A few hours after the library incident, the three librarians, guardian, and caretaker stumbled into the Annex. All of them were winded from the mission, who knew being a librarian would require so much running.

"Well," Jenkins started, "I say that was a job well done, considering. So, Ms. Cillina if you would accompany Mr. Stone in taking the sword back, Ezekiel, Baird, and I will start cleaning up the Annex." Cassandra and Jacob started walking to the library stealing glances at each other, while the others looked at each other and sighed.

As it turns out, putting the sword where it needed to go was going to be a hike, it took them almost two miles in the library before they found where it was supposed to go. Jenkins, of course, had nothing to do with this, neither did the library.

"Thanks for coming with me Cassie," Jacob said breaking the silence, giving Cassandra a loving smile. Cassandra looked at Jacob and smiled as well.

"It's okay, I don't mind." Cassandra replied. Even if they did just run about a mile, they both were grateful for this time alone together. Even if neither of them would admit it. With the silence that followed, it gave each of them time to think. Until a very loud bang came from their left.

Jacob was the first to go and inspect the noise, Cassandra was not far behind. As the turned to look at what fell, they saw a book with words written in gold ink.

Jacob picked up the book and inspected what was written. Jacob blushed a little as he read what was written. Cassandra opened her mouth to ask what it was, when Jacob's mouth was on hers. Cassandra gasped in surprise as he kissed her. Cassandra kissed back eagerly as her arms flew to his hair. One of Jacob's hands were on her waist, the other placed at her neck holding her up right.

As they kissed Jacob slowly worked them back against the bookcase. They broke apart after a minute. Both not going far. Cassandra rested her head on the bookcase trying to calm herself down. Jacob just looked at Cassandra grinning.

"Just kiss already." Jacob muttered. Cassandra looked back at Jacob confused. Jacob smiled even wider. "That's what the book said." Cassandra smiled at Jacob again.

"Well," Cassandra started, "I'm glad you did, because I sure wasn't gonna." Jacob kissed her again after this, and again, and again, and again. Lets just say that Cassandra's hand sneaking under Jacobs shirt may have had something to do with them not helping to clean up.