Heir of the Primarchs (MHA X WH40K)

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"Primarch/Emperor of mankindspeech"



'Demon/chaos thought'

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Location unknown,

???? POV

It had been mere days since our crusades arrival to this hive world and it had transformed from a world flourishing with life (as expected with a hive world) to a dead and barren world, a desolate wasteland. It had been quicker than our expectations predicted, however it was a welcomed thought.

My master; Abaddon, will be pleased with our results of victory, another successful crusade against the Imperium and the so called God emperor. However it was to be expected, not many can rival the black legion and even less can beat us.

'The crusade can not be stopped!' I thought while crushing a survivors skull under my boot. "Death to the false god!" My battle brother, Arcaus, bellowed; We relayed the war cry with pride.

Things have changed since heresy and the death of our Primarch, Horus. We have regained our strength, our power and it has grown in triple thanks to corrupted powers of the Gods of Chaos; And this time we will win, we will have our revenge. I remember it all, the heresy, the attack on Terra, the sudden appearance of Sanguinius, even the battle on the duel on Horus's flagship, I was there for it all. I had watched in eagerness when Horus defeat and eliminate Sanguinius and in hate when he, the God-emperor himself cut our Primarch down.

The ensuing days, the months after the battle was spent retreating from the imperium, from Rogal adorn and his Imperial Fist legion. We barely survived the encounters when we finally retreated in to the Eye of Terror. Back then, during Abaddon's pilgrimage, I had followed another; The chaos lord Drecarth the sightless as a Son of the Eye.

Then Abaddon returned, we gained his alliance then he killed Drecarth. We swore our allegiance with Abaddon as many of others did. We were among the selected to destroy Cadia, too make it fall and fall it did.

Since then we have taken world after world, hive after hive, victory over victory. It did not matter who our enemies were, it did not matter the number of our enemies and it did not matter the strength. They fell regardless, they were defeated. They were slaughtered. The black legion had face all the imperium had to offer; Astartes, inquisitors, the imperial guard even Guilliman's new experiments, the Primaris marines. They were eliminated regardless.

I doubt even with a intervention from the so-called God-emperor himself could prevent the inevitable defeat and the fall of the Imperium from Abaddon and the powers of the Chaos Gods.

'Soon they will vanquished' I thought confidently.

3rd POV

Amongst the ruins of the fallen hive laid hundreds of thousands of dead victims, slaughtered and ripped apart by the chaos powered Astartes of the Black legion, the minions of Abaddon the Despoiler.

A river of crimson flowed throughout the streets of the hive, the souls of millions of citizens snuffed out from the hive. Similar events occurring in every hive on the planet.

Meanwhile four shadow figures moved swiftly through the blood covered debris of the streets unhindered. They were closing in on the chaos marines of the Black Legion, whom were unaware of their presence.

??? POV

'How pitiful, how weak' I thought scornfully, walking through the broken streets and the bloody remains of the beings who once lived here. These beings, these humans barely put up a resistance to the assault they made, which was expected but still disappointing nonetheless.

I glanced up to the city walls which was in ruins and the banners, the banners of the imperium, were burning. I hatefully glared at the banners, urging them to burn hot and burn faster. In that moment, I decided it was time to return to rendezvous point, where the rest of the Black legion from the attack were waiting.

Arcaus and and two other chaos Astartes were nearby, walking to the agreed meeting point. 'Might as well, my bolter needs to be cleaned of the blood of these weaklings,' I thought, looking at my weapon, stained by the crimson ichor of the citizens.

I could hear the warcrys from the rest of the warband throughout the ruins of this hive city, hunting the survivors of our initial attack.

We were once the Luna wolves and the son's of Horus. Now we're the Sons of the Eye, we are the Black legion. Our loyalty lies with our war master, Abaddon the Despoiler, and his will is our duty.

Suddenly pain erupted from my back and chest. I glanced down to see a bloodied chainsword sticking through me, it was quickly removed then my vision went black.

3rd POV

The cloaked figure swung his blade cleanly through the neck of the chaos marine, ending his target. They then turned to see the rest of his allies finishing their own targets.

Then they walked in to the light.

The figure stood at the height of 8'2, their face covered by his helmet and the the cloak he wore. It was clear that he was an astartes because of the armour he wore, matched by his companions; however difference from the armour worn by the Imperium chapters was to be noted. The colour of their armour was silver-teal and a symbol on their left shoulder.

A hydra

"We are Alpharius!" A unanimous claim.

On one of the ledges, a slightly larger figure stood observing the situation. He wore similar armour to the legionnaires on the streets below with the exception of a helmet.

This was Omegon, one of the twin Primarchs and co-leader of the Alpha legion. A role he shares with his twin, Alpharius.

"Our plan continues as expected brother, soon we can begin phase three," Omegon claimed confidentially, "the heir shall appear soon, he will be trained and he will claim his rightful place in thisgalaxy as we have foreseen,".

Japan, Earth

15th July, 2204

3rd POV - hidden section of the park

Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya was scared, not like that was uncommon recently, the reason for this was due to the intimidation and show of power of the person in front of him. Katsuki Bakugo, or Kacchan by Izuku, once again decided that Izuku needed to be put in his place for no other reason than existing.

This had become increasingly common ever since the fated trip to see the quirk doctor a year ago.

Izuku's fate had been cruel, being deemed unworthy of have a quirk, something that has become rare in society in recent years. 80% of humanity has quirks while the remaining 20% didn't get a quirk, 14% of those were of the older generations.

It was quick change in others opinions of him, that much was clear to Izuku, his own father left within days of the reveal of Izuku's quirkless condition, a divorce followed after.

Izuku tried to ignore this at first, thinking his quirk would appear, hoping. Nonetheless, it never happened. However he would not give up on his dream that easily, for it was the last thing he could hope for, regardless of how unlikely it was.

"Deku!" Bakugo screeched, his lackeys laughing at Izuku.

This had put him as everyone's number one target, numerous attempts to put him down and destroy the last hope, the last dream Izuku held on too. Bakugo was the one who committed to crush his hope the most, his quirk quick to lash out at him. Izuku had a number of burns and scars caused by the explosions sent at him.

"Y..yes, Kacchan?" Izuku stuttered timidly, flinching harshly every time Bakugo let lose an explosion. Bakugo stalked closer, growling, explosions in hand. "I heard that you're still dreaming about becoming a hero," he growled harshly, " do you think you're better than me?!".

"N..no, I...I just think t..that I c..could at least t..try," Izuku explained, shrinking at the harsh glare. Clearly this was the wrong thing to say, though Izuku would wonder would have been the right thing, the lackeys and other watchers stared down at him while Bakugo reached arms length to him.

It was apparent to the two that no one would stop Bakugo from attacking, just like the previous times.


Bakugo launched a palm to Izuku while a set of explosions set off. Izuku didn't have any time nor the will to stop the attack, which caused his chest to erupt in pain followed by another blow to the stomach, arms and legs, burns appearing in moments after.

Izuku collapsed on the floor in a fetal position in an attempt to protect himself but it just made him a easier target to hit.


Bakugo launched one final blow to Izuku's face, not realising the strength of the blow nor the the eye that was directly hit.

Izuku screamed in pain and fear, close to passing out.

The onlookers looked shocked yet they only turned away when Bakugo stared at them, then turned back to stare at the damage in pride.

"A hero," Bakugo mocked, "a quirkless nobody like you will never be a hero,"

Bakugo turned to leave, his goal achieved. The others quickly followed suit, not wanting to look at the remains of the carnage.

Izuku laid there, whimpering and crying. His hand covered his left eye. 'Why, why does fate hate me?' Izuku thoughts race, the pain was too much to ignore.

Shakily, he stood flinching in pain then he look at his left hand, covered in blood in shock. It was his blood.

It was then he realised he couldn't see out of his left eye, the eye that took the blow. Bakugo had intentionally blinded his left eye.

Shock, fear, sadness; emotions flooded Izuku like a tsunami, his chance of being a hero taken away again, by the one person he considered a friend.

Worst of all, no one would believe him, after all Bakugo had a powerful quirk and it's likely he'd be a hero while he was quirkless, with no potential.

"Izuku,"a stern voice echoed catching his attention.

Izuku flinched at the sound, thinking someone had returned, turning to the direction of the noise but no one was the there only trees and a park bench. A bench with something on it. Approaching it Izuku found a cloth, his remaining eye roaming it.Then he touched it. It felt like silk yet it was obvious that it was made with different material. It was white with a logo in the center. The cloth made Izuku curious yet he couldn't understand how it was here.

"Use it Izuku, cover your eye with it," the voice echoed, it sounded deep and familiar too Izuku yet he couldn't remember hearing it before.

Deciding to listen to the voice Izuku managed to cover his eye.

Looking up at the sky Izuku realised it was late, so he proceeded to leave but his thoughts replayed the events over and over, turning darker.

When he made it home, Izuku cleaned the blood of his body and wrapped bandages over the injuries inflicted.

His mother, Inko, had to start working more after his father left so it was rare to see her in the evening, something Izuku supported after the bullying started.

Deciding to turn in for the night, Izuku had one final thought.

' I will get my revenge Kacch- no, Bakugo, I will even the odds and I will be number one, I will be a Hero'.

And this concludes the prologue for Heir of the Primarchs

The alpha legion is on the move but what do they intend to do?

Bakugo has took Midoriya's eye and and Izuku heard a voice that gifted a mysterious cloth with unique symbol.

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