That night, Beka awoke in a cold sweat. "Weird," she breathed to her empty room. "Too weird." She stood up and ordered the lights to low illumination. She stumbled to a sink and splashed cold water on her face, trying to chase the remnants of the dream from her brain. It had been unusually detailed and upon examining it… it made sense. Her dreams never made sense when she was awake. And she would've sworn under oath that what she had seen was real if she didn't logically know that it was impossible. She never /had/ worked for a Chichin Miyk Orbedon dia Toladre Eron. "But Beka, you almost did," she whispered. "If Harper hadn't drunken himself into a stupor that night and you hadn't had take Gerentex up on his offer…" she shivered.

Without quite knowing why, Beka padded her way through the Andromeda's corridors until she arrived at Tyr's door. She paced back and forth for several minutes, then took a deep breath and chimed the doorbell.

"It's open," a deep male voice intoned from inside.

The door slid open, and Beka walked in, still unsure of her motives. "Um, hi, Tyr. Just wondering what you were doing… at three-thirty in the morning. I didn't wake you, did I?"

Tyr shrugged. "Whether or not you woke me, I'm quite definitely awake now. What did you wish to speak to me about?"

Without invitation, Beka sat in the Spartan chair near an easel. In any other circumstances, she would've wondered what a guy like Tyr painted, but all she could think of now was her dream. "Oh, well, I was just curious if… you've ever heard of a, uh, species called the T'dalimar?"

Tyr looked mildly surprised and leaned forward a little, obviously interested. "In fact I have. And I must confess to being somewhat astonished to learn that you know the name."

Beka forced a chuckle. "Yeah, isn't it, um, funny? Hey, what about a guy named Miyk Orbedon dia Toladre Eron?"

Tyr's interested glance changed into a piercing gaze. "A Chichin, if I'm not mistaken. Beka, how do you know of these people?"

Beka's ran over the neat, sparsely decorated quarters. "The same way I know about a woman named Aricia, ruler of the Merriam-Webster system. I wonder whatever happened to her…" She paused for a moment as her mind wandered down another mental path. Then she noticed Tyr's eyes locked on her and shrugged uncomfortably. "You know, probably just stuff my unconscious picked up and decided to barrage with me while I sleep."

He looked incredulous. "Are you telling me you /dreamed/ of the T'dalimar, Miyk Eron, and this Aricia?"

"I told you it was funny. But I'm serious—I thought they were just names my brain made up, but it seemed so real… and I had this bizarre compulsion, like I had to know whether it was true." She tried to laugh off her solemnity. "But it's not the first time I've had a dream like this. You wouldn't believe what I dreamed about Dylan's best friend, the guy who tried to kill him. You know, Gaheris Rhade?"



All right, finally I get to reveal my inspiration for this fic! It all started when I was watching /Sabrina/, the Audrey Hepburn version. I thought to myself that it would make a great fic, to replace Linus Larrabee with Tyr and Sabrina Fairchild with Beka. But how, I asked my muse, would I do so? The basic premise of Tyr manipulating Beka to fall in love with him for an evil purpose of his own was possible but the exact plot wouldn't work in the Andromeda-verse, not if I wanted to keep the same basic time of the series. So I got to thinking how I would write such a story… and this was the result.

Tyr's line at the end of the last chapter comes directly from Harrison Ford's version of /Sabrina/. Being the Audrey fanatic that I am, I must say that I prefer the original, but I can't bring myself to slam Harrison—the remake is very good, but I think the original is just better. It's like comparing desserts.

I hope you all enjoyed my fic, and after I attempt NaNoWriMo, I'm going to attempt yet another! Tune in, read, and review!!!

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