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(Elsa's Room with Anna and Elsa)

"Oh come on, Elsa!" Anna groaned as Elsa looked at her younger sister. "I was safe and there was no danger, Hiccup said it himself the dragons will not attack." She then took an exasperated sigh. "I only touched the dragon!"

"I know, okay!" Elsa said as she took a deep breath. "I know that you weren't in danger but what were you thinking?!" She paused then looked back at her sister. "And now you also want to ride them, which for some reason King Hiccup agreed too, what are both of you thinking?!"

"Well we were both not thinking much...that's the only thing I can tell you." Anna told her. "I mean for both of us it was an impulse than actual thoughts involved."

"I can't believe you guys." Elsa said at once. "To think he would allow something like dragon riding for you and you want to give them the tour of the Arendelle when even you don't know the layout of your the town itself."

"And to think I've lived seventeen years of my life here!" Anna muttered under her breath. "Oh how am I going to give him a tour?!" She wailed.

"We will cross that road when we get there, all right?" Elsa told her sister.

"Yeah, that saying something when I've to walk that road tomorrow!" Anna shot back.

"Don't worry, we still have time!" Elsa said to her. "We can still think of something!"

(Next day)

"I can't think of anything!" Elsa muttered under her breath as both sisters moved towards the court where the people from Wilderwest were.

"I thought you were going to think of something!" Anna shot back as she followed after her followed by Gerda and a group of servants.

"Oh I am sorry!" Elsa said as she turned to look at her sister her voice increasing with each point. "Its not like I promised him a tour of a place that even we don't even know about!" She stopped as she rubbed her face. "How are we going to give him a tour without looking like an idiot."

"Pardon my words Princess Elsa, Princess Anna." Gerda spoke up next. "But you were designated as idiots when you agreed to give the King of Wilderwest a tour, instead of giving an excuse at that time like telling them how you would be busy by preparing for the coronation." The words made both the sister have a pause in their step and turned to look at Gerda.

"We could've done that!" Anna shrieked. "No, we could still do it, we just need to go there and make King Hiccup see our way and we would be off the hook!"

"You should've done that before giving him your word, princess Anna." Gerda firmly told her. "We shan't have a royalty wait like this, even if he is friendly and kind you shall not take advantage of that lest you want to be seen as people who can't keep there words."

"But it would stop us from being seen as fools." Anna muttered as both Elsa and Gerda sighed.

"Don't worry princesses." Gerda said and Elsa turned to look at her.

"And why shouldn't we?" Elsa asks.

"As I am saying, you don't have to worry Princess Elsa." Gerda told her. "Minster Harald and General Erick have prepared for Daniel and a soldier who knows about the whole of Arendelle, every nook and cranny and also the people who are in the kingdom to be as your escorts, the only thing you need to do is get a disguise and act like you know where you are going and what you are doing, while wearing that disguise, rest will be taken care by them." She told the two.

"Oh we love you, Gerda!" Anna exclaimed as she hugged the head maid with gratitude.

"Yes, thank you Gerda!" Elsa spoke with relief while looking in her direction.

"Don't be princess." Gerda calmly told them. "This meeting has already gone horribly as it is, can't have it get any worse."

"You are right about that." Elsa said as a servant approached them.

"Princess!" The servant spoke up. "The people from the Wilderwest along with Minister Harald, Marshall Daniel and General Erick are are at the dining hall and are waiting for the princesses to begin breakfast."

"Thank you for informing us." Elsa said to the servant. "Now to get this over with." She muttered to herself as they headed off to dinning hall. Once reaching there the two saw that almost every person from the side of Wilderwest was sitting at the table, almost because out of everyone, it was the Eret, if she rememberes correctly was standing by the door and after bowing to her in a customary greeting headed out, then she remembered that out of all the people from the Wilderwest, Eret was the only one who was probably from the mainland as he is the only one who knew the proper etiquette of the mainland, so he was basically a soldier, and might be ambassador but unlike the rest who are basically royalties and nobles in their own rights, he was somewhat of a commoner, well higher than them, but lower than the status of nobles.

"Where is he going?" Anna suddenly asks.

"Don't know." Fishlegs replied to the second princess. "Said something about taking care of few things and left."

"Its because of the incident that happened yesterday." Valka spoke up to explain. "I heard about it as you know word travels fast." She took a sip of her drink as she began to explain. "She will be helping the soldiers who work around the stables and the Stable-Master in order to have them work together with the dragons, so incident like what happened yesterday may not happen again."

"I am sorry, your highness." General Erick spoke up. "It was beyond our expectations and for stable Master incompetence."

"Do not be general." Valka replied to him. "And your Stable-Master was not incompetent for my son has told me that he was good in his work when he took the dragons, what did happen was when he was not present because we all know, first meeting with a dragon, trained or wild, is extremely nerve wrangling, so he was good in his work, but we asked of him was out of his own expectations and you've also done well preparing for a master as such."

"Your word flatter us, your highness." The general began. "But let's begin with the most important meal of the day, we are after all here to eat, are we not."

"You are right about that." Hiccup suddenly said and Valka almost facepalmed but fought the feeling of it, Hiccup also feeling the gaze of his mother was quick to divert his attention. "Let's begin with that, as I was hoping for the tour of this lovely kingdom that our princess have promised us for the day." Gerda beckoned the two princess closer to herself as she spoke in her ear.

"There is napkin under your plates, on which what you have to speak when asked about the places that might be of interest and how you've to describe it, don't mess that up." She then pushed the two towards their seats as Elsa normally put the napkin over her lap. Anna on the other hand.

"Oops, sorry!" Anna said as she almost dropped both the plate and the napkin in front of Astrid, who just raised a brow at her. Behind her Gerda massaged her temple as that happened.

"You okay?" Astrid asks the second princess.

"Yeah!" Anna said as she quickly took the napkin and dropped it on her lap hoping that Astrid didn't see it and pulled the plate toward herself. "Yes, I am just a bit nervous about today."

"If you have problem, you can stay, we can have one of the servants give us a tour." Hiccup told her.

"Really?" Anna said then rectified. "I mean no, I gave you my word, so I must give you a tour of our kingdom."

"Okay then." General Erick said. "Let's have a meal, and we shall discuss where we are going while we are at it." As the group had the breakfast they talked about Arendelle and where they will be going too, this time the talk going on smoothly with occasional fumble here and there but compared to the first meeting this talk was more gradual and easy going, much to the generals delight.

"So Tuffnut and Ruffnut will be here teaching some of your soldiers and the Stable-Master on how to work with a dragon." Hiccup began as both of the twins grumbled at him. "So there will be no accidents and so the one getting the tour will be my mother, Astrid, Heather, Fishlegs and I, well Fishlegs will be with us for half of the way."

"Why?" Anna asks.

"Oh well, I heard from one of the maids about how there is a giant library in the kingdom where a lot of books are present, some of the oldest books that has the record of Bork the Bold and one of his friends when they snuck in to learn about the mainland." Fishlegs began to ramble surprising the princes. "There is also said to be a book on the old dragons and the old vikings including the record of Island of Tomorrow and the Mysthaven also known as the Enchanted Forest and a Forever Wing."

"Forever Wing?" Elsa asks.

"A legendary dragon, a Titan dragon if you want an easy answer." Hiccup told her. "Not much is known about it except that it used to sit between Mysthaven or as it is known the Enchanted forest and the Island of Tomorrow, looked at as a great guardian of the Forest and keeper of the Island, keeping invaders which mostly consists of human and other creatures away, he is somewhat of a myth as it is said that one day the dragon went missing and the humans were than able to enter and reside near the Enchanted Forest and the Island of Tomorrow, returned once and the Island of Tomorrow became dangerous for human to reside but it came back once again during a great strife and went away again and this time Enchanted Forest became a dangerous place where humans can't go."

"But why?"

"We don't know." Fishlegs told them. "But it is said that whenever and wherever the Forever Wing appears disappears the places became a cursed place where people aren't allowed to go."

"And why are you looking for information for the Forever Wing, if you don't mind me asking?" Elsa asks and Fishlegs and Hiccup turned to look at the latter's mother who sighed.

"Because it is said that the Forever Wing is key to the knowledge on how to break the curses on these places." Valka told them and Elsa's breath hitched somewhat.

"What?" General Erick asks as he put the fork back in the plate.

"The Forever Wing holds the key to the knowledge on how to break the curses on not only the Island of Tomorrow but also on the Enchanted Forest, the grave of the sea and other places." Valka said. "But we are not in a hurry to actually learn more about it, but if we get some information than that's good too, either way." There was a pause for a moment as Gertha, General Erick and Minsiter Harald share a quick glance before turning back to the mother of the King of Wilderwest.

"Very well your highness." Harald spoke as he looked at Valka. "Marshall Daniel and our most trusted soldier Arne will act as escort." He then turned towards Fishlegs. "And as Master Fishlegs will be with us only till the Library, after we leave them at Library we will send a servant to call you back once lunch is prepared."

"Thank you Minster Harald." Fishlegs replied.

"We have but one wish though Master Fishlegs." Harald spoke again. "We would also like to learn more about the Forever Wing, if you find it in the library." Fishlegs shared a look with Astrid, Hiccup and Valka as the later two shrugged their shoulder giving him the go.

"As you wish." Fishlegs said once he came to a decision. "It will be good if I can have someone else look at what I can find in the Library."

Soon after the breakfast the group for the tour headed of in the city as Elsa and Anna were forced to wear disguises to go out.

"Why different looks?" Heather asks as she came to stand on the other side of Elsa.

"Well as you might know I am the princess of Arendelle." Elsa began and Heather nodded her head. "And the future queen, there are high chances that people from other kingdom will try to find a way to either to be rid of me and my sister or find a weakness to exploit and get control over the kingdom." She spoke the lines she have been told by the Minster and Gertha and Valka nodded her head.

"A political move by either eliminating the heir or taking them hostage." Valka spoke in a normal manner. "One of the oldest tricks to not onky garner attention but also the anger of the leader and the strife of the kingdom." The words made everyone turn to look at her. "What?" She asks. "You would be surprised how many times I was threatened or people tried to kidnapp me when I was pregnant."

"No wonder Hiccup remains calm when he is captured by the bad guys." Astrid said and Heather and Fishlegs snorted at the words. "He is used to being kidnapped from his mother's womb."

"You've been captured before?!" Elsa and Anna asks as Valka also looked in her son's direction.

"Well that's water under bridge now." Hiccup said while looking ahead.

"Because now you allow yourself to be captured by the people." Astrid said and this time Heather and Fishlegs snorted as they remembered the story she told them about how Hiccup decided that the best way to get to Drago was to get captured.

"That was one time!" Hiccup indignantly spoke.

"Yes, I need to get to the guy quickly so why not just let ourselves be captured by his lackeys!" Astrid sarcastically spoke.

"You are not going to let that one go are you?" He asks.


"Can we start this tour already, please?!" Hiccup turned to ask.

"Don't worry your highness." Arne spoke as he pointed towards the other direction. "We have just gotten out of the castle and seeing that all are ready, may I ask do you want to travel on foot or by horse or carriage ."

"As fun horse riding would be or comfortable the carriage can be." Astrid began. "We would like to move by foot we also want to look for things while we are out."

"Understood Miss." Arne said and gestured in the direction they were going to start in. "Now the first place that is on our list."

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