Disclaimer: No, I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho, just a bunch of sad Hiei poems. Enjoy!


Just look into my eyes,

And surely you will see your own reflection

Shining back at you, smiling deeply.

You must believe,

And never give up hope,

As I have done.

I am here, I always have been.

I watch you, protect you,

Love you.

You are forever on my mind,

You anchor me to all

That is real.

Go be happy, dear sister.

Make a day of it, laugh and smile.

Don't wait for me.

Just know that I am here,

You are safe from harm,

And all that is evil.

Just you being there,

To see you grin,

Is enough to make my spirit lift.

Don't ever leave me,

Continue your search,

For the one who is right in front of you.

I will never leave, I promise.

I will never let you down

For I love you.

I got a bit tired of writing heart-wrenching poems, so I decided to make one in which Hiei finds a little peace. I sincerely hope it's not too angst. It's hard to write a poem in which Hiei is happy.