Forum related notes (Because this one is for a forum): The forum is Camp Jupiter. My name is Evelyn and I am in the second cohort. "I can't let you in, the shop is closing." "Well, I suppose you can make an exception for _, right?" "Even if I knew who you are, I wouldn't let you in." The word count is 1,536.

Story notes: Mortal AU! Celebrity Percy and worker Annabeth, but it is explained in the story. Percabeth!

Author's note: I was going for smart Annabeth and idiot points Percy in this one-shot, so let me know how I did on that! Reviews are always appreciated. :)

Frozen Pizzas and Smart Girls

"I can't let you in, the shop is closing," Annabeth said, closing the door.

"Well, I suppose you can make an exception for Percy Jackson, right?" Percy winked.

"Even if I knew who you are, I wouldn't let you in." Annabeth pulled her blue backpack over her shoulder.

She has good taste, Percy thought silently to himself when he noticed the color, but he shook the thought from his head. He needed to focus, Nico and Jason would kill him if he didn't bring home dinner tonight, and even worse, he would get the big fat "I Told You So" from them as of the fact he didn't prepare dinner beforehand. He'll admit he should have, but definitely not out loud.

"C'mon, you have to let me in!" Percy complained. "I'm famous, I can even give you a shoutout at my next performance, you'll be so famous, you won't be able to work here anymore without getting mobbed by the fans!"

"Performance?" Annabeth asked, reaching into her purse to pull out a small laptop. "What's your band's name?" She asked as she proceeded to click a few things into it. The password, Percy guessed, but he didn't comment on that

"The demigods," he said proudly. "Only one of the best rock bands of the ages."

Annabeth was sitting on the bench outside the store at this point, clicking at her keyboard and looking at the screen intensely. Percy stood there awkwardly, fiddling with his sweater at the way she was giving close to no attention to him.

"The demigods?" She confirmed.

Percy nodded, "The one and only."

She nodded, before turning her computer to face him and reading something out loud. "The demigods, the rock band that sings about ancient myths, but with a twist." She read out loud. Percy nodded. "Lead singer is Percy Jackson, who is rumored to have fallen off the stage at his last performance, possibly the only reason the media knows anything about this band."

Percy got flustered, "The stage was slippery!" He said defensively. "I'm not good with water!"

"Says here you're also a swimmer, set a few records for the neighborhood, and have a lot of potential to become an Olympian swimmer one day. Father owns a major fishing company and sells boats and is a commonly used person to represent the Aqua environment." She continued, "Hard to think you're not good with water."

Percy was stumped. "To be fair, I only met him recently."

Annabeth put her laptop down, "I suppose that's also true." She said. "But I still don't see why I should let you in the store after closing hours and waste my time."

"Because I asked nicely?" He asked hopefully.

"You tried to bribe me," Annabeth said. "Pretty sure there is a bit of a difference there."

"C'mon, my cousins will kill me if I don't bring home a pizza!" He complained.

"I take it you were supposed to prep dinner beforehand but forgot and is now desperate to find some cheap microwave dinner and pass it off as your own?" She smirked. "We've all been there, but apparently, you just aren't smart enough to go to an all-night store to find this kind of thing."

Percy pouted, "I happen to be very smart."

"Then why are you at the place that closes at 9?" Annabeth asked. "There's an all-night store down the street, just a few blocks away."

"They don't have any blue candy though!" Percy said, feeling like an idiot as soon as it escaped his mouth.

"Blue candy?" Annabeth sounded as if she were trying not to laugh.

"Yes," Percy said, suddenly feeling a little shyer. "It's good."

"You're strange," Annabeth declared. "But I can respect that." She pulled a set of keys out of her purse and jammed them into the door before pushing it open. She smiled before turning to him, "You have five minutes." She said.

Percy dashed into the store as the familiar smells filled his nose. It was a nice little store, not part of some bug chain, which Percy also enjoyed about it. He knew where the hidden treasures were and which kind of Pizza was the best. Every employee was (somewhat) kind and best of all, they had-

"Blue candy!" Percy said happily as he found the aisle, not caring that Annabeth probably heard. He heard someone laugh behind him, but he was too busy filling up his basket with a variety of blue lollipops, gumdrops, chocolates- oh my gods, he might have well have died and gone to Heaven.

"I prefer yellow candies myself," Annabeth said, walking over and leaning against one of the shelves. "But I suppose blue candy isn't that bad."

"You know, I never did catch your name, wise girl." He said.

"Wise girl?" She asked.

"Well, you are a little bit of a Sherlock," he said. "And it fits you."

Her eyes twinkled playfully, "Annabeth. Annabeth Chase." Percy took that moment to really look at her. She had long curly blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail, stormy grey eyes, and flawless skin. She wore an orange T-shirt and blue jeans, nothing fancy, but also somewhat perfect. To sum it up, she was gorgeous.

"Wait, you went to CHB?" Percy gasped, looking at her t-shirt.

She looked down at her t-shirt as if suddenly remembering she had it on. "Yeah, I go by every summer." She said. "Why, you go?"

"Only the best camp ever and the inspiration for my band!" Percy said. "I wonder why I've never seen you."

"You have," Annabeth said. Percy cocked his head as they walked together towards the frozen foods aisle, but she continued talking and Percy followed her blindly. "You remember your first day there when you got caught in an accident along the way?"

Percy nodded slowly, the memory coming back to him. The flashing lights, the screaming, the burning cars. It was all a bit of a hazy memory, but it wasn't exactly one you could forget either.

"Well, I was one of the people that took care of you," Annabeth said.

Percy's face lit up in realization. "Oh! You're the 'you drool when you sleep' girl!"

She laughed, "I suppose so. It is true though, don't even try and deny it."

Percy half-rolled his eyes, "To be fair, I didn't choose to be unconscious like that, let alone have control of myself when I am in that state."

Now Annabeth rolled her eyes, "What kind of pizza do you need."

"Um, let's think. I can't remember if Piper's coming over tonight."

"Piper Mclean?" Annabeth asked.

"You know her?" Percy asked, before mentally slapping himself on the forehead. "Right, she went to Camp as well."

Annabeth laughed again, "You really are a seaweed brain." She teased. "But yes, I know Piper. We hang out sometimes alone with Hazel, do you know her as well?" She put her palm to her forehead dramatically, "Oh, right! Camp!"

Percy stuck out his lip, "Meanie."

She smiled, "I like my fun to put it one way. And Piper is going over to your house tonight, she texted earlier and said she was going to see Jason for the night. She seemed pretty excited, she really liked him."

"Jason likes her too," Percy said. "Gushes about her all the time. Never really understood that, then again, never had a girlfriend myself."

"Really?" Annabeth asked, "I would think by the way you brag otherwise."

"Maybe I just haven't found the right girl," Percy said, surprised at his own smoothness but screaming silently upon the sight of the slight blush on Annabeth's cheeks.

"Oh, we're here," Annabeth said. "I would just get two pizzas, one vegetarian and the other meat. You can always just invite another person over if you need to get rid of it, so I wouldn't worry about that. Or you could get a separate salad for Piper, it's your choice."

"The first option?" Percy asked uncertainly.

"Alright, you'll want Allian's for the veggie and JoJo's for the meat, in my personal opinion."

"Those sound good," Percy agreed. She nodded and grabbed the pizzas before putting them into his basket. The lone cardboard containers looked like a boar in the ocean of blue, which she laughed at.

"Come on," she said. "Let's get these items checked out."

Percy nodded as she led him to the cashier's spot. She popped behind the desk quickly and clicked a few things on the register. She really looked beautiful when she was concentrating, Percy thought silently to himself. The way her blonde hair caught the light and the steel hard concentration in her eyes-

"Put your things on the belt," she instructed when Percy didn't do anything. Percy jumped, snapping out of his daze as he fumbled to put things into the belt. Annabeth hummed as she scanned the items gracefully, unlike Percy. The swiping of the items against the counter and into the brown paper bags.

"Thanks," Percy said gratefully when she was done.

She nodded and handed him the bag. "No problem." She said.

"You know," Percy said slowly. "We are going to need another person to finish those pizzas…."

Annabeth smiled, "I'd love to."