CH 1- Amulets

Danny swiped the hair out of his eyes as he followed the flight of Princess Dorathea across an unknown territory of the zone. She wasn't kidding when she said that this place was really out there. At least he would be back after his 'weekend excursion'. That said, there isn't an actual day/night cycle in the zone, so it was hard to tell how many hours they had been traveling already.

The princess gazed down at the cracked amulet in her hands, biting her lip in worry. "Sir Phantom, I'd like to thank you once again for agreeing to protect me on this trip. My guards are kind, but I'm afraid they are no match for any number of eldritch horrors we might run into on the way to the ones who crafted the amulets."

Danny sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. A force of habit. "It's no trouble, Princess. After all, the amulet wouldn't have cracked if you hadn't been helping me with my enemies."

He wished that he could push Dora along faster, maybe pick her up and drag her with him. A fighter like him was used to floating about at wind-whipping speeds, and Dora wasn't the quickest flyer without her amulet. But hey, once it's fixed, the flight home should be easier.

Dora spoke up again when they finally reached a medieval-looking cottage that couldn't have come a second sooner. The ghost zone wasn't one to be famous for pretty sights, and his boredom had just about killed him! The house was floating on a small patch of grass. A young looking ghost was standing outside at a wooden table.

"That's Millicent's apprentice, Adelina. Come, Sir Phantom. Millicent should be just inside."

The woman who came to the door surprised Danny. She looked just like a Halloween Witch, minus the pointy hat. Warts, green, wiry hair, stout.. he had almost laughed right in her face. Her and the Princess began to chat like old friends as they entered, talking not only about the problem but also about their favorite spring fashions and politics and.. it left Danny feeling like a third wheel. Millicent was in the middle of diagnosing the amulet when Adelina caught his eye just outside the window. Curiosity swept over him, and he left the two ladies to enjoy their friend's company.

Adelina had on her table a large, blue amulet set in a golden necklace. Its gem shimmered with patterns he did not quite understand.

"Hello there." he practically purred, nodding his head to the new ghost, who cautiously glanced up from her project. "I'm a friend of Dorathea's.. what are you working on? Can I see?"

The navy-blue haired ghost sautered one last piece on before grabbing the amulet, weighing the options quite literally as she bounced the item in her hand.

"I suppose it can't hurt. It's not supposed to do anything for ghosts, anyhow."

No sooner had she spoken than had the amulet flown out of her hand and attached itself to the ghost hero's neck. The creator stared with a confused look on her face, while Danny tried to pull it off.

"What's happening?!" he cried out, panic settling in as he felt his muscles ache and stretch.

"I don't know! It would only react like that to a human! Oh, if Millicent finds out she'll drop me as an apprentice, or worse! This is the worst of days.." she replied, an icy fear crawling down her throat.

"Well I just happen to be half human. Haven't you heard of me? Danny Phantom? Half Ghost Hero? Pariah's Bane? Public enemy number- WHoa!" The apprentice pulls Danny to a different island, out of sight.

"This is all my fault for using the ancient magic.. Millicent warned me not to, and now I've caused a disaster!" she wailed. "Oh, please don't tell her!" she begged

Her cries tugged at Danny's heartstrings and he sighed in resignation. "It's alright, you couldn't have known what I was. There's no need to place any blame."

The ghostly hero winced as the dull ache in his muscles turned up to a fiery pain. "Ah! Geez! Y-you can fix this, right?"

Adelina shook her head solemnly as she watched Danny grow lankier and scalier. "No! I don't think Millicent knows how, either."

Danny asks her what they can do, but all that comes out is a mangled snarl.

"Ancients!" she exclaims, biting her lip. "You can't even speak properly anymore.. You'll have to go to the place the ancient magic comes from. Perhaps someone there can change you back. It is a land full of powerful sorcerers, and probably your best chance."

Danny weakly followed her to one of countless purple doors. His body was fighting him, as if each step were a walk through fire.

"I'm sorry. Good luck, and keep the amulet with you. I'll be able to track you from it, and set the portal nearby when you're ready to leave."

Danny stumbled over his hands-now claws-, falling face first into a grubby alleyway. The last thing he saw was the purple door disappearing as he lost consciousness.