Jeremy walked down the halls of Middleborough, everyone was chattering around him. He was looking for Michael. Lunch was in a few minutes, so Michael must be in the cafeteria. He went into his locker and grabbed his lunch. He scanned the lunchroom and found Michael talking to a girl.

That's weird, Michael doesn't normally hang out with girls. Maybe they were from the gaming club.

He walked a little closer, just to get a look at the girl. Huh, she was pretty. Wait, they kinda look like a female version of Michael...

Jeremy sat down in the seat in front of Michael and the girl. "Hey, Jer!" Michael exclaimed, waving at Jeremy.

"Michael, who's this?" Jeremy asked. "Wait, Michael never mentioned me?" the girl asked Jeremy.

"Er, I guess not, I'm normally good at remembering faces." Jeremy nervously laughed.

"Michael!" the girl jokingly shoved him.

"Sorry! I guess it just never came up!" Michael laughed.

"Is this your girlfriend-" Jeremy asked, a bit unsure.

"No dude! Ew! This is my sister!" Michael said.

"Hey, I'm Janis," she said.

She had a certain style to her clothing, a bit trendy, but not too crazy. She had a jean jacket with a bunch of retro band patches on it, a black shirt with a sun on it, jeggings, white sneakers, and a small hoop pierced at the top of her ear. They also had almost circle shaped glasses and wavy brown hair that went just above her waist.

"J-jeremy." he awkwardly waved. Dammit, she was really pretty-

"So, Michael, is this your Boyf?" Janis smirked.

Both Michael and Jeremy flushed with embarrassment.

"Know you're my sister, but shut up-" Michael said.

Janis snickered. "So, Jeremy. Any girls you're interested in?" Janis asked.

Jeremy was about to say something until Michael stopped him and said something.

"Ok, she's friends with Jenna, so you can literally not tell her anything."

"What?! No, you can tell me anything! Only Jenna gossips to me, I don't tell her any secrets." Janis promised.

"Well, it's not a girl," Jeremy said. Janis was cute, but he couldn't say it was her, they just met.

"Ah, are you gay?" Janis asked.

"Bi, to be exact," Jeremy replied.

Stars lit up in her eyes. "Oh wow! You're bi too?" Janis asked excitedly.

"Yep!" Jeremy laughed.

"Now you two can be bi and do crimes together-" Michael joked around.

Both of them laughed. "So, who is it?" Janis asked.

"Well, um-" Jeremy bit his lip and blushed. The bell rang.

"Shit, well, I'll find out eventually." she shrugged.

Jeremy thought Janis was cool, he wouldn't mind hanging out with her a little more.

"Hey, what's your next class?" Jeremy asked.

"Mm, Period 4 Math," she said, checking her phone calendar for that day.

"Oh! We're in the same class then." Jeremy gave a small smile.

"Cool! I also need to talk to you about something." Janis said.

They all got up and headed to class.

"See ya, Michael!" Janis waved.

"Bye guys! See you later!" Michael walked in the other direction.

Both Jeremy and Janis walked to class. "You like my brother, don't you?" Janis asked.

"Pfft! What?! No?! I-" Jeremy defended himself, blushing a bright red.

"Come on man! It's obvious! I've seen how you guys have talked. It's cute honestly." Janis shrugged.

"Well, congrats, you figured it out..." Jeremy said.

Janis took a breath out. "Look, I don't do this a lot, so this is a one-time thing."

"Hm?" Jeremy asked.

"I'll- try and get you guys together. But, it'll cost you two grand." Janis smirked.

"Two hundred dollars?!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Fine, five hundred," Janis said.

"I can give you twenty," Jeremy said.

"Fine, but you're a dick-" Janis sighed.

"Hey!" Jeremy said offended.

"I'm just joking, come on, we're gonna be late!" Janis laughed.