Relax Bella, breathe. It's just one date. You promised, Alice you would go on one date. No big deal.

I tried to give myself a pep talk as I shakenly tried to put on some eyeliner for the third time. Ah! Finally got it just right!

Of course, my slight OCD had me redoing my eyeliner, lip-liner, and smokey eyes so I didn't end up looking like a raccoon.

I had promised my best friend, Alice, I would go on this damn date because I was the last single friend of hers. Everyone within our group of friends was either married, engaged, or in a committed relationship. I mean I was too, but it was with my baby.

My bakery, Sweet Swans. One I hoped I would expand one day soon into a full restaurant.

Even Tanya Denali, the party girl of our group had gotten married. Damn her, she was my only ally in being single, and then she met Sergei, and just like that she crossed over to the dark side. So, did Rosalie, and Tanya's younger sister, Kate, along with Leah. They slowly crossed over and never looked back… and then there was just me.

I remained single and was happy, content with being so, and that little fact seemed to fly over their heads because suddenly my marital status was all they could seem to think about.

So, they slowly began the intrusive, overbearing advice that wasn't needed but still given of my private life.

Rosalie took it upon herself to set me up with Jacob, which ended with me kicking him in the nads and storming off. Then came Leah, who coincidentally ended up marrying Jacob. She set me up with Jacob's best friend, Paul. Yeah, I almost stabbed his sleazy ass with a fork.

The more dates I went on the more I realized I needed to focus on me and my restaurant, and was content in being alone.

So, I continued to be single.

Everything was great until they all began popping out babies like rabbits. One after the other. It was like the baby boom back in the mid-70s only it was present day, and each of them was fucking popping out a little wrinkled butterball for the first five months of the year. One after the other.

Alice then decided it was her job to find my soul mate, so she took it upon herself to set me up with Jasper's best friend...some dude by the name of Masen.

She was very emotional as of late and tended to get violent if she got irritated. So, I agreed before she could progress to an overreaction.

I should explain why she is emotional and a bit too pushy. The reason is that Jasper and she recently began to try for a baby, and haven't had much luck. Though she tries to hide it, I know her well enough to know that she is beyond worried that it's her fault, which it isn't.

She is as healthy as a horse. But you can't change her mind once she's got an idea, it's— it's useless.

Now, back to the now. I had just finished perfecting my hair, and makeup, and slipping into the outfit Alice arranged for me a few hours ago.

It was an ebony-colored, off the shoulder, cotton, sheath dress, that hit just above my knee, and hugged all the right places. She paired them up with a pair of wedged sandals before heading home for dinner.

I dressed quickly, before taking a glance at the hallway mirror and heading into the living room.

I noticed that I had enough time to get a small clutch and stuff my wallet, keys, and my favorite shade of lipstick before grabbing my coat, and setting them on the chair before I sat down to read my favorite cooking magazine.

As time passed I grew more and more anxious that this date was yet another flop, I had just decided to change out of the clothes when a knock at the door startled me.

'Was that him? He's an hour late.' I thought, as my eyes flicked down at my wristwatch before I listened for another knock.

I scowled down at my feet before I got up, and headed towards the door to answer it.

I pulled down the skirt of my dress, smoothing out the nonexistent wrinkles, stepping back to glance at myself in the mirror once more, before I slowly opened the door to see who my friends decided to set me up with.

A/N: This story is loosely based on the movie Life As We Know It.

Before anyone asks, the is an eventual BxE, and has a few character deaths... but an eventual HEA.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.