Lucifer was standing out in the rain just enjoying the sound of the water hitting the ground and soft thunder in the distance. He heard a chime at the elevator signaling that someone had arrived.

Instead of turning to see who was there he stayed rooted to his spot on the balcony when two arms circled his waist. The same arms that have picked him up several times and slammed him into walls the same arms with the same hands that have hit him countless times during arguments before they started dating.

"Hello Marcus." Marcus only kissed Lucifer's neck then his jawline then under his ear "hello darlin" he whispered into Lucifer's ear. A shutter went through lucifers entire body that nickname did something to him maybe on account that he's so used to calling everyone darling he just doesn't know what it's like to be called that

"how was your day marcus?" he went around lucifer to see his face only slightly taller than lucifer by like an inch and lucifers not wearing shoes "it was fine, but i think its about to get better" he said seductively.

"Oh you do do you and what's that" marcus walked away for a second and came back with 2 bags "were gonna have some fun" lucifers done kinky stuff with marcus before apparently a touch starved man like Pierce is like a man in the desert finally finding water.

Marcus opens the first bag. Lucifers always been like a little kid on christmas day when it came to new sex toys instead of that marcus pulled out the collection of the body bags movies and a bottle of wine "oh my dad...well arnt you the romantic" of course this is sarcastic but lucifer is touched not in the way he was expecting to be touched but touched nonetheless.

In the second bag he pulled out two very soft pink and blue snuggies. Lucifer immediately took the pink snuggie with excitement along with the snuggies he had mint chocolate chip ice cream "were you talking to candy?"

"Maybe…" marcus put on the blue snuggie grabbed some ice cream gave it to lucifer picked him up by the waist like he's done countless times and put him on the couch while putting in the first body bags movie

They snuggled up together to watch the movie. About one and a half hours later there's a huge firefight on screen but lucifer had fallen asleep on marcus shoulder.

Marcus looked down at his sleeping angel just wondering why he would ever want to die if he was able to have this kind of paradise with Lucifer just knowing that he will never give up on Lucifer and will always be there through thick and thin. And that he wants to spend the rest of

eternity on the couch with the love of his life and savoring the feeling of that small velvet box in his pocket pressing into his thigh

Half an hour later Lucifer's awake again and the movies are over. Marcus checks the time 1AM.

Well he did get there pretty late, he looks at Lucifer whose hair is slightly tousled leaving an adorable mess of curls on the top of his head. He figured if he was ever gonna do it it was gonna be now

He knelt down in front of lucifer and looked up into those chocolate brown eyes he could just drown in if he could "lucifer morningstar. I have never been more happy in my entire existence than with you. I love you with all of my existence." he pulled out the velvet box and lucifer's face went from confused to shocked and happy with unshed tears forming in his eyes "so i will ask you the question i've been dying to ask you the moment i met you in the garden. Lucifer Samael Morningstar, will you spend eternity with me by becoming mine, will you marry me?" Lucifer couldn't stop the tears "yes! Yes! I will marry you and i will love you forever"

Marcus got up, pulled Lucifer up, slid the silver band with a red ruby encrusted in the middle on his finger and kissed him like his life depended on it. Marcus had never felt such happiness before and there was only one thing on his mine. I never want this to end.

A/N Criticism is always welcome. i always just want to make the best stories for yall. this is my first piercifer story not my first story though ive written others but deleted most