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The Magic Charm

Chapter 7


James, Lily and Frank stood in front of nearly thirty-five people who were all watching and awaiting. It was dawn the next day and the special ops team as well as the medi-wizards were waiting for their instructions as they stood in the alleyway in front of the ministry. Luckily no muggles could see this large ensemble of people, as it would look quiet odd at this time in the morning. James and Lily hadn't spoken since the day before, not like they would have even had the chance, as they were both so busy preparing for the mission. Frank was getting really pissed off by the non-verbal communication between them as they spoke through him when they needed to tell the other something. Lily had found out - from Frank - that she was to stay at the headquarters of the mission and to make sure that everything ran smoothly. In other words sit and wait. Lily didn't want to do this but James was the one who choose who was doing what job. Lily resented him for this.

"On behalf of the Ministry we want to thank you all for partaking in this mission. It could be the difference between life or death for many other witches and wizards." James said as he addressed the large group. He paused as he looked at the ground and contemplated what to say next.

"I know many of you wonder if you will ever see the loved ones that you have said good bye too. I too wonder, but I pray that each and every one of us gets that chance again. What we go off to do today affects the future of those we love. We fight today so that our family and friends can live safely. We do not fight so that we can win a war. We fight because there is something good in the world to fight for. We fight for our families, we fight for our friends, and we fight for each other." James said. Everyone watched in amazement as this courageous yet very young man took on such a large role as a leader.

"I give you all one piece of advice before we go into battle. Do not aim to kill unless it is needed to be done. Deatheaters will aim to kill you for they do not care about those that fall upon their wand, but we are not as heartless as those are. We aim to capture so that they can spend their days thinking of how callous they have been." James said. He looked at his watch. "Now could everyone go towards his or her assigned portakey, as it is time." James said. There was some muttering as the large group made their way towards their portakey. James made his way towards an empty whiskey bottle that lay beside the broken phone box. He picked it up and looked at it. The bottle looked brand new, which was how James had seen it so easily. The golden brown 'Hennessy' label hid the fact that it was empty as James soon found out when he tipped it over.

"Typical." James muttered.

"We need some Dutch courage about now." A voice said. James turned around to see Edward Bones standing behind him. He was as tall as James was with light green eyes and jet-black hair. "Nice speech." He said, but James just shrugged.

"Need to get them rallied somehow." James replied.

"Must be really hard for you." Edward stated as he leaned against the wall.

"What?" James asked blankly.

"Well our loved ones don't have to fight in this battle." Edward said. James looked at him oddly. "But yours is." Edward said as he looked towards a beautiful red head that was holding a dinted tin can lid with a woman a few years older than her known as Rebecca Murdock. James looked in Lily's direction then looked at the ground.

"If I had my way she wouldn't be here." James said as he looked at Edward.

"Does she know?" Edward asked.

"She knows I don't want her on this mission." James said as he looked back at the red head.

"Does she know why?" Edward asked curiously as he too looked in the direction of Lily. James looked at Edward.

"You better take a hold of this its nearly time. Where is Lewis?" James asked as he looked around.

"Right here." A man said as he came up to the pair. He was shorter than James and Edward but what he lacked in height he made up for in strength. Just as the man put his hand on the bottle James felt a tug just behind his naval then all of a sudden he could feel himself being sulked through a wormhole and pulled in every direction. Just as James felt he couldn't take anymore they stopped. James steadied himself and shook his head before looking at his surroundings. There was a gasp from many of the women that were with them.

They stood in a large hallway that looked as if it had been taken from a royal palace. There were gold fittings everywhere with beautiful red carpet at their feet. There was a grand wooden staircase that led to the upper floors. Suspended from the ceiling was a large crystal chandelier with a large gold rim. The walls were a rich cream colour with a mahogany border. There were many muggle paintings on the walls of women and men and also of landscapes.

"This place is amazing. How did the ministry ever get a place like this?" Lily asked as she stared at the huge chandelier.

"It was donated from some rich family." Frank said as he too looked around.

"Who?" Lily asked. Frank shrugged.

"I've heard about this place, it's called the Saule De Ciel Bleu chateaux." Rebecca Murdock spoke up. She had a very tanned skin with long brown hair and hazel eyes with a small mole above the left side of her lip. "Wasn't this apart of some muggle revolution in the 18th century? The magical owners had used it as a place where the wounded could be healed." Rebecca said as she looked at a painting.

"Murdock you actually listened in History of Magic?" Sirius asked with his eyebrows raised. Rebecca rolled her eyes.

"Potter told me about it once." Rebecca said as she looked at Sirius with a glare.

"Where is James?" Frank as he looked around.

"He must've went on up to his room." Edward said a he too looked around. "Has he been here before?" The question lingered as the others looked at each other. Lily noticed a small gold plaque on the wall beside a great big bay window. Engraved on the plaque was

To those that helped in a time of need

King Napoleon gives thanks to the Potter family

For all their help in aiding those that had

Been wounded during 1789 -1799

Lily stared at the plaque in astonishment. This chateaux had once belonged James and his family, she knew that his family had been rich but not this rich.

"Lily come on, we are going to our rooms." Hestia called as she walked towards a door. Lily followed her friend up the grand staircase then down a corridor and another and another. She was beginning to wonder just how far away her room was going to be when Frank pointed out her room.

"That's you over their Lily. Hestia is beside you and James's is that one just across from yours. He knows this place like the back of his hand so he can take you wherever you need to go." Frank said with a smile.

"Thanks." Lily said sarcastically as she walked into the room. The small amount of belongings she had taken had been sent along before her and was now sitting packed neatly into a bag that was sitting on a large luxurious queen-sized four poster bed.

"Wow." Lily murmured as she looked around the room. It was very grand and was a beautiful green colour. There was a large bay window that looked out onto the grounds. The room was also had an ensuite bathroom that was beautifully tiled and had a large bath that was situated in the middle of the room. Lily was amazed at how beautiful the room was but she knew she could not dwell in it for long as she was here for a reason. Lily soon left the room and went in search of where she was to begin her work.

A while later she walked into the dinning room and was not shocked to see many people already at work. The large dinning table could hold up to forty people it was obvious to see. But it was not being used for the purpose of eating dinner at. No, instead it was being used for people to spread papers along it so that information could be easier to read. There was a large buffet table along one side of the room so that people could eat as they worked. On the walls there were many painting of very prominent figures of the 17th century. Lily felt one of them looked oddly familiar. Just as she stared at it Frank came up to her along with two very unknown people.

"Lily I would like you to meet Luc Pierre and Antoinette Prix. They are from the French Ministry and will be helping us with the mission." Frank introduced. Luc was a very handsome man with light brown hair and dazzling blue eyes. His features were wonderfully arched with the goatee on his chin. Antoinette was also very pretty with black hair that was in a high ponytail and square framed glasses that perched along her straight nose.

"Very nice to meet you." Lily said to the pair as she shook both of their hands. The pair smiled at her.

"Umm Lily can I talk to you for a moment?" Frank asked as he led Lily to the side.

"What's wrong?" Lily asked. Frank rubbed his face.

"Please tell me you can speak French." Frank pleaded. Lily smiled sadly and shook her head. "Antoinette and Luc can only speak a small amount of English." Frank sighed.

"I'm so sorry Frank I can't help you." Lily said.

"It's alright. Do you know anyone else that can speak French?" Frank asked Lily hopefully.

"Why?" A voice asked. Frank looked at James hopefully. Nobody noticed Lily stiffen and slowly walk away.

"The French Ministry has sent some people to help us." Frank said nodding his head toward Antoinette and Luc, who had been talking amongst themselves and looking at a folder. "The only problem is that they can't speak English." Frank said. "I was just asking..." Frank had turned to Lily and saw that she wasn't there. He looked around the room and saw her in the furthest corner talking importantly to a woman. Frank turned back to James who was looking at Lily. "What happened?" Frank asked with a sigh. James looked at Frank.

"What?" He asked, seemingly bewildered. Frank rolled his eyes.

"You and Lily. She can barely be in the same room with you and every time she has to be she has a scowl on her face." Frank asked. James sighed.

"I just said something really stupid." James replied.

"Well go un-say it because you guys need to have your head in the game." Frank said.

"I know. I'll sort things out." James said.

"Good. Now in the mean time, I've gotta go find someone that can speak this bloody language." Frank said as he walked away. James chuckled then looked at Lily. She was talking to Marlene McKinnon about something and pointing at a piece of parchment on the table. James hated the atmosphere between them. He hadn't realised it but in the past few weeks since she had come back into his life, he had felt happier. With Lily around he could talk to her about things that he couldn't with Sirius, Remus or Peter. He was so angry with himself for approaching her the way that he had.

James sighed and picked up a piece of parchment that was on the table. The parchment was all about the 'Magic Charm'. Ironic, he thought. It was something that had once brought them together but was now tearing them apart. James put the parchment back down on the table and left the large dining room. Unbeknownst to him but emerald eyes followed him.


"Sirius, if you swing it like that you'll chop of a head!" Hestia screamed at him. They were with a large group of people in the large ballroom of the chateaux training with weapons, their wands, or just working out. Sirius, Hestia and a few others were training with swords, as each person would be taking them into battle with them.

"That's not the only thing I wouldn't mind swinging." Sirius said with a wink.

"You are so crude." Hestia said with a roll of her eyes.

"I know you want me Hestia, but bad mouthing me isn't helping your case." Sirius said.

"You are so annoying." Hestia angrily. Sirius couldn't help but grin wider. Working out with Sirius reminded her so much of the dream that she had, and it was frustrating her as he looked just as good now as he had in the dream.

"I love you two." Sirius with a grin. Hestia rolled her eyes.

"I would love to poke your eyes out with this sword." Hestia said indicating to the sword that was in her hand.

"There will be no poking out of anybody's anything." James said as he came up to the small group with a brown folder in his hand.

"You're no fun." Sirius said with a wry smile. James looked at him oddly.

"Okay." James said with a shake of his head. "How're things going? The swords alright?" James asked as he took Hestia's from her hand. He let his fingers wrap around the golden handle.

"They're fine." Sirius replied. "Tim's needs sharpened though." Sirius said as he pointed a tall man with blondish hair.

"Good. I'll get Greg to sort that out." James said. "Keep practicing." James said as he walked away.

"Hey James, wait up." A female voice called. James looked back to see Hestia walking after him.

"What's up?" James asked looking concerned.

"Umm I need to talk to you in private." Hestia said as she noticed nosy Fiona Summers watching the pair.

"Sure." James said as he led Hestia out of the ballroom and down a hallway then into another room. The room was large with stacks of books everywhere; the room was obviously the library. "What is it?" James as he sat down in a dark green leather chair. He was looking through the folder and was not really studying his surroundings like Hestia had done.

"What did you do to Lily?" Hestia asked. James stopped skimming the article and looked at the woman in front of him. He sighed and put the folder on the small coffee table beside him. "So it was you that put her in this major bad mood." Hestia stated. "I thought things were going good between you guys? How did you put your foot into this one?" She asked with a sigh.

"I told her I didn't want her on the mission." James with a stony expression. Hestia stared at him as if he had grown an extra head.

"You idiot!" She screamed at him. James looked at her in surprise. "Even you should know better than that." Hestia said with a furious sigh.

"But I don't want her here." James defended.

"None of us wants her here. This is a fight she doesn't need to be involved in but once she sets her mind on something no one can deter her. James, you've known the girls for years. You know how bloody determined she is." Hestia said. James sighed and stood up and walked over to the large bay window.

"How am I going to make things better?" James asked after a long pause.

"First of all I need you tell me everything that happened when you told her." Hestia said. And James did. He told her about telling Lily straightforward that he didn't want her there and of course he told her of Lily's outburst.

"Have you no tact?" Hestia screamed at him. "Could not have eased her into it? And to tell her she is a danger? James you're a complete idiot." Hestia said shaking her head. "Do you know how long she has tried to prove that she is something in this world? That she isn't just some muggle child? She has done nothing but work her arse off since she was 11 to show witches and wizards that she is something. And she has finally gotten to that place in her life and then you of all people demoralise her by telling her she is a danger!" Hestia screamed.

"I didn't mean it like that." James defended.

"I know that. But Lily doesn't." Hestia said with a shake of her head. James sighed and put his head in his hands.

"How am I gonna make things better?" James asked.

"Why is it that you want to make things better?" Hestia asked. James looked at Hestia as if she were crazy.

"Because... it's Lily. I don't want her mad at me." James said.

"Is that all?" Hestia asked as she crossed her arms. James looked at her. After a moment he shook his head.

"No it's not. I'm crazy for the girl, Hestia. I have been since she told me too piss off at the end of fourth year." James admitted. It felt good to get that of his chest. Everybody knew that he was but he had never formally admitted it. "I love Lily Evans." James said as if to make sure that the words could be formed.

"Yeah I knew that. Just wanted to make sure you did." Hestia said with a shrug. James rolled his eyes. "Now if you want to clear all this mess up and win her heart, you have to do one thing." Hestia said.

"What's that?" James asked.

"You have to tell her everything." Hestia said with a shrug.


James was standing in the middle of the ballroom. All eyes were on him.

"We leave in an hour. This isn't a suicide mission, but some of you will not return. If you have letters or anything you wish to give to loved ones, now is the time to write them. The Ministry wants to thank you for doing this. But when you get out there don't think of the ministry. Think of each other. For that is who we all are fighting for." At this James looked out of the corner of his eye to see Lily watching him. There was no anger on her face just worry. "Could everyone meet back in here in an hour and make sure that they have everything they need." At this everyone separated and went their own way. James sighed and looked at Sirius who was standing with Hestia. Hestia noticed his glance and inclined her head towards Lily. James looked in her direction and saw that she was leaving with the crowd. James quickly caught up with her.

"Can I have a word with you, please?" James asked. Lily sighed and nodded her head. She followed him towards the library that he and Hestia had been in before. She sat down on a leather couch that been beside the chair that James had sat in earlier.

"What do you need to talk to me about?" Lily asked. James sat down in the seat that he had sat in before.

"Look, Lily, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I said and how I said it. I didn't mean it the way it came out." James said as he fiddled with his robe sleeve.

"So you don't mind me being here?" Lily asked.

"I still don't want you here." James said. Lily sighed angrily.

"WHY THE HE-?" Lily began.

"Let me finish please." James pleaded with her. Lily seethed angrily but let him talk. "I don't want you here because I don't want you to get hurt." James said.

"I'm not going to get hurt." Lily said angrily.

"Lily the stuff I'm saying out there-" James pointed towards the door. "-isn't just to rally them. I'm not saying it so they will fight better. I'm saying because it is the truth. People are going to die, Lily, and I don't want one of them to be you." James said. Lily looked at James. He was so passionate about what he was saying that he scared her. She never really believed that people would actually die but was suddenly sinking in.

"Then why are you alright about Sirius here? He is one of your friends as well." Lily asked.

"I don't want him here. But he needs to be here. He is one of the best aurors we have. He's right up there next to Moody and we can't exactly do without him." James said.

"Oh and you can do without me?" Lily asked angrily. James sighed and threw his hands up in the air.

"You're taking this the wrong way." James said angrily.

"How am I supposed to take it?" Lily asked. James sighed and stood up.

"Not like this." James said calmly. "Look I need to get my stuff sorted." James said.

"You just can't walk away and leave it like this." Lily said as she too stood.

"And I'm not going too." James said as he took to letters out of his pocket. They were both rolled up and tied with a blue ribbon. He handed them to Lily. "If I don't come back..." James trailed off. "There is one there for my parents ... and one for you. It'll explain everything." James said. Lily looked at the rolled up parchment, tears glistening her eyes.

"You're coming back." Lily said.

"I might not." James said as he looked at the ground and started to walk towards the door. But a hand on his arm stopped him. He looked at Lily and saw the tears in his eyes.

"Please don't go into battle thinking you won't come out if it." Lily said. James sighed and was about to say something when he felt lips upon his own. She was kissing him and he was not minding one bit. He kissed her back with such intensity that it shocked her. Finally she pulled away and leaned her forehead against his chest. She then looked up into his beautiful hazel eyes and she prayed that this wouldn't be the last time that she could do that. She sighed and decided that she had to go. She had to. And she did. James watched her leave and couldn't help but feel the slightest bit happier, even if he were going into battle.


Lily sighed as she sat in the large kitchen. It was very old fashioned with a large black stove and wooden workbench. She was very peckish and knew that once the battle started she would not have any time to eat. As she looked through the large refrigerator someone walked into the kitchen.

"Anything nice in there?" A voice asked. Lily spun around to see her friend Alice standing there. She had her lengthy brown hair pulled back in a tight bun and she was wearing her white nurses uniform. She was part of the medical crew that had come along on the mission

"Hey Alice." Lily said with a smile. "There's nothing snack worthy." Lily said as she turned back to the refrigerator.

"Ah well, it goes straight to the hips anyway." Alice said with a chuckle. Lily smiled again as she closed the refrigerator door. There was silence as the pair sat down on two stools along the bench. "So how is life living with James?" Alice asked.

"The house is great. But James is an asshole." Lily said with a shake of her head.

"Why?" Alice asked concernedly.

"He thinks I can't look after myself and that I would be a danger in battle." Lily said angrily.

"He probably just doesn't want you to get hurt." Alice reasoned.

"But why doesn't he just say that then?" Lily asked angrily.

"He's a guy, Lily. They make things complicated." Alice said with a roll of her eyes. "I mean Frank needs to understand that taking care of people is in my job description." Alice said annoyed with the situation at hand. "He doesn't want me here either." Alice explained.

"I forgot you guys were dating." Lily said.

"It's been a few weeks. But I'm happy. Frank makes me really happy." Alice said with a dreamy smile.

"Lucky for some." Lily said with a sigh as leaned on her elbow that was placed on the workbench.

"You and James still not together yet?" Alice asked.

"What makes you think we would get together?" Lily asked, her eyebrows raised in astonishment at such a thought.

"Lily you're crazy about the guy. Don't even try to deny it. And James is crazy about you. I've seen the way he has looked at you today." Alice said.

"He does?" Lily asked cautiously. Alice nodded her head. "Then why hasn't he ever told me?" Lily asked.

"It's James. Remember the guy who you used to ask you out nearly every week when we were in Hogwarts. He probably thinks you don't feel the same." Alice said with a shrug. "If you ever want anything to happen between you guys, you have to make the first move."

"Me?" Lily asked. Alice nodded then hopped of the stool and left the kitchen.


An hour was up. All those that were on the first wave of attack were ready to go, but they had 5 more minutes until the portakey would take them to their undisclosed destination.

"Where's Sirius?" James asked as he looked around to group.

"I'm here." Sirius said as he came rushing up to the group. He looked very flushed and was buttoning up the last three buttons of his black ministry robes.

"Where've you been?" James asked him curiously as he folded his arms.

"Doing things." Sirius said with a shrug. James noticed Sirius look past him and look at Hestia who was also buttoning up her black robes. She was on the second wave of attack. James grinned at Sirius.

"Well?" James asked. Sirius grinned.

"Best thing to do before you die mate." Sirius laughed.

"Well I'm not dieing yet." James said with a grin. Sirius looked at him oddly. "I think I'm in with a chance." James said.

"F**k man I could have told you that. She's just as mad about you as you are for her." Sirius said. James rolled his eyes.

"Everyone get ready." James called. The group of ten gathered round and took a hold of a large stale baguette. James twisted around so that he could see Lily. His eyes landed on the red head and he locked eyes with her. Just then he felt a tug behind his navel and then he was gone.

Lily sighed as the group of ten disappeared. She sat down in a chair that was at the side of the room and put her head in her hands. Hestia walked over to her.

"You okay?" She asked Lily. Lily looked at her.

"People are going to die aren't they?" Lily asked.

"Let's just hope its deatheaters and none of our lot." Hestia reassured.

"He gave me a letter to give to his parents in case he doesn't come back." Lily said as she looked at the ground.

"Did he tell you anything?" Hestia asked hopefully.

"He tried to explain why he didn't want me here. I guess I wasn't much help." Lily replied.

"So he didn't tell you anything?" Hestia asked. Lily shook her head.

"He gave me a letter as well." Lily said as she took the roll of parchment out of her pocket.

"When I leave Lily, read the letter. If I know James, it will take him a long time to work up the courage to tell you in person what is in that letter." Hestia said. Lily looked at her oddly. Just as she was about to say something a man with dark hair and chiselled features came up to Lily.

"There's a problem Lily. Luc has translated some of the French decoded information." The young man known as Ian said.

"Well what is it?" Lily asked as she stood from the chair and followed him out of the ballroom and into the dining room.

"We got the co-ordinates wrong." Ian said. Lily looked at the information that Luc had decoded and then at the co-ordinates that had been used for the portakey. Lily gasped.

"They're going to arriving right in the middle of things." Ian said sadly.

"Lily the entreaty is lit." Frank said as he ran into the dining room.

"Go! Be prepared you will be appearing in the thick of things." Lily said. She followed him back into the ballroom. She grabbed a hold of Hestia and gave her a hug.

"Be careful." She whispered. Hestia nodded then joined the rest of the second wave. In a few seconds they were gone. There was nobody in the ballroom but Lily. She went back into the dining room.

"The second wave has gone. We need to keep an eye on their movements. Ian will you tell Luc and Antoinette that anything concerning the size of the deatheater company needs to be told to me instantly. We might need more back up." Lily said as she rubbed her face.


"CRUCIO!" A voice screamed at James. James quickly deflected it and grin. The deatheater figure moved towards him and produced a long silver sword. James took his sword from his holder and stopped the blade from striking his shoulder. The deatheater lifter the sword and swung it around but James stopped it again. They struck a few more blows until James struck the deatheaters right thigh, causing to fall to the ground and as he fell his blade struck James' shoulder. James gasped at the pain and the deatheater pulled his sword from James flesh.

"B**TARD!" James screamed. James elbowed the deatheater in the head causing him to fall to the ground unconscious. James looked around him to see every auror fighting a deatheater, luckily they were not badly outnumbered since the second attack came.

"James!" A voice called. James looked up to see Sirius calling him. He was battling a deatheater and was currently winning but he held a gold chain in his hand. He threw the chain to Sirius and it was like slow motion as it went threw the air. James caught it easily but winced as he moved his left arm.

"You're hurt go back with it!" Sirius called.

"James!" Another voice called. James spun around to see Rebecca Murdock in some serious help. He ran over and pulled the deatheater off her. He winced again as the deatheater smacked his shoulder.

"Rebecca take the amulet. Go back!" James said as he punched the deatheater then threw the amulet to Rebecca who was lying on the ground.

"But James you're hurt." Rebecca said.

"Go!" James screamed he punched the deatheater again. And Rebecca did so. But as she disapparated two deatheaters grabbed a hold of her arms in hope of getting the necklace. "Rebecca!" James screamed as the deatheaters disapparated along with Rebecca. The deatheater pulled out his wand but James did a roundhouse kick and knocked it out of his hand. James pulled his wand out of his.

"Petrificus Totalus!" James screamed and the deatheater went stiff and fell to the ground. James stepped over him and ran towards Sirius who was battling to deatheaters. James elbowed one of them in the back of the head. The deatheater fell forward and Sirius moved out of the way so that he didn't fall on him. Sirius looked at James smiled.

"Having fun?" He asked with a grin.

"Two deatheaters followed Rebecca back to the castle." James said frantically as he clutched at his shoulder. Just then a deatheater apparated a few feet away from them. He grabbed a hold of two deatheaters then disapparated again. "SHIT!" James exclaimed. Sirius punched the deatheater he was fighting in the gut.

"What's wrong?" Frank asked as a death eater flew past James and fell into a heap.

"Nice." Sirius said as he saw the deatheater in a heap.

"We have to get back to the châteaux. Deatheaters followed Rebecca back." James said as he winced with the pain in his shoulder. Frank cursed under his breath then looked around him. Many deatheaters lay motionless on the ground, as did a few aurors and unspeakables. James grinned as he watched Hestia kick a deatheaters ass.

"...And that's for making me break a goddamn nail. And this is for..." James heard her shout. If he was in any other situation he would have laughed. There were not many deatheaters left but the ones that were still there were putting up a good fight.

"One of us needs to stay here." Frank said. Neither wanted to stay, as they wanted to make sure that the women they loved were okay, even if the pair was injured.

"Both of you guys go. I can take care of things." Sirius said. "You need more with you. Take Hestia." Sirius said as he watched her put the body bind on a deatheater.

"Where we going?" She asked as she looked at the three men.


"Lily duck!" Ian screamed as he shoot a curse at the deatheater that Lily was fighting.

"Thanks." Lily shouted as she turned to another deatheater and punched him. More and more deatheaters were appearing at every moment and Lily was getting scared. Rebecca had given her the amulet and it was now hidden in a secret pocket in her robes. But Lily could feel the power of it trying to take control of her. As Lily faltered from a shiver, caused by the amulet, which ran down her spine, a deatheater smacked her across the face. Lily fell to the ground. The deatheater laughed and walked towards her.

"Mudblood is finally getting what is coming to her." A sneering voice said. He kneeled down beside and pushed some stray hair away from her face. "Any last words, Evans?" The voice whispered.

"Yeah." Lily said. "Piss Off." She said as she kicked him hard in the stomach and got up. Just as she pointed her wand at him, people apparated around her. She smiled as she saw James but when she turned back to the deatheater he was gone. Somebody gave Lily a hard smack across the back and Lily fell to the ground again. James watched in horror as he saw Lily fall. He pointed his wand at the deatheater.

"CRUCIO!" James screamed but the deatheater quickly deflected the curse.

"You're gonna have to do better than that, Potter." The deatheater reprimanded.

"Don't worry, Nott, I will." James said with a maniac grin.

"No Dumbledore between us now, Potter. What you waiting for?" Nott asked as he got ready shoot at James.

"This is gonna be fun." James grinned.

Lily watched as James and Nott battled. Somebody heaved Lily up and she was about to hit them when she saw that it was Hestia.

"Chill." Hestia said. "Now get out of here. Destroy the thing, I know you have it." Hestia said in a whisper.

"I can't leave now." Lily said as she looked back at James. Nott had just punched him across the face but James responded by a vicious blow to Nott's stomach.

"He'll be fine. Now go. I'll cover you." Hestia said a deatheater attacked the pair. Hestia pulled out her sword and blocked the his strike. Lily ran out of the ballroom but she did not notice Nott watching her.

"She has the amulet." He screamed to the other deatheaters. The deatheaters tried to move away from the people they were fighting but to no avail. Nott shot a curse at James that made him fly across the room and land in a heap. Nott then ran out of the ballroom and down a hall in the way he thought Lily went. James shook his head so that his eyes became clear. He looked about for Nott and saw that he wasn't there. He got off the ground and ran out of the ballroom. He saw Nott turn a corner at the end of the corridor. James quickly followed him, he then saw him go into the dining room. James ran in to see Lily standing with a book and the amulet.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Nott sneered.

"Luckily you're not me." Lily replied. James went to move to Lily's side, but stopped when Nott pointed his wand at Lily.

"If you move Potter, she gets it." Nott sneered. "Now put the amulet down."

"Okay." Lily said as she sat the amulet on the dining table, which separated her and Nott.

"Co-operative little bitch isn't you." Nott said with a grin. At this James attacked him and the pair continued their battle. James was about to punch Nott in the face when he blocked him with a small sword that sliced across James's knuckle. James reacted by using his other fist to punch Nott. Nott fell across the table and James took his sword out of his belt and went to strike Nott but he moved out of the way. Lily quickly moved out of the way and tripped and fell to the ground as she did so. As she fell the amulet fell out of her hands and smashed on the ground. There was a puff of red smoke and all that was left was shard of red glass and a gold chain.

James jumped onto the table and blocked an attack that Nott threw his way. James jumped as Nott tried to strike his legs. James landed beside Nott and kicked him in the stomach then struck him across the stomach with his sword. Nott fell back and landed on the ground. Just as James pointed his wand at Nott there was a flash of blinding light and James tried to shield his eyes. Lily screamed.

Suspended in mid air was a tall, thin, pale man with horrific red eyes and slits for nostrils. It was Voldemort. But he wasn't real because Lily could see the portrait through him. It was like he was a ghost but he couldn't have been.

"Where is the amulet?" He asked in a thunderous voice. There was silence.

"The girl has it." Nott replied. Voldemort turned his eyes on Lily. Lily could feel pain running through her.

"Give it to me!" He demanded.

"N-No!" Lily stuttered. As Lily said this James fell to the ground and started screaming in pain. "James!" Lily screamed. She looked at Nott to see that his wand was upon James.

"You will give it!" Voldemort shouted.

"It's shattered." Lily screamed at him. "You can't do much with it now." Lily said as she pointed towards the red fragments of glass. Voldemort let out a deafening roar that shook the chateaux.

"NOTT YOU FOOL!" Voldemort screamed. "This isn't over!" He said directing his words to Lily. "Come you fools." Voldemort said as he disappeared. Nott disapparated after his master and James stopped screaming in pain. Lily crawled over to him. There were tears streaming down her face at seeing James lying there motionless. She took his head and put it in her lap. She checked to see if he was still alive - he was. Lily cried even harder. There was a lot of blood around James' left shoulder and some blood coming out of his mouth. She heard feet come pounding towards her.

"Lily!" She heard Hestia scream. Hestia ran around the table and gasped at seeing James lying motionless. "Oh god!" Hestia said. Just then Sirius ran into the room followed by a medi-wizard.

"James!" Sirius gasped.


Lily sat watching him. He was going to be okay. His shoulder wound had been healed but he still needed his rest. He had not woken up yet and the medi-wizard thought it would be a few hours before he finally would. They were lucky that no lives had been lost. But a lot of aurors and unspeakables were badly injured. No deatheaters had been killed either, but they had captured seven of them, which was good. Lily rubbed her eyes and put her hands in her pockets as she continued to stare at James lying motionless in his bed. However, something her pocket caught her attention. It was the rolls of parchment James had given her earlier. They were a tiny bit squashed but not badly harmed. Lily looked at the one that had her name on it. She decided that this was as good a time as any to read it. She took off the blue ribbon and opened it up.

Dear Lily,

If you are reading this then I didn't make it. I don't really know what to write after that. I guess I have only thing that I can write. I have needed to tell you this since the moment I saw you in America. I am madly and crazy in love with you. From the moment you pulled me that pint I knew that I didn't want you leave my life. But we were in two separate places at the time. But then once again you came back into my life. You walked into Bagnold's office and you made me fall for you for the third time. The first time being when you told me to 'piss off' at Hogwarts. What a way to capture my heart.

Living and working with you had been a torture to me because every moment you were near me I wanted to feel your lips on mine. Now I guess that will never happen. I am sorry I never got the chance to say this when I was alive. I was just too much of a coward to hear your response. Now that you know how I felt I don't want you to dwell on it. I want you to be happy, Lily, and I will always be watching over you.

Love James

As Lily ended the letter there were tears streaming down her face. She never knew he felt so passionate for her. But she was happy because now she knew how he felt and he was alive. She couldn't wait for him wake up. They had so much to talk about. There was a knock on the door and Sirius walked in.

"Hey." He said softly. Lily wiped her eyes and gave him a small smile.

"Are you okay?" Lily asked him.

"Just a few scratches." Sirius said with a shrug.

"Good." Lily replied.

"Why don't you go get some rest? I'll stay here with him." Sirius offered. Lily looked at James then nodded.

"I guess he won't be waking up any time soon. Will you-?" Lily began.

"You'll be the first to know when he wakes up." Sirius said with a smile. Lily smiled and put the letter in her pocket then stood up. She hugged Sirius then left the room. Sirius sat down in the seat she had just occupied.

"She gone?" A voice asked. Sirius looked at the bed to see James awake.

"You're awake." Sirius pointed.

"I have been for a while." James said with a shrug.

"I gotta go tell Lily." Sirius said as he went to stand.

"No." James said stopping him.

"Why not?" Sirius asked questioningly.

"She read the letter." James sighed. Sirius looked at him enquiringly. "I gave her a letter to read if I didn't make it." James said.

"What was in the letter?" Sirius asked.

"How I felt about her." James replied. "And I'm not dead and she knows." James sighed.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Sirius asked as if James were mad.

"Yeah but were do I go from here?" James asked. Sirius grinned.

"What do you think?" Sirius asked. James shrugged and Sirius just shook his head. "Well get stronger then walk up to her and snog the face off her." James laughed.

"I guess that would be a good start." James said. "So is that what you did too Hestia?" James asked with a grin.

"I was kinda hoping you forgot that." Sirius said as he rubbed his forehead.

"What's going on between you guys?" James asked curiously.

"Nothing, we just slept together. But I don't know, I guess something more could happen." Sirius said. James chuckled and shook his head. Only time would tell.


Lily sighed as she opened her eyes. She had fallen asleep after having a shower when leaving James's room. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:30 at night. She sighed and turned on the lamp on the bedside table and got out of the bed and wrapped her nightgown around her. She walked over to her window and opened it so that some air could get into the room. It was such a beautiful night with a large full moon and twinkling stars. She thought about Remus and what he must be going through at that moment. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

"Come in." She called not turning from the window. The person entered and closed the door after them. She could hear the footsteps walk towards, she knew the person coming towards her was not dangerous.

"It's a beautiful night." A soft husky voice said in her ear. Lily smiled and turned to look at the figure.

"You're all better." She said. James nodded his head.

"All better." He said as he touched his left shoulder. She smiled again and looked at the ground.

"You really scared me." She said quietly. "For a moment I thought I had lost you." Lily said. James put a finger under chin and raised her head so that she was looking right at him.

"I'm not going anywhere." James said. "I love you too much to leave you." He said quietly. Lily smiled.

"I love you too much to let you go." Lily replied. James grinned then leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips. That night Lily and James made love. They did not know what tomorrow brought but they spent that night with one they loved. A night they hoped to have for their rest of their lives.

The End


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