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Manhattan General, 1976

Rain poured down hard down on the large hospital windows. Anyone would be glad as Donna, a young woman with long brown locks and blue eyes, was extra glad to be in a warm hospital bed than alone in her small apartment. She glanced over at the small crib-like bin next to her, a newborn baby girl came into the world 5 hours ago. She sighed, as much as she is happy her new daughter came into the world safe and sound, she is upset that her husband won't be able to see her at all.

Her husband, Nicholas or Nick for short, died in a shooting after leaving from his job a few weeks before Donna gave birth. Only her newborn, and her son Cody is all she has left of him.

Speaking of Cody, she turned to her 5 year old son, who was sitting on a chair kicking his legs as he stared at the crib with impatience.

"Cody?" the moment she said her sons name, Cody obediently came over to his mother and sat next to her on the bed. Donna wrapped her arms around him as he kissed him on the side of his forehead. "What do you think of your new baby sister?"

Cody nodded cheerfully as he looked over at his sister. The baby was sleeping in a pink bundle and a blue and white hat over her head. He looked over to his mother who has unshed tears at the rim of her eyes.

"Mama, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Cody asked squeezing his mother tightly.

"Oh," Donna said getting rid of her tears. She looked down at her boy with a sad smile. "I just miss your daddy that's all Cody."

"Me too," Cody rested his head on his mother's chest. "I wish daddy was here…"

All Donna could do to comfort her boy was holding him tightly and placing her hand by the crib.

One Month Later…

It was nighttime down on the outskirts of Manhattan, and a lone dark red buick van was driving down the winding streets by a cliff. Donna and her kids were heading home from a picnic at a relative's house, and everyone had a wonderful time. Donna's relatives loved little Chelsea (she named her baby after her mother), and Cody had fun playing with other kids.

Donna looked up at the rear view mirror and saw both her little boy and baby girl fast asleep in the car. Cody was holding a football his uncle gave him, and Chelsea was sleeping in her chair with a pink outfit on. She smiled, thankful of having two beautiful children she called her own. She looked back on the road with a sigh. Is there anything in her life that could take away this beautifu-

Suddenly, a flash brightened her surroundings, and the sound of screeching metal was heard in her ears. She turned the wheel sharply to the right, but the car kept swerving on the streets until…


Darkness clouded her vision….

The sound of a baby crying echoed ways away from the deserted street. The red van collided with drunk driver, and the van jumped off the road and into a ditch with the front crashed against a tree. Smoke rose from the front and the dented van was slanted to the left.

In the van, Donna's head was up against the airbag and had a nasty head injury that was bleeding down her forehead to the bag. Cody was still in his booster seat with scratches on his head and his football out of his grip. He looked to be unconscious than his mother. Baby Chelsea was in her baby chair with a few scratches on her head and was wailing up a storm. No one answered her cries, as if Donna and Cody were dead to the world, but still she kept crying, hoping someone would come and save her…

Silence overcame the world, and Chelsea's cries were starting to diminish. It wasn't because she understood no one was going to answer her, but because she was getting tired…her life was fading. She whimpered a few times, wondering if someone is coming to save her-

Muffled footsteps were heard sliding down the slope, and they sounded close. The left passenger door opened, and a strange man gasped at the sight before him. He didn't show his face thanks to his dark hood and cape that covered his eyes. When he first saw the baby and knew what to do. Instinctively he ripped the seatbelt off the baby and lifted her into his arms checking her injuries. He saw the deep scratches on her, her clothes were ripped around her upper body, and she was barely whimpering. He knew she need to get help. The man wrapped her in a woolen blanket he carried under his shoal and looked where he was. From where they were standing, it looked like no one was going to see this wreck in a while and wasn't sure if he should stay and wait. Not only that, but he should also take her to someone, and get her to a safe place other than here.

The man looked in the car, seeing the woman and older child in the car. He knew the woman is beyond dead because he couldn't sense any life from her, but the child looked to be fading away but still had life in him…

Suddenly, something caught the man's eye where the babe was sitting in. On the ground was what looked like a necklace with a small sterling silver locket charm with an opal in the center. The man picked up the locket and found that the opening was jammed and might never open again...he even found it had the letters D.M. engraved on the back. As he hanged the chain on his right arm, he looked down at the babe who felt she was starting to fade, but more drastically from blood loss. The babe was dying…

With that on his mind, he went in his cape and pulled out a medallion on a chain with a phoenix insignia. He said a Latin incantation, and soon he and the baby disappeared in a bright light.

Wyvern Castle, Scotland-958 AD

It was nighttime in Scotland. High cliffs stood over the vast ocean, and the occasional cricket chirping its sweet song. Near a forest near the cliffs, a bright light flashed for a second, and the strange man holding the baby stood where the light was.

He looked down at the baby, seeing that she was close to death. He knew she didn't have much time. He turned toward the cliffs that was a couple feet ahead. Over the cliffs, he could see a few silhouettes gliding around in few circle formations. Upon squinting at those silhouettes, he knew who they were.


The man was always fascinated by those mysterious creatures and wondered how they became for who they are now. Seeing them glide in the sky, he felt this sense of honor in their gaze, and knew they were born to protect the ones who deserve it. Suddenly, he had a thought. He looked down at the baby as his gears were turning. What if, he thought, that she could become one of them? Since he knew she wouldn't survive as a human any longer, he should give her the chance to live again…as a gargoyle. He knew she would never get to experience the bright sun ever again, but is that important than saving her life?

Knowing what must be done, the strange man gently placed the baby on the soft ground. He quickly grabbed a stick and quickly drew a couple circles around the almost still baby to make an incantation circle. When the man finished the circle, he took out a shell piece of thin stone, gargoyle skin, and placed it on the child. He checked that she didn't have much time, so he started the spell. The man rose his hands to shoulder height and slowly leaned down into the incantation circle. He looked at the child with his eyes glowing white as a newborn star.

He looked up at the sky in a sort of prayer.

Ancestors above me hear my calls,

a child's life's heading to her fall.

Grant me your powers to help this poor soul,

to change her to a reborn whole!

Light engulfed around the man and child as the magic was doing its work. Suddenly, bright white light engulfed them and exploded outward around their surroundings, especially toward the castle.

A while later…

One of the gargoyles who was patrolling in the sky caught a glimpse of a bright light in the forest clearing and went back to tell his leader. A while later, three gargoyles were heading toward the clearing where they believe the bright flash started. They each spread their long wings, and each landed in the clearing in a thump. The one who led the other two, an older gargoyle who had light earth colored skin, a balding head with long gray locks, full battle armor and a sword on his side, inspected tracks that looked to belong to a human.

"Who do you think was here?" one of the two gargoyles asked in a deep rich voice. The one who asked was a tall male with lavender skin, broad chest, long brown locks, wearing a brown loincloth, talon-like feet, a thick lizard tail, and large bat wings.

The older gargoyle kept inspecting the tracks. "Whoever it was," he said in a thick Scottish voice. He lifted himself off the ground and turned to the male. "He's gone now, he ran back in the woods and be impossible to track him now that dawn is not for a while."

Another gargoyle, a female with light blue skin, fiery red hair, a golden-like headpiece, long wings with purple membrane, and wearing a white two-piece clothing, walked away from the two males to see if anyone was here. She knew someone was here, she can feel it from the tip of her wings to the bottom of her talons, but she doesn't know where.

Suddenly, her answers were heard when the sound of a cry like a babe was heard in the clearing. With her pointed ears pointed forward, she followed the sound until she stopped at another part of the clearing. She gasped at what she saw in front of her feet.

"My love, leader, over here!" the female exclaimed.

Both male gargoyles turned to where the female called and came as quick as they could. They found the female, but something else that made them gap their mouths. Infront of them is a large circle with different line and circle markings at the rim, but what made them surprised was smoke was rising from the scorched marks and the large star that made up the whole circle. They found the female in the middle of the star, whose back was turned to them and was looking down at something in her arms.

"My love," the tall male said coming over to her. "What is it?"

The female didn't answer as she slowly rose to her feet from crouching. She turned to him with something in her arms. In her arms was not a baby, but a gargoyle hatchling. The hatchling was wrapped in a white bundle of cloth. She had light blue skin like the female but bluer like a robin's egg, and two tiny stubs in her tuff of dark chocolate brown hair. Hanging over the bundle of cloth was a necklace with an oval shape opal charm.

The older and tall gargoyles gasped as the child was sleeping in the females' arms.

"What is a child doing in these parts of the forests?" the tall male asked with wide eyes inspecting the child. He turned to his leader with a curious expression. "There are no other clans beside ours here."

The older gargoyle looked down at the babe with a raised eye ridge. Yes, there are no other clan other than of Wyvern as the tall gargoyle said, but this hatchling doesn't look like it belonged to any of the other gargoyles either. Something about this child is giving him these weird feelings like something doesn't seem right. Not only it was found in a charred scorch mark, but the babe is giving off the scent of humans, and it wasn't because a human held her…

Pretty soon, the three gargoyles returned to their clan, who were all gathered in a main chamber of their home within the cliffs. After showing the clan the new hatching, the leader had called a meeting with a few members of the clan to discuss the matter of what to do with the child. In the meeting was not only the leader and the two young gargoyles, but also two elders and the leader's mate. All of them were gathered around a fire the leader made as smoke was rising above through a hole in the ceiling.

"So, this child was found in the woods my love?" the leaders mate (a teal skinned gargoyle with three horns going down her head, large bat-like wings capped on her shoulders, long blonde braided down her lower back, and and a navy blue dress) asked as she was holding the child in her arms. Her pale green claw was above the hatchlings as it was holding it with utter glee.

"Yes," he nodded as he sat next to her looking at the hatchling as well as he thought about what happened. "When we went to the where the bright flash took place, we apparently found what we think was a sorcerers circle, and the child laid in the middle of it."

"I wonder where she came from?" the red headed female asked next to the leader's mate, equally fascinated about the child. "If I remember correctly, aren't we the only clan for miles?"

"Yes," the leaders mate nodded, cradling the child who fell asleep a few seconds ago. "There isn't a clan for hundreds of miles."

"If she didn't come from a neighboring clan," the tall male from the search asked, sitting next to his leader. He looked at them with confusion. "Where did she come from?"

"Good question?" the leader pointed out. "And more importantly, what should we do with her?"

"I say we take her back where she came from." The group turned to the mouth of the cave and a young warrior entered with a scowl on his face. A male gargoyle with mucus green skin, four spikes on both sides of his long face replacing his eyebrows, jet black hair hanging down his lower back, and a brown loincloth around his waist.

The gargoyle continued. "I mean, whatever clan she came from, they probably have a good reason in getting rid of her."

That made the two female gargoyles glare at the male.

The red head lifted from sitting, her stature in a somewhat battle stance. "What are you suggesting?" she demanded.

The male gargoyle turned to her. "I'm suggesting that if the child's clan abandoned her, there must be a reason why they left her there in the first place. I say keep her there and forget all about her."

Just as he said that the hatchling gave a wail of a storm, in which the clan members flinched at this.

"Shh…" the leaders mate rocked the child slowly, but the hatchlings wails did not falter, and were becoming louder every second with tears falling on her small face. The female turned to the red-head female with a plan in her head.

"Huh?" the red headed female was shocked that the leader's mate was handing the child in her arms. She gave an uncomfortable expression, and instantly tried rocking the fussy child. After a few seconds, the hatchling instantly calmed and was smiling up at the female and taking a piece of her fiery red hair. The female looked down at the child with a stunned expression, which softened as she sat back down on the ground, gazing at the child with a small smile.

"I'm afraid that won't be necessary," the leaders mate turned to the male gargoyle who gave a frown. "The child has taken a liking to our clan, and we should raise her as one of our own." She turned to her leader. "What do you think my love?"

The leader stroked his beard as he thought of this. It was strange that the hatchling was left in the woods, but what made it stranger that she was left in a sorcerer's circle. Remembering that anything with magic is not a good idea to be around, putting the clan at risk of danger. Even though of the dangers, seeing the child alone, looking helpless and only wanting to be in the arms of someone warm and tender, he knew better. Any child without a clan should not be left alone or nature would run its course. With that being said, he had made his decision.

Turning to the two elders, who merely stared at their leader waiting for what he has to say, the leader turned to the red head female who was still holding the small hatchling in her arms. He went in front the female and brought his arms out taking the hatchling in his arms. Before taking the child, he saw the nervous gaze the female was showing as if he were going to do something bad.

"This child…" the leader proclaimed while gazing down at the innocent face looking back at him. He looked up at the small group. "Will be a part of our clan."

While his mate sighed with relief, the red female gave a huge beam of a smile. The tall male gave a silent grin while the other male gave a grunt of annoyance. The elders nodded with agreement what their leader decided.

"She will learn our ways," the leader spoke taking the hatchling back to the waiting arms of the red head female. "She will be seen as one of our own, and not seen as a creature of magic. For those who disagree what I say…" he glared back at the green gargoyle. "Will face consequences in the future."

The gargoyle gritted his teeth, then huffed out of the cave. The tall male turned to follow but stopped when he heard his leader.

"Let the lad go," The leader narrowed his eyes seeing the green male gliding off the cliffs and into the beaches. He will be trouble he thought. He turned to the female who was rocking the hatchling slowly, who was grasping her red hair with delicate claws. He instantly knew they would be close.

He turned to his mate and red head female. "Take the child to the rookery and get her acquainted with the other clan members."

The two females nodded, then left the cave with the sleeping hatchling. Also leaving, were the two elders, leaving the leader and the tall male alone in the cave.

"You need anything else?" the tall male asked as he stood at the mouth of the cave.

The leader turned to the male as he shook his head. Knowing that the male was just as curious and want to follow his love. "No, you can go. I'll see you soon."

The other male nodded then left the cave, leaving the leader alone in the cave. Alone, he decided to sit in front of the fire and think. He was thinking had happened. Seeing the young hatchling, he was just glad that a few of the clan members accepted her as one of their own. As much as he was glad, they have a new member in the clan, there was something that is still lingering on his mind since he first laid eyes on the child.

What clan did the child come from, and why does the strong scent of human lingered on her?