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I search for something I cannot find.

The thought of him consumes my mind.

I know he is there, I can feel it in my heart.

Does he search for me as I search for him?

Does he care? Does he want me?

I sure he does, but I wonder at times.

Will he accept me? Or hate me on sight?

Will he love me,

As I love him?

He alone will make me complete.

I will search far and wide,

Until my quest in done.

Is he lost and alone?

I hope he is happy-

My brother.

Until we are complete,

Eye to eye and face to face,

Until we are together.

Until that time, I will look,

Say a prayer,

And whisper a name I don't know.

My friends are helping,

Yusuke and Kurama,

And that funny Kuwabara.

And one more, Hiei,

The forlorn one, the quiet one.

He looks as well.

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