The Demonic wave of hell

Author's Note:

My newest One shot- Told from Twilight and Sunset's POVs and the story is that the old villains of Canterlot High(The ghosts of Demon Shimmer, Midnight Sparkle etc) basically attack CHS and the main 7 have to save the day... Before the 2 girls get turned into their ex selves forever.

I looked on my phone, on my newest app. I saw some familiar figures heading towards CHS. I gasped, as I realised it was the ghosts of our former selves. I shook Sunset Shimmer, my best friend. Sunset looked at me, confused. I showed her my map, and she gasped. I raised my hand. "Mr Doodle, can Sunset, Fluttershy and I leave? We have a magical emergency."
Cranky Doodle Donkey, our Physics teacher nodded.

I bumped into Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie. Rarity was hurrying behind us.
"We have to stop them!" cried Rainbow Dash.

I nodded in agreement. "Come on!" shouted Sunset, racing ahead to the Parking Lot.


The Parking Lot of Canterlot High was where some of our adventures took place.
That was where Twilight and I turned into our respective she-demons and Wallflower took my memories there.
We faced the old villains, my former self, the Pony versions of the Dazzlings, Midnight Sparkle, you get it.
We held hands, as we ponied up, ears, tails, manes(and wings for some) burst out of our bodies.

"Why, hello, Sunset!" cackled my old self.

I stood my ground. I clenched my teeth and my fists. "I know what you've come for," I said.

"Oh, think of the great things we could do!" My old self shouted.

"I have friends!" I cried, gesturing my friends. "And in case you've forgotten, I'm a lot better now!"

"Oh, don't you know about the curse?" My demon cackled.

"What curse?" asked Twilight.

"Well, Sparkle." said Midnight. "If you don't defeat us in the next 48 hours, the pair of you will turn into us forever!"

"NO!" I cried. "I won't let you do that!"

"Or we kill you first." said Gaia Everfree.

"Not if we get to you first!" cried Rainbow Dash. "Girls, attack!"

Fluttershy called her bird friends to attack the villains, Pinkie Pie threw Cupcakes in their faces. Rainbow Dash punched Demon Shimmer in the face. Rarity's shield protected us from the fatal magic they brought.

It was up to us now.

Twilight and I stepped forward, 48 hours nearly up for me. I tried to grab my demon's wrist, but then Twilight stopped fighting. She was staring at me, her eyes wide, as I transformed into my ex demon. The last thing I heard myself scream was, "NOOOOOOO!"


I gasped, as I came face to face with Demon Shimmer, formerly Sunset Shimmer.
A ball of golden light came towards me, but I was saved. Rarity's shield had blocked it.
Another ball of light came crashing towards Rainbow Dash, who wasn't so lucky.
Rainbow clutched her stomach, as the fireball left a gaping hole.
Rainbow Dash fell forward, onto the ground, shaking violently.
"Twilight..." she whispered. "We need you." Those were her last words before she died.

I was determined not to let Midnight Sparkle do the same to me. I spoke to her.
"Midnight. I know you want to understand magic, but I want to help you." I stated. I opened an invisible hatch in my head.
"Midnight, you are an irresponsible person, whose brain hasn't been fully formed. So get in here until you can prove to me you can be less childish."

Midnight groaned and flew into the invisible hatch I opened.
Then I shut it. And I passed out.

I found myself in my bedroom with my remaining friends.
"Demon Shimmer's dead." said Rarity.
I gasped. "Sunset's dead?!" I screamed. "No!"
I wept into my hands. I just didn't want her dead.