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Kenshin's day started out with a walk in the lush meadow, where the verdant blades of grass were soaked in crystalline dew of the pre dawn. The river flowed beside the meadow with translucent blue water, meandering here and there. He found himself in tranquility as he watched the iris and freesia in bloom in the early light of the sun. As he walked by the riverbed, his spikes of red crowned his head like a flaming halo, and hung in a loose ponytail, flowing in the cool breeze of the summer dawn. Little did he know that in a town not to far away from his own, an old adversary, whom we have come to know as Goheh Hiruma (hereafter referred to as "G Dude") was planning his demise....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A man, about seven feet three and a quarter inches tall with broad muscles, walks inconspicuously through the streets of Kyoto, expertly disguised as a giant raccoon, furry and huggable. He swivels his head around, looking back and forth, left and right, stealthily, entering an herb shop, stepping on a cat's tail that was resting at the doorstep in the process. So much for entering stealthily!

"Good day," G Dude says to the merchant, still paranoid.

"Good day to you too my good sir!" Chirps the aged merchant, clad in rainbow spandex shorts, and clearly not surprised to have someone in a raccoon costume enter his shop. "I have the package you requested last week. One sex-switching potion, ready to go!" He says in his unusually cheerful voice as he hands the taller man a sweet smelling green potion, which strangely resembles sake.

G Dude's eyes sparkle with an impish glint as he takes the potion, but not before examining the merchant's choice of outfit with questioning eyes.

"Would you like fries with that, sir?" the merchant asks with an amicable smile on his wrinkly face.

"Err. . .no, thank you," mutters G Dude. An expression saying "is this guy insane?!" passing over his face. As he exits the store, obviously not paying for his package, into the desolate street, he murmurs to himself, "Now how do I get Himura to drink this?" He then scurries off as an idea pops into his head, in the direction of the Akabeko.

G Dude walks into the Akabeko, through the miraculously open back door, still in his oh so not noticeable raccoon disguise. He looks around frantically until he spots a waitress's uniform hanging up on the wall. Judging from the size, it must have been Tsubame's. He smirks mischievously and forces the dress on, not before taking the raccoon costume off of course!

"Hehehe. . . They'll never guess . . . Oh wow, a perfect fit!" Says G Dude as he admires his reflection on the mirror off to the side, "You sexy dog you. . ."

The mirror suddenly cracks.

" Oh, guess I was just too beautiful for it to contain!" G Dude chirps in a schoolgirl voice. "I look so, umm, what's that big word, uh, oh yeah, INCONSPICUOUS!"

With his lips upturned, and caressing his beard, he moves onto put his plan into action.

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