chapter 1 the loss percy jackson is not mine it belongs to rick riordan

Percy's breathing was non-existent as he ran through the demigod army, letting out a breath as he saw his wise girl that although being covered in monster dust still managed to look beautiful, he then took a good look around, the demigods stood no chance.
The monsters were swarming them whenever one would be sent to Tartarus 10 more would take its place. Percy could only think of one thing that would help. But it would leave him exhausted and being the recklessly loyal idiot, he was he took a deep breath, Percy closed his eyes using his power to the absolute limit and pushing his conscience to the very edges of the battleground he then started to disperse the water molecules in his body something he only did once, but it wore him out, so he just stopped for more advanced physical training.
His body turned into mist then Percy moved into the middle of a swarm of monsters and reappeared, sweat soaking his body, slicing 5 monsters as he landed his eyes scanned the monsters around him and then he ran using his sword riptide he would cut a couple monsters and then disperse and reappear somewhere else. After 10 minutes he was drained but the monster army was thinning deciding to rest for a while he stood behind the other demigods. then he heard the elegant but horrifying laughter small and quiet at first, but it then became louder and after silence. He turned and saw the one thing he could never unsee the forest green eyes of Gaia herself right in front of him dancing with malicious glee, his mind told him to cower and run but instead his mind ran at speeds never, he thought the gods were supposed to keep Gaia busy, but it seems they either did not or got beaten. As he looked around, he realised most of the monsters were gone only a couple hundred were left confident that he could try and hold of this being of power he charged, his body going at speeds never seen before but each time he attacked she would just deflect his strikes looking at him with a raised eyebrow as if to say ' is this seriously the saviour of Olympus' that's when he realised it he was a puddle of water compared to the mountain of power that was Gaia.
Even though he had realised this his loyalty would not allow him to back down for if he ran his friends would die and he would not allow that to happen as he ran in for a sharp jab to Gaia's side, she flicked her finger as if she were flicking a switch instinctively Percy leaped backwards as the ground that was once below him exploded upwards.
As Percy landed, he froze the needle like tip of the earth spike was pressing against his forehead not enough to cause damage but enough to scare anyone, this continued for a while Gaia lazily playing with him as he ran around jumping out of reach of her attacks. After about 5 more minutes of this he was breathing deeply and felt like he was about to drop dead when he looked up he saw Gaia's victorious smile as she thrust her hand out Percy clenched his eyes shut waiting for the pain that was to come 'squelch' he heard the sound but felt nothing as he opened his eyes pure sadness that could only be found in the river Cocytus drowned him, in front of him speared on the earth spike was his wise girl her dead eyes looking into his own.
Sadness turned to anger in a split second as he felt his body temperature rising he felt power spikes behind him as he looked he realised the gods were there with him standing behind him ready for battle they all sported some kind of injury but were ready to fight without even thinking Percy ran he ran as fast as he could towards Gaia disappearing from view and reappearing in front of Gaia his trusty blade riptide glinted brightly in the sunlight as pure power filled him, his muscles pulsing he grabbed Gaia and went to jump, the protogenoi realising what he was trying to do started to let out her true form the earth trying to force Percy under but he would not allow it, his will power trumped his opponents and he jumped as he jumped he used the water molecules to force him upwards.
As Gaia let out her true form normally anyone would have been incinerated but Percy only felt like he had got a sun burn at most he looked at his hand and saw a thin extra layer of magic all different colours there was green, blue, grey, red, pink, yellow, and more he looked down he was falling fast but he just saw the light coming from the gods as Percy looked into the earth mothers eyes he grinned and thrust riptide into her body his whole arm going through her body however she kept a smile on her face in different instances it might have looked like two psychopaths doing a staring contest but her last horrifying words were "you will never see your little girlfriend again she's in my domain now" and she disappeared the shockwave sent Percy flying and then black

time skip (2 days)
the gods should have been happy the primordial Gaia was gone her essence scattered but they weren't it all came at a cost they had lost around 200 of the 900 demigods including Percy Jackson, Annabeth chase and many others hades had said that Percy and Annabeth weren't in the underworld or any underworld for that matter the other gods didn't care they just wanted to get on with their immortal lives but Poseidon was grieving the waters were restless earthquakes were more frequent and there was always a storm over New York .


the boys breathing was shallow half of his body was burned and he was bleeding horribly he was in some kind of ruins he crawled through if this was a temple he could be saved once he got into the main room his throat was parched he was hungry and his body left a trail of blood his eye lids were heavy there was a book and a bowl with a red stone submerged in water he drank the water and picked up the stone it seemed to secrete some kind of liquid that quenched his hunger, his thirst and the wounds weren't bleeding as much he heard footsteps echoing through the ruins and his pockets were ruined so he did the only thing he could think of he swallowed the stone and hid in the corner