Space werewolf

The solider staggered weakly into the mouth of the cave, grateful for the shelter, the overbearing sun had turned his skin a bright red, on his face and back, his body armour littered the desert sand, god knows how many miles behind him. He nearly collapsed onto the floor due to the huge temperature gradient, fading in and out of consciousness, he saw an old, wrinkled man in a turban and the garb of a Nomad tending a fire... where had he...

Faces rushed past in a swirling maelstrom speaking incoherently shouting and screaming, the only thing he could make out above the desert wind was them all shouting in unison "you could of saved us, why didn't you save us?" Faces came to the fore his squad mates most recently lost. They asked the same questions, until the flesh on Their face melted off until only the skull remained still they asked, the solider screamed back at the apparitions full of defiance and fear, he knew what happened, and he did not answer to the dead, who laid down Their lives willingly.

When he awoke the scream, he started in his mind followed him to the waking world. The Nomad was drinking tea as he tended his fire, he spoke deliberately methodically, with great care not looking up from the fire, "you suffered a heat stroke, I stripped you down to keep you alive, not that it would make much difference, you have only one option. And that is a curse. One I have lived with for many many lifetimes."

The man looked old. About 65 to the soldiers estimate. The man continued. "the full moon you have a choice, live, becoming powerful, and having an extended life, far beyond that of mortal man. But at the cost of becoming a monster forever shunned for ever, hunted, forever feared. Escape this desolate place yet become the stuff of nightmare and folklore." To the soldier the man spoke in riddles, he sat up both intrigued and desperate to return to any form of western civilisation. "I see you are interested. But before you decide, I give you the option of a quick clean painless death, a commodity you will wish for and regret no choosing, the soldier shook his head croaking with his dry throat. "N... o, must... get back... protect... friends. I take your choice and accept my fate." He managed to stand. The old man smiled sadly. Knowing in his eyes that the one who bonds to him will be the crusader. Faster than his age group should move he bit the solider on the neck completing the quest set upon him all those years ago, when Lawrence of Arabia still rode on the back of a camel. The solider buckled under the attack and his weakness before hitting the floor, before he lost conscience for a second time, he saw the old man turn to the dust and blew away into the desert.

The solider ran down the street , chased by the assembled muggers and looters, after standing up for a lone woman at the mercy of the mob, strangely pushed on by the voice he heard on his song urging him to turn and face the "wretched horde of cowards". He turned a corner and saw his haven. a house on a quiet road, covered with a electric fence, due to his abilities he could waltz on through and sleep on the lawn, but the voice demanded he "turn and fight" the anger at the mob raised the surface. His face elongated into that of a wolfs, canines doubling i. Length as all teeth grew shaper, his clothes merged into his skin before growing thick blue black hair all over his body, hands and feet elongating, muscles already large knots grew exponentially to support this bipedal death machine, as the transformation finally finished after a brief 30 seconds, he turned, his vision was sharper he could see the sweat drip on the mobs faces and smell each of them differently, his nose telling a brief story of each of them, and his hearing could locate a prowling house cat on the other side of the neighbourhood he howled at the moon, primal instinct taking over logic as the solider, or more precisely the werewolf Stood in front of the hoard most made to turn and run, and at this in his anger intensified ten fold. The voice laughed and edged him on to battle Closed the distance in the blink. of an eye, he sliced his cowardly opponents into ribbons disemboweling them as if they were made of paper. He grabbed one ripping him in two halves as if it was nothing he bit and ripped and tore through the the hoard showing no mercy, leaving no one alive the hoard fell like dominos, one after the other helpless against Their opponent after the last ones heart stopped beating; which was heard to discern when his torso was being digested. He walked toward the defended house making his way toward a patch of grass that he deemed comfortable, with luck he would pull the bits of bone from his mouth in the morning and find some good english tea.

John Robinson rarely if ever pulled the home defence handgun from the wardrobe but when a 10 foot tall beast knocks at your door asking to come In does not fill you with confidence seal training, does not prepare you for everything. John walked to the door. He heard a voice pure Yorkshire in nature on the other side of the door ask, " any chance I could come in, all I wish to ask of you is a brew and the use the loo? I promise I'm less wolfish than you think." He chuckled at his own joke then said something about asking for a toothpick to him self, and someone called fredrik he opened the door slowly, the pistol against the entrance in case this man?-John was no where close to sure- Made a move. After the door was fully open a man was there, he was tall, even for John who topped out at 6 foot 1 this guy must have been closer to 7 feet he was wearing battered DPM trousers, covered in dust and worn brown battered combat boots and a white t-shirt that had seen too much wear. Noticing the Glock in the seals hand he laughed stating "there are no need for those, I am totally understanding armed and I am aiming to pass through"

The soldier smiled at this man, he had recognised him, but where from? It had taken the best part of a year to get back to the states, which was bloody painful, and cold, the undercarriage of a 747 is not the warmest of places and the air was thin. The first few moons were a foggy mess of half remembered memories, it constant was pain. Searing white hot pain and death. The man nodded his consent to enter his home and stepped aside mumbling the location of the bathroom. Upon finding the door, he knocked gently but enough to be heard on the other side of the door, after no response was given asking if anyone was in there. Again, no response was forthcoming, so he opened the door. Upon which a girl was wrapped in only a towel barley covering her modesty shaving her legs stood with a foot on the toilet lid screamed. He slammed the door shut apologizing profusely and that it was an accident. " She came out shortly after and her parents were there confused and worried for the safety of the ginger haired girl. " He opened to door and I was shaving my legs, he gave me a fright mom, the smooth criminal right here also got a good scare though"

"I didn't hear music so why you didn't say anything why I asked if you were in there?"

The solider asked trying to discern why the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was being a huge ass. "Because I was concentrating, and I wasn't paying attention asshat." Her mother shot her a glare more powerful than a space laser, yet the daughter withheld the assault very well even to the point of 'fredrik' commenting on her courage and defiance. The mother warned the girl. " . now." Was all she said. The father had looked knowing exactly what happened took the strange man's apologies on the behalf of her short-tempered daughter. "what is your name anyway? You never said, I'm John Robinson" he proffered his hand.

As John Robinson proffered his hand, I thought of a solid response. Finally coming up with one. "Bond. " and shook John's hand. He nearly laughed as I had had a completely straight face. He noticed I was being serious, the coincidence of my name before I was officially adopted those years ago made many a people chuckle. Finally, Mrs Robinson presumably stated "why are you in my house and why did this happen! Give me one reason why I don't ring the police?" " I stated dryly with no remorse, "because if you did Their blood would be on your hands. and this" I gestured his hands at the bathroom "happened because your daughter could or would nor let me know she was in there" I then stepped inside and closed the door, to go about my business.

much to the Robinson's surprise which now included the only Robinson boy and another girl who was clearly from another man, the dark skin in a white family giving it away quite early on, James had had a compete make over a shave and a small hair cut had uncovered his face revealing a strong jaw stormy Gray eyes and a scare that ran along his face from his left eyebrow down to his cheek . High cheek bones with a well defined beard, his arms were covered in muscles and a thin scar ran away under the hem of his t-shirt penny bit her lip and I smelled her pheromones give off a maddening scent, revelling in it now that I could have a proper look she was about 5 ft 2 give or take an inch fiery red hair down to her lower back, freckles covered her pale face and azure blue eyes she inherited from what I assumed was her mother . Shaken from my stupor I noticed that Mrs Robinson was looking at me strangely "coffee?" She asked again,

"yes please- sorry ever so much I phased out there, for a second." I said nothing to fredrik who I imagined getting hit with a cricket bat. He chuckled and I focused o the task at hand, gotta love interrogations.

John went first. "We know your name but what are you exactly?" I debated lying but they had seen too much for that, or at least heard too much. " I am cursed, to live lifetimes, to hunt, a wanderer, no more no less. Instead of asking what I am ask what I am not." Fredrik raged against the riddles inside my head, his distinct code of chivalry was not agreeing with me, I had become cynical since the desert. The boy thought out loud. " You are not just a man, you're not a beast either, so that leads to the question, are you both, or two entities trapped in one body?" I smiled the kid was a smart one however the rest of his family looked at the boy as if he were rude. He looked sheepish.

"Will Robinson " he introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you will" I said meaning it, he was going to go far. John pressed on, "where are you from?" He asked, I returned " this place' fatherland, the home of her majesty" this time he nodded.


It was fun making them think, but I was through with riddles. " Apparently some of the folklore that consists trough multiple cultures- dragons were creatures' fairies - that kind of thing, existed. I am now amongst the ranks of the Fae as they wish to be called. A were wolf, it's a long story, probably a good one, if bothered to stick around. By the way could I have two sugars with that coffee?" I asked. The smell of the good stuff woke me up a decent amount. Mrs Robinson nodded consent. "I REMEMBER! H Christ that was it! You're a SEAL out of FOB Bravo two zero, right?!"

Johnny looked flabbergasted, Fred and I both agreed that John sounded to biblical, which I think is a load a bollocks, Fredrik on the hand, does not. He nodded. At the mere mention of the forward operating base children gasped and the mother who I'm about to ask all the names. "so, you know my life, or bits what are your guys names anyhow, just common curtesy like, but let me introduce myself properly, the names Bond. James Bond, yes giggle more accident than design get on with it." I explained I had been adopted by the bond family and was born with the full name of John Benjamin foster. I changed it when I met my family. That all got them down cast, even Fredrik took a moment. And apologies mumbled from all. "Moving briskly on-" I proffered my hand to penny, "and you are, young lady? You have your mother's eyes," she blushed, nearly as red as her hair and mumbled "Penny Robinson" Fredrik stated dryly " smooth operator my fellow didn't know you had it in you." I smiled never missing a beat "and you," I locked eyes on the other girl, "who might you be?" "Judy." she replied, a bemused look on her almond shaped face with round brown eyes she was taller than penny, and her brown hair tied up in a pragmatic bun. "doctor or vet?" I asked, genuine curiosity followed the question. Confusion flashed across her face briefly, then answered "doctor, how could you tell?" I deliberated obviously for a second, "good guess" I lied don't want to give up all my secrets do I?

Penny's POV

Usually the neo modern kitchen, which was large, was empty or only inhabited by one or two at a time was full, the stone island surrounded by the family and a strange man known as James Bond, he was a looker, and PennyRobinson is not a girl with low standards, this man is mine! I shook my head imperceptibly and asked a question, "so… James your English right? Can you please speak more clearly your English isn't great."

He looked at me like he was sizing me up for a meal, or how he was going to kill me. I opted for the first one " well are lass if ya want love I can talk like a Yorkshireman an miss art on a few letters here n there f lark, in fact I think ah will" he drawled in a rough dialect that sounded like a mountain stream bouncing and random hopping over syllables here and there. "Any way Johnny me lad you have any Meat in? I could do wiv a good feed liike" he continued back in his normal time of Queens English "Mrs Robinson I assume? You have done well to raise these fine children." It was mom's turn to blush "thank you, my name is Maureen"

"I know that this is a tough ask with the current climate, but would you mind watering the grass, to be brutally honest, the grass is quite dry, and from what I could gather from the smell, fertiliser with high sodium would do wonders. I slept on it, so trust me."


The entire family blinked simultaneously Maureen, opened her mouth, closed it again and, then with a twinkle in her eye laid out a plan, the summer sun high above shined light into the room.

Penny's pov

"Oh, James" I gasped curling my toes in pleasure, I gasped my hands wrapped around his back. Suddenly instead of his smooth sultry tones an awful sound came out of his mouth, followed by "Master of puppets, I'm pulling the strings! Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams" my eyes fluttered open I pulled on a clean pair of underwear jeans and a t-shirt. I opened the door to see a glimpse of hell. A stereo system with two medium sized speakers were shaking under the strain of the wailing guitar, banging drums and the 'singing of the vocalists singing, the Englishman was there in a similar outfit to me but he was… head banging, enjoying the music "hello penny, sleep well?" He sniffed the air "In fact don't answer I don't want to know" the smile on his lips told me everything I needed to know, he knew and had the audacity to…. "UUUGHHHH! Turn that off!"

I yelled unplugging the speakers from the wall socket, James shot daggers out of he eyes

He looked at me like he was sizing me up for a meal, or how he was going to kill me. I opted for the first one " well are lass if ya want love I can talk like a Yorkshireman an miss art on a few letters here n there lark, in fact I think ah will" he drawled in a rough dialect that sounded like a mountain stream bouncing and random hopping over syllables here and there. "Any way Johnny me lad you have any Meat in? I could do wiv a good feed like" he continued back in his normal time of Queens English "Mrs Robinson I assume? You have done well to raise these fine children." It was mom's turn to blush he carried on, "may I just say that sodium fertiliser would be brilliant for the grass, it's a bit dry, but I was happy to sleep on it". Mom smiled her eyes twinkled mischievously.

James' POV.

The leaves had yet to finish growing, when I joined the Robinsons now, they had fallen, the ginger however was yet to rise. I had a plan for that I gathered my components, I plugged them in "aux in here, power cable in there, Spotify, open" will poked his heard around the corner, with a confused look in his eyes I gestured to be silent, fingers on lips style. Then I maxed out the volume on my phone, I smiled and chuckled maniacally pressing play I let the chaos begin.

Power chords ripped throughout the house, the parents were out, sand I was left to rule, I was the best caretaker ever…. Headbanging commence!

Penny's POV.

"A shot in the dark make it feel alright
A shot in the dark all through the whole night
A shot in the dark yeah, electric sparks
A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah"


James laughed a real ten-year-old-at-Christmas laugh he bent over, his Yorkshire accent poking holes in her already fading annoyance even will was trying to hold in a laugh, I glared, at James, staring daggers into his very soul, his very existence. And this made him take a step back, glancing to me, with fear in his eyes his hand went to his side, clearly afraid for his life, until I saw a slight smirk, cross his lips, his damn lips, they were hypnotising, and I caught his eyes staring at me, part animalistic, part longing, all regret and sadness. He caught a noise in his throat, and stated roughly, "both of you downstairs in 15 mins or less, I don't care what day it is, your parents and your sister is out, track and field so they'll be a while, so im in charge. Got a problem? Call the prime minister."

He turned swiftly on his heel and proceeded to the kitchen and started to cook. I went into my room and pulled on a pair of baggy pants a red t-shirt and followed James down stairs James stood in cargo pants, and a olive drab standing over the cooker, the smell of scrambled eggs and toast and something similar to bacon was in the oven, cooking. James shook his head, "I don't know, Fred. I don't know."

James pov:

Dumb ass, you had one job, I berated himself in my mind, and you had to play the fool, I marched down stairs and ordered my thoughts, speaking aloud to Fredrick all the while "I know she's 2 years younger than me so what?" she is practically a child, "by your standards, not by modern society". It doesn't matter, you know what happens if you do… "you don't think I am unaware?" the venom that was spat with this question was astronomical, " I know the dangers and I'm trying to deal with it but by God, she is everything I want, not only that she feels the same, Omar was right, forever shunned. I guess I'm proving him right" good thing I have some semblance of self-restraint", he smiled a humourless smile, I know you seek love, and I don't begrudge you but at the same time are you sure you want to do that to her, her family and more importantly yourself? I shook my head at Fredericks words and got to putting on the bacon "I don't know Fred, I don't know." He noticed the girl in question stand behind him, tapping her foot. "who you talking to? Don't bullshit me. I'm not in the mood" the tone was part excusatory part curious. I sighed, and turned to look at her over my shoulder, and said "its complicated"

"well uncomplicate it"

"it's not that simple"

"Yes, it is."

"you wouldn't believe me"

"try me"

I sighed again and served her and now will who had just arrived scrambled eggs, toast and back bacon. I revealed a bite mark on the left side of my neck. "it started with this," I began to explain. And told them what happened, my unit was ambushed out in the desert, and I was the only survivor, on the brink of death I was offered a chance, and then what this chance came with. And then Fredrick. He was my bond mate, a werewolf all the same and lead a life similar to mine, and that he shared my mind, and what I could transform into. A wolf man hybrid, and a wolf. And that I had killed people, many people, too many to count and those from two nights ago was just a taste of what I could do. Will had finished a long time ago. About halfway through my little tale. Penny stopped halfway through her last rasher to look at me incredulously, " so; let me get this straight, an old man over 100 years old bit you and now you are a mythical being able to spread your curse through bodily fluids. And you can turn into a dog and a werewolf?" I nodded my confirmation.

"prove it."

I blinked shocked, and stuttered an answer, or the beginnings of one.

"no. I will not, they cannot, i will not let you."