faintly moaned, assuring Othello he was still alive as he dragged Frankie back to Desdemona as she found a piece of rusted but still intact piping to use to temporarily restrain their captives.

Together they easily twisted the rusty metal pipe around the gang leaders, tying them to a nearby lamppost as Desdemona said, "I already informed our human sister's partner about these scoundrels and their location. She informed me the nearest police units will be here within minutes. Protocol usually requires we would stay to give a statement, but considering we still have a shaky standing with Elisa's police clan I suggest we take our leave, Othello."

"Agreed," Othello said as he wiped his hands together in satisfaction, "Though I must say this was too easy, even if their minions evaded our capture. Nevertheless, apprehension of the leaders is always a major victory, Desdemona, My Love."

A smile lit up her lovely face as she gently rubbed her knuckles over his browridge, which he returned with deep affection.

They began to climb up a wall for gliding as Frankie stirred from his foggy disorientation to declare in a horse voice, "You monsters won't get away with this! I'll make sure you'll never stick your damn noses in our business again!"

"The one thing we can agree on for now," Hiruko groaned, his mind still swimming in a thick muddy fog.

"Like we haven't heard that one before," Othello dismissed with a chuckle, making Desdemona smile.

They were airborne just as two flashing police vehicles drove up to the entwined gang leaders and set about freeing them while still free but hidden Dracon goons watched the whole scene from the shadows nearby.

"Shouldn't we help Baby Face?" asked Pal Joey.

"Nah, he'll be fine," Glasses dismissed, "He'll be out before we know it. I say get our asses outta here before the cops find us, too."

"I knew we shoulda brought Marrow with us," complained another member, Sly Sid, "He'd've taken care o' those over grown bats easily, he's done it before."

"Noted," Glasses glared at him, "for now let's get outta here, before any more cops show up."

They all made their way to a hidden black vehicle, drove inconspicuously around as though for a last patrol to then merged with traffic on a busy street a few short minutes later.

****Castle Wyvern, before sunrise

"Ah, another night of the old protect and serve," Broadway sighed contently as he and the twins came in for a landing, Graeme giving a heavy puff of breath as he dropped an ever growing Nudnik.

"Next time you carry him, Ari-chan," Graeme complained with a sigh, "He's getting so big, my wings can barely hold us both aloft anymore."

"Or maybe you should stop feeding him extra treats all the time, Graeme," Ariana retorted, "Seriously, he's almost fatter than Bronx and not even full grown yet."

"Speaking of which, I'm going to go check on him," Broadway said, "Even with stone sleep, I don't think he would've made it through the night without help from Yin and Dr. Yoshiba."

"Sorry, Uncle Broadway," Graeme apologized, "We almost forgot he went with you and the others to that weird island. Tell us again how you and Griff took on the weird fake Gargoyle wolf."

It was at that moment more Gargoyles arrived from their night's patrol; Goliath and Griff, a strong comradery between them; Lexington and Aurora, a mutual respect between them if also an awkwardness as Lexington tried to portray flirtatious confidence; and soon after Othello and Desdemona arrived, a proud stride in their step.

"Hey, Griff," Broadway greeted, "The kids and I are going to check on Bronx, and they want to hear about our fight on Oak Island again."

"I shall be happy to again tell the younglings about our exciting fight," Griff said, "But first I wish to check on Arthur and Merlin. My liege is a strong warrior but being human it'll take longer for him to recover without the benefits of stone sleep. Merlin, on the other hand, well…you know, given his condition."

They gave glum nods, but Griff tried to perk up as he said, "Well, I shall tell the tale along the way to the infirmary."

He respectfully clasped Goliath's wrist as he left with Broadway and the twins, enthusiastically telling about their battle with Wolf, and then some strange winged wolf-like Gargoyle illusion.

"And how faired your patrol tonight, Brother?" Othello proudly asked Goliath.

"Productive, if not very eventful," Goliath answered with a hint of slight disappointment, "I keep having this feeling something is amiss, and it perplexes me a bit nothing dangerous happened while we were away. It's as though something is coming, but it was put on hold."

"It's amusing you assumed Manhattan would fall without you and Othello here for a night or two, Brother," Desdemona teased, "Your clan proved vigilant in your absence, so have confidence in us, for to fail in our duty means the whole clan fails, which we will never allow to happen."

Goliath smiled as he embraced both his rookery siblings, as he said proudly, "You are right, Sister, I must keep having faith in my clan for it is from each other we draw our strength."

"Indeed," Othello agreed, "And we have promising news. While your patrol was uneventful, ours brought a rare if promising victory for our clan and the city. My Love and I caught high ranking leaders from both the warring syndicates, and at this moment now reside in a police jail cell."

"That is good news, Brother, you've done well this night."

"It's only a matter of time before we can finally end these villains' reign of terror and their true leaders are brought to justice for good," Othello declared.

"A sentiment we all share."

After a short rest from the night's patrol, the clan and their Gargoyle guests made their way to their perches and wished each other a good day's rest.

Elisa had made it to the tower a couple of minutes before the sun rose.

"I heard about what happened tonight," she said happily, "Othello and Desdemona did a great service. Those punks are going to held for a while and hopefully we can get some cooperation from them about their bosses and other operations in the city before permanently sending them up the river."

"Things may finally be looking up, Elisa, My Love," Goliath happily agreed as he climbed onto his perch, "And while it's not the end of our enemies, it's a step closer to a safer city for our hatchling."

He embraced her for loving kiss as he gently touched her small baby bump. Elisa smiled at Goliath's smile as he finally turned to stone as the sunlight broke the horizon.

****The 23rd Precinct, an hour after sunrise

Frankie fumed as he leaned against a dull concrete wall inside his single occupant jail cell, his patience steadily waning throughout the hours he waited.

This was nothing new to him in his career, but it always irked him when he got caught and found himself surrounded by nothing but a dull grayness and metallic bars for a door for stinking goody-two shoes police officers to gawk through and judge him. But he learned early in his younger days as a Dracon operative to have patience, and keep an eye out for the less then commendable or ethically driven officers as they were the ones who may prove useful as allies at times, for it meant they were desperate for something. And desperation can cloud better judgement.

Frankie paced again as he waited for something to happen, like a secret message from his superiors or a hint of his fate since he got caught.

Finally, one of his hopes arrived as Detective Kowalski unlocked his cell for his release as he stated indifferently, "Your bail's been paid, scumbag. But before you go, I want you to tell me again what happened with those monsters."

"It'll cost you, Kowalski," Frankie smirked as he rubbed his fingers together.

"I'll be sure to pay 20% extra next time," Kowalski dismissed with impatience, "I have to keep our agreement off the record, I can't afford suspicion or I'll have Interpol on my ass. Now what do you know about those beasts and what they did to you?"

Frankie showed the tears in his jacket as he said, "I can give you descriptions, one male and one female that for sure. Names I'm not so sure, my head ached and everything was mostly blurry. I thought I heard one referred to Des demon or something and the other one Otto or Ollo or something. But I do think I over heard them say they had a human 'sister', like it's a cult or something. Elsa or something, again it was fuzzy."

Kowalski smiled darky as though he knew something secret or suspected things, but now it was no longer just suspicion.

"Thank you, Mr. Nielson. I'll just need those descriptions and that'll be all."

A short while later Kowalski removed Frankie's cuffs as he escorted the Dracon goon outside the precinct.

"Just out of curiosity," Frankie said casually, "We may have our beefs with those flying freaks for different reasons, but what's yours?"

Kowalski's brow furrowed as he glared darkly as a painful memory came to the surface of his mind.

"For what they did to my family," he hissed low, "my innocent son. They're nothing but violent animals, and for what they did I'll see them pay. I will see justice done."