A/n to be clear, Italic is for Fredrik and bad spelling for some words is on purpose, because its yorkshire speak you daft yanks. This and the following chapters, will be a lot shorter than the first one. that is because of the fact that the first chapter was just me going with the idea that i wouldn't publish it. now however its just gonna be a long chapter that wont be as long at all as the others. peace!

"no you cannot. they cannot see you like this!"

Fred sounded exasperated, this was out of his league. he took his secret to the grave, and he wanted me to do the same. but that's not happening, Penny was for all intents and purposes the only person who cared since, well i can't remember. I pushed Fred out of my mind.

I imagined myself a wolf, growing taller and stronger, a snout where my face should be, fur, grayish blue sprouting out of my skin, my ears shifting up, i had opened my eyes, which always closed no matter how hard i tried. and everything was sharper, all the colours popped, i could see the blood pumping round her if i tried, i could smell her breath, and hear both their heart beats without concentrating. i felt Fredrik's pure anger and rage in the back of my mind, i suppose that was the drawback of being able to turn in to killer wolf 7 feet tall and all teeth and claws with a hunger for flesh, was that any sort of thoughts that could be considered human are pushed back and only the basic animalistic desires, are present. Lust and hunger, so it was mildly inconvenient when your crush is on the other side of the table. I'll leave that thought to entertain you Fredand i forced myself back to my normal self, when i was back, penny's soul must have made an emergency exit through her sphincter. will looked like nothing had happened, he just said "cool." And left. penny, looked at me, and stuttered. incomprehensibly."well fucking done, comrade you broke the child how are you going to explain that one?" "I wont sheel be reeght, i think."

penny's pov:

what in the ever loving FUCK did i just witness. a man grew nearly a foot, fur a snout, fangs and- wha- i have never seen a sight like it, it as strange and beautiful, in the same way a bear is about to eat you strange and beautiful. my brain fell out. he passed me a note wordlessly, he was clearly disturbed by something, what that was, i had no clue. the note was a list of chores, and i groaned, of course it was. and without another thought.

the moon had started it's trip when i had finished my last task: college work. i set down king lear, sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. padding down the landing from my room, i passed the window and saw a foot defying gravity and heard a sniffle. Then a sob, and then nothing. it was dark out and everyone was downstairs except, James. he politely declined to be with people and then left without saying a word. something was definitely up. so i knocked on the window, and then opened it.

"yeah?" came the reply, hoarse and on the verge of cracking. it was james then.

i paused not knowing what to say. james took the opportunity to speak. "if your going to say something say it. i'm not up here to socialise."

"can i come up?" he reached his hand down and i grabbed it so that he could pull me up.

i sat with him, and he started to cry. he just shivered as the tears came, like a dam bursting at the seams, he just went. and then he managed to choke out the words. "i... i never told you everything. i couldn't relive what happened, but i did anyway penny." he paused and i readied myself. Penny was when it was serious. "out in the afgan, helmand to be precise my unit Got hit by an ambush, bout 0230. pitch black freezing and we had no clue what was happening. and then taliban started, taking us out. it was bloody gruelling and vicious. the fighting went on for hours, and i was in the end the last man standing. bloody and wounded. and i saw people die in gruesome ways that i can't forget. so i wandered across the desert and had no clue where to go. so I walked. and because of that i nearly died. apart from a guy known as Mohammed. he is the reason im... this" his hand grew fur and claws to prove a point "i'm a monster penny and... your the only i-." he wiped his eyes and calmed himself "i care about you penny but i can't because if i do, well i won't tell you." he looked at me sorrow and pain deep in his eyes. In that moment i knew that someone had to help. i brushed his bearded jaw line and met his gaze. the pain and sorrow welled up his eyes again more so than before, " if you do this, you will watch your family die. you will blame me. whatever happens." i nodded. and kissed him. it was deep. deeper than you could expect. he put effort into it. biting my lip toward the end sending a welcome shiver down my spine in the thought of what might come next. but he pulled away. and i smiled. and looked away. nervously. looking back i saw a steeling of emotion and a fire burn in his eyes. the full moon is in 48 hours. be ready." and then he climbed down. and left me with that statement.

Judy's Pov:

Something had happened last night between penny and James, both had been close these past few months and now James was acting like Penny was a pariah, penny tried talking to him but he just shut her down. it was getting so bad that james couldn't be in the same room as her unless forced to be. Which happened at breakfasts.

"what are peoples plans for the day?" i asked, penny just looked into her cereal and continued eating, mom was at work and dad had set off for deployment that morning. most of the people around the table felt bummed out, it was clear, Will was fiddling with a Rubix cube and had hastily chewed his toast. Penny was just not her usually, sarcastic self, mixed with a little bit of humor, and James, James was just out to kill someone. in fact. he nearly had already. Will was the first to reply. "nothing much was going to get some school work done. and then see what time it is, what about you Judy?" i hadn't thought about it too much and so i came with the answer of "im going to have a chat with James at some point. and then do some medical stuff." penny stood up abruptly and left without saying a word. but i noticed something more off than before, was she taller? She was always taller than me but now she's closer to 5'8 instead of her normal 5'4 frame, and she seemed more muscular too. she was never unfit, but her arms seemed more toned recently. what had happened?