Synopsis : Prequel to the Manyan Series. This was the time when Legolas was still a manyan, an innocent, and the youngest prince. Need I say more?

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2,500 years before the War of The Ring….

It was a warm starry night. The Mirkwood realm was as magnificent as it could be now that spring had returned once more. The trees could be heard whispering in the breeze. Crickets were heard singing their happy and joyous songs, celebrating the arrival of the beautiful season.

King Thranduil was holding a ball for his people in the grand hall, and what a great event it was! All his people had turned up, filling the big hall to its full capacity. They mingled together and danced the night away after attending the big feast earlier. Always a courteous host, Thranduil joined the Mirkwood elves in the celebration, walking among his people and graciously asked about their well-being.

Upstairs in the palace, where the royal chambers were situated, Keldarion, the crown prince sat beside his younger brother on the bed. He lovingly brushed the golden locks off the younger elf's face.

Legolas was already asleep, clutching a stuffed animal to his chest, a thumb stuck in his mouth. The elfling must be exhausted after the incredibly active day he had; climbing the tall bookcase in the king's study and nearly caused his father apoplexy, playing hide and seek with his brother in the garden before climbing (again!) the trellis that supported the wisteria bushes, sliding down the stairs banister in the receiving hall and crashed against the monstrous vase that was a gift received from Rivendell (thank the Valar he escaped serious injury!), got trapped with a mad stallion in a box in the stable before Commander Linden grabbed him to safety, then chasing a big wild goose before the bloody animal turned around and came after him!

The youngest Mirkwood prince was such a wild child that he needed to be watched all the time lest he loose his life at such young age!

Keldarion smiled as he recalled all the happenings during the day. Wild child? Crazy little devil is more like it! This one has no fear for danger! He bent down and kissed his brother's forehead. Keldarion had promised the king that he would join the celebration after he had tucked Legolas in for the night. Now that his brother had succumbed to dream world, the prince got off the bed and turned towards the door…and went tumbling to the floor when his feet slipped on the toy building blocks that Legolas left scattered around the chamber.

"Aaaa…!!!" Keldarion fell down hard, hitting his head against the ornate bed frame. For a full minute, he saw stars as he lay there on the floor, dazed. He didn't know for how long he was in that state, with blood dripping off the wound on his temple. The next thing he knew, he was staring into Legolas's angelic face.

Legolas must have been awakened by his brother's cry of surprise. The poor elfling had tears in his eyes, gazing down at Keldarion in pure terror. "Don't die…" he pleaded, holding on to his brother's hand desperately.

Keldarion blinked before he slowly sat up, wincing all the way. "I'm not dying, Legolas," he softly said.

But Legolas was not convinced. "Your head's bleeding."

Touching the deep cut, Keldarion could not stop himself from moaning. Ai! It is painful! "Don't worry, little one. This is just a scratch," he muttered, trying to sooth his brother even though the wound still bled profusely.

"Let me see." Legolas stood up to his full height and stared at the bleeding cut intently. Without a word, he placed his hand on it; an expression of pure concentration overtook his young features.

Keldarion flinched slightly at his brother's touch, wondering what Legolas was up to. Then a miracle happened. The pain seemed to diminish under Legolas's fingertips, before it vanished altogether. A wonderful tingling sensation began to settle there instead. Sighing in pleasure, Keldarion did not fully understood what was really happening. But then, Legolas started to sway on his feet and nearly slumped to the floor but the crown prince managed to catch him just in time.

"Legolas!" Keldarion looked down at his brother's pale face anxiously. Legolas looked even more exhausted than before. "Legolas?"

The elfling whimpered. His eyes started to glaze over. "Kel…? Don't feel…good. Tired…"

Keldarion panicked. What's wrong with him? Why did he become weak all of a sudden? He also realized that his pain was now gone and the cut had already closed up, completely healed.

Then Keldarion knew.

Legolas was a manyan! His baby brother was a healer, just like their late mother! Ai Elbereth! He's a healer!

Before her death, Queen Marwana was the royal healer of the woodland realm. A Silvan elf of noble blood, she had been born a manyan like her mother and grandmother before her. The line of the manyans had started as far back as the beginning of Middle Earth. The powerful ability of healing had been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. But only one person inherited it at a time, no more. Now it seemed that the gift had been passed on to Legolas, Marwana's last child, the one that she died giving birth to.

Keldarion stared at his brother in wonder. "How did you know to do that?"

Legolas snuggled closer against Keldarion's chest. "I'm tired. I want sleep," he mumbled then he drifted off to dreamland. Cradling the slumbering elfling in his arms, Keldarion stood up and rushed out of the chamber.

Thranduil was deep in conversation with the commander of his army, Linden, when Keldarion came running into the hall. "Father!"

The king instantly looked up. His heart skipped a beat as his eyes rested on the elfling in Keldarion's arms. He moved forward and took Legolas from the prince's hold. "Kel? What's wrong? Has Legolas hurt himself?"

Keldarion shook his head, oblivious to the stare they were receiving from the guests. "No. It was not Legolas that got hurt, but I! And he healed me!"

Thranduil's eyes widened while the others gasped when they heard Keldarion's statement. Showing the trace of blood on his temple, Keldarion began to relate everything that had happened in the chamber. Everyone was silent as they listened intently to the young crown prince, growing more amazed by the minute. Mostly, a manyan started to receive their gift when they reached the age of puberty. But at the age of 300 years old, Legolas was only a child!

Adjusting the sleeping prince in his arms, the king swiped Legolas's hair off the back of his neck…and stared. There it was, the slight and tiny bulge at Legolas's alabaster skin, where the healing stone of Manya would be…just like Queen Marwana before him.

The king of Mirkwood was definitely speechless. He looked up to see Keldarion gazing back at him with the same stunned expression on his face. "He's a manyan, right father? Legolas is just like mother."

Thranduil nodded weakly. My baby, a manyan? Ai Elbereth! Help us!  He turned to the people of Mirkwood who had been staring in awe at them the whole time. "Behold!" he announced, effortlessly lifting his sleeping child for everyone to see. "A new manyan is born!"

The announcement was received by a loud cheer and applause. The Mirkwood people were incredibly happy to know that Queen Marwana's successor as the royal healer had finally risen…and at such an early time. Thranduil then lowered his son and kept staring at Legolas's serene face in mixed emotions; wonder, joy, anxiety…fear…

He is too young to be a manyan. The king shook his head, still in disbelief. Valar! He's just a baby!


Thranduil turned towards his elder son. "Yes, Kel?"

"I will protect him," Keldarion vowed. He could read his father's feelings very clearly. He knew the great fear that was tearing Thranduil inside. Being a manyan at such a young age would make Legolas incredibly vulnerable to pain and misery, injuries and illnesses, minds and emotions. Legolas needed to learn to control his ability quickly before it claimed him instead.

"I will protect him," Keldarion repeated, "With my life. I will guide him so he would not be consumed by his ability, and I will stop anyone who dares to manipulate him. I swear."

Thanduil gazed proudly at his firstborn. Keldarion was 1,300 years of age, only an adolescent but already wise beyond his years. Legolas mumbled incoherently in his sleep as Thranduil relinquished him back into Keldarion's young yet strong arms. Then he kissed the crown prince's forehead. "I know you will, my son."

"So will I, my lord," Commander Linden voiced out. This was followed by other Mirkwood warriors, and then all the people itself.

Meanwhile, the trees outside sang much louder and happier. They had good reason to rejoice.

The new manyan had risen.

Many, many years later… TBC…

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