House of Proms:

The club was anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 9:00 pm.

"It's almost time," said Fabian, as he looked on his watch.

"Why is it always when you are waiting for something very important that time always seems to slow down?" Asked Amber.

"No idea," said Nina.

"And the prom started an hour ago and we're missing it," said Amber.

"Amber this is more important right now," said Patricia.

"We can't just stand here like this and do nothing," said Aaron.

"Aaron is right. We've to make sure no one comes in. Amber and Patricia you guard the back door," said Fabian.

"We'll do that," said Amber.

"You can count on us," said Patricia.

"Aaron, you and I guard the front door," said Fabian

"Let's do it," said Aaron.

"Nina stay here until it 9:00 PM and once you've the final piece, you call us and we will put the cup back together," said Fabian.

"Okay Fabian," said Nina.

Fabian and Aaron went to the front of the house and Amber and Patricia went to the back of the house.

In the meantime in the attic. Rufus and Jerome were searching the attic. Alfie watched happily as the distraction Fabian had thought of seemed to work.

"Hey I think it's that sun that the riddle means," said Jerome, while pointing at the stained glass.

"Yes we're close. And now we only need to find the Eye of Horus," said Rufus.

Alfie knew what he had to next, to charade going. Alfie walked up to the secret panel and saw the Eye of Horus as Nina had described to him.

'Is this the Eye of Horus?" Asked Alfie.

Rufus and Jerome walked over to Alfie. Rufus touched the imprint of the Eye of Horus, then knocked on the wall.

"This wall is hollow," said Rufus.

"Do you think that's the treasure behind that wall?" Asked Jerome.

"We're going to find out now," said Rufus.

Rufus picked up an old bat and started smash the wall.

"Don't just stand there and do something!" Ordered Rufus.

Jerome also picked up a club and started ramming the wall as well. Rufus handed his bat to Alfie. And now Alfie from Rufus had to hit the wall. Rufus watched as Jerome and Alfie were slowly demolishing the wall.

In the meantime. The clock struck nine. Suddenly, Nina saw smoke coming from Corbierre and the smoke just kept coming. Then there was an explosion and black feathers flew all over the hall. Nina saw gold coin on the floor and picked it up. Written with capital END on the coin. The rest of the club ran into the house after hearing the explosion.

"Nina what happened? Asked Fabian.

"Smoke came from Corbiere, then he exploded and then I found this," said Nina, while showing the coin

"The final piece," said Fabian.

"Let's hurry up and assemble the cup", said Patricia.

"Where are the rest of the Ankh pieces?" Asked Nina.

"I have it here in my bag," said Aaron, while he pointed to his bag.

"Let's go to the cellar. Victor is gone anyway and then we've privacy," said Nina.

"Good idea. Let's go," said Fabian.

The club went to the kitchen and Nina used her locket to open the secret passage, the club entered the secret passage and went to the cellar.

Meanwhile in the attic, Jerome and Alfie were still demolishing the wall, both boys were all sweaty and warm. Rufus had heard the explosion.

"What was that explosion?" Asked Rufus,

"No idea, I didn't heard anything," lied Alfie.

"Alfie how could you not have heard that, even I heard while we were demolishing this wall," said Jerome.

Rufus looked at the riddle and began to realize it was a fake riddle.

"That was a trick," said Rufus.

"What do you mean?" Asked Jerome.

"Don't play dumb. I know the two of you lured me here so the rest of your pals can get the Cup of Ankh," said Rufus.

"No Rufus, I had nothing to do with this," said Jerome.

Rufus said nothing and left the attic. Jerome turned to Alfie.

"Alfie how can you do this to me. I'm one of your best friends," said Jerome.

"Oh really? Because best friends don't blackmail each other. You treated me like your servant. let me do everything and if I didn't do it right. You threatened to go to Fabian tell him everything," said Alfie.

"Alfie I had no choice I had to give Rufus something," said Jerome.

"You always have a choice, Jerome. But you always choose the money because of your greed. And you use others and you don't care one that you hurt them," said Alfie.

Alfie left the attic and chased after Rufus to try to stop him so he would make sure Rufus wouldn't get to club and take the Cup of Ankh.

At the same time at school. Mr. Sweet was in the computer lab and had fallen asleep at the computer. Victor who was at school because of and meeting with Mr. Sweet walked into the computer lab and saw Mr. Sweet sleeping. Victor woke up Mr. Sweet.

"Oh Victor, I was working," said Mr. Sweet.

"Yeah I can see that," said Victor sarcastically as he looked on the computer screen and saw what Mr. Sweet had been playing a game solitaire.

Mr. Sweet quickly clicked off his game of solitaire.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Mr. Sweet.

"We had a meeting remember? To see if you had found out what Nina Martin and her club are up to," said Victor.

"I've been watching them and I've got nothing," said Mr. Sweet.

"Nothing at all?" Asked Victor

"You know how teenagers are. They hang around the corridors and use the computer. I haven't seen anything special," said Mr. Sweet

"Get up," said Victor.

Mr. Sweet got up and Victor sat in the chair. Victor went to see the history of the computer and then he came across the constellation site and saw the item about the constellation Corvus. Victor looked shocked.

"Corvus," said Victor.

"That's Latin for raven," said Mr. Sweet.

"I know that, said Victor

"Those kids apparently looked for some information about it, said Mr. Sweet.

Victor began to read about the constellation Corvus and realized something.

"We were wrong Eric," said Victor

"Wrong about what?" Asked Mr. Sweet.

"The chosen hour is today," said Victor.

"But that is on the birthday of the chosen one," said Mr. Sweet.

"No, it's today," said Victor

"But how do you know that?" Asked Mr. Sweet.

"It has to do with this constellation, which appeared more than 80 years ago on the last chosen hour," said Victor.

"What must we do?" Asked Mr. Sweet.

"We've to go," said Victor, while he dragged Mr. Sweet out of the computer lab.

"What is going on Victor?" Asked Mr. Sweet.

"What time is it?" Asked Victor.

"Huh?" Said Mr. Sweet.

"What time is it?" Asked Victor again.

"It's just a little after 9:00 pm," said Mr. Sweet.

"We've to go back to the house Eric! Now!" Shouted Victor.

Victor and Mr. Sweet hurried to the house, while they ran to the house, Victor explained everything to Mr. Sweet.

While Victor and Mr. Sweet were on the way to the house. The rest of the house was at the prom having the time of their lives. Mara, Mick, Fiona and Caitlin were dancing and Otis was taking some picture. Otis decided to take a short break and walked over to the punch table, to get some punch. Mara, Mick, Fiona and Caitlin joined Otis.

"Hey are you having a good time?" Asked Mara.

"Yeah, I get to do what I've to do, taking pictures and not having to dance," said Otis.

"Come on Otis you gotta dance sometime this night," said Fiona.

"I work my magic with camera and not on the dance floor," said Otis.

"Hey how about we take a photo with all of us here?" Suggested Mara.

"But rest of the house isn't here," said Caitlin.

"Yeah, where's everybody else?" Asked Fiona.

"They aren't here," said Mick.

"Don't you guys thing that's weird?" Asked Fiona.

"No, Amber probably wants be fashionably late," said Otis.

"Yeah, that's probably it," said Mick.

"Let's just take picture and then we take another later when everyone else is here," said Mara.

Mara, Mick, Otis, Fiona and Caitlin headed to the prom photo booth. Otis stood behind the camera and installed the timer. Otis quickly stood with the rest. A few seconds later there was a flash and the picture was taken.

Back at the house. The club, minus Alfie, was in the cellar and ready to put the Cup of Ankh back together.

"Fabian what do I've to do?" Asked Nina.

"I don't know," said Fabian.

"Make the cup Nina," said Sarah, as her spirit appeared.

"Sarah," said Nina.

"Where is she? I don' see her," said Amber.

"I think only Nina can see her," said Aaron.

"Make the Cup Nina. It's your destiny as the chosen one," said Sarah.

"But how?" Asked Nina.

"Say it Nina," said Sarah.

"Say what?" Asked Nina.

"With this circle of light, I seal the circle of life," said Sarah.

Sarah's sprit disappeared and Nina knew what she had to do now.

"With this circle of light, I seal the circle of life. With this circle of light, I seal the circle of life," said Nina, while she put the Cup of Ankh back together.

Nina was finished putting the Ankh back together and now the Ankh was whole again but nothing happened.

"Nothing's happening," said Nina.

"Was that it?" Asked Aaron

"Why is nothing happening?" Asked Nina.

"Nina, look, your locket," said Amber, as she saw that the stone on Nina's locket was glowing.

Nina touched the Ankh with her locket and started to give light up this bright golden light.

"Wow," said Patricia.

"Wicked," said Aaron.

"That's the most beautiful accessory I have ever seen," said Amber.

"You did it," said Fabian.

"I did. And now I have to hide it for good," said Nina.

"Not unless I have something to do with it," said Rufus, as he was standing at the entrance of the cellar.

"Rufus!" Said Nina.

Rufus walked over to Nina and grabbed the Ankh. Rufus pushed Nina onto the floor and Nina let go of the Ankh. Fabian rushed over to Nina.

"Nina are you okay?" Asked Fabian.

"I'm fine. But Rufus has the Cup of Ankh, "said Nina.

"Yes I've the Cup indeed and now hand me over the elixir," said Rufus.

Fabian grabbed the elixir from his pocket and gave it to Rufus. Rufus put the elixir in the Cup of Ankh and drank from it. Rufus had finished drinking. First Rufus smiled, but suddenly he started the cough and it looked like he had trouble breathing. Rufus dropped the Ankh on the floor. Nina quickly grabbed the Ankh and Fabian pushed Rufus out of the way. The club quickly headed upstairs. Once the club was upstairs the saw Alfie. But the troubles weren't over for the club, Victor and Mr. Sweet arrived at the house and saw Nina holding the Ankh. Victor and Mr. Sweet started to walk towards the club, but Victor stopped when he saw the black feathers lying all across the floor.

"No Corbierre!" Said Victor, as he fell down onto his knees.

"Victor those kids have the Cup of Ankh," said Mr. Sweet.

"Corbierre," said Victor.

Mr. Sweet left Victor alone and started to chase the club on his own. Most of the club members ran upstairs. Nina who had been hiding in the door opening started to make run for it. Nina ran towards the stairs and headed upstairs when she tripped. Victor saw Nina and began chasing her. Nina was running down the hallway when Fabian dragged her into the bathroom. Fabian closed and locked the bathroom door. Victor ran to the bathroom and tried to enter the bathroom.

In the meantime, Patricia ran into her room with Mr. Sweet not far behind her. Mr. Sweet was trying in Patricia's room and eventually he was inside. Patricia had hidden something under her T-shirt.

"Give me that," said Mr. Sweet.

"No," said Patricia.

"Give me the Ankh, Patricia," said Mr. Sweet

"Okay catch," said Patricia.

Patricia pulled a golden vase from under her shirt and threw it into the air. Mr. Sweet tried to catch him but he missed. The vase fell to the floor and broke into pieces. Mr. Sweet didn't look happy.

"Hey Sweetie!" Said Alfie.

"Alfie," said Mr. Sweet.

"Come and catch me if you can," said Alfie

Now Mr. Sweet began to chase Alfie. Alfie ran away as fast as he could. This gave Patricia a change to flee to Nina and Amber's room. Patricia entered the room and there were Aaron and Amber.

In the meantime. Nina was in the bathroom with Fabian, except she didn't know it was Fabian. Fabian had his hand over Nina's mouth.

"Nina calm down. Nina, it's me Fabian," said Fabian.

"Fabian," said Nina.

"Are you okay?" Asked Fabian.

"Yes," said Nina.

"Do you've the Ankh?" Asked Fabian.

Nina couldn't answer, because Victor was pounding on the door louder and louder. Fabian told Nina to hide and she did. Fabian took a deep breath and opened the door. Victor immediately pushed Fabian aside. Victor went to the shower and pulled the shower curtain and rod off the wall. But no Nina, Nina was gone.

"Where is she! Where's Nina! Shouted Victor.

Fabian really didn't know. Fabian left the bathroom and went to Nina and Amber's room, when he entered he saw Amber, Aaron and Patricia.

"Nina. Is Nina here?" Asked Fabian.

"I thought she was with you," said Patricia.

"No," said Fabian.

There was knocking on the door. Patricia opened the door carefully and saw that Alfie was. Alfie entered the room.

"Trixie lock the door," said Alfie.

"Yes," said Patricia, while she locked the door.

"No wait I've to go to Nina," said Fabian.

"Listen! Stay here okay. It's a complete madhouse out there," said Alfie.

"Yeah, Victor probably has gone mental, now that has Corbierre exploded," said Aaron.

In the meantime, Victor was busy collecting Corbierre's feathers and other parts.

Meanwhile, the club was still trapped in Nina and Amber's room.

"We gotta get out of here. We've to go to the prom," said Amber.

"We can't just walk out of this room, Sweetie is guarding the corridor," said Alfie.

"Okay then we escape through the window," said Patricia

"But what about our prom outfits?" Asked Amber.

"We take them with us. We'll change at school," said Patricia

The club took the sheets and covers and made a rope. The club escaped through the window and went to the school. Once at school, Amber and Patricia went to the girls' bathroom and changed in their dresses.

Aaron had changed in his suit and headed to the prom. Aaron saw Fiona and Caitlin and walked over to them.

"Hey," said Aaron.

"Hi," said Caitlin.

"Caitlin would you like the dance with me?" Asked Aaron.

"Yes, a thousand times yes," said Caitlin.

Aaron took Caitlin's hand and they started dancing together.

In the meantime. Amber had changed and walked out of the girls' toilet. Then Amber saw Mr. Winkler walking all dressed in a suit. But to Amber's chagrin, she saw that Mr. Winkler was with Miss Robinson. Amber went back into the girls' bathroom and locked herself in one of the stalls.

In the meantime. Jerome had also escaped from the house and was on his way to prom. Halfway through, Jerome was stopped by Rufus. Rufus was still having trouble breathing and was coughing even more. Rufus grabbed Jerome's arm.

"Jer..ome, said Rufus.

"Rufus!" Said Jerome.

"You're pay...for ..this ...," said Rufus

"Let go of me!" Said Jerome.

Jerome managed to free his arm and ran away from Rufus. Rufus walked towards the woods and disappeared.

Meanwhile. Amber was still crying in the girls' bathroom. Suddenly the pink rose leaves began to rain. Amber opened the door and saw Alfie standing with a pink rose in his hand.

"Alfie?" Said Amber.

"Princesses like you shouldn't go to a prom like this alone. Let's go dance," said Alfie.

"Okay," said Amber.

Alfie gave Amber the rose and a kiss on her hand and they went to prom together.

In the meantime. Fabian was at the prom trying to get away to go back to the house, Patricia tried to stop him. Aaron saw that something was wrong and walked over to Fabian and Patricia. Alfie and Amber also joined the club.

"Hey what's going on?" Asked Amber.

"Fabian wants to go back to the house," said Patricia.

"Fabian, you can't. There are two madmen waiting for us at home," said Aaron.

"Let's just wait just a little longer," said Alfie

"I've waited long enough, I'm going to the house," said Fabian.

When Fabian wanted to leave, he saw Nina. Nina was fine and had her prom dress on. Nina ran to Fabian, Fabian also went to Nina. Fabian picked up Nina and twirled her around. Fabian put Nina down and she hugged, the rest of the club walked up to them and it became a group hug. The club headed back to the drama room. Mara was on stage ready to give a speech.

"I'll keep it short. The prom king and queen are ...? Fabian Rutter and Nina Martin," said Mara.

Everyone cheered for Fabian and Nina. Nina and Fabian walked on to the stage and got crowned.

In the meantime at the house. Victor was in his office and was sad because of Corbierre. Mr. Sweet entered Victor's office.

"I've searched the whole house those kids are nowhere to be seen," said Mr. Sweet.

"It's over Eric. We lost," said Victor.

Back at school. Nina and Fabian were on stage and were dancing.

"You're awesome," said Fabian.

"And you're amazing," said Nina.

"Nina you were so brave and ...," said Fabian.

But before Fabian could finish his sentence, Nina kissed him. When they pulled away, they smiled at each other. Fabian asked Nina were the Ankh was and Nina whispered in his ear that she has hidden the Ankh under the stage.

End of season 1B