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Time passed as Kenshin was doing his chores around the dojo. Clean the floor, do the laundry, clean everything else...Though this time, Kenshin was distracted from his cleaning duties. First of all, the dress was a bit tight on him, but at least it was better than any of Kaoru's clothing. Second of all, why was everybody avoiding him? He noticed, he hadn't seen Kaoru anywhere when he returned from the Akabeko, or Sanosuke for that matter. He only heard strange noises coming from Sano's room and concluded maybe Sano was suffering from an ailment. Thinking it may be contagious, especially with all the moaning and groaning he heard, Kenshin decided to keep his distance. But then when Sano came out of the room and saw Kenshin, he immediately ran back into a closet. What? Does he stink? Reek of sweat and dirt? Maybe taking a bath might stop his friends from avoiding him.

Kenshin was snapped out of his thoughts by some snickering from behind the bushes to his left. He went to inspect the bush, his sakabatou gripped tightly in his right hand, but only discovered it to be Yahiko. The kid's eyes were the size of ostrich eggs as he stared on at Kenshin. Puzzled, Kenshin looked at himself and realized the sash of his kimono was loose and he was exposing quite a bit of flesh. Swatting off Yahiko's grubby paws, Kenshin screamed "Unclean, unclean" and ran around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off. After Yahiko was completely weird-ed out and out of sight, Kenshin heaved a sigh of relief and made his way towards the wash room in hopes of washing away all the odor and dirt on him that were supposedly repelling his friends.

He set the bath for himself, put his hair up in a neat bun and peeled his clothes off. But unfortunately, he forgot to close the door completely. As he settled himself in the cozy warm water, Kenshin tried not to think about his dilemma, but it was hard not to when his new anatomy was in plain view. He sighed with melancholy. Now that he was a woman, he couldn't do the daily things he wanted to do, not even practice his Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. He couldn't even do the laundry properly because when he tried to sit and wash, these....these....his face turned into a bright red tomato just thinking about his...his...breasts...

He couldn't even imagine how Miss Kaoru managed being a woman, it seemed to him, there were so many draw backs...and there were always grubby paws reaching from the depth of the darkness when you least expected them.

But he reminisced about the time when he went shopping and recieved a lot of free items while the salesperson complimented him on his feminine beauty. And how when he went into shops, men would open the door for him and of course, when they listened to every single word that came out of his mouth... And he was invited to a lot of festivals, and for free too... In addition to invitations he recieved from some gentlemen for drinks after dinner.

A thought soon prevailed his mind; maybe being a woman wasn't so bad after all...Maybe it was a little fun..., he thought as words started to form out of his mouth.

The girls need a break- tonight we're gonna take

The chance to get out on the town

We don't need romance-- we only wanna dance

We're gonna let our hair hang down.

The best thing about being a woman

Is the prerogative to have a little fun and...

Oh, oh, oh Go totally crazy-- forget I'm a lady

Men's shirts-- shorts skirts

Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-- yeah doin' it in style

Oh, oh, oh get in the action--- feel the attraction

Color my hair-- do what I dare

Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free--

To feel the way I feel..

Man! I feel like a woman!

As an unsuspecting Kenshin sang on in a high lilting soprano voice only a woman was able to possess, two pairs of wide eyes stared shamelessly through the open door, streams of red flowing from their nostrils. Kenshin raised his arms to stretch in the bath, his torso unraveled from the seal of the water which caused Sano to go weak in the knees, making him run into the closet that he had grown most friendly with since this whole ordeal started.

Meanwhile, Yahiko's little brain worked a mile minute and he conjured up a plan to put Kenshin's transformation to good use. He immediately ran to his room, producing a sign that said "CALLING ALL MEN!!! Do you want to be a suitor to a beautiful woman? If so, contact Yahiko Miyojin at the Kamiya Dojo. Only 1000 yen for your proposal! If you're lucky, she'll accept". In fine print it read, "No refunds allowed". As soon as he ran to the well populated part of town, swarms of men, both young and old gathered around him, wanting to know more details. Instead of satiating them, Yahiko decided to light their fire and told them that he was hosting a show where they all could have a chance of seeing this nameless beauty from a distant land in her most beautiful form before they proposed. But that would cost an extra 1000 yen. And all of them agreed, pouring little Yahiko with money he never imagined he would see.

"Thank you for your generous donations. Please follow me and I'll lead you to the red-headed beauty." Yahiko said while trying to hold back his snickering.

All the men followed Yahiko eagerly into an unsuspecting Kenshin, who was still sporting his birthday suit. Kenshin turned around, only to face a couple hundred, horny men. Unsuspecting birds in the distance were thrown out of their nests as a loud "ORO?!?!", ripped through the air.

To be continued...

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