Plunged Into Darkness

Part 6

Author: Mac

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Harry found the Doctor in his office. "Ah, Mr. Kim. I take it you'd like to know the condition of your friend?" Harry nodded and the Doctor smiled. "You'll be happy to know that Lieutenant Torres will be just fine. The sugery went quite well and some blurryness will remain for about a week."

"That's great news, Doc!" Harry replied. "Does Tom know?"

"I told him then forced him to get some rest. He's been up for 48 hours."

Harry glanced over at his friend. "That's Tom for you. When he wakes up, let him know that we've come across a tourist planet called Cintas. From what Neelix says, it's 10 times better than Risa... if that's possible."

"Splendid! Shore leave will do this crew some good," the Doctor said.

"I agree, Doc," Harry answered, turning to leave. "See you later."


Tom woke up a little disoriented. He then remembered that he was in sickbay waiting for B'Elanna to wake up. He didn't have to wait much longer because when he turned to face her, she was sitting up in the bio bed.

"B'Elanna!" he exclaimed, jumping ot the floor.

She smiled. "Hey there, Helmboy."

"How long have you been up and why didn't you wake me?"

"That was my idea, Mr. Paris. You needed to rest."

Tom rolled his eyes. "I should have figured.

"Tom, Harry told the Doctor we're in orbit of a planet called Cintas. It's supposed to be 10 times better than Risa. Want to check it out?"

He glanced at the Doctor. "As long as she doesn't overexert herself, I don't see a problem. It will do you both some good."

Tom helped B'Elanna down. She turned to face the Doctor. "Thank you for everything."

"My pleasure, Lieutenant," the Doctor said with a smile.


B'Elanna sat down on the bed with a sigh. "How much longer is this blurryness going to last?" she groaned.

Tom sat next to her and hugged her close. "According to the Doc, another day or so."

B'Elanna sighed again. "I'm sorry I'm not better company, Tom. It's just..."

"Just what?" he asked.

"I hope this doesn't sound corny, but I want to be able to see you when we make love."

Tom smiled and B'Elanna could feel it in his voice. "You'll be able to soon," he said, kissing her softly.

The next day had arrived and Tom woke up to find the space next to him empty. He could feel a slight breeze and turned to see that B'Elanna was on the balcony.

"Hey," he said, stepping outside.

"Hey yourself." She looked up at him. "You certainly are a sight for sore eyes."

"Oh my God! You can see? B'Elanna, that's great!" he cried, lifting her into his arms.

"There are three things I want to say to you, Tom."

"What's that?"

She brought her lips to his. "Thank you for everything, I'm sorry, and I love you."

"You're welcome, you have nothing to be sorry for... Oh, and B'Elanna."

"Yeah, Tom?"

"I love you too.