(A/N: This is an Idea that came to me from another akame ga kill fanficton that I can't remember the name of, and it gave me an Idea, because in one of the chapters tatsumi woke up from an a coma where most of the series was a dream and That gave me an Idea, BTW I don't own akame ga kill both anime and manga. Anyway enjoy the story).

Chapter 1 the awakening

"TATSUMI!" yelled akame as tatsumi was lying in her arms wounded from using all of his strength to stop the giant shikutazer from destroying the capital and crushing millions of people, however this was too much for our small hero because he used the last of his strength to stop the giant teigu.

"YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T DIE YOU IDIOT!" akame yelled again, as tatsumi was looking into akame's eyes his vision was beginning to blur knowing that it'll soon be the end 'at least the empire will soon fall, and soon everyone in the world will soon be safe at last' after that tatsumi closed his eyes ready to except his fate.

"I...I'm sor..Sorry akame" tatsumi barely whispered as he was going to pass away, soon tatsumi saw a light knowing that he lived a good life.

As the light got brighter and brighter tatsumi's eyes opened and saw that he was in a comfy whit bed in a white room, then tatsumi heard high heels clacking and a beautiful brunette woman in a white dress with a really short skirt walked passed on the far left side.

'White comfy bed, white room, and beautiful woman in a white dress, I knew it I'm in heaven' thought tatsumi as the woman turned towards tatsumi and gasped dropping something on the floor.

"I don't believe it" said the woman "You're awake? DOCTOR HE'S AWAKE!" then she ran out the room calling for somebody.

As tatsumi tried to get up he felt a lot of pain at his head, his arms, his legs, and his chest. 'Wait I shouldn't feel pain if I'm in heaven, and did that lady just called for a doctor?' thought tatsumi as he realized the position he's in.

After that tatsumi touched the crown of his head where his head wound was and found bandages there as well as some at his chest "Holy crap, I'm alive?" he said "I'M ALIVE!" he yelled with joy.

After that a man in a white suit came into the room and said "well I see somebody is happy to be awake, are feeling you ok Tatsumi?"

After hearing that tatsumi turned his head and saw a man was wearing a coat with black spiky hear with a white patch, tatsumi instantly recognised that face than sat up out of horror.

"DR STYLISH!" tatsumi yelled out of fear because he was sure that akame killed that sick man during the when the night raid hideout was discovered.

"I see that your memory isn't damaged, what was the last thing you remember tatsumi?" asked the doctor who doesn't seem to be in his experimental obsessed way, rather in more of a slightly concerned tone.

"BETTER QUESTION ID HOW THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?" tatsumi yelled in a threatening way that scared both the doctor and nurse a little.

"Tatsumi, you do remember what happened, don't you?" asked Dr stylish as he looked more concerned in a caring way that scared tatsumi because how can he forget what that psycho did to the innocent people he used for his lab experiments.

"Wait if your alive then that must mean that the other jaegers must be alive too, and the empire must've won. Akames dead!" tatsumi said in an angered and sad Tone in his voice.

After hearing that Dr stylish turned to the nurse and said "I was afraid this would happen." Then he turned to tatsumi and said "just stay calm tatsumi and we'll inform your family and friends about you waking up, ok?"

After hearing the psycho say that and both him and the nurse left the room before hearing the nurse saying if he needed anything, and he responded by shaking his head.

When the nurse closed the door tatsumi immediately got up despite the pain then got out of bed, luckily he was wearing pyjamas but soon found out that his left wrist had something long attached to it that led to a pole with wheels.

"What the hell?" tatsumi said as he found out that he can't remove the tubes from his wrist so he decided to bring the pole with him, besides he desiced to use it to help support his stance.

Then tatsumi saw another door that was at the exact opposite side to the room, and next to the door was looked like a cane so tatsumi grapped the cane like object to help hold his weight, opened the door, and made his escape.

While walking down the hallway tatsumi saw that there were other people who were in the same pyjamas as his and saw that some of them looked terrible, because some had broken limb, and others looked like they were about to puke.

'STYLISH YOU INSANE BASTERD, JUST WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THESE PEOPLE' tatsumi mentally shouted as he was trying to find the exit.

After what felt like an hour of searching he finally found the two large doors made of glass that showed the outside, "I found it" tatsumi said out of joy that he finally found a way out.

As our small friend was making his way to the exit a group of large friends entered the building walking towards a lady at a desk, the group was mostly beautiful girls and the only boys in the group was one that was tatsumi's age with green hair, and two tall muscular looking guy.

"This can't be, I must be dead" tatsumi barely whispered to himself as he saw that the group of friends turned out to be all the members of night raid, even akame and najenda, the only difference was is that they were all wearing different clothes, ones that he never seen before.

Then akame walked to the lady at the desk and said in her gentle voice "excuse me, we were informed that our friend tatsumi was awake"

After akame said that Chelsea turned her head to tatsumi's direction and said " look he's over there"

Then the rest of night raid saw atsumi and they all looked so happy to see him, and they were all tearing up with joy (yes even najenda).

As Tatsumi stepped back a little being really confused on what's happening, the Leone took a few steps closer and said in a teary voice "Tatsumi you remember us Wright, it's me Leone your big sister"

Tatsumi knew that the only reason akame and najenda are here is because they must've died a few seconds after him, that explain..."wait did you just say big sister Leone?" said tatsumi.

End of chapter 1

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