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The Magic Charm

Chapter 1


Lily smiled as she walked through the bar. Her green eyes sparkled with life and her silky smooth auburn flowed down her back as she pulled it out of the neat bun it had been in. Lily Evans was twenty-one years of age and was currently studying Wizard Law at Benocot University. Benocot was a very prestigious university known for it's excellence in furthering the education for young Wizards and Witches.

In order for Lily to get through this education she had to work at a nightclub. She didn't mind working in it because she met nice people. But it was quiet ironic that she worked there because it was a muggle club with a magical name. Lily had warmed to it straight away.

She smiled at Kelly the owner of the bar who was watching her walk through the crowd of people to the back room. Kelly was in her late twenties early thirties with chestnut brown hair. Lily walked into the room and took of her jacket and hung it onto a hook that had her name above it. Kelly followed her. Her brown hair was put up into a high ponytail. Even though she looked very innocent, Lily knew that the woman could very easily throw a three hundred-pound guy out onto the street if need be. Kelly leaned against the doorframe and clucked her tongue.

"You're late." Kelly said as she folded her arms. Lily looked at her watch and noticed that it was ten minutes past nine. She looked apologetically at Kelly.

"I'm sorry but the train was delayed." Lily said as she looked through her bag for some perfume.

"Lily I don't care for excuses." Kelly said disapprovingly. Lily found some perfume and sprayed herself with it.

"What's wrong with you?" Lily asked her eyebrows furrowed.

"Nothing." Kelly said curtly as she turned back into the nightclub area. Lily rolled her eyes and got changed into her uniform then lift the small room. The bar was quickly filling considering it had only opened at nine. Lily lifted the part of the bar and walked through to the other side and walked towards a customer and served him. She looked around her to notice that Philippe and Mandy was working but the other girl who was supposed to wasn't. In her place was obviously a new girl. The girl was small and had short blonde hair that just went past her ears. She looked at Kelly who was currently shaking a cocktail mixer.

"Hey Kelly, where's Tammy?" Lily called.

"She quit. That's Tiffany. Hey Tiffany meet Lily." Kelly called. Tiffany gave Lily a nervous smile and Lily just smiled back. Philippe brushed past her as he reached for the vodka bottle. He was tall with tanned skin and had dark hair and dark eyes. He was very handsome but he wasn't Lily's type. He was gay. Lily almost screamed at him when she found out, but he was like a loveable big brother to her now.

"How long has the new girl been here?" Lily asked him curiously.

"She's only new in tonight. You missed the screaming match Tam and Kel had last night." Philippe chuckled. "Tammy walked out. So Kelly had to replace her quickly because there is a bachelor party in tonight." Philippe said with a grin.

"Ten bucks says they're straight." Lily laughed.

"You're on." Philippe laughed in his American accent. There was a smash and they turned round to see that Tiffany had broken one of the glasses. Lily shook her head and tried to stifle her laughter. As the night went on the crowd became larger and Tiffany had broken more glasses. Lily and Philippe were currently dancing against one another as they poured drinks for the customers. Lily laughed as Philippe did a raunchy move on her then grabbed her ass for extra effect. Lily slapped his arm playfully as he wiggled his eyebrows at the customers who in return laughed. Lily handed the drink over to the customer who handed over the money. As Lily put it in the till another customer shouted for an order. They had wanted a plain larger. As Lily pulled the pint she was to busy concentrating on the drink to see the figure who had asked for it.

"So what brings Hogwarts Head Girl into an eccentric establishment like this?" A deep voice said to her. Lily looked up from her the drink and smiled at her old school friend. She handed the pint over to him and took his money.

"What brings Hogwarts Head Boy into an eccentric establishment like this?" Lily mocked with a grin. The guy in front of her was none other than James Potter. He hadn't changed a bit, he was still as handsome as ever and he probably still knew it. His hair was still messy and he still wore the black wire framed glasses that covered his hazel eyes.

"Bachelor Party." James smiled.

"I thought you said you were going to wait for me forever?" Lily laughed as she served another costumer.

"I still am. It's a mate of mine from work." James said. Lily looked at him.

"Is he gay?" Lily asked curiously. James cocked his head at her.

"I don't think Tracey would like her fiance to turn out gay." James laughed. Lily turned to Philippe who was helping Tiffany out.

"Hey Philippe you owe me ten bucks." Lily laughed. Philippe looked at her and sighed. He walked over to her and handed her the money.

"A guy can dream." Philippe laughed.

"Philippe this is James, a friend of mine from school. James this is Philippe." Lily introduced. The two shook hands and greeted each other. There was another smash and Philippe closed his eyes.

"Lily whisk me away to a tropical island please." Philippe said as he walked back over to Tiffany to help her out.

"Haiti is just calling our names Philippe." Lily laughed. She then turned back to James. "So who else is here? Anyone I know?" Lily asked curiously as she cleaned the bar surface.

"Sirius has taken residence on the dance floor and Remus is chatting up the other barmaid." James laughed as he watched Remus talk to Mandy. Mandy had curly blonde hair and had blue eyes. Like Lily she wore a black cotton halter neck with 'Magic Charm' written across the front and a short black skirt with Magic written across the ass.

"That would be Mandy." Lily smiled. She turned to Kelly who was dealing with a customer. "Kelly, I'm taking my break." Lily shouted. Kelly nodded at her and Lily lifted the bar flap and moved to the other side of the bar. She grabbed a hold of James' hand and led him towards the dance floor in search of Sirius. She found him in the middle of a group of girls. She pushed her way through them.

"Sirius what would your wife think of this?" Lily shouted. She turned to the girls. "She is on her deathbed whilst he gallivants around the country." Lily said in mock sadness. The girls looked disgustedly at Sirius then walked away. Lily turned to Sirius and smiled. He glared at her. "Got ya back for telling everyone that I was pregnant with Severus Snape's child." Lily laughed as she hugged him.

"Well it looks like I'm just going to have to shag you tonight." Sirius said in a mock sad expression. Lily looked at him.

"Sorry hun I have a queue. If you come back in about... six months I just might be able to squeeze you in." Lily chuckled.

"That's a date." Sirius grinned. Lily laughed and rolled her eyes. Lily turned round to James but seen that he was talking with some guy. She turned back to Sirius.

"What're you doing here?" Sirius asked putting his hands on her waist.

"Working." Lily said as she pointed to her top but Sirius seemed to be looking at other things. Lily rolled her eyes and put a finger under his chin and made him look into her eyes.

"I'm up here, Black." Lily chuckled.

"Sorry babe, but it has been a long tome since I seen ya. I just want to remember you in that cute little outfit." Sirius said grinning. Lily rolled her eyes and smiled playfully.

"I bet there is another image of me you would like to see." Lily whispered huskily into his ear. Sirius looked at her with a grin.

"Oh you know there is. But I'll just have to keep dreaming won't I?" Sirius laughed. Lily laughed also.

"Ah you caught me out." Lily smiled. "So how's things?" Lily asked as she looked back round at James who was now surrounded by a few girls. Sirius noticed Lily looking at James.

"Good. James and I are Aurors now." Sirius said, Lily didn't seem to be paying attention. "He's single." Sirius said, this made Lily look at him.

"Who?" Lily asked dubiously. Sirius cocked his head and grinned.

"Prongs. He and Kristi broke up a while after school ended." Sirius said. Kristi Marx had been James's girlfriend during his seventh year. Lily had hated the girl because the pair had competed for almost anything. The secret competition, however, had been James. Lily knew the only reason why Kristi had gone after him was because she knew Lily had liked him. Lily was sure that James had never really liked her. He had only dated her because it would make his parents happy, Kristi had come from a pureblood family who had been very good friends with the Potters. James had told Lily that he had resented ever asking her out. He had told her this during a drunken 'study' session. This was also when the pair had their first kiss together but things couldn't go any further, they led different paths.

"What a shame." Lily said trying to sound sympathetic. Sirius laughed.

"Yeah right. You hated the bitch as much as I did." Sirius smiled. Lily laughed and shrugged.

"Well Sirius it was nice seeing you again but I better get back to work." Lily said as she kissed Sirius on the cheek.

"When you get back to England owl me and we'll meet up." Sirius winked. Lily laughed and rolled her eyes as she walked away from him. She lifted the bar flap and began serving the customers again. She swayed her hips in time to the music as she mixed a cocktail. She felt hands on her hips and smiled as Philippe danced behind her. She handed over the cocktail and received the money from the customer. After she put in the till she started dancing with Philippe. The customers beside the bar cheered and laughed as Lily and Philippe laughed and danced closely. They stopped dancing when the song ended and was met with tremendous applause. Lily smiled and went to a customer and took the woman's order. Tiffany came up beside Lily and scooped some ice into a glass

"Umm Lily I don't want to seem rude but umm are you and Philippe you know umm together?" Tiffany asked, as she looked at the ground timidly in her seemingly posh American accent. Lily looked at her and busted out laughing.

"No, I wish though but he's gay." Lily said as she was doubled laughing. Tiffany smiled.

"I feel like an idiot now. I just wondered because of the way you guys were dancing." Tiffany shrugged. Lily smiled and shook her head.

"We only do that because it gives us extra tips." Lily whispered with a smile.

"Oh." Tiffany smiled. She then noticed that somebody was staring right at Lily. "Umm Lily, some guy is staring right at you." Lily looked at Tiffany.

"Messy black hair?" Lily asked hopefully. Tiffany nodded. Lily smiled. "He's an old friend. Hopefully to be something else by the end of the night." Lily winked then went back to work. A while later Lily and Mandy were laughing and talking with a customer when the DJ called out through the speakers.

"This next song is dedicated to our very own heavenly goddess, Lily Evans. Guys be warned because it will take more than a prayer to get with her." The DJ called. Lily laughed and rolled her eyes as the DJ put on a Madonna classic 'Like a Prayer'. This was Lily's all time favourite song especially the remix version. Just then James walked up to the bar and indicated for her to go over to him. Lily smiled as she walked up to him.

"What can I do you for?" Lily asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"We're leaving. The guys want to take the groom across town to some club." James shouted over the music. Lily looked crestfallen but hid it with a smile.

"Well I'll owl you when I get back to Britain." Lily said with a nod of her head. James looked at her for a moment and inched over the bar a little towards her, Lily moved towards him.

"I want to see you before I go." James whispered into her ear. Lily smiled.

"When do you leave?" She asked huskily into her ear.

"Tomorrow afternoon." Replied James. Lily pulled back and winced.

"I have classes all afternoon." Lily said. James smiled his heart-stopping smile.

"Well what time does your shift end here?" He asked curiously. Lily looked at him oddly.

"Two, why?" She asked leaning towards him once again.

"I'll meet you outside then at two." He replied with a grin. Lily chuckled.

"Okay then." She said with a smile. "See you then." And with one last charming smile James was gone. Lily smiled to herself as Kelly came up to her.

"What are you so happy about?" She asked wryly. Lily smiled at her known the less.

"Not a thing." Lily said as she continued with her work.

A few hours later.

Lily waved to Mick the bouncer as she walked away from the club. She was wearing a pair of flared jeans and a black strap top, her jacket hanging around her waist. She stopped and smiled as she seen the messy haired figure leaning up against the wall opposite the club.

"Hey." She smiled as she adjusted the strap of her bag, which had her work clothes inside.

"Hi." James smiled as he walked towards her.

"So what do you want to do?" Lily asked.

"What every guys wants to do at two o'clock on the morning." James said with a mischievous grin. Lily folded her arms and gave him a questionable grin. "Breakfast, of course." James smiled. Lily laughed then took his outstretched arm and looped her arm around it.

"Okay. I know this great little all night cafe just around the corner." Lily smiled as she walked towards. A few minutes later they were sitting in a small cafe just having ordered.

"So what's it like living in the great Big Apple?" James asked with a smile. Lily shrugged.

"It's okay but it's not home." Lily said with a pensive look.

"Do you miss England?" James asked her as he watched her charily. She was very beautiful and had that natural glow about her. James remembered the times they both had long deep and meaningful conversation in the Head Lounge. He wished he hadn't spent the time he did with Kristi, that time could've been spent getting to know Lily a lot better than he already knew her.

"I guess. I mean I certainly don't miss the rain or the coldness - even though New York is probably worse with unpredictable weather." Lily chuckled. "But I miss my friends I guess. I haven't seen Hestia in three years. We keep in touch through Owl but it just isn't the same." Lily said with a sad smile.

"Hestia is training to be an Unspeakable isn't she?" James asked.

"Yeah, she seems to love it." Lily said. "What about you? I hear you're an Auror now. What about wanting to become a broom racer?" Lily asked with a chuckle.

"Ahh that didn't work out I am afraid. Sirius was to scared to become an Auror by himself." Lily laughed.

"Oh I'm sure of it." She said grinning. The night continued like this. Two old friends laughing and joking about old times and present days. A while later the two were standing outside James's hotel room.

"I had a great night, James. Thanks." Lily said with a smile.

"My pleasure. It was great seeing you again. It was almost like old times." James said as he leaned against the wall. Lily looked at her watch; it was 3:50.

"It's getting late." Lily said.

"Yeah." James said. Then he did something, which took Lily very much by surprise. He kissed her. Lily was in shock at first but wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. They stood there for what seemed like forever until James pulled away and looked down at Lily. Lily looked back up at him breathless.

"Do that again." Lily whispered. James happily obliged. Lily was the one to pull away this time. James nuzzled at her neck as she spoke. "Don't you think we should move this somewhere else?" Lily said with her eyes closed. James pulled away from her and grinned.

"Whatever the lady wants." James said as he took out his keys and led Lily inside. The room was large and had a king-size double bed against the far wall and a table and a wardrobe were against another. Lily didn't pay any attention to her surroundings as she was too occupied kissing James.


The next morning Lily slowly opened her eyes to the bright sun shining through the window. She pulled the white sheets around her naked body and snuggled into the figure beside her. Hold on - Lily opened her eyes to look at her surroundings then she remembered the night before - or to put correctly a few hours ago. Lily smiled as the strong figure pulled her closer to him.

"Hmm good morning." James said sleepily. Lily smiled up at him.

"It is indeed. What time is it?" She asked curiously. James looked at the alarm.

"It's just gone past nine." He said sleepily. Lily snuggled closer to him then suddenly sat up. James looked at her through sleepy eyes.

"Crap. I have class at ten. I got to go." She said as she got of the bed taking the covers with her leaving only a sheet for James.

"Do you really have to go?" James asked. Lily turned to him and smiled.

"Yes. This class is really important." Lily said as she put on her clothes. She stopped when she had her jeans and top on. She turned to James and smiled. "I had an amazing time James." She said. James sat up and smiled.

"So did I." He said. Lily leaned towards him and kissed him passionately then pulled away. She took a deep breath then opened her eyes.

"Have a save journey home." She said. James looked at the ground then looked back at Lily with a smile.

"When you get back to England you better owl me." James laughed. Lily smiled as she put on her jacket. James stood up and wrapped the sheets around his waist. He opened the door for her as she made her way out. She stopped and looked at him with a smile then kissed him one last time. James smiled at her as she walked away. Then he heard a whistle from the other end of the corridor; both he and Lily looked in that direction to see Sirius and Remus making their way towards them. James turned to Lily.

"James I am so sorry for waking you up but that information was very helpful. Have a safe journey, bye." Lily said quickly running off. James was just about to close the door when Sirius's hand stopped him.

"Just a minute there Prongsy, what was Evans doing here?" Sirius asked as he pushed open the door and walked into the room followed by Remus. James sighed then closed the door after the pair.

"She just wanted me to give something to umm Hestia, yeah Hestia." James said quickly.

"What her bra?" Remus asked with a smirk as he picked up a silky black bra from the ground. James went bright red and rubbed the back of his neck.


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