Player1_Mell - Michael
Player2_Heere - Jeremy
Bisexual_Being - Janis
HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor - Christine
WhatTheFuckRichard - Rich
JakeFromStatefarm - Jake
WannaRide - Chloe
PinkberryCrazy - Brooke
xoxoGossipGirl - Jenna

Player1_Mell has added Bisexual_Being to, "Squip Squad"

WhatTheFuckRichard: who da fuck is bisexual_being

Player2_Heere: ooh, Michael, u gonna introduce Janis to the Squip Squad?

Player1_Mell: Yep! :D

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: wait, who's Janis?

Bisexual_Being: So wait, Mich, you never told these people who I am?!

Player1_Mell: Heheh, no...?

Bisexual_Being: :(

xoxoGossipGirl: oh, hey Janis! 3

Bisexual_Being: Sup Jenna!

WhatTheFuckRichard: wait wait why does jenna and jeremy know who this person is

WhatTheFuckRichard: and whats with the heart the end jenna

WhatTheFuckRichard: ohhhhhhh

WhatTheFuckRichard: r u you guys dating

xoxoGossipGirl: SHUT UP RICH-

Bisexual_Being: I dunno who you are but stfu

Player2_Heere: ooh, you made Janis and Jenna angy

WhatTheFuckRichard: stfu heere

WannaRide: What the hell did I walk in on

PinkberryCrazy: same here, what's goin on?

Player1_Mell: Srry, I'll introduce Janis in a minute, just waitin on Jake

PinkberryCrazy: ooh! new person!

WannaRide: This better we worth my low battery percentage-

JakeFromStatefarm: Yo, I'm heere, what's goin on

Player2_Heere: i'm never gonna live that pun down, am i?

WannaRide: No, you won't Jerry

Player2_Heere: r00d

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: i'm back just in time!

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: also, Jake, Michael added this new person to the chat and wants to introduce us to them! :D

JakeFromStatefarm: oh cool

Player1_Mell: Alright, now that everyone is heere-

Player2_Heere: MICHAEL STFU

Bisexual_Being: XDDDDD

Player1_Mell: Bisexual_Being is my sister!

Bisexual_Being: *older sister*

Player1_Mell: BY LIKE 5 MINUTES-


Bisexual_Being: He indeed does :

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: Jsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjjsjs

WhatTheFuckRichard: mell i think you broke christine

Player1_Mell: Oops-

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: i think i'm good now XD

WannaRide: Wait, if none of us have heard of her before (exception of Jeremy cause he's Michaels bff), how come Jenna knows her?

xoxoGossipGirl: oh, we met for the school newspaper when I was doing that gossip column!

Bisexual_Being: Yep! I was photo copying the newspaper and that's when I ran into Jenna! We're friends now.

PinkberryCrazy: alright Janis, to make this easier, I'll pm you a list of people's names and their user!

Bisexual_Being: Awe thanks! What's your name?

PinkberryCrazy: i'm Brooke!

Bisexual_Being: Well thx Brooke!

Bisexual_Being: Wait, lemme change my name-

Bisexual_Being changed their name to Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen


Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen: :)

WhatTheFuckRichard: does anybody know wtf that means

WannaHang: This is where Google Translate comes in handy people

Player2_Heere: oh yeah

Player2_Heere: PFFT-

JakeFromStatefarm: so what does it mean?

WannaHang: OMG

Player2_Heere: "Michael Mell Is a Virgin"

Player1_Mell: I hate you Janis-

Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen: Shut up, you love me-

WhatTheFuckRichard: i mean jeremy could probably turn that whole being a virgin thing around michael

Player2_Heere: RICH

Player1_Mell: w"

WannaHang: My turn

WannaHang changed their name to Si_MichaelMell_ay_isangkapahamakan_nabakla

Player1_Mell: I mean, I take that as a compliment Chloe

Si_MichaelMell_ay_isangkapahamakan_nabakla: Boooo I guess that backfired

Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen: Translation: "Michael Mell is a gay disaster"

PinkberryCrazy: aren't we all honestly-

JakeFromStatefarm: true true Brooke

WhatTheFuckRichard: i like janis's username better

Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen: Thank you Rich-

WhatTheFuckRichard: np

WhatTheFuckRichard changed their name to Nagustuhan_ni_MichaelMell_ang_pp

Nagustuha_ ni_MichaelMell_ang_pp: you're not the only one who can come up with nicknames janis

Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen: OMG RICH-

Player1_Mell: WTF RICHHHH

Player2_Heere: i'm wheezing

Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen: Translation: "Michael Mell likes that pp"

Si_MichaelMell_ay_isangkapahamakan_nabakla: Finally, one of Rich's ideas that are good

PinkberryCrazy: LMAO

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: I left for like 5 minutes and it all goes to hell-

JakeFromStatefarm: aw, mom is back


HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: wait what-

Si_MichaelMellAyIsangBirhen changed their name to Bisexual_Being

Si_MichaelMell_ay_isangkapahamakan_nabakla changed their name to WannaHang

Nagustuhan_ni_MichaelMell_ang_pp changed their name to WhatTheFuckRichard

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: I have no idea what's going on but ok XD

Bisexual_Being: I gtg to bed, you guys seem like really nice people! Maybe wanna meet up at school tomorrow?

Everyone reacted to Bisexual_Being's last message with a thumbs up

Bisexual_Being: Cool! Bye now!

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: bye janis!

WhatTheFuckRichard: bye fellow bisexual

Bisexual_Being is offline

Player1_Mell: It's getting kinda late, I'mma head to bed too

HoneyWhatchaWaitingFor: same, i'll see you guys tomorrow!

Player2_Heere: GN everyone!

JakeFromStatefarm: gn

WannaRide: GN! 3

Everyone is offline