A/N: I'm on a roll, people. Big AU, essentially canon but without Voldemort still being around. Think of it what you will but I didn't bother explaining how shit went down with only his followers.


Harry got his first tattoo in the summer after third year. Two, actually. One was a depiction of a magnificent stag together with a black grim standing underneath a great tree with the full moon overhead; tattooed onto his left upper arm. The other was a Phoenix, Fawks, to be precise, circling around the scar on his right forearm where the basilisk fang had sunken into. He'd gotten them with Sirius in Knockturn Alley since that was about the only place his godfather could move around at all. And there was no tattoo studio in Diagon Alley to begin with since wizards didn't seem to be huge fans of this particular form of body art.

The Ink Pot was a niche shop just a few houses down from the crossing of Kockturn and Diagon alley. It was run by a woman and her sister, Leila and Diana, both muggle-born and both inked almost from head to toe. At least, Harry had always assumed as much. They were nice enough, if a bit... brash and didn't really care for his fame. They tended to tease him, though, and Sirus took to doing the same whenever they would briefly meet.

After the fiasco that had been Fourth-year, Harry got another tattoo. A dragon, a horntail, on his left shoulder blade. This one was actually enchanted, unlike the other two, and the dragon's green eyes would sometimes light up softly, and breathed smoke from time to time. Nothing fancy, but Harry liked it.

Now he was about to get yet another tattoo. Fifth-year had been... stressful. Umbridge's presence had made this year the worst one yet and, honestly, Harry was a bit concerned that he was ranking his years in terms of how awful they were instead of how fun it had been. But just a month ago, Harry had almost lost his godfather. Sheer dumb luck had prevented that. He really didn't want to think about it.

As always, he split from the Weasleys, acted as if he didn't see Hermione's disapproving stare, and made his way down the alley to slip into Knockturn without anyone noticing. People in Knocktrun Alley didn't look at each other, tried their hardest not to, really, and Harry once again made the short walk to the Ink Pot without any interruption. He smiled. Sirius was already there, leaning against the house facade.

"Hey pup."

Harry didn't exactly grimace, but he still made a face. Sirius still looked awful. Bellatrix's curses must have gotten to him more than he let on.

"Hey," he said, barely raising his hand in greeting. "You're getting one, too?"

Sirius shook his head. "Nah, not this time. I'll take the scars as a souvenir, thank you very much."

This time, Harry did grimace.

"Now none of that!" Sirius said, grabbing onto his shoulder. "I did what I did and fucked up royally, much more so than you did."

"But I-"

"I swear to Merlin I will tickle you right there, out in Knockturn, if you don't stop this right now," Sirius said, frowning down at him.

"Tickle," Harry huffed. "Fine, do it then, because it was obviously my fault!"

Sirius pinched his neck and Harry jumped back. "Are you mad? You do know that even in Knockturn they have a disdain for paedophiles? The moment you'd go in there I'd get to play house with Gregor the Strangler!"

Harry snorted a laugh despite himself. Sirius grinned down at him.

"Fine, fine. I'll stop. For now."

Sirius sighed. "Well, better than nothing. Now, go on. You are with Leila this time. 's already paid, too."

Harry nodded. There was no use protesting over that. Sirius had insisted on using his family's money for their tattoos. Said it would get his mother to spin in her grave, spending it on a muggle business of all things. Well, more or less muggle.

Harry elbowed Sirius once more before going in, telling him to stay safe, and pushed to the door open.

The shop didn't look magical at all. Not that it looked like a modern muggle tattoo studio either, but rather that there was simply nothing obviously magical in here. It looked old, sure, but aside from the truly ancient cash register that greeted everyone that stepped inside, everything else had a distinctive muggle feel to it, if rather outdated. Must've been the fake leather on the worn-out seats. Sketches of tattooed, photos and some newspaper pages served as a tapestry for the otherwise white walls (a feature that greatly offset the shop from any other in London's magical district) and a metal sliding door lead from the small antechamber and waiting room into the actual studio.

Out through the sliding door came Diana, her dark blue hair combed strictly to the left. She smiled that weirdly nonpulsed smile once she saw him.

"Harry," she greeted, moving over to the cash register. "You've grown again."

"And you've changed hair colour. Again." Harry did his best not to squirm under her lilac gaze. She had that way about her that made him squeamish. And she insisted on teasing him. As did her sister.

Diana's smile widened. "You noticed that, did you?"

"Of course." Not that it was hard to miss. But her demeanour made his cheeks heat up.

She leaned over the counter, resting her chin on her fist, and smiled, didn't say a thing.

Harry coughed. "Uh, the tattoo appointment."

"In a minute," she said and continued to seize him up.

Harry averted his eyes but felt hers on him still. Then, just as he was about to melt into the ground, something chimed from the register. Diana picked up a piece of paper that glowed softly.

"Now, the appointment of one Harry Potter." She gestured to the sliding door. "Right this way, good sir."

Harry muttered some choice words under his breath and stalked through the door, trying not to wilt under Diana's cat-like gaze. One day he would be able to talk back to her without squirming. The door hadn't even slid shut behind them when Harry almost ran right into Leila. Just like her sister, her eyes were lilac in colour but that was about all they had in common. Her hair was short, curling softly, and pitch black.

Leila nodded over her shoulder. "Have a seat, Harry. I'll be right back."

He nodded, stepped around her and the privacy curtain as she left and discarded his jacket onto a coathanger to his left. The chair he took a seat in was not unlike one you'd find at a dentist. In fact, Harry thought that's exactly where they'd gotten them. He hadn't managed to relax just yet when someone to his left spoke up.

"I had not expected to see you here, Potter."

Looking over to the usually empty second chair in the parlour, Harry came face to face with unsettlingly blue eyes. "Uh... Greengrass?"

That was Daphne Greengrass, right? Her usually straight blonde hair was piled into something atop her head but that was definitely her. Her ears, he noted, were pierced, each one three times with silver stars. Or maybe pentagrams.

She nodded at him. "I didn't know you were a customer here."

"Right back at you," he found himself saying, but then he noted her state of undress.

Her chest was bare, shirt unbuttoned and resting around her waist. A black bustier rested in her lap. The tattoo in the centre of her chest looked fresh, in fact, it didn't seem quite finished. Harry tore his eyes from her admittedly sizeable breasts and back to her face. If she had caught his eyes wander, she didn't seem to care.

"First tattoo?" she asked, making no move to cover herself.

"Ehm, no," he said, mouth a bit dry. He resolutely kept his eyes on hers. "Fourth one."

Daphne nodded and gestured to the one on her chest. His eyes flicked down. Dammit. "For me, the sixth."

Harry just nodded. He had honestly not thought Daphne Greengrass would have tattoos. Honestly, even Hermione was more likely to have one. Daphne was a strangely alien beauty to most of the boys in his year. Unnaporachable, untouchable. Seamus had once told them that Daphne wasn't actually human but an elven being of some kind. Which Ron thought was stupid, since actual forest elves were extinct. Harry had no clue what that said about Greengrass but if that meant she was beautiful, he would agree.

But she wasn't just that. (Harry liked to think that he wasn't that vain). She carried herself with a certain grace whenever Harry had seen her in between classes. She was kinda the go-to image of a Lady in his head. Lady with a capital L and spoken reverently. A proper, well put together pureblood Lady. Not a hair out of place, not a word misspoken.

So... seeing her here, in this state no less, was a bit... weird. But Daphne didn't freak out so Harry decided that maybe he shouldn't either.

His eyes found the tattoo on her chest again. It looked... familiar. "That's Eihaz," he observed.

It was indeed. The simple rune sat in the middle of a... of a big leaf, if Harry had to guess. It wasn't quite finished yet.

"Indeed," Daphne acknowledged, bringing her fingers to the fresh ink. "This rune appears many times in my family history. This particular version, resting on a yew leaf, the Greengrasses use as a sign of protection and wisdom." Then she drew a line down her sternum. "And once this particular tattoo is finished, it will connect to his one."

She... she lifted her right breast ever so slightly - Harry was highly fascinated by that fact - and showed him (aside from a pretty pink nipple) another tattoo that spanned across her chest just underneath her breasts. Those were runes again, though Harry didn't really know what to make of them. They rested on a tree branch. The tree it belonged to seemed to cover most of her stomach, none of which Hary could see clearly.

Daphne leaned back into the chair, folding her hands in her lap once more, waiting.

Harry reclined in his chair as well, trying his best not to be a stupid teenager. Alright, so there was a topless girl next to him. No need to freak out. There really wasn't. This wasn't even remotely what he'd call a romantic encounter. If anything, Daphne's casualness drained it of all sensualness there might have been otherwise. Somehow Harry was glad for it, for it meant he hadn't made a fool of himself.

Remembering where his tattoo was supposed to be, Harry decided to shrug out off his shirt as well. It would cover most of his chest, parts of his stomach too. A huge raven, his animagus form, and a stag, his Patronus, facing each other in an inky black forest. The design for it came from Luna, who was probably the only other person aside from Sirius that knew about his tattoos.

As he shrugged out of his sleeves, he could feel Daphne's eyes on him. He glanced over at her, found her studying his tattoos.

"As stag and a wolf," she wondered aloud, "No, not a wolf. A wild dog?"

"A grim," Harry corrected her. She could tell the difference between a dog and a wolf? He couldn't do that. "My... godfather's animagus form. Just like the stag was my father's."

"I see." She nodded and returned to studying her folded hands.

Hm, Harry had somehow expected her to pry. He was grateful she didn't.

The sliding door opened and admitted Diana. It was easy to see that she had known exactly in what state of undress Daphne had been when she sent Harry in. He managed a weak glare in her direction.

She smiled. "Leila will be here in a sec," she said, pulling a rolling chair over to sit between Daphne and him. "You've had your eyeful."

Harry rolled his eyes as maturely as possible but he could feel his face heat. "That tattoo looked like your work alright."

Diana raised a brow at him. "Oh, how come? Since when can you tell?"

"That's easy. It's unfinished."

"Why you-"

"Quiet, sis," Leila shushed, ambling into the studio, closing the door behind her. "And finish up. You are taking too much of Miss Greengrass's time."

Diana actually blushed and Harry could not help the triumphant grin. Over Diana's shoulder, he caught Daphne smiling slightly, her eyes meeting his.

"Fine, fine," Diana grumbled, pulling her wand from her vest. Holding it like a pen at the tip, she nodded at Daphne. "Ready to continue?"

"Do go ahead," Daphne nodded.

Harry caught the glow of Diana's wand and the small ball of black ink that appeared at the tip of it before Leila demanded his attention.

"Now," she began, "First the sketch."

Like she always did, Leila flicked her wand at his chest and a silhouette of the tattoo appeared on his skin. The transparent colour, the result of a modified colouring charm, was cool against his skin and would come off easily enough with water.

Leila grabbed her wand at the tip, like her sister had, pushing his chair back so she could easily reach his chest, and summoned the ink ball to her wand.

"Ready?" she asked.

Hary nodded. "Yeah."

He wondered why she always asked that. It wasn't like it hurt to be tattooed like that. Leila began with the raven at the centre of his chest, banishing minuscule amounts of ink directly into his skin. There was pressure, of course, since the ink cleared space where it was spelled, but there was no pain, no actual piercing of the skin.

Harry let his head fall back and stared into the light that hung overhead. A magical light, of course. For as much as wizards disliked non-magical stuff, they sure liked the design of light bulbs, since they were sold pretty commonly. He let his head fall to the side. And caught Daphne's eye.

She smiled, so Harry smiled back. He hoped he managed to make it look as mature as she did. She was only sixteen, right? Her demeanour helped her to a much older appearance.

They just stared at each other for a while. Why was she not looking away? Why was he not looking away? Then she wiggled her eyebrows. Harry did his best not to guffaw. Alright, that's what they were doing now? Harry made a wave with his brows, something he had taught himself in the mirror before he had come to Hogwarts.

Daphne didn't laugh, but her smile widened just a bit.

They went back and forth for a bit, doing everything just shy of grimacing at each other. Then Diana interrupted their... game.

"Alright, we're done, Daphne," she announced, flicking a cooling charm at her.

Harry was almost ashamed that he caught Daphne's nipples harden the tiniest bit from the cold before she moved out of his line of sight. But only almost.

Daphne thanked the sisters and Leila briefly leaned back to see her off.

"I shall see you at Hogwarts," Daphne said, and it took him a hot second to realize she was addressing him.

"Oh, uh, yeah. See you," he managed, craning his head around but he couldn't see past Leila.

The clack of heeled boots was the last Harry heard before Diana had already escorted Daphne out.

His tattoo took almost an hour longer. He was sent off with a cooling charm and Diana remarking about him finally gaining some much-needed weight.

He ran into Daphne again, rather unexpectantly, on the train. Well, not as unexpected as meeting her in the alley again, but usually the Slytherins trended to be at the very back of the train. Unless they were Malfoy and annoyed everyone else.

Still, seeing her again as she stepped out of a compartment reaffirmed his previous views. She was not yet dressed in robes, but rather in a button-up shirt and a long black skirt. There was no tattoo visible on her body. Her hair hid her pierced ears expertly. She offered a small smile once she saw him standing there with Ron, waiting for Hermione and Luna to change, and walked down the wagon in the opposite direction.

"The hell," Ron muttered, "Was that Greengrass?"

Harry nodded. "Guess so."

"What you reckon she wants all the way in the front?"

Harry just shrugged. As far as hew knew, there were students that hadn't been sorted yet in the compartment.

That's when Hermione opened the door to let them back inside. The rest of the train ride was suspiciously uneventful.

Harry knew that Luna wanted to see his tattoo, and maybe he should have been concerned by the eagerness the younger girl displayed toward seeing his naked torso, but Luna was just adorable enough for him to let it slip. That and she was younger than him. It sounded like a valid excuse in Harry's mind though it probably wasn't. She had somehow snuck over to the Gryffindor table during the opening feast. Harry was sure that Professor McGonagall had seen the little second year quite clearly in the seat between him and Hermione.

The sorting had only just begun. Harry watched the first years with a strange kind of fondness that seemed to grow with every year. They were all so small. All so starry-eyed. He had been like that once. Even smaller than most of them. Good thing he had grown to be a lot taller in his teens. Luna bounced a bit on her seat next to him.

"Look, look!" she whispered loudly, "There are so many Wrackspurts!"

Harry hummed thoughtfully, affectionately patting Luna's head. "Hm, I supposed Hogwarts can have them a bit confused and overwhelmed. We must make sure to properly welcome them then. As to chase away the Wrackspurts, yes?"

Luna beamed up at him. Her bouncing ceased, but she took ahold of his hand instead before he could pull it away from her soft silvery-blonde hair. He wondered if he was getting a tad too familiar with the younger girl but, much like Hermione yet infinitely cuter, Luna was the sister he never had.

"Greengrass, Astoria!"

Harry blinked. Greengrass, hm? Might have been the reason Daphne had been in the front wagons. And, as he looked up to the chair in front of the teacher's desk, Harry had to admit that the girl looked a lot like her older sister. They shared the same pale blonde hair, the same clear blue eyes and even the same cute nose.

That and she spent an awful lot of time on the chair. So much in fact that people were just about to begin their usual theorizing of why the hat was taking so long when the sorting hat exclaimed loudly, "GRYFFINDOR!"

Harry applauded. Most of the table did not. Confused, he glanced over at the rest of his house. Oh man, was this a family thing he had no clue about?

"Hey, Ron," he spoke across the table, "Are people being so quiet because she's a Greengrass in Gryffindor?"

Ron gave him that incredulous look he often had whenever Harry asked obvious stuff. Well, obvious to wizards. "What? Yes! Her family is like-!"

"If this is some kind of stupid bias that'll lead you to believe that an eleven-year-old girl will try and end me for killing the Dark Dork, shame on you Ron."

His friend closed his mouth abruptly, heat creeping into his cheeks. "Uh... when you say it like that, it sounds so... stupid."

Harry just raised an eyebrow at him. Turning his eye back to the current happening, Harry watched Astoria walk down the aisle, obviously looking for a place to sit. The Gryffindor's were more than reluctant.

"Those stupid..." Harry grumbled some choice words under his breath so Luna wouldn't hear, then rose out of his seat. "Over here!" he called out to the lost little girl.

She jumped a bit, blushed an admirable shade of red, but hurried over to him before long. The sorting continued as she squeezed herself in between himself and Luna.

"Hello," she greeted, trying -and failing - to sound composed. She held her tiny hand out for him, trembling slightly under the stares of the other Gryffindor's.

Harry's heart went out to the girl. "Hello there." He took her hand and kissed the air just above her knuckles as he had seen Sirius greet woman before if only to flatter them. But he also knew that it was some custom that was still stuck among the lords and ladies of the wizarding world. "I'm Harry Potter and this here," he gestured to the smiling Luna, "is Luna Lovegood. And behind her, you will find my friend Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of our year."

Hermione startled, abandoning staring the upper years down, and smiled uncertainly over at them, offering a little wave. "Hello."

"And the one without any table manners whatsoever," Harry indicated Ron, who had shoved a drum stick into his mouth in the wake of his embarrassment, "Is Ron Weasly."


"Eloquent as ever," Harry sighed with as much drama as possible.

Astoria allowed a smile. Harry thought she was trying very hard to hold back a giggle. "Welcome to Gryffindor."

"Seems that this is kind of your thing, Harry."

Harry glanced up at Hermione from the drawing Luna was producing at the table. On the Daily Prophet. With soot from a candlestick. It looked like... something that might have been an owl but with Dragon wings and a bushy tail. "What is?"

Hermione gestured to Luna and Astoria sitting next to him. The latter of them still eating her meal in small, dignified bites. "Taking care of people. You'd make a great father, I reckon."

Harry raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh? That so? What are you trying to say?"

Channelling Diana's spirit worked wonders. Hermoine blushed immediately. "I- I-... wasn't-!"

"It's fine," he waved her off with a laugh. "Just messing with you."

She scowled at him. "All this hanging out with your... dog makes you far too sassy."

"Sassy?" Harry mused. "Is that what you'd call it?"


"Not being a great dad?"


He laughed and caught the moment Astoria put her cutlery down onto the table. "So," he said to the little first year. "Wanna go see your sister?"

Astoria smiled with something akin to relief. "I would like that," she said softly.

Somehow Luna ended up coming with them. She seemed reluctant to leave his side. It was really adorable. If only the entirety of the great hall hadn't been staring at them. It made the walk with Astoria on his arm and Luna trailing after a tad awkward. Thankfully Daphne met them before Harry had to walk past Draco. That would have been an encounter he'd gladly avoid on the first day of school.

Daphne walked up to him with that eerie, poised grace. Her hands were neatly folded in front of her, hair long and straight. And yet Harry could clearly imagine the black lines of the rune tattooed just above the valley of her breasts. Astoria skipped a few steps ahead of him once Daphne drew closer.

"There, there," Daphne made, smiling softly as she accepted her sister rushed hug. "Everything's alright. Mother always knew you were a brave soul, after all."

Astoria nodded into her sister's stomach.

Harry was just about to head out to do his duty as prefect when Daphne stopped him.

"Thank you for taking care of her, Potter," she said, inclining her head ever so slightly.

He just shrugged in response. "That's what do, I guess."

It drew a soft laugh from her. It made his chest clench with a strange pressure. "My, how very noble of you. I shall leave my dear sister in your care, then." To Astoria, she said, "I shall see you later, after you settled into your dorms. I've been told the beds at Gryffindor are softer than the clouds themselves."

Astoria, or so Harry learned, was a very shy girl. Unlike her confident sister, she did not possess that certain edge to the way she walked and the way she acted. Astoria was all soft murmurs and uncertain glances. And the way that some Gryffindors acted did not help at all. Harry had given five people detention on the first day. That might have broken Percy Weasley's record... Well, not like Harry cared much for what people thought anymore.

After Hermione, in her function as the other prefect, had made sure that Astoria was all settled in with girls that did not care for her family name - which meant mostly muggle-borns and half-bloods - Harry took her to find the Slytherin common room. It was apparently allowed for prefects of the other houses to know the location of the Slytherin common room so that they might bring lost first years back. Harry considered this endeavour of reuniting the two sisters worthy of that knowledge.

On the way to the dungeons, he tried to explain to Astoria how the wandering stairs worked. Still, even he had not really figured it out and mostly relied on luck when trying to get somewhere. They passed Professor McGonagall on the ground floor (in her feline form) and Harry had to refrain from revealing her animagus form to Astoria. It was always a nice introduction into transfiguration, seeing the Professor so effortlessly transform.

Harry sure as hell knew that it was a lot harder than she made it look. Oh, all the times he had fallen beak first to the ground when he tried that...

The dungeons were pretty dank, no doubt about it. It was always cooler down there, always a bit darker, despite the massive amount of torches that hung on every wall. They passed the potions lab and ran into Professor Snape.

"Potter," the potions professor acknowledged cooly before glancing at Astoria. "Miss Greengrass."

"Sir," Astoria returned the greeting with a curtsey, though her hand never parted from his robes.

Harry resorted to a mere nod. They were not on good terms, not after those legilimency lessons. Not after what Harry had seen in Snape's mind. It was... conflicting, to say the least.

Snape's beady eyes moved back up to him. "The password is "discombobulate"... And not to be shared... of course."

"Of course," Harry acknowledged.

Snape vanished back into his lab without a word.

Daphne awaited them just beyond the entrance. Harry wouldn't have entered in the first place but Astoria kept dragging him with her. It was cute, really, so he let it happen. The common room had not changed one bit since he and Ron snuck in here with that chamber of secrets mess. Green and silver, dark stone and heavy cloth drapes. Though Harry got the impression that it was a bit more... organized than back then.

"Thank you, Harry, for bringing my sister here," Daphne said. She offered a beautiful smile. And stepped closer.

Harry blinked twice and almost missed the peck she placed on his cheek. Or the fact that she used his given name.

"Not a problem," he said, voice remarkably low. She was so close now, the silver of her ear piercings glittered through her hair and the gentle smell of lavender and lemongrass filled his nose.

Her hand on his chest startled him. "I am curious... What shape did the ink on your chest take? I never saw."

Heat coursed through his veins, emboldening him. "Eager to find out, are you?" Oh yes. Being bold felt great right now.

Her smile stretched a little wider, her eyes sharpened. "Perhaps I am. Or perhaps I merely want us to be even."

Right. He had seen her topless before. But then... hadn't she, too? Somehow, just somehow, Harry liked her version better. "I agree."

Her thin eyebrows rose just a tad. "Do you?"

He nodded. Damn, they were still so close he could feel her breath on his skin. "I can't possibly owe something to you and not be intend on repaying you."

With a bright laugh, Daphne pushed back off him, the hand that had rested on his chest moved to Astoria's head. "I like the way you think Harry. And I would appreciate it if you were to escort my beautiful little sister back as well. She seems quite fond of you, too."

Astoria did not blush, but she decidedly avoided meeting his gaze.

"I will," he promised.

"Good." She gave his cheek a pat and turned back to her sister. "Was the big bad Harry Potter good to you?"

Harry rolled his eyes but didn't try to hide his smile.

"Sister, please." Astoria didn't quite whine, but it was close enough for Harry to notice her embarrassment. "You are making a fool of yourself."

"I am not!" Daphne gasped in obvious mock outrage. "Can you not see, sister mine? He is absolutely smitten with me!"

Harry cracked a smile. "She hath captured my heart!"

Astoria made a disgruntled, childish noise. "You are impossible! Both of you!" With that said, she stalked out of the common room with all the grace an eleven-year-old could fail to possess. And peeked in a second later. "I'll... see you tomorrow."

Daphne smiled, mischief glittering in her eyes as her sister ducked out again. "So," she said, hands at her hips. "Since no one tried to rip my shirt open today, I suppose you have kept my secret."

"... I did?" Harry frowned. "And who would try and tear your shirt open?"

"Hmm," Daphne hummed, tilting her head. "You, I'd say, judging from the way you stare at me like I'm something delicious to eat."

Harry managed to keep his eyes on hers. "Am I? Perhaps you only see what you wish to see." His mouth felt a bit dry. Too dry to speak.

Daphne's smile widened and she took a step even closer to him. "Perhaps. And perhaps we are both right."

Alright. It was getting too hot in this stupid dungeon. It would be so easy to just kiss her. Just lean forward a bit and taste those tender lips of hers. Daphne didn't look like she'd mind. Was she getting closer? Or was it he himself who was leaning in? Well, there is no stopping now so forward he went and-

Astoria stepped in between them. And Harry's heart almost exploded. There was a heavy moment between them filled with... with something he could still taste in the air. Then both Daphne and he looked down at Astoria.

"I fear I... do not know how to return to the common room on my own," she admitted.

Harry was somehow relieved that she didn't seem to have taken note of the fact that he almost made out with her sister mere seconds ago.

"Don't worry about that!" Daphne said, but her voice was lower than usual. It made his skin tingle. "You'll learn your way around eventually. That's what we prefects are for, after all."

Harry nodded absently. "Yeah." Damn, that was almost an octave lower than it should have been. He tried not to lick his lips when Daphne bit down on hers. "It gets easier over time."

Astoria just nodded, still unaware of the thick tension between him and Daphne. Then she looked up at Harry. "Then... I would appreciate it if we could head back."

He smiled down at her. "Sure. If you want to come back down here tomorrow, too, we can do that."

Astoria smiled. "I would like that."

She gave her sister a hug and made for the door once more. Before Harry could come up with a cheeky good-bye, Daphne once again placed a kiss on his cheek, but her lips lingered, soft and warm, against his skin. If he turned his head not half an inch to the right...

She stepped away. "I shall see you in class, then."

Harry nodded, hardly resisting the urge to touch his cheek. "Tomorrow. Have a good night."

"I will."

Something about the way she whispered that made him swallow. Hard.

Sixth-year was turning out to be very interesting...

Hermione had made sure to instil the fear of the book into the other first years so that they would leave Astoria alone. How exactly she did that, Harry was reluctant to find out. Even Astoria kept glancing nervously at Hermione during dinner. Ron seemed to know what this was about, but he didn't even meet her eyes that morning. Apparently he, too, had gotten a stern talking to from her. Harry supposed he hadn't done anything horribly wrong since Hermione hadn't mopped the library floor with him just yet, so he felt reasonably safe eating his eggs without fearing the impact of a spoon on his head.


Ron certainly missed that particular tell.

Hermione wiped her spoon on a napkin and continued eating her... yoghurt, perhaps, but not before shooting Ron yet another glare.

"I get it already," he muttered into his bacon. "Jeez..."

He flinched when Hermione lifted her spoon again and said no more. But he did glare at Harry when he scoffed.

"So," he said conversationally to Astoria, who was once more sitting at his side. "Got your time table yet?"

Astoria, sipping from a strangely ornate chalice Harry hadn't seen at their table before, lifted her blue eyes to him and nodded. "I have," she answered, "And it appears that my first lesson is one of Transfiguration."

Harry nodded, smiling down at her. "Great! I can get you there on my way to potions!"

Ron, who no longer took the potions class, breathed a sigh. "I finally got rid of the cursed class and, wouldn't you know it, suddenly someone that doesn't look like he might kill me teaches it."

"Ronald!" Hermione reprimanded from across the table, spoon brandished like it was the Elder Wand itself.

Ron lifted his hands in defeat. "Hey, it's true! Snape finally left the class alone and teaches the only subject I looked forward to!"

"Yes, well, you still shouldn't talk about a professor like that," Hermione huffed.

"Curse him, I might."


Astoria tugged at his sleeve. "Are they always this... rowdy?"

Harry stifled a loud laugh. "Yeah, I guess they are. You'll get used to it."

She nodded but didn't let go of his sleeve.

Merlin, why was this girl so cute? She held onto his sleeve all the way to the Transfiguration classroom and Harry was sorely tempted to just pick her up and keep her. But since that would be all kinds of strange, he settled for a head pat that bemused Astoria greatly and went his way to the dungeons.

To the class, he shared with Daphne.

The thought of her made him queazy.

There had been definitely something between them, the day before. A weird kind of tension so thick in the air he could have tasted her perfume on it, cut it into little pieces and eaten it.


Weird. Those were some weird thoughts. And he probably shouldn't be thinking them once he entered the potions classroom. But he did anyways and his eyes lingered on Daphne's features as she listened to whatever Malfoy was telling the Slytherins with as much subtle disdain as possible without actually making a face.

Which is to say, she looked really hot.

She caught his eye from across the entire room and let a soft smile ease the tension around her eyes. He dared to wink at her as he found his seat at the very back of the class. And before Hermione could take the seat next to him - blasphemous, considering that she always tried to sit at the very front of the class - it was suddenly occupied by Daphne. She returned the wink out from the corner of her eye as she sat there as if she always had.

The Slytherin's stared at them with a mixture of confusion and disbelief and Malfoy looked like he was about to say something but Slughorn entered the classroom before it got too far.

Harry barely listened to Slughorn's introduction. He had convinced the man to come, after all, and had honestly had enough of his slime-balling. So, naturally, he busied himself with Daphne instead.

"So," he whispered, "are you often around here?"

"Harry," she sighed, shaking her head, "That was horrible."

He shrugged, glad that he had chosen a seat so far from the front. "Well, better than nothing."

"You could have complimented me, you know?"

"That vain, are you Greengrass?" he smirked at her.

"You have seen how amazing my breasts are; there is no need to be vain, Harry. Also, Greengrass? Really?"

He nodded to himself. Amazing indeed. Dammit, his face felt odd. "So, you just sat down here to chat or to actually partner up with me?"

She elbowed him. "Potter! Can I not do both?"

Harry smiled. "Back to Potter again?"

Slughorn prattled on about something he may or may not have done with Draco's daddy dearest so he didn't see Daphne rise out of her chair, lean across the space between the two of them, and kiss his cheek. "There," she said, smirking, "Now you're Harry again."

Harry had to take a second to keep the stupid smile down. "Neat," he commented as nonchalantly as possible, but there was an audible waver to his voice.

Daphne smiled and returned her eyes to the front of the class.

She jumped a bit when he pressed a soft kiss to her cheek just like she had done to him.

"Back to Daphne," he said, not hiding the stupid smile at her surprise.

Daphne mock scowled at him. "Oh, pooh, Harry. My poor heart."

"Would you rather I called you Greengrass?"

"If it means getting a kiss again, yes."

Harry did not catch a single thing Slughorn said the entire double potion lesson. He did, however, catch a terribly hard crush on Daphne, or Greengrass, as he would call her for now.

Things were oddly peaceful at Hogwarts. Well. Oddly peaceful by comparison if you were Harry Potter. Strangely enough, no one had tried to murder him yet. It was almost odd, really. But perhaps even more odd was Luna's fascination for tattoos. For Harry's in particular. It wasn't like he would have refused to show it to her, since she was the one who had drawn the incredible sketch in the first place, but still. The girl was twelve. He was going to be seventeen next summer.

Was he the only one that thought that this was a bit weird? Him, sitting there, shirtless, while Luna traced the lines of black ink with her fingers? It just had to be.

"The lady made it so beautiful," Luna said, clearly amazed. "I will get one too once daddy allows it."

Harry, still very much focused on not getting caught in this slightly bizarre situation, merely hummed his agreement. Good thing people didn't really come to the Room of Requirements anymore, now that Umbridge was, well, dead.

Horribly unfortunate, that. (Ahahaha. Dry sarcasm). Harry almost felt bad for being glad for it. But only almost. How did that toad end up in the crossfire anyway?

"I want to draw you another one," Luna announced. "One with an owl."

"An owl?" Harry asked, buttoning up his shirt.

Luna nodded, taking the sketchbook out of her handmade, croqueted satchel that looked like she had bound it herself. "And owl for the raven."

"Hedwig?" That sounded like a nice idea, actually.

Luna shook her head, already sketching something. "No, no. Your other one."

Harry's brow furrowed as he fastened his tie. "But... uh, I only have one owl?"

Luna shook her head again. "You'll see."

There was no telling what she meant. Either Harry actually had another owl he had just conveniently forgotten about until now or he was going to get one. Because little Luna was always right with that sort of stuff. Scary, really.

"Well, be that as it may," Harry said, "we need to get you back to the common room."

Luna pouted at him but was already putting her sketchbook away. But Harry caught a glimpse of an owl with bright blue eyes. A shade of blue Luna had somehow produced with a pencil. Weird. And even weirder: The eyes looked familiar.

Dammit. Did he really have another owl?

Just to be absolutely certain, Harry made sure to visit the owlery the next day after lunch. Hedwig swooped down to land on his outstretched arm and nipped at his hair affectionately.

"Hey girl," Harry greeted, stroking her feathers. "Seen any owls around here I might own?"

Hedwig's head tilted. The look she gave him; she clearly wondered if he was mad or something.

He sighed. "Right. Sorry. Let's fly then, no?"

That got him a very agreeable hoot in response.

He let Hedwig fly and jumped right after her. The rush of transforming mid-air was unlike anything Harry could have experienced on a broom. The moment his wide black wings beat in the air, he cleared the space between the floor and the highest window of the tower in seconds and shot into the clouded sky.

He drew lazy circles around the tower until Hedwig joined him, obviously annoyed at his sudden and rather explosive take-off. He cawed a laugh at his owl, and got slapped over the beak by her majestic wings.

His raven form was not quite as big as Hedwig was, but he was a rather large bird compared to the average raven. His smaller size seemed to grant him the upper wing - - so to speak - when it came to speed anyway, so Harry was not complaining.

Hedwig, however, proved to be incredibly vocal in her distaste for his flying tendencies. Apparently, she was a very, very easygoing owl and not fond of nose-dives as much as he was. Well, all the more fun for him, no?

So Harry dove straight down the tower and could all but imagine Hedwig rolling her eyes as she followed him at a less steep angle. He zoomed around the castle and over the courtyard, catching a nice wind and let it carry him out towards the black lake. He could see the giant squid underneath the surface and entertained the idea of messing with to for a bit.

But then his eyes caught Daphne at the lake's shores.

He almost fell out of the air.

She had a free period after lunch, much like Harry himself did, and probably took the time to go out, just as he had. She sat there, reading a book underneath a tree, the wind dancing through her hair and Harry caught the glint of her piercings in the sunlight that peeked through the clouds.


Yep. He was going down there.

He descended onto a low hanging branch and watched Daphne curiously. And noticed that the book she was reading was not actually a book, but rather a magazine which she had hidden in a leather binding. And it was a tattoo magazine. She was probably looking into getting yet another one.

And just as he had gotten comfortable on his branch, Daphne raised her head and stared right at him.

"Oh, why hello," she said, smiling slightly up at him. "Odin's eyes are always welcome to watch over me."

Harry cawed a hello, which didn't exactly sound like one, but Daphne seemed to understand it as such. And just as she was about to return to her magazine, Hedwig landed right next to him and slapped him with her wing.

He glared at his owl and Hedwig huffed right back and puffed up her feathers airily.

"Hm, Harry's owl, no?" Daphne wondered from below. "Would you like some biscuit?" She produced a silver box from her robes and opened it. Indeed, biscuits.

Hedwig, ravenous bird that she was, immediately glided down to Daphne and landed on her knee as if it were no big deal and accepted the offered biscuit.

Alright. He was jealous of his owl. Great. He hoped Hedwig knew that she was not likely to get any treats from him today. Bloody bird...

"Would you like some, too?" Daphne asked, looking up at him.

Harry almost dropped straight down when he tried to take off as gracefully as possible. Daphne chuckled as he landed unsteadily on the grass next to her.

"Now now, no need to hurry." She held a biscuit out for him. "I can always make more."

She made them herself? Harry took the utmost care not to accidentally nip her palm as he nipped the biscuit. Damn. It tasted amazing. Not too sweet and with a hint of cinnamon. He almost startled when she stroked his feathers.

"You're quite intelligent, no?" Daphne smiled at him and her blue eyes seemed to look straight through him. "I know someone with eyes just like that. I wonder if he would have liked my sweets?"

Harry felt like he had top agree vehemently. Daphne laughed as he did. "I thought so too. After all, he took it upon himself to find me all the way out here, no?"

Hary blinked at her. Wait. Was... was it that easy to tell it was him? He went very still as he thought about that.

"Hey, don't be upset now!" Daphne chided gently. "Your eyes are very, very distinct, that's all. Mine are, too. I couldn't possibly hope to not be found out if anyone ever saw my form."

Her form. Was this, like, as in... animagus form? That. Well, she was very bright, no? Okay. What would her form be? A cat? A fluffy, very pet-able cat? God, he would pet that cat.


Uh, no, he wouldn't ever say that out loud. Still, cat was viable. Dog? Hm, not so much. Harry couldn't see it. Maybe a bird as well? That would be so cool.

Daphne tapped the top of his head. "Now, don't break your pretty little head over it. Why don't I just show you?"

Hedwig startled off Daphne's knee where she had dozed off as she transformed. The magazine fell into the grass and out of the swirl of robes and hair emerged an owl with bright blue eyes and a coat of feathers with a remarkable resemblance to her blonde hair.

She hooted at him.

Harry cawed back, dumbfounded.

Great. How to hold a conversation now?

Hedwig looked from Daphne to him and back again. And apparently, she deemed her presence unwanted and took off, leaving them to their own devices. But not before nipping another biscuit out of the silver box.

Bloody ravenous bird...

So there they were, a black raven with green eyes and a pale owl with blue eyes, staring at each other at the shore of the black lake.

Meh. Harry transformed back on a win and offered his arm to Daphne. She hopped onto it and immediately nuzzled his face. Harry almost blushed.

"You are one pretty bird, not gonna lie," he commented, stroking her soft feathers.

She preened, raising her dark beak proudly.

"Was it really that easy to recognize me?" he asked, leaning against the tree. "I mean, people don't exactly know I'm an animagus." And an illegal one at that.

Daphne pushed her head against his chest, right where his raven self was tattooed.

"You based it off seeing a glimpse of the tattoo?" he asked. That was... well, a bit far fetched. But Luna had made the drawing after seeing his animagus form so the resemblance was kinda uncanny. "Color me impressed."

Daphne preened some more.

"You know," he said, smiling as he ruffled the feathers under her chin. "I kinda wanted you to be a cat for a second. Just to I could pet you like crazy."

Daphne gave him a strange look. And then suddenly transformed in his arms. Harry almost fell over as her weight suddenly settled against him, his hands catching her at the waist.

"A cat?" she asked, face not an inch from his. "So that you may pet me?"

"Uh, well..." Geat. Now it was a lot harder to say these things to her beautiful human face.

"If you so desperately wanted to pet a kitty, you could have just asked."



Wow. What a cheesy innuendo. But... The temperature around him seemed to go up by at least 20 degrees. "Oh really?" he dared to ask, almost squeaking. Dammit.

Daphne chuckled, so close to him he could feel her breath tickle his skin. "Well, I would have, of course, asked for dinner first. But I suppose biscuits do the trick just as well."

Ah. Well. "We do have a free period now, no?"

Her head tilted and she smiled at him in a way that made his insides churn. "We do. Quite a lot of time. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Quite," he forced out. And since his hands already rested at her hips, he pulled her closer. It was as if he could feel the heat of her through the thick robes that separated them.

"And," she said, barely above a ridiculously sensual whisper, "I wanted to show you the rest of my tattoos anyway."

"I hear the Room of Requirements is kind of empty this time of the year," he offered, eyes straying more and more to her lips.

Daphne smiled widely at him. "Race you there."


She transformed out of the blue and rose into the air, making for the castle. Harry was left standing there and for a good ten seconds, he did not manage to get his head clear enough to pull off his transformation without almost losing an arm.

Boy. He had never flown so fast before. Hedwig, resting in the tree at the shore of the black lake, rolled her eyes at him as he shot off toward the castle.

They were late for Defence against the Dark Arts. Harry's heart would not stop beating at thrice as fast as his usual resting pulse and he couldn't gather his wits enough to come up with an apology that would satisfy Snape. Daphne, however, seemed to have no problem with explaining how the two of them had guided a bunch of first years through the wandering stairs.

As "punishment", Snape deducted Harry 20 points and put them at the same table to work together. It was worse than potions now. Harry could not focus. Not when Daphne's leg kept pressing against his, not when her hand kept resting on his arm or thigh at every turn.

Harry, asked to perform some spell or another, almost obliterated a wall when Daphne unexpectedly squeezed his butt. Feeling a bit vindictive and highly embarrassed at the noise ha had made, Harry returned the favour when Daphne was asked to bypass a shield and vanish the target behind it.

Unlike him, Daphne didn't seem bothered at all. However, the look she gave him when she sat down again... Harry almost whimpered. Quite pathetic, really, but who could blame him? Her eyes were hot, period.

The class somehow continued on that way and by the end of it both Daphne and he were breathing a quite a bit harder than strictly necessary.

Ron did look at him oddly but Harry never got to explain himself because Daphne dragged him down the next hallway and into a broom cupboard that happened to be right around the corner.

"You fiend," she accused, holding him against the wall.

"Me?" he asked, his hands finding her hips, "You were the one who started it."

"I showed you my tattoos," she said, licking her lips at the memory of it, "You insisted on touching them, too."

Well. Uh. "True," he allowed, "but don't act like you didn't offer. And didn't do the same to me."

"I never said I didn't," Daphne huffed, hand on his chest, "but you ought to finish what you started."

"Started wha-?"

Harry had almost swallowed his tongue when Daphne moved up to kiss him. Instead, he swallowed Daphne's. Not really, but you get what making out entrails, no?

And boy, did they ever. By the time Harry got his breathing back under control and had organized his torn open shirt into a less scandalous appearance, Daphne had managed to repair her skirt, which had gotten slightly torn in the heat of the moment.

"Sorry 'bout that," he said sheepishly, "Didn't think the button would resist that much."

"Neither did I," Daphne said, smiling. She put her shirt collar a tad higher, hiding the new mark he had no doubt left there. "But, Harry, you are insatiable, are you not?"

He blushed. "W-What's that supposed to mean?"

Daphne put her hands to her hips and wiggled in place as if to rearrange her skirt. "I think I might actually be sore." The impish smile she threw his way stole his breath.

"I'm sorry?" he laughed nervously but yelped when she pinched his butt.

"Oh come off it, I did most certainly not complain." Daphne patted his shoulder then took his hand and lead him down towards the great hall. People stated at them as if they were Dementors clad in rainbow coloured robes. "Besides, we have yet to actually do it yet, so no need to be all scandalized."

Sure, Harry thought, they hadn't done it, per se, but basically, all that comes before that. And then some. "Yet, you say..."

"Yet indeed," Daphne smiled, "Or did you think I was simply in for some petting? No, Mr Potter, you have found yourself a girlfriend."

Harry blinked. "Okay."

She laughed. "Is that all you have to say?"

It wasn't, but he didn't think he had the words for it. He decided that a kiss would do instead. Daphne appeared very pleased.

They were late for dinner. And breakfast the next day.

Obviously, Hermione was the first one to become suspicious. She noted that he seemed to spend a lot more time outside and was never to be found at Hagrid's, the Quidditch pitch or the sky around the castle. She also noted that he was slacking with his dress etiquette but that was only because Harry had a hard time preparing his torn shirt when his fingers were still shaking from the highs he'd reach in Daphne's company.

Luna, not that t surprised Harry, simply congratulated them one day right outside of the great hall and handed Harry the sketch for his new tattoo and one for Daphne as well. Harry's new tattoo was a beautiful drawing of an owl. Obviously, the owl Luna had talked about and obviously Daphne's animagus form. And, of course, Daphne's was Harry's, the raven's wings spread wide almost as if to encircle something.

Astoria found out the less gentle way by stumbling upon them in a broom cupboard. Well, more like they stumbled into her as they left the broom cupboard.

Daphne looked at her wide-eyed sister and said: "Well, this is awkward."

"You name it," Harry muttered.

"It's no trouble." Daphne helped her sister t her feet and smiled. "I'm sure you can guess, but Harry is my boyfriend now."

Astoria reddened remarkably fast and nodded quickly. "I- I won't tell father!"

Harry's stomach dropped. Their father?

But Daphne laughed. "Oh, there is no need to keep a secret. He knows, sister dearest."

"He does!?" both Harry and Astoria squeaked at the same time.

Daphne shot him a bemused look. "Of course. This way, he will have cooled off long before he actually meets you so we won't have to worry about your cute butt getting cursed.

While Astoria blushed her ears off, Harry nodded slowly. "So... does that mean I'll have to meet him?"

"Of course," Daphne said, "You would want me to have met your parents, too, no?"

"Hm. I guess I would have...," Harry mused. "Oh. You could meet my godfather instead!"

Daphne raised a perfect eyebrow at him. "I.. suppose you will be able to explain why you still call the man that's supposedly to fault for your parents' death your godfather?"

Shit. He forgot about that. "Alright, we have a free period now, no? Lemme explain some things..."

"You actually have a girlfriend."

Harry scowled at his godfather. "Why do you sound so surprised?"

Sirius shook his head. "Well, I mean... I dunno. This just blindsided me. And just look at how beautiful she is, too!"

Daphne, sipping from an ornate cup of tea that was absolutely too fancy for the Hogshead, smiled and bowed her head. "You are too kind."

"And she's polite!" Sirius exclaimed. "Where do they hide women like her!?"

"In tattoo parlours, apparently," Harry muttered under his breath.

"That's where you met?" Sirius asked incredulously, eyeing Daphne as if she would turn into Diana with her blue hair at any moment now.

"Indeed," Daphne confirmed, smirking. "He quite literally caught me at my most vulnerable."

Sirius stared at her, jaw dropped almost all the way onto the table. Then he abruptly grinned like an idiot at Harry. "Way to go!" he laughed and slapped his godson hard over the back.

Harry laughed weakly. One family meeting down, one to go.

Daphne's father was old. Well, older than Harry had expected. And that also made him a lot scarier. Probably because of the rim features. Maybe he should have asked Sirius if he knew something about Archibald Greengrass. But it was too late now, anyway.

They had come to Daphne's family home over winter break, a huge ass mansion with more of a garden than Hogwarts had grounds. And butlers. Actual butlers, not house-elves. And, as if it was some sort of joke, both the butlers Harry met were named Sebastian and Alfred respectively.

Daphne even had a maid, but he forgot the young woman's name by the time he was led into a sitting room almost as big as the great hall. Great. He felt like he was about to have a nervous breakdown. But Daphne took his hand, squeezed it and kissed his cheek for good measure. Wow. That kinda helped a lot.

"Don't worry," she had said encouragingly, "He likes you."

Well, it sure as hell didn't look like it. Daphne's father had entered the room wordlessly, his heels clicking as loudly as humanly possible against the marble floor and took a seat in an almost throne-like chair across from the table Harry and Daphne had taken a seat at.

Serious Dumbledore vibes right there.

"Mr Potter," Archibald Greengrass said, his voice low and strong. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

The man did not sound sincere at all, but Harry bowed his head and shook the offered hand firmly. "Likewise, Lord Greengrass."

"Father," Daphne said with a roll of her eyes, "You are being obnoxious."

"I am merely-"

But she cut him off with a huff. "Please, father, you can do that for Astoria's boyfriend and/or girlfriend but I am quite capable of choosing a man I'd love."

Both Harry and Archibald Greengrass stared at her. Harry was computing what she had just said, but her father was a bit faster on the uptake and turned to Harry again.

"In that case," he said, the harsh lines of his face softening, "I am truly glad to finally meet you, Harry."

But Harry didn't pay him any mind. He stared at Daphne, licked his lips, and said, "I love you, too, you know?"

Daphne smiled beautifully at him. "I know."

Harry's heart fucking exploded.

"Appointment of one Harry Potter."

Harry rolled his eyes at Diana, whose hair was a deep red this time around. "I know," he said, "That's why I came here."

"I know," Diana returned impishly, "That's why we keep schedules around here." She opened the sliding door for him. "Now get in there, I have to perforate your girlfriend."

Harry huffed at her, but got into the back room anyway. He noticed Daphne immediately this time around. She did, too, and smiled as he entered.

"She honestly had you wait for five more minutes," she said bemusedly.

"Yeah," Harry chuckled. "Maybe we should put in the exact same time for the next one."

"So you can make lovey-dovey eyes at each other all the time?" Diana asked, following inside after Harry, "I think not."

She took a seat next to Daphne arranged the two small ear piercings Daphne was about to get. That required her to have each ear pierced once more. The small emeralds would fit her perfectly.

The sliding door closed after Leila entered the room. "Wow, busy day, isn't it? Harry Potter of all people coming here so often really made this place popular."

"Does that mean you'll do my piercing for free?" Harry asked hopefully.

"No," both sisters responded at the same time.

Harry scoffed and took a seat in the chair, leaning back so he could watch Daphne. She caught his eye and smiled.

"When's the wedding?"

Harry blinked and turned his head to Leila. "Uhm, what?"

"The wedding?" she repeated, smiling slyly. "You must have thought about it. We are not blind. We can see the rings."

Harry reflexively rubbed at the ring on his ring finger with his thumb. The simple platinum band's weight rested comfortably there. "I mean... sometime next year? After school?"

"In summer," Daphne added just as Diana muttered the piercing hex. His fiance didn't even pause to wince. "Though we will have to speak to my father about it. He very much likes to be involved."

"Tell me about it- Ouch!" Harry winced and resisted the urge to rub at his earlobe. "Mean."

Leila shrugged. "Perhaps, but now it's already over. Let me just put the piercing in and heal you up, then it's already done and over with."

"Could've warned me still," Harry grumbled.

"Don't be such a baby," Daphne chuckled. "You don't complain about surprise biting either."

"Now that's totally different!" Harry shot back heatedly.

"I would hope so," Leila said, pushing his head down to put the cool metal through his stinging ear. A quick swish of her wand and the weight of the small blue sapphire rested comfortably in its new place.

"I would hope so, too," Daphne said, even as Diana pierced her other ear.

Sometimes he really admired her focus.

"Now," Leila began, "Time for the tattoos."

The owl on Harry's upper back turned out great in contrast to the horntail. Likewise was the raven on Daphne's lower back a sight to behold. People at school somehow never did find out that Harry and Daphne were an item until their faces were all over the newspapers from that photo someone took as they had the papers filed at the ministry.

And while Hermione did find out about the engagement late into their Sixth-Year, Ron only caught wind of it when Harry asked him to be his best man. The face was priceless. Luna had made a sketch of it. Probably the only one of her sketches that never ended up being tattooed onto someone's skin. But then... Hermione just might, no?

Well, Harry was not one to tell anyways.

A/N: I find the ending lacking, honestly, but if I keep changing it, it'll just get worse and will never see the light of day, so here you go. :3