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AKANE - Chapter 01

Ranma was walking casually down the streets of Nerima, he had trained abroad for a long time but now he was back. Everything seemed so familiar and so strange at the same time. It was a bright day and he was happy to be alive, he rounded the corner and stopped in front of a big gate.

*Tendo Dojo...yup, I'm here!* he thought entering the gate.

He looked around the entrance and spotted a little boy playing quietly with a little black pig.

"Umm, hi, is your mother at home?"

The kid looked at him with a curious look, he was around 6 years old, brown eyes and hair so dark they seemed almost blue. He had never been attracted by kids but he felt strangely comfortable around him.

"I'm gonna getcha her!" he said running inside the house.

He felt a little stupid there waiting for the mother of the kid with a little black pig growling at him. Then for no apparent reason the pig attacked him and bite his leg. He stifled a scream and started waving his leg trying to pry off the piglet.

"Stupid pig let go of me!" he hissed.

"P-chan! Let go of him!" the voice was amused but obtained the effect of making the pig let go of his leg.

"I'm sorry! P-chan is not usually like this!"

"I hope so." he answered looking at the owner of the voice. He remained dumbstruck. She was absolutely beautiful, she was tall and slim, chocolate eyes and bluish hair similar to the little boy's.

*She must be married, she has a son!* he reminded himself.

"Hi. I'm Akane Tendo..." she greeted him a little flushed "...and I don't usually greet my guests like this." she bowed.

"Uh, it's ok, really!" he answered scratching the back of his head.

"Can I help you, Mr...?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh, yes! Saotome. Ranma Saotome. I read this ad in the newspaper saying that you were offering a job as a martial arts instructor and a room in your house to sleep." he handed her the newspaper.

"Yes, I've just reopened the dojo and there was more students than I thought. I'd have teached myself but I have Yoshi, here..." she caressed the child head "...and I have to look after the house so I'd really use some help. Oh, but where are my manners? Please come in the house so we can have a little talk."

He followed her inside the house and he immediately noticed that it was very big. He knelt down at the table, setting aside the huge pack he was carrying and accepted the tea she offered. They talked for a while about Ranma's experience as an instructor and skill.

"Ok. I want to spar with you to see how good you are. I'm curious to see if you are as good as your curriculum say." she challenged him with a smile.

"Ok, I'll try not to ruin your expectations." he smiled back.

They walked in the dojo and he immediately felt more comfortable. They started to spar, nothing serious but the skill and experience in Ranma's moves were evident, and after a little while Akane was watching him sat on the dojo's floor, as a result of a hole in her defence.

"I think that's enough. If you want the job, it's yours. I can't pay you too much however. With your skill you can easily teach in a dojo that pays you more than I can."

"I want the job. Il like it here." he said offering his hand to pull her up.

"It's settled then. Now I'll show you your room." she got up and out of the dojo, leaving Ranma behind wondering about the fact that he could feel so troubled only touching her hand. He followed her upstairs.

"This is your room." she said opening a door. He entered the room, it was quite wide and has a nice view from the window. "The bathroom is downstair and we have a nice furo ready if you want."

"I think I'll accept, thanks." he put his pack in a corner "Uh, say, there is a nice restaurant around here, cheap, too." he added.

"Don't worry about eating, you'll eat with me and Yoshi."

"You sure?"


"Thanks, then."

"You're welcome."

His look traveled down as she was leaving and he couldn't help but look at her bottom.

*Nice.* he thought. *I'm an hentai, if she could have guessed what I was thinking when I was talking to her...I think it's time that I start to date someone.*

He took his bath and that started to unpack and put his clothes in the drawer. When he was finished there was a knock at his door.

"Come in." he said.

"Hello. Mom says if you wanna have dinner, everything is ready." he looked around the room.

"Thanks, Yoshi." he knelt down to be at his height "How old are you?"

"I'm six years old. I'm gonna go to school this year. REAL school I mean." he answered seriously.

Ranma almost laughed at his seriousness. "Wow! You must be thrilled!"

"I am!" he said running downstair.

*Heh, nice kid. I wonder if his father is gonna show up at dinner.*

He went downstair and entered the living room, where the table was set for three.

"That is your place" Yoshi pointed out.

"Thanks." he knelt at the table.

Akane came out of the kitchen a little while later carrying a plate of food, that she put on the table.

Her face was flushed when she said: "I hope it's good, I'm not very skilled at cooking. And I've cooked only for the two of us for so long now..."

"Oh...it sure smells delicious to me!" said Ranma sniffing the air. Thruth to be told it was a very simple plate to cook but it didn't seem a smart thing to say.

Dinner went by quickly with Yoshi telling Ranma about "real" school and how good she was going to be at it and Ranma listening intently to all that Yoshi said.

"Do you have a mommy?" the kid suddenly asked.

"Well, yes. She is staying in Osaka, though." Ranma noticed Akane taking interest in the conversation, loosing the amused the look she was wearing until that moment "She used to live in Nerima, but she moved a few years ago."

"And your daddy?" Yoshi prompted.

"He is staying with her." the question surprised Ranma, but he was even more surprised when he heard the next sentence.

"I don't have a daddy."

"Yoshi!" Akane looked really embarassed by the situation.

"Um, Yoshi...why don't we play a little with P-chan, now?" asked Ranma changing the subject.

"He doesn't like you." Yoshi said matter-of-factly "But I do." he added with a smile.

"I like you too" he answered "Let's see if I can make P-chan like me, too." and they left the table, but Ranma looked at Akane one more time and he noticed how troubled she looked.

*I'll have to talk to her later...what a lucky day she's not married...but wait! A girl like her has to have a boyfriend or someone to care for her.*


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