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The four gargoyles froze at the security guards who surrounded them in the elevator, all aiming their guns at them.

"Uh Brooklyn?" Chelsea piped above Broadway and Lexington who made sheepish looks.

"Heh…sorry wrong floor." He quickly remarked with a sheepish smile.

The guards open fired at the gargoyles, forcing them to take cover back in the elevator shaft. Wasting no time, they scrambled back up the wall to the floor above where Broadway made short work of the door. The four then dove through their new opening just as the guards began open firing up the shaft.

"Ambush," Chelsea mumbled on the floor with the others. "Did not see that coming."

When they lifted off the ground, a loud alarm was heard around the building, putting it on high alert.

"Now what?" Lexington questioned.

Chelsea looked down at the floor, then began tapping it with her taloned foot. It felt hollow for some reason, meaning it's not thick. She had an idea. She turned to Broadway.

"How's your strength?" she asked, which made the trio confused.

In the lab on the floor below, several scientists eyed the door to the lab nervously. They expected it to be kicked down any second, but they were wrong. Instead, the attack came from the ceiling as an aqua blue fist made a large hole in the ceiling. The people gasped as the lights flickered off, and four demonic figures dropped from the hole and stood in front of them. Their eyes glowing and their fangs bared. The emergency lights came on as Broadway growled spreading his wings.

Brooklyn approached one of the scientists cowering behind his desk, lifting him into the air with ease.

"Where is the disk?" he snarled, his eyes glowing for a second.

The scientist didn't say anything as he feared for his life. Chelsea came over to them, looking up at the man with a less demonic look.

"We're not here to harm you or your friends, just tell us where the disk is, and we'll leave you all alone." She said with a calm voice.

Still terrified of his mind, the scientist gestured to a large computer console behind the two gargoyles. Lexington scampered over to it, surveying the set up.

"Let's see…" he murmured, looking at the many buttons on the console. With a little bit of luck, he pressed the right one and out came a square disk. He took it in his claws out of the slot. "Got it!"

About that time, the guards attempted to enter the room, only for Brooklyn to slam his entire weight against the door.

"I think it's time to go!" he declared trying to keep the door shut.

Chelsea turned to one of the machineries, then to the window closet to her. She went to the giant box, then in a heave, she picked it up like it was nothing.

"Incoming!" she exclaimed. A couple people got out of her way as she tossed it at one of the large windows, shattering the glass on impact.

Without anytime to lose, the four gargoyles took off through their new escape route, leaving the guards to futilely try and shoot them down.

"We did it!" Lexington cheered, rolling in the air before punching the air.

"Nice pick on buttons," Chelsea exclaimed cheerfully, which made Lex blush out of embarrassment.

"Yeah," Brooklyn chuckled. "Let's get back to the castle."

They banked hard, making their way to the castle with their newly acquired prize.

At the underground base, a guard marched up to his commander who was looking at a map at a huge screen.

"Sir, central reports that station one has been breached." He said.

"Any details?" the commander inquired.

"Well, if I'm being honest sir, they sound rather hysterical." The guard answered. "There was talk of…monsters."

The commander's eyes narrowed. "I see. I want security here increased."

A few feet from the entrance, Hudson and Bronx were walking toward the underground base, one of them clearly not amused at what he was asked to do.

"I'm still not sure how we got talked into this," Hudson grumbled over to Bronx. He stopped when he heard a strange buzzing noise. "Here's a problem." Above him and the beast was a video camera that was transfixed on them.

He looked between the camera, to the large metal doors that were in front of them. With a plan forming in his mind, Hudson gave a smirk.

Looking through the camera outside their base, the commander saw Hudson trying to find a way into the base. When the gargoyle spread his wings, the man gave a look of shock, not expecting any of this.

Back with Hudson, the sound of guns clicking were heard behind the elder gargoyle. He turned with a gapped mouth seeing too many guards aiming their weapons at him. He gave out a growl, only for him to be blinded by a bright light.

"I don't know what sort of thing you are" One of the guards said. "But I'm betting you're not bullet proof."

"Aye," Hudson answered bringing his arms up of surrender. "It's a wager you'd win." He smirked.

Behind him, the metal doors slowly opened, and he was ushered inside by the guards. Once he made a few steps inside, Bronx came running in and taking down a guard. Hudson did the same thing by grabbing the nearest gun away and tossing the guard away and knocked a few others out. Bronx then snarled at the commander who lifts a pistol out of his jacket.

"What the-?!"

Before he could finish, Hudson charged at him, which made the commander fire a stray shot, and hit one of the computer systems. It sizzled and smoked, then caused an explosion and was on fire in seconds.

Ignoring the screams and ruckus, Hudson was at the computer system trying to find the disk. Unfortunately for him, he had no clue how technology works, nor where it was kept. With sheer luck and a good pound on the computer system, out came the disk he was looking for. He smiled, then took the disk in his claws.

"Come boy!" Hudson called to Bronx, who was keeping three guards at bay, and came to his master.

As they were about to leave, the commander recovered from his attack, and slammed the emergency button. An alarm began to blare as the large metal doors began to slide close. Seeing their only exit growing smaller, Hudson and Bronx picked up the pace. Barely fitting through, they were able to escape and land on the ground.

"Uh…I'm getting too old for this…" Hudson groaned on the floor massaging his back.

Their break didn't last long as the two could hear the sound of gunfire coming closer. The two gargoyles immediately darted up a nearby ladder and found themselves running through a metal catwalk.

"We'll be sitting ducks in here right enough," Hudson growled as Bronx grumbled.

The guards closed in fast, firing down the tunnel making the gargoyles duck on both sides of the way they came out, and ran down the catwalk. Down below, the sound of a subway train was heard, giving the elder an idea.

Hudson tore off a section of the fencing surrounding the catwalk, then both he and Bronx jumped onto the train as it passed underneath them. The guards skid to a stop at Hudson's impromptu exit, narrowing their eyes as the gargoyles disappeared down the tunnel.

When the train was out of the tunnel, Hudson spread his wings out and carried Bronx with him to the skies. Gliding to a near rooftop, they found themselves rolling down it and coming to a stop. Bronx immediately began assaulting Hudson with slobbering dog kisses before the elder pushed him off.

"Away with ye." He told the beast, lifting himself and rolling his arms. "You need to be losing some weight, and that's a fact."

Bronx let out a small whine as Hudson looked at the disk in his claw.

"I hope this wee thing is worth the aches I'll be feeling later." He said as he gazed at the disk with a look of uncertainty.

Up at the airship, the captain of the vessel was approached by the head of security.

"Stations 1 and 2 have been breached," he exclaimed. "We've lost two thirds of the data."

The door to the bridge was kicked down, revealing Goliath and the second emerging from the darkened hallway.

"Wrong," the second corrected the captain. "You've lost it all."

Goliath moved in on the guards, opening his wings to scare a few of the scientists. The leader then used his tail to swipe at the two guards, then picked up the captain who was struggling in his grip.

"Who…What are you?!" the captain demanded.

Goliath was silent as the second went to the computer system and found the disk without a second thought.

"Mission accomplished." She declared, then turned back to the computer system.

With a smirk, she punched a hole in the console and took out a single wire that was full of static electricity. She then shoved the wires into the machinery, which caused a reaction, and burst the entire system to flames. With a smile, she turned tailed and went to the exit.

"Hurry Goliath!" she called as she went past him.

Goliath turned to her, then to the flaming console, not caring that the captain was out of his reach.

"What have you done?" he gasped.

"Come on," the second coughed kicking an escape hatch. "We have to get out of here."

"No, we can't just leave them here." Goliath turned back to the humans who were trying to put out the fire.

With a feral growl, the second grabbed Goliath's claw, dragging him towards their escape hatch. Outside, the ship was rocking as the two escaped for their lives. The leader turned back, watching the ship crashing into the Hudson with a heavy splash. He turned away; a feeling of regret slowly crept in his mind as he followed the second.

Down below, Elisa came out of her car, seeing the airship burst into flames, and people diving into the Hudson. She looked up at the smoke and saw the most unexpectant thing. Two figures were gliding out of the smoke and were heading away from the ruckus. Only one name was in her mind and she was confused.


The two gargoyles returned to the castle, where Xanatos was waiting with the trio, Chelsea, Hudson, and Bronx. The moment the second landed, she handed the disk to Xanatos, then came over to Chelsea with a slight look of worry.

"Are you alright?" she asked the young gargoyle.

Chelsea sighed with a chuckle, knowing things haven't changed. "Yes, I'm fine." She then frowned and turned to the trio who snickered around her.

"Oh grow up," she huffed, then crossed her arms.

The second smiled then all the gargoyle turned to Xanatos.

"My friends, you have my profound thanks." He told them. "Rest assured that the knowledge of these disks will be put to beneficial use for humans and gargoyles alike."

The man turned away from them and made his way inside the main part of the castle.

"Wonder how a couple of disks will help us with the humans?" Chelsea thought aloud. The trio shrugged as the sound of a rumble was heard.

Broadway chuckled, then rubbed his belly. "Well, how about we eat, and talk about it later?"

With that being said, the trio began to trek back into the castle. Brooklyn stopped and was confused that Chelsea wasn't following.

"Hey Chels, you coming?" Brooklyn asked.

Chelsea turned to him with a slight frown. "First of all, it's just Chelsea, and yes I'll be right there." She waved him away with a smile. "You go on ahead before you know who eats everything in plain sight."

Brooklyn was about to say something but thought against it. He turned away and followed the others in the main building. Chelsea smiled, then turned to the rest of the clan as Goliath went toward the battlements.

"I have promised to meet a friend," Goliath spoke. "I'll be back soon."

The second was startled at this. "A friend? Who? Not one of us?"

"No. A human. Elisa Maza." He answered, turning to her.

"Aside from Xanatos, we have no human friends," the second argued. "Nor shall we."

Chelsea raised a suspicious eye ridge. She knows the second hated humans, but this kind of rising hatred was new to her.

"Humanity is our enemy Goliath," the second continued. "I thought you learned that a millennium ago."

"I cannot make war with an entire world," Goliath retorted. "Doesn't Xanatos prove that there are good humans, as well as bad?"

When Goliath turned, the second blocked his tracks with her wings out. "Can you forgive the humans for what they did to our kind?" she growled.

"The ones responsible for that have been dead for thousands of years."

"Then their descendants shall pay! I will have blood for blood."

Chelsea took a step back from trying to reassure her second. She never saw this much anger and hatred in her before, and it was scaring her.

Goliath must have saw her face, then looked back down at the second.

"You said the centuries have changed me," Goliath said, remembering her words from the airship. "They've changed you too."

That made the second stop as she looked up at her mate with shocking eyes.

"You've become hard, unforgiving," Goliath explained in a frown. "You are not as I remember you." He shook his head. "I'm going to see my friend now." He went past her then stopped as he placed a claw on Chelsea's shoulder for reassurance. When he knew she would be alright, Goliath took off into the night.

"So be it." The second growled as she watched his figure getting smaller and smaller into the night.

Chelsea turned to the second with a look of worry. She never saw them disagreeing with one another so harshly before. She was concerned. "Is…everything okay?"

The second must have got out of her inner feelings because when she turned to the young gargoyle, a small smile plastered her face. She came over to the young female and wrapped her arms around Chelsea, then petted her dark hair in a reassuring manner.

"Yes," she whispered in her ear. "It was just a difference of opinion child. That's all." The second looked down at Chelsea with a smile. She tilted her head. "Tell me, what do you think of the humans of this era and time?"

Chelsea gave an unsure look, then turned away from her second. She wasn't sure what to think. Yes, she didn't like how the humans treated her and her clan back in Scotland, but she remembered little Tom who was curious about them, and not afraid.

"To tell you the truth," Chelsea started. "I'm not sure. I mean yes, they seemed to have never changed since the last time we saw them, but at the same time, I feel there that not all humans are bad like…" she stopped when she saw the seconds hard glare. She gulped not liking the seconds' gaze. "Elisa…Second, are you-"

"Yes," she answered coldly. She turned away from the young female and headed toward the castle. "I just remembered I need to do something." She ended as she entered the castle.

"Okay…" That was all Chelsea muttered as she stood alone on the castle battlements. She sighed as she gently caressed her opal as the only sign of comfort.

At the same rooftop they first met, Elisa was waiting patiently for Goliath, wanting to know if what she saw wasn't true…

When Goliath landed, she immediately came up to him with a worried expression.

"Where have you been?" Elisa demanded. "I've been looking all over town for you!"

"Why?" Goliath asked.

"Three Cyber-Biotics Installations have reported robberies by some kind of creatures," she explained as if it was a joke. She turned to him pointing the finger. "And I saw you and another gargoyle flying away from the plane wreck. What's this all about Goliath?"

"The Disks were stolen from Xanatos," Goliath explained. "We returned them to him."

Elisa went into her pocket and took out a single piece of paper with the beetle-like logo. "Remember this?"

Goliath took the paper with a curious matter. Elisa continued. "I traced that emblem. It's the logo of the robotics firm that's owned by, are you ready? Xanatos Enterprises."

"Are you saying that Xanatos is responsible for the attack in the park?" the gargoyle inquired.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. He probably planted that bug on you himself."

"But those were the men who stole the disks from him."

"Goliath, I checked, nothing was stolen. Those disks were cyber-biotics' property." Elisa made a fist. "He must have staged the theft to trick you into stealing the disks. He used you. He's been using you from the very beginning."

That made Goliath gave a look of shock but calmed instantly.

"Listen, Goliath," Elisa said in a softer voice. "We haven't known each other very long and I know you don't have any good reason to trust humans…" When Goliath turned away with a hiss, she took his face in her hands and made him face her. "But you've got to trust somebody in this world, and I think you'd be better off with me than Xanatos."

Goliath looked at the logo in his claws, then crushed it with an inhumane growl.

Elisa smiled, liking his answer. "You won't regret it." She placed her hand on his shoulder.

Back at the castle, Xanatos and Owen were in an unknown room with 5 tall figures. Each one covered in a white sheet.

"I'm afraid the gargoyles have outlived their usefulness," Xanatos stated. "I can't count on their loyalty, but with the data on those disks, I can get their replacements online."

Owen checked his wristwatch. "Three hours until dawn. We need only to wait until they sleep again-"

"No," the second said coming out of the light and went to one of the figures. "You need to test those replacements, do you not?"

She gently pressed her claw into the sheet that made a streak down as she turned to the two men with a malicious smirk.

Outside on a tower, the trio and Chelsea were enjoying the last hours of the night until dawn approaches. Brooklyn was gazing at the city wearing a pair of sunglasses, Lexington was behind him playing on an old laptop Xanatos gave him, Broadway was at a makeshift table eating as usual, and Chelsea was next to the potbelly gargoyle reading a copy of Shakespeare plays.

Brooklyn gave a content sigh. "Ya know, I think I'm going to like this century."

"Yeah," Broadway sighed taking another bag of food and eating it. "We had a little trouble adjusting at first, but I think everything's going to be fine now." Just as he finished sentence, a laser shot came out of nowhere and destroyed his bag. "WHOA!"

Down below at the courtyard, the one who fired was a robotic version of Goliath. It, along with 4 more stood in a row behind Xanatos, Owen, and the second.

"Attack," Xanatos commanded.

One by one, the robots opened their large metal wings, their turbines began to power up, and they were up in the sky in an instant. They flew past the gargoyles, and instantly turned back to them.

"What are those things?!" Broadway gasped.

"Uh…friend or foe?" Chelsea questioned placing her book down.

When one of the robots arm revealed a cannon, Lexington scrambled out of the way while the other three froze. The robot fired his cannon, making the other three jump away and into the sky.

"Definitely foe!" Chelsea exclaimed.

While the others got to safety, Broadway didn't catch the wind and was going down. He gasped when the robot fired another shot at him and sent him plummeting down. He managed to catch himself on the ledge, but a stone brick gave way beneath his claws. It sent him falling to the battlements bellow, and lost consciousness in the rubble.

"What did I tell you, Owen?" Xanatos boasted about his new technology. "They're steel instead of stone. They don't sleep during the day. They can fly instead of glide, and best of all, they're 100% obedient."

One of the robots took aim at Lexington, which was perfect aim as the gargoyle yelped and began to fall into the city. Brooklyn quickly swooped in to catch him but grunted as he struggled to hold the added weight. Chelsea glided next to him as she looked down at unconscious Lexington with worry.

Without them noticing, one of the robots took aim at the trio. Before it could take the shot, Goliath came out of nowhere, tackling the robot and driving it into one of the castle walls. With a bang, the robotic gargoyle exploded on impact, and Goliath flew toward the others.

"Give him to me!" Goliath ordered.

Brooklyn let go of Lexington as Goliath carried the small gargoyle to Broadway who was still out cold. He moved a stone slab off of Broadway and placed Lexington next to him.

Back up in the sky, Chelsea was trying to get a robot off her trail, but it was stuck to her. As she made a sharp turn, the robot must have predicted her moves, and shot her right-wing point-blank. She yelped as she was knocked unconscious and was diving headfirst into the city.

"Chelsea!" Brooklyn cried and he dove after her.

After a good few hundred feet, the hothead managed to catch her, but their wasn't an updraft to get them back to the castle. With a quick turn, he caught himself on one of the support columns, then looked down at Chelsea who was out cold. With a grunt, he positioned Chelsea to lean against his chest, and he slowly scaled back up to the castle to rejoin the battle.

Up at the castle, Hudson and Bronx came out of the castle. Probably from the TV room.

"What's all the noise?" Hudson asked, not liking the scenery of rubble.

His answer was heard when a robot flies around and fires on the two of them. Bronx barked as he leaps at the robot and caught it by its tail. The beast forced it to the ground. The robot fires at him, but Bronx was too quick. Soon, Hudson jumped off the battlements with his sword drawn, and sliced the machine neatly in two.

"Never a dull moment, is there boy?" Hudson asked Bronx.

Brooklyn finally made it back up to the castle with Chelsea still in his arms. When he was on the battlements, he carried her bridle style and rushed her to Broadway and Lexington who were still unconscious. He placed her next to Broadway, then Brooklyn jumped to join Goliath in the battle.

Up in the sky, Goliath was being chased by one of the metal gargoyles. He was able to get above it, and took control of its wings, forcing it to turn around, where another gargoyle attempted to catch him. Thinking quickly, he set the two on a collision course, then jumped away mere seconds before both robots were destroyed on impact.

Back with Xanatos, he gave a 'hmm', not knowing his robots would be destroyed so easily.

"My Steel Clan isn't performing as well as I'd hoped." He stated with a blank face.

"There's only one robot left." The second added.

The millionaire turned to her. "I think it's up to us my dear." With that, he turned back to the castle with the other two following him.

Back up with the unconscious gargoyles, Broadway Lexington and Chelsea groaned as they were coming to.

"Ugh, what's going on?" Lexington groaned as he massaged his head.

Chelsea went to stand but found it hard as she felt pain on her right-wing.

"I don't know," Broadway answered, supporting Chelsea on her side. He then looked up with wide eyes. "But it's not over yet."

Looking up, the last robot was coming toward them cannon ready. When it fired at them, they managed to dodge and ran to take cover.

Up at one of the towers, Goliath landed with Brooklyn as they took notice of the last robot taking aim at the five gargoyles who were coming together. The leader looked at the large slab of the wall, then to the approaching robot.

"Quickly!" Goliath blurted as he and Brooklyn pushed the piece of wall as hard as they could. When the robot was below them, the slab of wall broke off from the tower, and crushed it to the ground before exploding.

"And they say that the middle ages were barbaric," Hudson said to the others.

"We won dude!" Brooklyn cheered.

Goliath turned to Brooklyn confused. "Dude?"

"You haven't won anything fools!" The second exclaimed below them.

Goliath and Brooklyn turned to her and see her aiming a missile launcher at them. Xanatos has a smaller gun and was aiming at the others. The second smirked as she fired a missile at the two, but they were able to dodge it, barely. Brooklyn crashes face-first to the rest of the clan while Goliath crashed in front of her.

"What are you doing?" Goliath yelled at his mate.

The gargoyles went to aid their leader until Xanatos spoke. "Hold it. Let's just let them play out their little drama shall we?" he said pointing his gun at them.

Brooklyn groaned as he was able to sit up a little, but Chelsea held him steady from behind. She knew he was going to be a little dazed for a while from the look in his eyes, but knew he'll be okay. She looked up towards the second who she looked up to since she was little and listened to the conversation between her and Goliath.

"Goliath, you're a fool, but then you always were, weren't you?" the second said in a whole new voice. "If you'd only taken the rest of our clan away from the castle that night…the plan was perfect."

"Plan?" Goliath muttered.

"It would have succeeded."

"What plan?"

"I made a bargain with the captain," the second explained. "I was to get us all out of the castle so that the Vikings could sack it."

"What?" Goliath gasped.

"It would have worked," she continued. "And after the humans were gone, we would've had the castle all to ourselves!" Goliath gave her a death glare, which she returned as she continued. "But you ruined it! You had to protect the humans; you made us stay at the castle when we should've been with you."

All the gargoyles were taken aback by the story. They knew about the captain's treachery, but they never expected one of their own would do something like this.

"When the Vikings attacked, the captain said he'd protect us, but I didn't trust him. I've stayed alive because I don't trust anyone."

"But why did you do it?!"

"You can ask me that?" she snapped. "After how they treated us?! They had to pay! All humanity has to pay for that they did to our kind!"

Goliath narrowed his eyes. "There is good and evil in all of us," he insisted. "Human and gargoyle alike. You should know that more than anyone!" He then pointed a talon at her. "Don't you see? None of this would have happened…if it weren't for you…"

The second's eyes widened with rage. "Don't say that! Goliath this is your last chance…Humanity is a poison that must be purged from this planet," she slowly walked forward toward him. "Together you and I could create a new world for our kind. You trusted me once, you loved me once. We have found each other again after a thousand years of solitude."

As the second spoke, Goliath had a rim of tears and a look of hurt in his eyes. He turned away when she asked him this one thing.

"Does that mean nothing to you?"

When Goliath didn't respond nor look to her in the eye, she lifted her cannon. "Very well, if you are not my ally then you are my enemy." She fired the cannon again, only it blasted behind the leader, sending him flying and landing on his back.

Coming out of the dust, the second continued. "I have a name to Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die…I am Demona."

Demona aimed her weapon down at Goliath. "Goodbye, Goliath."

"No!" Chelsea's voice echoed down with the others. She tried to run to help, but Broadway and Brooklyn had to hold her down.

Before Demona could fire, Elisa came out of nowhere and tackled the gargoyle to the ground. The cannon went off, but hit a large tower instead, and started crumbling to the ground. A stray piece of the wall struck Xanatos on the back of his neck, knocking him unconscious.

Demona and Elisa struggled to their feet as the top of the tower began to fall towards them. It landed in a crash, shattering the wall, and both of them began to plummet to the city below. Elisa's screams echoed through the sky as the wind whipped around her. Demona grunted and struggled as she had no space to spread her wings from the stray stones.

When Elisa thought her life was going to end, Goliath swooped in and caught her in an instant. He brought her back to a safer part of the castle and ran back to the edge searching for any signs of Demona, but she was long gone in the abyss… Goliath felt his whole body being filled up with anger, then with a mighty roar, he let all the anger and anguish out in an instant.

Xanatos groaned as he was coming out of unconsciousness. Goliath turns to him, then grabs him by his shirt and hangs him over the edge of the castle.

"She wanted me to destroy humanity," Goliath snarled, remembering Demona's words after the fall. "I think I'll start with you!"

Surprisingly, Xanatos didn't show any fear, and only smirked at him. "Go ahead," he challenged. "Without me, you'd still be gathering moss."

Goliath growled, his eyes becoming two hot flames. Just as he was about let go, Elisa came to the scene.

"No Goliath!" she shouted. "Don't do this."

"Give me one good reason not to drop him?" Goliath growled.

"Because if you do, you're the same as Demona." Elisa countered with honest words.

The leader paused at her words.

"She's right lad," Hudson agreed, standing next to Elisa. "Is this what you want?"

Goliath looked at his elder, then to Chelsea, who followed the elder silently. Her eyes were filled with running tears, and she looked to be giving a pleading look at him. Even without words, she looked she was telling him the same thing as the others.

The leader sighed, knowing what he must do. "No..." with that last word, he tossed Xanatos towards Elisa and Hudson's feet, both smiling proudly at him. Chelsea came past them and embraced her leader around his neck. He was surprised at this but didn't argue as he heard her sniffling in his hair and embraced her in a warm hug.

After all that, Xanatos was arrested in handcuffs, and was placed in one of the police cars. When she thought he was taken care of, Elisa came back up to the castle.

At the tallest tower, Goliath was on his perch looking out in a grim stare.

"You did the right thing lad," Hudson said standing behind him with Elisa.

Goliath turned to them. "Do you think she survived?"

"If she did, we'll know soon enough I imagine."

Goliath didn't say anything as he turned back to the sky with a grim look.

Down with the younger gargoyles, they were getting ready for dawn. While the other gargoyles were getting ready, Brooklyn was looking around as if looking for something.

"Hey, where are my sunglasses?" Bronx answered the hothead's question as he came over to him with the sunglasses in his mouth. "Thanks Bronx."

When Brooklyn went to put them on, the dark lenses shattered, which made him put on a sour face.

"Aw, and those were good ones too." Chelsea pouted as she stretched her sore wing. She grimaced as it still hurt.

"Hey, at least these can be replaced," Brooklyn shrugged it off as he took the glasses off. He then turned to her. "But not a life."

Chelsea looked at her friend, then muffled a chuckled. "So true," She then remembered something. "I forgot, thanks for saving me after I got knocked out."

The hothead smirked with pride. "Hey, I couldn't let you fall to your death, am I right?" Brooklyn teased, which made him, and Chelsea gave a good laugh for a long while. When their laugh finally diminished, they overheard Broadway and Lexington's conversation.

"I wish I had time for a snack." Broadway muttered.

"You just ate." Lexington gawked.

"Yeah I know, Chinese food, was good too. But for some reason about an hour later I was hungry again."

Chelsea laughed as she looked over Lexington's shoulder. "Okay, we've known each other since we were hatchings, but I still can't understand how you think about food all the time."

"Guess I need more energy since you guys are smaller than me."

"Yeah," Brooklyn muttered, rolling his eyes. "A lot smaller."

"Hey!" Broadway shouted as the other three laughed together. Broadway soon joined them as the sun rose from the horizon, and their smiles were frozen.

A new beginning is here at last.

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