Introductio 1.1

Here is a Little idea that swam around in my mind for some time. Please enjoy and be free to Point of any mistakes or criticism.

Class was rather unceremoniously loud and exciting today. Not in the conventional sense of everyone around me chattering and talking with the various members of their little sad "cliques," no, more like all of them being emotionally excited, their souls annoyingly vibrant.

This was probably because of the lesson being Professor Gladly's, or "Mr. G" as he wants us to call him, Cape lesson. More directly about what role they were playing in the issues plaguing this sad, little godforsaken world. Oh well, I guess that last bit wasn't true, or at least not anymore. And what a can of worms that little particular information was, that, I didn't plan on wasting too much of my brain power on.

Once upon a time I would've been very interested in this whole discussion. I had a whole list of arguments prepared on it, had even used quite a lot of them onto the homework about the issue. I could proudly proclaim myself to be the biggest cape enthusiast in the lesson. Well, formerly.

Nowadays I spent my time with more useful things, namely thinking about some of the greatest questions that mankind ever had. Was there a sense to life ? Is there something after death ? What is the one true religion ? Was Greg ever going to leave me alone?

In that order, yes, yes - multiple things in fact - , select religion praying to the abrahamic God of choice here - though I had a feeling that my tenant was somewhat biased here - and nope to the most important question of them all.

Oh I did mention that I have a power, did I? Yeah kinda sudden to just spring on somebody but - eh, so did my power, if it even was one. Now I know what one might be thinking, "Taylor, you have something inside you that answers your every question, you can metaphysically freeze people and these wings that you like to sprout enable you to fly ! How can that not be a power ?"

Well great question, imaginary voice in my head. See, as I told you before, I was - or better used to be - something of an enthusiast for capes and as such - especially lately - have researched quite bit on trigger events. Including looking up things said by heroes and villains themselves on their getting powers. Generally, it shared the common theme of the day they got their powers being the worst one in their lives, often caused by extreme injuries, pain, the sudden loss of loved ones, etc. Sure, I figured that the locker would count as something like that. And yet somehow, somewhere, I had the feeling that hosting a massive being that proclaims itself to be the archangel Uriel - yes that Uriel, the one from the bible - was somewhat unusual.

Eh, I was probably just going insane.

"We both know that it isn't the case Taylor. You are reasonably sane for a girl in your position."

I sighed and flicked a virtual peck of dirt at the glowing figure in white clothing that materialized in front of me, the world around me slowing to a crawl as it did.

"Gee thanks, that makes me feel a lot better imaginary voice in my head who tries to convince me that I am not insane." I wasn't actually saying that - it was more a mental speech of sorts. You'll understand it once you have a star system sized energy entity nestled in your brain.

I, of course, knew that Uriel was real. My intellectus had delivered its intel on that matter as impeccably as ever. Didn't mean I wasn't going to annoy the prick whenever I could. Taking advantage of an impressionable young girl, when I thought I was dying, that was simply assholish to the core.

"Taylor, your were explicitly asked for permission before you became my host. If you desire so I will leave at once."

It was really creepy seeing him standing before me as he moved his mouth, the words simply manifesting themselves in my brain. His form might have looked attractive, perfect even to be clear but I had seen what Uriel really looked liked and this facade had no effect on me.

"Ha, yeah sure and simply me leave me here, looking like the fucking Simurgh once you are gone? Yeah, fuck that."

"Say, why are you even here in this wannabe pop culture angel face? I am sure you are more comfortable in your earlier Papa Cthulhu form." That got him to frown, ha.

"Fine, get back in my head." Thus he disappeared and time - or rather my perspective of it - retorted to normalcy. At least, the guy only pretended to come out when I "needed" him.

Anyway, back to lesson.

Mister Gladly was going through his usual act of being the "cool" teacher, trying to be everyone's favorite. Now that wasn't strictly speaking a bad thing - don't get me wrong. The issue was more along the lines of him being so busy with this cool teach bullshittery that he either ignored or simply not noticed - if I felt like giving him the benefit of the doubt - all the messed up shit happening in his lessons. The various teens clearly labeling themselves after the different gangs in the city, the abhorrent bullying… All that might as well not exist to Gladly. I hated him, of all the teachers I hated him the most. Probably because all the others at least didn't attempt to hold up a facade hiding how they didn't give a shit about the pupils of Winslow.

The majority of the kids here were going to end up in some of the gangs either way, so why even pretend.

Most of them were going to end up dead : killed by some skin heads, dead from an overdose after some merchants forcibly addicted them to the poison they were selling... Or sold to some sex ring by the ABB. Fury simmered through my body for a moment and I felt the primordial forces within me respond, burning up like slowly forming stars.

"Calm down, Hebert, calm down." I murmured to myself quietly. It was really strange really. Some weeks ago I wouldn't have given a shit about these things. Not anymore, not after what Intellectus had shown me, what it had made me experience. Strange how a single question could rob one's peace and comfort.

A single question had me writhe in nightmares for days.

"Where was that missing girl the news talked about?"

Such a simple question, nine words, relatively innocent.

Intellectus had answered, had brought me to where she was, showing me her fate.

I cried and washed myself for hours.

No more. I was going to destroy the Azn Bad Boys someday.

The lesson ended relatively quickly. Mister Gladly assigned us some homework on how superheroes and other capes affected the everyday world, and promised some uninteresting bonus for whoever made the best list about the subject. I barely listened and didn't even bother taking notes or the like. An ability like Intellectus, even if it was apparently crippled to only see the present - going by Uriel's statements on the subject - made such a thing rather unnecessary. And before anyone asks, yes, I was using my newfound "heavenly" abilities to cheat in school and in tests. Give me a break, life was hard enough for me as it was.

I closed my eyes and again pictures of that girl went through my head. Some people had it worse.

I was one of the last to leave the classroom, both because I wanted to avoid bumping into Madison - a petite "cute" little girl, whose hobbies consisted of boys, gossip and making my life hell - and because it was probably best to avoid people crashing into any of my wings on the great rush out. Even cloaked with a spell from Uriel, those were positively huge and I had to resort to wrapping them around my body a couple of times so that they didn't slam into anyone.

Once outside, instead of heading to, say, the lunch room, my target was the girls' bathroom. Strange I know, but chances were, there I wouldn't have to deal with so much hassle what with the trio and their little marionettes. I moved decently fast spreading out my senses in case they decided to ambush me on the way to the toilets. They probably would but I had become quite experienced in dodging them these last months which had only increased when I had gotten my little tenant.

At my quiet request to him, my senses increased tenfold. I could hear the petty little insults, the giggling, the chattering. For a moment it made my blood boil, the unfairness of them picking on me of all people. The next, I recalled the face of a 16 year old pretty old Asian girl, sobbing and crying in pain, and I calmed down. It was nothing.

There were much greater bullies in this world and these pathetic little creatures were beneath my notice.

Me leaving last made things a bit more difficult, as I had to change directions multiple times and ask Intellectus on any bigger concentrations of Emma's clique, but in the end I made it to the bathrooms with enough time left to conceivably eat my lunch in some peace.

It was incredibly annoying but honestly it wasn't like I had anyone to eat with and at least no one pestered me while I read one of my books or talked a bit with Uriel. Problem with those points was that the only book left in my possession that I hadn't already read were the Biographies of the Triumvirate, which were definitely made up (yes, I knew, I had asked Intellectus). I also didn't really want to talk with Uriel too much, courtesy of me still feeling somewhat uncomfortable whenever he was present. It was probably unfair on my part. By all accounts Uriel was a great guy, he didn't order me around, didn't use me as a meat puppet to move on his own - which he likely could effortlessly do - nor was all high and mighty the way one would expect from one of the princes of Heaven.

On the contrary, he only talked to me when I asked to or when he thought it necessary, and used some of his remaining powers to hide all the new body parts I grew in the weeks following the locker. Plus he taught me a thing or two about the powers that came as a consequence of housing an archangel in one's soul.

I entered the toilet and Uriel quickly shut off my enhanced senses, earning him eternal gratitude in the process from my nose. Looking around I quickly saw that the room was empty and checked with Intellectus if anyone was currently heading here.

I immediately got the impression of several people coming, one of them being part of Emma's cronies. Judging from their position, I had a little bit of time. Enough time.

With some effort I unclasped my wings and stretched them, the tips touching the ground, roof and walls themselves. The schools bathrooms were spacious enough for me to properly stretch, wiggling my wings to get the numbness out. Turned out proto-angelic wings needed just as much blood circulation as the rest of my body. Hmm, wouldn't that mean that my heart would have to pump blood through a much larger body than it was actually intended to? I was pretty certain that that wasn't good but whatever. I had a cosmic being in me ; physics, logic and co had gone crying for their mommies a long time ago.

I would be lying if I said that the wings weren't incredibly beautiful. Every single one of them was almost as big as I was. It was…. weird. They should have weighted a ton but didn't actually pull me down or anything. Not to say that they weren't heavy - they were - but not so much that I couldn't deal with it.

Reaching out, I touched one and marveled in the sensation of my fingers gliding over the feathers, just to make sure that they were truly there. Sometimes I let my mind wander on the possibility of this all being a dream and I was never sure if that option was terrifying or relieving.

Out of everything new, nothing came close to how awesome my wings were.

Sudden voices came from outside and I quickly wrapped the wings around me again, pretty much jumping into the closest stall. Just in time too, as just a couple seconds later a group of people came in.

"Oh no…." I knew who they were.

Emma, Sophia and Madison, the three queen bitches themselves. Just my luck that of all the assholes in school these three were the ones to come in. I hid myself and tried to not make a sound all the while hastily restoring my wings to their cloaked status. Desperately trying to ignore how cramped it was with them in here to keep not-so-old memories down.

For a second I thought about asking Uriel if he could extend the invisibility to my entire body, before shooting the idea down. Nothing good would come out of that. I was still here after all and if they tried to use this toilet - which with my Luck they probably would - I would be outed in a heartbeat. It was better to endure whatever particular bitchery they thought up instead of taking that risk. Capes that looked like the Hopekiller usually weren't accepted very well.

I heard them coming in, chatting with one another, with me silently praying that they would miss me. Which of course meant that one of them chose that very moment to knock against the door.

"Occupied !" I tried to keep my voice down, to somehow prevent them from finding out it was me. It predictably didn't work.

"Oh my God it is Taylor!" Was the last thing I heard before closing my eyes. A quick check-in with Intellectus showing Emma pouring some cranberry juice over the door and I could barely whip one of my wings up in time to prevent myself from being soaked.

"What the- ?"

Looking up I saw Sophia and Madison leaning on the top of the stall, holding plastic bottles staring down on me, or rather, on the the juice that - from their perspective - was floating in the air.

I inhaled strongly and lashed out with my wings. I wasn't going to allow them to ruin my life yet again.


So, my first chapter in my first worm fic. Hopefully it didn´t disappoint any expectations. If you think something was good or bad please comment. It helps me improve this story.