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Zarab- "I also find it interesting that Weasley was so startled and scared by his first meeting with dragon Danny, I'm mean he must of faces far scarier and far more aggressive dragons, right?"
Yeah, Charlie has definitely noticed, now it's just a problem of convincing everyone else. As for why he's a tad freaked out? Let's just say that when Danny was loose, he was
completely at the dragon's mercy. And if he really can leave the collar anytime? Well there isn't much stopping him from becoming dragon lunch. Although Danny doesn't want to give the keepers any reason to hurt him, Charlie's still nervous.

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Claws hooked into the door's metal barred window, Danny shakes the door to his stupid little prison cell. He was tired of just waiting around, wasting away. And! He was pretty sure that zoos back home had better regulations than this!

Discovering the ins and outs of a new powerful body can only keep one entertained for so long. After that, he tried doing push ups, but he was pretty sure it wasn't doing much. Danny couldn't find anything out if he was stuck in this cell all day. AND THESE STUPID DOORS FEEL LIKE THEY DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST.

Which is stupid. Logically, of course they exist, that is what's keeping him confined in this stupid prison cell. Yet every time he pushes against it, it's as if the door is in a state of stasis. There was powerful magic embedded into this very building, and he did not like it one bit.

Charlie shuffles through his papers, flipping through notes of research. Nothing in these papers added up to what he'd seen, behavior-wise, from the beast. Why were they such an outlier?

He stumbles past a Hungarian Horntail's pen and closes his binder, hugging it tight to his chest so not to lose any notes. The entire complex was shaking, a groan emanating from the halls.

"What the- an earthquake?"

Charlie noticed Asp walking briskly down the opposite end of the hall, the latino chick wearing some sort of red leather jacket and black jeans. Dang, man, she looked good. It's a shame her personality wasn't quite as favorable as her looks.

"Asp! Thank Merlin you're here. Did you feel that quake?"

Asp responded with a single arched eyebrow. Right. Stupid question. Of course she did.
"Any idea what caused it?"

He shakes his head while glancing into the Lithefoot's enclosure. It was pacing across the floor at a furious rate.
"Would you look at that. It's almost refreshing to see it moving in a more expected manner."

The dragon growled loudly as Charlie took up the chain-shortening spell. Pretty sure that that was the first time he'd growled at one of the caretakers. The dragon, however, couldn't seem to be bothered to pay attention to them, going back to pacing.

"Alright, Weasley." Asp chirps, stealing the binder from his arms. "Tell me all about your conspiracy theory."

Charlie yelps in what some may consider an undignified manner. He glares at his companion. If she had just asked, he would have given it to her.

"There's a couple of mysteries wrapped up in this case. One- found a dragon half a hemisphere away from its habitat, in a highly populated area of wizarding London. It reeks of either trafficking, a secretly owned pet, or something even more dastardly. Two- it doesn't behave normal. Now it could just be a mentally slow dragon, but I think it also reeks of a secretly owned pet. Think about it, it hasn't made any aggressive moves towards the staff. It seems almost domesticated."

Asp gave him a skeptical look. "Domesticated. Yes. That's why it growled at us when we entered."

Charlie waved her off, flipping through the binder in her hands. "This was one-off. I think it's probably just agitated from that earthquake or whatever that just occured. Anyways, look at this page here. Other Lithefoots have bare necks. This dragon has gilded scales around the neck, almost looking like a collar- but that's what's stumping me here. I don't know of any spell that can fuse something into a creature's very skin. Collar would suggest pet again, but why would someone burn a collar into their beloved pet's neck? This reeks of dark magic, Asp, and I'm frightened to know where this rabbit hole leads."

The latino woman had herself buried in his notes. "I really think you're right, Weasley. It's an odd case. But even then, what do we do about it? We don't know much of anything yet."

Charlie sighed, shifting his eyes back to the dragon. He was surprised to see a set of blue eyes looking back at him, gaze trained on him hard.

A chill goes down his spine. "You see what I mean, Asp? Weird behavior!"

Danny sighed, tugging at his icy white mane neck fur. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions. He was so sure that the ghostly wail would have worked, but turns out every angle was futile. And his attitude? It plummeted after that.

Leave it to the redhead to switch his attitude around again. At least someone was getting something from him.

And speak of the devil, the ginger happened to walk back into his.. cage. With the black guy who was sketching him yesterday? They were talking about the problem he had with his food. The black guy left the two of them alone after their talk. He almost wished he could ask them their names.. then he could stop calling him 'black guy'. On the other hand, he could always start referring to everyone by their physical characteristics. Right, ginger-tooth-earring?

Weasley seemed like he could become a reliable ally. He was pretty sure that the other guy wasn't coming back..

Maybe it was time to take a risk.

"So.. not into the ham, are you? Don't suppose you're saving it for later?"

The man paced back to the hallway, bringing in a bag full of tupperwares. His dad was obsessing over these things ever since Harry showed them to him.

"However, you did eat my sandwich. I'm starting to think my pet theory wasn't so crazy after all." He cast another shortening spell until the dragon was forced to back up to the wall. "After all," Charlie exclaims, setting down the tupperwares at certain intervals. "A pet wouldn't scavenge for raw meats. It would have been used to eating pre-cooked food. The only question now is, what exactly are you used to eating?"

Charlie had it all planned out. He had a combination of all the foods easy to make that could sustain a dragon his size for cheap enough. Dog food, fish, beef, cooked and raw, rice dishes, some leftover casserole just for fun, you name it. Today he was gonna test what foods the lil guy was willing to eat. Or girl. Lithefoots aren't well known and may be hard to gender.

The wizard leaves the chain to grow to half-length of the room, now able to access the tupperwares. The dragon flicked its tail back and forth as he stared at each of the dishes. Charlie? He was writing down every step of this process.

It looked so excited. Prefers.. cooked meat over raw.. willing to eat vegetables.. can't eat uncooked carrots, surprised it tried to eat it with such sharp teeth. The dragon didn't dare touch the dog food, though he couldn't blame him. He seemed to really enjoy the leftovers.

And the Lithefoot.. got free again, dropping the leftover tupperware on his lap. Guess it really does enjoy the leftovers.

Danny licked the last bits of the casserole from its tupperware as he intangibly slid from his collar.

It was time to take a leap of faith.

He didn't miss the way that Weasley tensed up, nor the wand he had wrapped in his hand. Danny dropped the tupperware on his lap. He trained his eyes on him, watching for his next move.

His next move surprised him, though.

"So.. guess you want more of this, then?"

Danny chortled a deep laugh in his throat. What, no freaking out like last time? Weasley offered his hand forward. Probably for him to sniff? He's seen people try to befriend dogs that way.

The half ghost rolls his eyes. Don't worry, Weasley. Maybe I'll befriend you if you quit treating me like a dog. I mean, seriously, a pet? He's just lucky this excuse is giving him real food.

Danny dips his head into Weasley's hand, his nose horn right into his palm. The redhead looked like he was about to squee in happiness.

"You really are friendly.. aren't you?"

The half ghost nodded his head vigorously, surprising the wizard. He trailed his hands along Danny's neck, coming to the collar of gilded scales. "Who would do this to a pet so friendly?" he says sadly. "Is this stone how you're getting out of your collar?"

Weasley was deep in thought, hands trained on the stone, and Danny let him inspect it. He picked at the edge of the collar, and Danny bit back a pained yelp.

Please help me get this off, Weasley. he thinks, scratching on the edge of the collar himself.

"I need to tell Timms about this.."

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