The Slayer will always be there to save the world. It's in the job description. So it was when the goddess Glorificus used Dawn's special blood to form a sphere of energy that tore open portals that would shatter the barriers around the dimensions to release Hell on Earth. Buffy defeated Glory and her human host Ben and freed her sister. However, the portals remained open. Dawn planned to jump into the glowing ball of energy that formed from her blood to close the portals and save the world. Buffy, recalling that Dawn was formed from her essence, and that they shared the same blood, decided to save her sister and the world. After exchanging words with a crying Dawn, Buffy leapt into the sphere, surviving the arcane energies for a time, long enough to close the portals. When the sphere vanished, the Slayers friends and allies found her motionless body on the ground.

With the Slayer gone, her friends continued the fight to save the innocent from the forces of evil. However, they struggled, both on the battlefield and off. No one suffered more than Dawn herself, so Tara and Willow elected to move into the Summer's home to take care of the girl. As time went on, their time together in the house went from simple coping to more of an extended fun sleepover. The only tears were from laughter and not sadness. Dawn, Willow, and Tara were compatible roommates. They really got one another, and things were going back to normal, even though Buffy's absence was felt each and every day. Of course, things weren't all peaceful and quiet. Something happened in the battle against Glory, and Willow and Tara could hardly keep their hands to themselves. Whatever happened and turned their libidos up to eleven, and as much as they tried to keep their very frequent encounters secret, their sounds reached Dawn's ears. The girl didn't mind it, however. In fact, she wanted in.

As Dawn spied on the girls, she saw that Willow was definitely the top. The pale-skinned girl with short red hair, generous breasts, and a stunning ass, called the shots. She was far more kinky than anyone might guess, and frequently convinced Tara to try new things with her, aided both by Willow's dominant position in their relationship, and Tara's own insecurity. Tara, with her longer brown-colored hair, had a larger bust size that Dawn frequently ogled, especially as Willow made them bounce when the two lovers had sex. Dawn, a beautiful girl in her own right, with long dark brown hair and an athletic build, but with her own nice curves that turned a few heads, could hardly resist the allure of the older sexy witches in her home. She had become just as horny as them, masturbating whenever she heard them having sex. Her fingers weren't enough, so she grabbed sex toys previously used by Buffy and their mother Joyce. Those didn't really satisfy her, no matter how much she masturbated and climaxed, or how many batteries she went through, she never truly felt satisfied.

Over time, Willow and Tara weren't even trying to hide their carnal activities from Dawn. They couldn't be in the same room together for very long without at least making out in front of Dawn, who secretly rubbed herself while watching them from the corner of her eye. Dawn wondered if it was some form of coping mechanism to keep their mind off of Buffy, or if it was making up for lost time when Glory mindfucked Tara, but it didn't matter much. Soon enough, she decided that the only way to satisfy her urges and maintain her sanity was to get both of them to fuck her. It was only fair, they were driving her nuts and it made her see them in a new light. The thought of having her first time be with a couple of sexy lesbian witches made her put her plans into action as soon as possible. Her mind wandered, thinking about what they would do to her, and used that thought to get herself off, a bit more louder than normal.

Dawn's first step was to wear progressively less clothing, and what clothes she did wear, had to be revealing. Her first day of her plan started with her leaving her room after waking up, wearing a white and loose tank top and thin skimpy panties. She casually strolled into the kitchen, yawning. Tara and Willow stopped their morning conversation and looked at her, surprised by her attire. The girl stretched her muscles, raising her hands above her head, which showed off her toned stomach and the sides of her chest. She sighed and dropped her arms, then moved to the fridge and bent down to find something, waving her barely covered ass from side to side. The outline of her flower, and her cheeks, were on clear display. To say her supposed caretakers were surprised would be an understatement. They watched her grab a bowl, a spoon, a gallon of milk, and a box of cereal. A simple breakfast for the tired-looking girl. She settled at the table and absentmindedly ate her cereal, leaning on one elbow on the table top. Her tank top was slightly askew, showing most of one of her breasts, and the outline of a nipple through the thin fabric.

Tara and Willow tried to stop themselves from ogling their best friend's sister, but they couldn't help themselves. Willow as the first to broach the topic. "So ... new PJ's?" She tentatively asked, trying to keep her eyes on Dawn's cute face. The girl stopped eating. "Hmm?" She looked down at herself, then back to Willow. "Oh yeah. It was warm last night. You don't mind, do you? We're all girls here." The girl answered. "Oh no, not at all." Tara said quickly, Willow nodding in agreement. They didn't want to put off the dark-haired girl, and a part of them enjoyed the eye candy. Dawn shrugged, knocking one of her tank top straps down, which showed off more of her other breast. As tired as she looked, she was fully awake and watching their every reaction, and she was pleased by the results. Day one, phase one, and she was already making strides in her attempts to have sex with the two witches.

By noon, Dawn was freshly showered and dressed in different clothes, lounging in the living room and watching TV. She wore tight-fitting yoga clothes, a sports bra that wouldn't be seen in any real gym. It was blue in color, and thin enough to make out every curve of her generous chest, and thin spats that showed off the outline of her flower and ass, proving that she didn't wear anything underneath it. The way she sat on the lounge chair, one leg hanging on an arm rest while her head rested on her hand, leaning on the opposite arm rest, made her quite the sight for the witch lovers as they sought to relax in the living room. Her choice of attire, and how boldly she showed herself off, inflamed their desires. They saw the outline of her body clear through her revealing clothes, their eyes lingering in certain places. Dawn saw their looks and they hurried to compose themselves. They sat on a nearby couch and Willow tried searching for the remote. "W-Where's that remote now?" She tried to make something up. Dawn chuckled and pulled it out of her sports bra. In their haste to ogle her body, they didn't even notice it. "Here." She handed it off to Tara, still warm with her body heat. Phase two and they were practically salivating over her.

Dawn continued her antics for the next few weeks, wearing more daring clothing and even employing some sly sexual innuendos in normal conversations. She would even walk out of the shower bare naked in full view of Tara or Willow, and trying to time her showers to coincide with both of them being home to ogle her body. She noticed that they would really go at it when they assumed she wasn't around to hear them. They were definitely getting off to thoughts of her, while she was masturbating to thoughts of them. To put the final nails in the coffin, she really had to step up her game. The first was to pick a time when only one of them was around, and 'accidentally' get caught doing something.

Dawn waited for Tara to go out shopping, to pick up a few things they needed around the house. Once the brown-haired witch left, Dawn went to her room and left the door open just slightly and quickly stripped out of her skimpy clothes, a tight midriff bearing shirt and shorts that could easily pass for panties and sat on her bed, leaning against the headrest. The amorous girl grabbed a nearby dildo and licked it, making it slick with her saliva, not that it was necessary, with how wet she already was. She rubbed it against her slit, waves of pleasure radiating through her body. Her breath came quicker as she groped and massaged her chest with one hand while the other manipulated the toy down below. She started to moan as she pushed her well-used toy inside herself, feeling it stretch her depths. Then she flicked on the switch and made it vibrate and her voice rang out louder.

Willow heard her voice and went to check on her. As she drew closer to Dawn's room, the red-haired witch stopped, knowing what that sound meant. Deciding to leave the girl to her self-pleasure, she turned around and began to walk away. What she heard next caused her eyes to widen. "Tara!" Dawn moaned. Willow moved quickly and peaked through the crack of the door. "Tara! Your tits are the best." The girl continued to fantasize about Willow's girlfriend, her legs spread wide as the dildo was thrust in and out of her. The witch's mouth hung open. Despite the uncertainty about Dawn getting herself off to thoughts of Willow's girl, she had to admit that the sight was erotic. She watched, enjoying a bit of voyeurism as Dawn played with her chest, having shown it off more than a few times in the past weeks. Willow couldn't help herself, so she unbuttoned her jeans enough to slip her hand inside and rub herself to the scene of Dawn pleasuring herself to thoughts of Tara. Willow wasn't as quiet as she thought, and Dawn knew very well that her plan was working.

The next step came the following day when Willow had to run an errand. She wouldn't be back for a good hour or so, leaving Dawn enough time to put on a similar show for Tara. Dawn wanted to put on more of a performance this time. She waited for Tara to go into the shower to wash off a recent kill, then she went into the living room wearing a thin and loose pair of shorts that ended just below her ass and a t-shirt that couldn't even be called a t-shirt, since it only barely reached the bottom of her breasts. One turn would show off her chest. Dawn sat in the living room, and had since timed how long Tara took her showers and waited until a minute before Tara was due to walk out to start her performance. She went without the toy this time, trying to give off an air that it was a spontaneous thing.

Dawn sat on the couch, leaning on her side against the armrest with her legs on the couch. When the time was right, she slipped one hand into her shorts, with no panties to get in the way, to rub her flower. Her excitement had already started getting her nectar flowing. Her other hand pushed up the feeble shirt and caressed her supple mound, gently teasing her nipple. Right on cue, Tara walked downstairs, wearing only a towel. "Willow ... !" Dawn groaned, catching Tara's attention. Before she could speak, from behind the couch, she could easily tell what was happening: their good friend and charge was masturbating to one of them, Tara's own lover. Tara quietly stepped behind a corner and spied on Dawn, getting a good vantage point to watch the girl while not getting seen herself. Unfortunately, Dawn already saw her, but she continued on as planned.

Dawn pushed her shorts down to her ankles and continued to pleasure herself, putting on an erotic show for an audience of one. Tara was transfixed by the scene and absentmindedly slipped her hand between the folds of her towel to rub herself. Once she realized what she was doing, she continued on, finding it both odd and exciting to be masturbating to another girl, who happened to be masturbating to a fantasy concerning her girlfriend and her girlfriend's amazing ass. She tried to stifle her voice, deciding to bite down on the bottom of her towel, which just exposed some of her naked and damp body, but she assumed that she was concealed behind the corner. She was wrong of course, and Dawn allowed herself a show of her own. Her loud voice provided some cover for Tara to let sound escape her mouth, and it was something else that Tara could enjoy. Dawn's plan was working out, and she couldn't wait for the next phase of her plan.

After Dawn finished up, making a stain on the couch, she pulled her shorts up and walked out on unsteady legs. Tara crept into the living room and licked at the stain on the couch, indulging in Dawn's taste before making her own hasty exit, eager for Willow to return and finish off what she started by watching Dawn. Once Willow returned, Tara, dressed in her regular clothing, pulled her lover into their shared room. Willow went along with it and immediately started making out with her witch lover, and as much as Tara enjoyed it, she put a stop to it to explain what she saw, namely Dawn pleasuring herself to thoughts of Willow herself. Surprised, Willow related the same story, but with Dawn calling out Tara's name. They put the pieces together and realized that Dawn was hot for them both. They not only felt flattered, but they were somewhat excited by the revelation. After weeks of Dawn flashing them, they were sufficiently aroused by the girl. However, she was Buffy's sister and they had to be responsible and not indulge in their desires.

However, the witch lovers were still aroused by her antics and wasted no time in stripping themselves naked. They were wet and aroused, and Willow, ever dominant, tackled Tara onto their bed, sharing a deep and passionate kiss. "So you saw Dawn masturbating, huh? Did you like it?" Willow teased, rubbing her lover's flower. Tara moaned in response. "Yes!" She confessed. The red-haired witch chuckled. "Really? Getting off to someone else, are you? Should I be jealous?" The woman pressed, thrusting a finger into Tara wet slit. "I got my own show, and yeah, I enjoyed it. Dawn is pretty damn hot. Why are all the Summers women sexy as hell? It's almost unfair." Willow continued to tease and prod her girlfriend, just some foreplay before they really got into it, most likely planning on imagining Dawn in one position or another.

Dawn spied on their conversation, elated that her plan was working. When the witches decided to be responsible and not act on their desires, she wasn't deterred in the slightest. She expected them to say that, loyal as they were to Buffy and their duty to take care of what the slayer left behind. Dawn planned for it, as she planned for everything else, showing her Summers cunning. She had dug through Buffy's clothes and found some really spicy lingerie: white lace stockings with matching sheer white panties and bra with an intricate design. Once the two witches decided not to take Dawn and make a mess of her, the girl in question walked into their room and cut a fine figure that Willow and Tara ogled, looking over every inch of her body. They quickly sat up, but made no move to cover themselves. "D-Dawn. What are you doing here? And what are you wearing? Looks familiar ..." Willow spoke up first, taking a better look at Dawn's lingerie.

"If you like it, come and take it off of me." Dawn suggested, tugging at her panties. As much as they were tempted, their duty to Buffy won out at the last second. "We can't. We're here to protect you, not to ... have sex with you." The red-haired witch rejected her. Tara nodded in agreement, but Dawn saw the struggle in their eyes. "Then protect me from having to fuck myself every time I see Tara's perfect tits in a t-shirt, or whenever I think back on the time I had to use my fingers when I saw you and Buffy having sex, dreaming about how I would join in. I think she was wearing this little number, and I think you pulled it off of her with your teeth, Willow." Dawn replied, making both girls blush. The dark-haired girl turned around, showing off just how little her panties covered. They dug into her ass and flower, giving them a show that had both seriously reconsidering their priorities. "Are you sure you want to leave me hanging and just have fun by yourselves? Going once. Going twice."

Tara and Willow quickly broke down, unable to contain themselves. Willow grabbed the girl and pinned her onto the bed between herself and Tara. The floodgates opened and their hands roamed Dawn's body, pulling her bra over her chest to grope her breasts directly, and pushing her panties down to explore her flower. Willow was the first to steal a kiss from the girl, parting her lips to allow their tongues to mingle. After a few moments, Willow pulled back, allowing Tara to do the same. "You really shouldn't tease a couple of pro lesbians. We're gonna wear you out in no time at all." The brown-haired witch warned her. Dawn smirked and took it as a challenge. She pulled Tara down onto her, smothering herself with the woman's large chest, kneading them with her hands. Willow moved herself on the bed, eager to taste Dawn's sweet nectar for herself, just to see how the girl compared with her sister.

Tara leaned up, giving Dawn a better angle to lick and suck on the woman's chest. The girl moaned as she felt Willow's tongue run down her slit. As she expected, Willow loved the taste and scent of the girl. The witch used a bit of her magic, reversing their positions, with Dawn on top of Willow. The red-haired woman spread Dawn's lips apart and plunged her tongue into the girl, tasting the nectar that seeped out. Dawn could only return the favor, leaning down to lick the witch she desired for weeks. Tara wasn't idle while her girlfriend ate out their supposed charge. She procured a nearby toy and licked it, then offered it to Willow to join in. Once both were satisfied with how slick it was, Tara rubbed it against Dawn's ass, causing the girl to squeak.

Willow pushed two of her fingers into Dawn's warm and wet slit, expertly teasing her every sensitive spot. Jolts of pleasure shot through the girl's body, and she felt like she could cum at any second. Everything she worked towards was bearing fruit, and she didn't want to end it so soon. She felt Willow's tongue continue to lap at her flower and tease her clit. She could only try to emulate what was being done to her, perhaps to make the witch cum first. The chances of that were slim, especially as Tara slowly pushed her toy into the girl's ass. Her voice was music to the two witches who had been teased and tormented by Dawn's sexy body. She came immediately, her nectar flowing onto Willow's face and chest, though most of it went into the woman's open mouth. "That's the first shot, Dawnie. Get ready for more." Tara joked as the girl collapsed headfirst onto Willow's lap with her ass still in the air. She trembled in their hold, but was excited to continue all the same. No way were they stopping after just one go. They teased her just as much as she teased them, and they had to make up for lost time with her.

The three girls didn't stop until the sun shone through the windows. Willow and Tara gave Dawn everything she hoped for and more, and she lay between them, exhausted but satisfied. Two experienced women against a virgin girl was a treat for everyone involved. Tara and Willow gently caressed her body. "That was ... great." Dawn breathed. Tara giggled and briefly teased her nipple, making the girl whine. "I guess being Glory's mindless sex toy was good for something." She mused about her otherwise horrific time as the goddess' drone. Willow and Tara shared a brief kiss, then both took their turns kissing Dawn. "You know, you taste like Buffy." The red-haired woman informed her. Dawn took some pride in that. "I wish I could have tasted her myself. Might be weird with us technically being sisters, but she was hot." The girl longed for her sister in a different way. Willow smiled and gave her another kiss, thinking that Dawn may just get her wish.

Author's Notes: Another classic series sufficiently lewded by yours truly, so everyone send thanks to Greenlion13 for commissioning this. While this takes place during the time Buffy died closing the portals, and the people who have seen the series know exactly how old Dawn was at the time, in this story, she's been aged up. Yours truly doesn't write underage stuff. Dawn's older here, so all is good. Don't question it, just enjoy three sexy ladies showing off for one another. Also, if you haven't seen Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, go watch it.

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