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"Seth bro..."

Seth could feel a hand shaking him aggressively. Groaning he opens his eyes, just to close them in a second, the lights blinded him. When he opened entirely his eyes he realized that his math teacher was staring at him and so was the class. He cleared his throat and slowly sat straight looking at everyone around him. Some of his classmates where laughing at him and the other didn't really care. His eyes landed on his friend Sammy who was shaking her head making her golden shoulder lenght hair shine. Her dark green eyes looking straight into Seth's in disapproval. Seth offered her a tight lip smile and looked at his teacher with a guilty look on his face.

The woman sighed exhausted of his behavior and only said

"The principal wants you in his office"

before returning to her lessons. This was a daily thing, Seth always would fall asleep, got woken up and scolded and sometimes sent to the principal office. The poor teacher just gave up on him at this point and didn't comment this anymore. The boy furrowed his brows giving a questioning look to Sammy with which she responded with a shrug going back to taking her notes. Seth packed himself quickly into his backpack. Throwing the backpack over his shoulder, he left the class.

Walking down the corridors he met his friend, Colby a year older boy. He was quite short and fragile looking with glasses and a very bad style taste. The red haired boy came up to Seth with books in his hands, he looked up expectantly at the younger and without a hello or how are you he blurted out

"What did you do this time?"

Seth threw his hands in the air

"Nothing, I swear" he moaned out to his friend.

"Nothing?" Repeated Colby unconvinced.

At this Seth rolled his eyes.

"I would know Colby" The brunette quickened his pace.

Colby didn't look convinced for sure but he left the topic.


The mentioned boy hummed.

Colby nodded slowly. "Remember Kai Parkinson? The one in your history class?"

Seth raised his brow, how could he possibly not. His friend never stopped talking about her, he was actually convinced that he has some sort of crush on her, there wasn't a day Seth wouldn't hear -Kai this, Kai that- he really wanted to puke in this situations.

Colby's eyes lit up like gold.

"Well today she..." And it started. Seth didn't have the heart to tell his friend to shut up already so he pretended to listen while he was actually thinking if he really DID do something. He doubted that, he haven't actually done anything in the past two weeks. Well, if you don't count that moment when he accidentally threw some pasta at the chemistry teacher. That was an accident. Turning around the corner Colby tripped over his own foot making a huge noise on the empty corridor scattering the books in his hands on the floor. Seth snorted amused and grabbed the books that fell out. The red haired was halfway back on his feet when Seth heard a familiar voice. He didn't feel that voice in quite a while, a smile lit up Seth's face and he ran off giving the books to the green eyes boy, clapping his friend on the shoulder and saying goodbye to him.

As he turned his last time, he saw no one else other than Vanessa Santoro. She didn't see him, her hair was pulled into a ponytail and she was currently talking with the clearly unhappy principal. Seth ran up quietly to Vanessa.

"Vanessa? What are you doing here?"

He asked his friend making her turn around and smile lightly to him.

"Seth, I was waiting. What were you doing there that you couldn't come sooner?"

She asked with a raised brow. She evidently finished what she was supposed to because she turned to the doors and made her way out in the doors turning to Seth. "Coming?" She said after she disappeared around the corner.

Seth nodded although he knew she didn't see him anymore. "Goodbye Mrs. Lajinski" He said before making his way after Vanessa.

He catched up with Vanessa near the entrance to the school as the entrance was right next to the principals office.

"Long time no see" Said Vanessa looking at Seth as she pushed the doors open. Seth went right after her feeling the fresh breeze of the chilly wind which made him feel refreshed. He hummed softly enjoying the wind, when it hit him. "But seriously, why are you here? Did something happen?" He asked again looking at Vanessa. She sighed and pointed towards a black van.

"Once we get there you'll find your answers. And gain more" She pushed the door to the wicket letting Seth go first following him closely. "Why can't I know now?" He asked, and all he got was a glare from Vanessa which made him shut up and head towards the van.

Once they made it Seth opened the back doors and was met with familiar faces, Warren, Knox, Kendra, Tess and Bracken. He felt a warm and happy feeling in his chest but he also felt cautious about this. Usually they never met unless something bad was happening.

"What are you all doing here?"

Asked Seth hopping into the car and slamming the door shut. Tess immediately reached out for Seth to hug him, they actually hadn't seen themselves in a while, a year. Last year they met on Tess' birthday. The twelve year old glued herself to Seth and poked him.

"Hi!" She said cheerfully and returned to her seat.

"Hi Tess" He responded.

He greeted with everyone, Knox, Warren and Bracken and said hi to his sister who lives with him so he frankly didn't miss her much.

"So" Started Seth "What's going on?"

Everyone except Warren and Bracken looked at Vanessa expectantly.

Vanessa looked at him in the mirror from the passengers seat.

"You will know at home"

And before anyone had the time to protest the car started faster than the wind and everyone was pushed into their seats leaving the question back in New York.

A couple hours later Seth stumbled out of the car green on his face, the same you could say about everyone except Vanessa and Bracken, that guy is unbreakable. Kendra leaned on the car.

"Never again" She mumbled sickly taking deep breaths which made Bracken looked at her worried.

"Are you okay?" He asked approaching her.

Knox rolled his eyes "I think we all aren't okay, but thanks for asking" And after that he made his way to the reserve making Tess run after him. Seth followed them quite behind wanting to know what's going on, Bracken and Kendra made their way slowly to the building while Warren and Vanessa stayed behind.

The doors opened revealing Warren and Vanessa, they closed the door. They made their way to the others who were sitting in the living room, Grampa and Grandma Sorenson, Tanu, Trask, Kendra, Tess, Knox, Dale, Mara, Bracken and Grandpa and Grandma Larsen. Vanessa sat on the sofa while Warren sat on the floor with Seth.

The minors looked at the adults (Kendra doesn't count)

Ruth stood up.

"Anyone wants something to drink? This won't be a rather pleasant talk" She asked heading to the kitchen. Seth, Tess, Kendra, Dale and Vanessa all nodded while the others politely declined. After a while of waiting everyone started sharing their whereabouts when they were gone.

Vanessa was on a mission with Tanu and Trask at some other dragon preserve, there was a civil war between the dark beings back there and they needed help which ended up rather badly, only after a month did the war end up with some sort of tie.

Warren and Bracken were actually this while at Fablehaven spending time with the ones who were here, Mara and the Larsens. Ruth came back after five minutes with tea for the rest, Seth accepted the tea happilly and sippped a little bit wincing at the temperature. He looked at Tess who also winced and dissapointed put her tea on the table. He smiled at her and asked her quietly "Cool it down for you?".

She nodded handing the cup to her cousin. They could hear the others talking about random stuff. The brunette took her tea and focused on the cold but somehow soothing darkness in his chest letting it slip past his arms and shoulders then fingers reaching the cup, Seth could feel his powers cooling down the tea. He backed off his powers passing the cup to the blone again who smiled at him in return appreciating it. He did the same with his cup and focused on the adults again.

" long will it take?" Asked Kendra looking directly at Granpa Sorenson. The said one sighed before answering.

"I have no idea how long it will take. It could take a couple of days minimum and even the rest of then school year " The room gasped except Seth and Tess who at first didn't even pay attention and Knox who zoned out. Seth poked Knox on his arm making him come back from his Neverland while asking. "Wait what? What can take the rest of the school year? Whatever it is I'm in" He said eagerly ready to do anything that required not going to school. Mara looked at him with a raised brow.

"Couldn't you just listen?" She asked. Seth shook his head looking at Stan.

Stan wiped his clearly tired eyes turning to Seth.

"The artifacts had gone missing" Which now made the rest gasp in turn. Knox looked at Seth as if he waited for some kind of affirmation in his words. "I don't understand" said Knox.

"One of the artifacts has went missing while the four others suddently changed places, we have a few ideas on where they might be, like The Sands of Sanctity or the Translocator but we don't know where could be the Chronometer or Oculus. The Translocator is possibly somewhere in Mexico, The Font of Immortality is in England, and the Sands of Sanctity are in Sweden. We will be parting you into four groups. The ones who will find the Translocator, the Sands of Sanctity and The Font of Immortaly immediatly."

The room went silence. The clock was ticking and the minors didn't know what to say while the elders gave them time to process everything.

"So we won't see eachother for a year?" Asked Tess sadly.

"Thats not the point. We will probably, and we definetly will be in contact to check on you all. Do you want to hear the groups?" Asked Bracken. Kendra, Seth and Knox nodded their heads. Everyone looked at Tess who only smiled sadly and nodded. Dale nodded his head to Stan as if he was affirming that everyone nodded. Stan stood up pointing at them.

"Kendra, Vanessa, Warren and Tess will travel to Mexico for the Translocator. Bracken and Tanu will go to Britain for the Font of Immortality while Seth and Knox will go with two Knights to Sweden for the Sands of Sanctity. Mara and Trask are responisble for finding the lost artifacts, Chrnometer and Oculus. The ones after the Translocator must go right now, they will be riding a car for 39 hours straight. The ones after The Font of Immortality will be going tommorow morning along with Seth and Knox."

At this poin everyone looked at the two sixteen year olds with doubt. They weren't sure about them being probably alone on their trip. Seth shrugged it off while Knox glared at everyone. Hank nodded. "Bracken, Tanu, Seth and Knox will be starting off on the same airport at the same time but they indeed will be left unsupervised. Bracken and Tanu you will be flying straight to Manchester and find a place to sleep and then you will find and travel to a workplace called "Insufferable". I don't have an idea on what is based working there, but the poeple who work there are too many times too close to the artifact. Make sure that no one comes too close and take the artifact back. Kendra and the rest, you will go to a whole year camp, Kendra you will be an older camper, Warren and Vanessa you will be superving them. You will ride straight to the camp tho..."

Seth yawned opening carefully his eyes and blinked. He streched himself and rolled out of bed. He was about to look over at Kendra when he remembered that she and the others went to Mexico yesterday after they ate dinner. They all hugged themselves then and said their goodbyes. Tess accidentally let a few tears slip down her cheeks when she said her goodbyes to Knox and Seth. Seth grabbed a dark green-black t-shirt and some dark jeans. He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up. When he looked in the mirror he smiled to himself seeing his reflection. The one thing nobodyy could get past with, was his obvious glow-up. He was taller, had a little but more tanned skin from all the sunny places he has been, and had more shaggy hair. He also had sharper features including a sharp jawline. And wearing braids finally showed some effect. He took them down a while ago, now revealing white, healthy and straight teeth.

After all his daily routine he stepped out of the bathroom and skipped downstairs with his luggage he packed yesterday after grandma Gloria told him so. Bracken was already downstairs sitting on the couch and reading something meanwhile Gloria and Ruth were in the kitchen talking.

"Hi, goodmorning" Mused excited Seth jumping over the last three steps.

"Goodmorning dear" Said Gloria after Ruth when the boy entranced the kitchen.

"Goodmorning" Answered Bracken offering Seth a light smile. Seth was halfway through eating his breakfast when Knox along with Tanu came down. Knox looked like someone who got knocked out of bed by a truck by the way which earned an amused snort from the other boy. Knox rolled his eyes at his cousin and stomped to the kitchen slumping into a chair at the end of the table and Tanu came right after him joining Bracken on the couch. Gloria gave a bowl of simple cereals to Knox while Seth just finished his own. He thanked for the cereals and went to the garden.

There were fairies everywhere, from smaller, to larger, those who had butterfly wings to those who had insect wings, every colour, blue, grey, silver pink etc. They were chatting happily and everything was okay, untill Seth came. Even after those years the fairies didn't talk about him kindly ehich made seth roll his eyes. The only fairie that liked Seth was Myra, a albino skinned fairy with white dress and wings colour. She haid fairytail like wings and was one of the taller fairies in the garden, she reached six inches.

While every other fairie backed off of seth, Myra parted off from the previous group of three and darted towards Seth. She was never that kind of fairy to feel intimidated or uncomfortable with Seth's dark energy, Seth smiled at the approachig him female.

"Hi Seth" She cooed at him in english sitting on his left arm, immediatly Calvin poked out of Seth pocket shirt "Hi Myra" He said. The dark fairie greated him back.

"How are you, I heard that something's going on, the others left yesterday" She asked them. Seth told her about the five artifacts, her reaction was fast. "But who could take them" She flew away from her previous sitting place and started nervously flying back and fourth. Her uncommon light eyes shined with worry. Thats why Seth liked her the most, she was gentle and caring and and tolerant. Soon she started bragging about the others safety and Seth smiled at her touched.

"Hey, It's okay, they'll be fine" He said hopefully. Myra looked at him sceptically.

After a while of silence Calvin Seth and Myra started chatting with Calvin on Seth's right bent knee and Myra on his left shoulder. All the other fairies passed them in a big circle ignoring them all as the trio was currently sharing stories/secrets.

"We broke up" Said Calvin sadly plying with a big grass compared to him. "Myra looked at him curously leaning forward and almost falling from the boy's shoulder. "What happened she asked curiously.

"She... She said that she actually wasn't in love. She was trying to love me like she should but she just couldn't" Calvin didn't look upset tho. That was weird, thought Seth.

"You don't seem to be sad about it" Noticed Seth jast as Myra opened her mouth to say something. Pressumably the same thing what Seth just said because instead of saying something she closed her mouth and looked expectantly an Calvin who shrugged.

"I love her as a sister, and she loves me like a brother. She said that she really has a hard time to love someone romantically or... you know" Marked Calvin blushing slightly. Yeah, indeed he knew. Sexually. He actually wanted to bring that topic on so he started feeling only a little bit unsure.

"You mean that she is considering if she's asexual or demisexual." Stated Seth looking directly at Calvin.

"What is that?" The fairy piped up seating herself on Seths haid and started playing with his slightly curled, dark hair making some mini unstable braids. Seth normally didn't like someone doing brades on him but Myra honestly doesn't care and ignores the fact always doing what she wants. Seth started to explain "An asexual person is a person who doesn't feel any sexual nor romantic attraction, while a demisexual person is attracted to a person with whom he made a bond, no matter if the person is the same gender or whatever." He said shortly. When he saw understanding expressions in his friends faces he started to talk.

"Actually I was thinking..." He started bragging. He wasn's sure how they react. He was scared but he did scarier things that required more courage, he definetly would not cower now. He took a deep breath. "And there are Bisexual people who are attracted to both genders, their own and the opposite gender. And what I'm trying to say is that I'm a Bisexual person. I recently know that." He said calmly although he wasn't so calm outside. He looked at the others trying to read their faces.

"Actually I'm not suprised. If i had to guess, then everyone in the magical world is bisexual or the other stuff" Said the whote fairy reassuringly proceeding to do the braid. Calvin nodded as she said what she had to say. Seth immediatly relaxed smiling, he had great friends. The only people who didn't k know now about being bisexual was Warren, Tanu and his parents. He was sure no one would change their feelings towards them since not long ago Bracken revealed that in his past he also had male partners. He also added bazilion times that he never loved anyone more than Kendra tho. He didn't know why he was so nervous but he cursed himself for not telling Warren sooner. He wanted to add something but at that time Knox walked up at him kicking him lightly on his lower back.

"C'mon Seth breath. From now on bi breath. We're leaving, the rest is waiting" He laughed out waiting for him. Seth snorted and hit him behind his knees making him fall on the ground with a yelp. Seth jumped to his knees as the nypsie climed up to his pocket and the fairie flew off of his head. She laughed at the boys as Knox stood up and chased after Seth even tho he knew he didn't stand a chance. But who was Knox to not accept a challenge?

As Seth and Knox were waiting on the airport as they were supposed to, they looked at their surroundings. About twenty minutes ago they parted with Bracken and Tanu as they were heading towards different countries. Knox stood up stretching.

"I'm starving, im going to buy something to eat. Want something?" He asked. Seth shrugged, they weren't supposed to split before they reached their point, a boarding school placed in one of the less populated cities in Sweden, but they were hungry growing boys and no one had to know, right?

"Some coke and hamburger with fries can do" He replied taking out his phone. It wasn't something beautiful because it was a simple Xiaiomi bur neverless it had much more space and a good quality. He wasn't allowed to have Instagram or other likewise aplications because... firstly he didn't want them to be honest and secondly his mom didn't like the idea. He was playing an amateur game Forsaken World that was actually a pretty boring game but he had nothing else to do. after fifteen minutes Knox came back with exactly what Seth asked for plus a hotdog, some onion rings and 7up. He seated himself next to his cousin moving some of the luggage that fell on his seat. The other looked at the timing board (A/N is that how it's called?) and saw that they have more than half an hour to their plane which means that Tanu and Bracken are possibly waiting for their start. A message from Kendra popped up.

Pushing some fries into his mouth he opened the text.

Kendra: Goodmorning, how's it going? Are you on the plane yet?

You: Mornin'. No, we're waiting but Bracken and Tanu should be starting in a while. How's it going there?

He waited a while for the next message meanwhile eating the rest of his hamburger and looked at Knox who was also on his phone. They weren't even nearly close to be phone zombies but there really wan't anything more interesting to do. Soon he got a reply.

Kendra: We're okay, I feel really bad after the never ending ride with Vanessa. We only stopped a couple of times and I swear I'm never going to agree to another ride with Vanessa ever again. But we're gonna be at the camp in something like 15 hours. I'm gonna be dead at that time, but Warren and Tess don't look better than me and I probably look horrible.

You: Bracken would never say that XD

Kendra: Stop being an annoying little brother and tell me what's up.

You: Actually I'll text you later because our plane is starting in twenty minutes and if we don't hurry we'll be late. Ttyl, bye! If i don't text you in two hours, know that I'm dead. Don't forget to tell the others i love them!

Kendra: Oh, shut up you idiot. Bye take care brother.

But the cousins were already on their way fighting against the crowd of people. Thay were both tall so that wasnt an issue, what really was a issue here was their luggage that was heavy and everyone could stomp on it. Needless to say that after everything was done, the two boys felt relieved to get out of the airport out to the airplane parking.

"So what is our plane?"

When they finally found their seats, they noticed that they were sitting apart so there probably will be someone between them, Seth cringed at this thought, he hoped that it won't be no fat, stinky man just like in the bad comedies.

This was ridiciolous. Absolutely unbelievable and disgusting. Seth was pressed to the window with absolutely nothing like personal space, while Knox on the other side was practically pushed out from the seats. He actually had a really hard time to gain balance to not fall of. In between them there was an impossibly fat man, eating cheese chips with his sausage fingers. The music in his headphones was so loud that Seth could confidently tell that he was listening to an Alan Walker remix. Needless to say that non of the boys were sure if the man knew what is a shower. It must have been twenty minutes from the start and Seth was going crazy. He would look at Knox just to see how the other is feeling, but he couldn't see him, all he saw was a large belly, like, how did this man even walk in here on his own legs? Irritated Seth wriggled to take out his phone and saw a message from Knox.

Knox: I'm gonna push this man out of the plane if he doesn't sit nowhere else. I'm practically sitting on air and I'm the one earning weird glances from the others not you.

You: Yeah, maybe that's because that no one can even see me here. I'm trapped and i barely could take out my phone.

Knox: I don't know at this point who has worst. Oh my god, he pivked his nose and eat... yk what? Nvm, I saw nothing. Remind me how much we have to be here?

You: 17h

Knox: This must be a joke.

You: A very bad one? Yes.

The plain finally stopped and people started to get off of the plane. By the time the boys got off of the plane it was 12:37PM and the air whas freezing, and by freezing it is super cold. The poeple who got off the plain must've thought the same because they started to wrap themselves like onions. The people who must have lived here were dressed in some hoodies. Well, Knox was cold at least. He looked at Seth who must've felt slightly different but other thanthat he seemed to be fine. The brunette and the blondish boy were so relieved that they finally got off the plane that they didn't have any words left to say, they were too grateful. Seth immediatly texted Kendra. He wistled seeing 28 unseen messages. He looked up from the phone seeing that Knox already overtook him. There weren't many people at this hour at the airport so he stopped with his luggage o quickly type a message Kendra so the others won't worry. He guessed that Knox didn't text them so he had no choice, if he didn't tell the others they were okay, then they would fly here in person with the Knights of The Dawn and Raxtus. Who knows, maybe even the Fairy Queen.

You: Hi, did you get safely to the camp? Sorry I didn't text, didn't quite have the possibility to. text me back when you see this, I'll text you when i can. Kisses, love and whatever clingy stuff girls write.

When he sent the message he quickly put his phone down and chased after Knox who was waiting for him at the entrance.

They scrambled out of the airport with their full package now. Knox said something that made Seth laugh. Seth responded something from tears and that made Knox laugh even more and they had to stop, just to not end flying on the floor. Seth made sure that Calvin is still with him after Calvin announced him on the plane that the man stinks. Some man in a dark car looked at them suspiciously and that made Seth more cautious. He whipped his head somewhere else.

"Lets go" He said grabbing Knox by his shoulder and dragged him somewhere else. Knox looked at him and asked. "Where is the man gonna be?"

"A woman" Announced a voice behind them. They both looked at the source of the voice. Leaned on a black audi was a tall woman. She was wearing a black, turtle neck crop top under a jeans coat and come black leather pants, she wore sunglasses even tho it was night and had gold chains on her neck. She moved her glasses to the top of her hair, revealing her blue eyes, that matched her shoulder length blue hair. She winked at them opening the door.

"I'm Lianna but you can call me Anna" She said smoothly closing the doors as she sat in. They looked at each other debating if they should. Eventually Knox shrugged and made his way to the back, throwing his luggage in. Seth did the same afterwards opening the door behind the passengers seat. after him sat Knox. The car was nice, all black inside, clean and elegant. The seats were heated and there was a nice song playing in the radio. Wolves. Seth noticed that in the drivers seat was a young man, not older than 20 years old. He had vibrant green eyes and sun kissed skin. He had blond hair falling on his forehead and wrinkles under his eyes from smiling. He smiled at Seth revealing his dimples, Seth internally cooed at him because he looked like a baby.

"Hi, I'm Connor, nice to meetcha" His 'morning hair' look waved as he turned his had back to the front window and started the car. Seth saw a similarity between them, they must be related. Anna turned her head to them. "So we were told to pick you guys up but we clearly don't know who you are. You are knights aren't you?" She asked. Seth did a gesture that supposed t mean 'kind of'.

"I'm a knight, he's someone who works with the knights" Said Seth looking at Knox and again at Lia. She nodded. "So maybe we get to know each other since we will spend a lot of time together. I'm Lia, as I said, and i have 27 years old. Connor is my younger brother" ha! Seth guessed right." I joined the Knights at the age of 17. We don't have any preserve nor do we live on one, we're just knights. I love blue, black and gold, I never got to know a fairie which is kind of weird. I like listening to rock music and that's basically it. Connor?" She asked her brother.

Without turning his head the latter replied" I'm Connor Bakins, I'm 19 years old and I joined the Knights three years ago when i was sixteen. I love playing on the guitar and I suck at mathematics. That's it. And you guys?" He asked stopping on the red lights. Seth looked at Knox gesturing for him to start, the other didn't question it.

"My name is Knox Larsen, I'm sixteen years old and I... uh" He tried to finish but Lia interrupted him.

"- Aren't the Larsens somehow related to the Sorensons?" She asked curiously. Knox nodded shortly continuing.

"- I like basketball and I have a younger sister." He replied.

Seth thought about what to say when Anna's expectant eyes lingered on him. "I'm Seth Sorenson and I like danger." He said shortly. They didn't need to know everything.

Their shocked gaze turned to them.

"So you are T h e Seth Sorenson" Said Connor excitedly. Seth shrugged.

"So far I'm the only Seth Sorenson I know" He said taking out his phone as the phone buzzed. 2 new messages.

Kendra: Are you crazy! We were worried about you, God I knew it was a bad idea for you and Knox to go somewhere by yourselves!

Kendra: What's going on? Are you there yet?

You: Not exactly. We are in Sweden but according to what told us Grandpa, we'll be at school tommorrow around 14-17PM. It depends. But we are already with the knights so don't worry. So far they seem nice.

Kendra: And how is Knox? Is he okay too?

You: He seems okay, why wouldn't he be?

Kendra: I wouldn't ask that if you all could just once reply my messages. Tess was getting worried about her brother too.

You: Idk, I can tell him to text her back if she wants.

Kendra: That would be nice.

You: K, brb.

"Hey, Knox, text Tess, she's worried" Said Seth to his cousin. The other rolled his eyes but took out his phone probably texting her. Seth returned to texting his sister.

You: Ib.

Kendra: Good. Any message from Bracken or Tanu? They're not replying.

You: No, maybe they don't have time. Just chill, they're okay.

Kendra: I hope so. By the way, we're at the camp. I got to know some people, they're nice. There is a really kind girl called Cindy. I did a photo with her. She told me what where is and basically everything. Tess gained new friends too. I think his name was Declan. He's quite nice. And Warren and Vanessa got to know the staff since they are the mentors. I think they started all off okay. Its cozy here. Shame that we all aren't here. And Cindy really wants to meet you. Ok gtg because its dinner time here. Text you later, bye!

The boy smiled knowing that everything s ok there.

Soon enough he fell asleep with his head leaned on the window as he listened to the radio and felt the calming car vibrations. Soon he was fast asleep.

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