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Sally wasn't entirely sure what she was doing, but she knew she had to at least try and talk to someone about her situation the only person she'd been able to think of was an old friend from her highschool days.

They'd been close then-both of them had been able to see what was really there, the monsters. It had been terrifying at time, but they'd reassured each other that they weren't insane.

And now Sally was pregnant with the child of a literal God and she needed someone to talk to.

It had been difficult to track May down, but she'd managed, and now she was stood a the woman's door.

She knocked firmly, trying to force her hand not to shake, and then she heard noise from inside of the house, and the door was opened.

Sally forced herself not to gasp, her hand moving to press against her bump.

May didn't look like she once had, her green eyes that had always been alight with mischief were dull, and her blonde hair was choppy and uneven. Her skin had paled, turned sallow.

"May?" Her voice was soft, shocked, "Oh May what-"

"Sally. Sally I knew-I knew I saw you I knew-"

"May what?" Sally laid a hand on May's arm, stepping inside and kicking the door shut behind her, "What's wrong?"

"She'll be lovely."

"May what are you-"

"They're tied together! Tied together Sally." May smiled widely-and something about that smile was so very off putting and Sally couldn't say why.

"Little Percy and little Luke. Tied together, friends or foes, friends. Like us Sally-"


"M-mom." the voice came from the door at the bottom of the hall and Sally turned her head, seeing a boy who couldn't be older than seven or so poking his head around it. He had sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes that were far too frightened for a child his age.

"Luke!" May's face lit up as she whirled around and rushed to her son, grabbing his arm and shoving him forward-and Sally could see the pain flash in his eyes at the tight grip. "Sally! Sally my son! He's special my son. So special-"

"Mom let go please." Luke looked near tears as he tried to tug his arm free, and Sally rushed forward, grabbing May's hand gently and trying to pry the too tight grip away from the terrified boys arm.

"May-May you're hurting him-"

"I'm not! My son Sally! My son's special, so special Sally! Look at him so perfect isn't he-they're not real the dreams the things I see they aren't real my son's special! Just like his father, like Hermes-"

"Mom." Luke did start crying, "Mom please you're hurting me."

"I'm not!" May shook him slightly, a somewhat crazed look on her face, "I wouldn't hurt my boy!"

Sally managed to pry May's hand off of Luke's arm, and then the boy was stumbling away, shaking as he darted behind Sally, instinctively grabbing her arm and hiding behind her. "May what happened to you-please-" Something was so wrong, so very wrong. May was clearly insane.

It was painful to see and it made Sally feel sick as she pressed her free hand to her belly and stepped back slightly, forcing down her panic as May's eyes seemed to become clearer.

"Save him! Save him! Take him, please save him you can save him protect him protect my boy-"

"Mom!" Luke was crying, "Mom please-"

"GO! GO Sally!

"TAKE HIM!" and she was dropping to the ground, convulsing, and Sally didn't even think as she span around, practically picking up the sobbing seven year old and rushing back down the hall to the door, opening it and stumbling outside, nearly toppling down the steps in her haste, mind racing when she reached the bottom of the path that led up to the house, her gaze focusing on the sobbing boy who had wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Luke, right?" she made her voice softer, and Luke hesitated before nodding.

"D-don't make me go back. Please don't make me go back."

Sally hesitated for just a moment, a frown on her lips as her mind raced.

She didn't want to send Luke back into that house, it was painfully clear that May was unstable, and she'd told Sally to take him.

But she wasn't well off. Money would be tight enough with the new baby, she was as ready as she could be, she knew that the packages that had been arriving day in day out at her door were gifts from Poseidon-all manner of baby things, but a second child? She bit her lip.

Another Demigod.

It might have all happened incredibly quickly but she'd caught that May had said Luke was Hermes' son.

Her gaze focused on the little boy, she met his wide frightened blue eyes and let out a slow breath, moving slower now, less frantic and rushed.

She didn't speak until they reached a small park and she set him down on the bench, sitting herself and laying her hand on her belly as she looked at him.

He was shaking, a frightened look on his face and she gave a very sad smile, "Sweetie are you sure you want this?" his voice was incredibly gentle,
"Are you sure you want to leave your mom?"

She told you to take me." Luke's voice was desperate, "Please she scares me. She scares me I don't wanna go back there she hurt me."

"Let me see." Sally's expression shifted to one of concern and she gently rolled the boys sleeve up, showing a nasty hand shaped bruise on his arm.
"Oh dear." she let out a breath. "Does she often get like that?"

"S-she's always... always.." Luke was crying, "She does love me. My mommy does love me but-"

"Hey-" Sally shook her head quickly, gently wrapping her arms around the sobbing boy, "Hey... hey it's okay sweetie it's okay." her voice was
soothing as she let him curl into her side, his little arms trying to wrap around her and cling-though the size of her belly made that impossible.

"Don't make me go home."

"I won't." Sally let out a slow heavy breath, brushing her fingers through Luke's hair, "It might be a bit tricky but I'll figure things out sweetie it's going to be okay."

"Thank you." Luke had to force the word out through his tears, "Thank you."

"Let's go home then. We'll figure out details and things later. Let's just get home. Are you hungry."

"Yeah." Luke nodded slowly, "Yeah I am."

They both stood and after a moment of hesitation the little boy took the hand Sally held out, and together they made their way to the apartment building that Sally called home.

It didn't take long, a taxi ride took them most of the way, and Sally didn't let go of Luke's hand until she was unlocking the door to let them in.

Thankfully there was a spare room-she'd been working on turning it into a nursery for when her baby was born, for when she was a bit bigger, there was a bed in there still-she hadn't gotten rid of it yet.

Once they were inside and the door was shut behind them Sally led Luke to the kitchen and she got to work quickly, "I haven't got much in at the moment, is Mac and Cheese okay?"

"Yes please." Luke nodded quickly-and Sally could hear his stomach rumbling. It made her heart ache, and she let out a breath as she got to work.

It didn't take too long to make the meal, and she dished it up, putting the plate filled with food down on the table for the little boy, and she watched him eat, brows furrowed as she did.

He ate like he was starving-like he hadn't eaten in years. It made her heart ache.

Oh she was sure May had been feeding him, but he was underweight, he clearly hadn't been getting regular proper meals and she wished she'd gotten to him sooner.

Once he was finished the boy yawned, and Sally smiled very softly. "Tired?"

"Yes miss-" Luke hesitated and Sally laughed softly.

"Sally. Call me Sally Luke."

"Thank you Sally." he covered his mouth to try and stifle the second yawn and she shook her head fondly, holding out her hand, "Come on now then
Luke, let's get you up in bed."

He hesitated before taking her hand, and she led him to the spare room quickly, smiling when he looked around with curious eyes at the sea themed walls and the cot in the corner of the room.

"It was going to be a bedroom for my baby when they're born." Sally explained gently.

Luke's eyes focused on her stomach and she could see the curiosity in his gaze and she let out a soft laugh, "Two months. I'm having the baby in two months."

"Is it gonna be a boy or girl?" Luke's voice was curious and Sally smiled.

"I don't know." she said softly, "I didn't want the doctors to tell me I want to be surprised."

Luke suddenly looked hesitant, "Will-will I be able to stay when the baby's born?"

"Yes." Sally nodded, "Of course you will. We'll find a way to make it work. I don't know how yet but we will." she hummed, "We'll go shopping tomorrow, to get you some clothes and stuff."

"Thank you Sally." Luke went to sit on the bed but Sally moved quickly, pulling the sheets up so that Luke could slip in underneath them before she carefully tucked him in.

"Now you get some sleep Luke." Sally's voice was every so gentle as she brushed his hair out of his face, "You're safe now I promise you. Goodnight Luke."

"Goodnight Sally." Luke closed his eyes, curling up in the bed as Sally left the room, flicking the light off as she did, though she left the door slightly open with the lights on in the hall so that he'd still have some light.

She let out a breath as she made her way back to the kitchen to clean up from the meal, eating some more herself and just cleaning up in general before she sat down, taking just a few moments for herself, closing her eyes and sighing heavily.

She'd have to check her money in the morning. Luke would need clothes and things-and what would she do about school and such? She didn't exactly have any of his information.

She stayed up for several hours, her heart heavy as she tried to figure out what to do. She couldn't send Luke home-she wouldn't do that he was an innocent child she wouldn't send him back to May when she was so clearly unstable.

After some time she headed up to bed herself-she needed sleep and she was much more tired than she used to be, that was the pregnancy of course.

When she did wake up early the next morning she made her way down the stairs-and on the kitchen table was a large envelope.

Sally found herself tensing, her face going pale as she moved and picked it up, opening it quickly, her brows furrowing as she tipped the contents onto the table, a gasp slipping from her lips.

All of Luke's paperwork was there, his birth certificate, everything, and there were forms too. Sally swallowed hard, eyes wide as she stared at it.

Adoption forms, signed by May.


Then she spotted a slip of paper and she picked it up, turning it over so she could see the writing on it.

There were only two words.

Thank you.

And beneath the words was a symbol. A caduceus. Hermes. This had been sent by Hermes-and there was another slip of paper-her eyes widened.

A check, for $5000. She pressed a hand to her mouth and a note attached saying that there would be monthly payments.

Sally felt her eyes filling with relieved tears.

With that much money they could move to a better apartment, she could afford to pay whatever bills they had, she'd be able to care for Luke and her own baby without worrying every day about money.

She let out a breath, tilting her head up and closing her eyes before whispering.

"Thank you lord Hermes. I'll look after your little boy for you. I promise."


The two months since Sally had met Luke had sped by far too fast, the checks had kept coming and she'd managed to move into a much nicer
apartment with three bedrooms-and Luke loved his own room, along with his clothes and new toys.

Money was no longer an issue for Sally, they got by well enough, and Luke blossomed, she'd set it all up so that he'd start school when the new year started, and he was thoroughly enjoying his new life-he did miss May at times, but now that he wasn't constantly terrified he was much happier.

And then the day came.

They'd been at the park when Sally's waters had broken, and she'd managed to stay calm despite Luke's nervous panicked questions.

Their neighbor had taken her to the hospital when the time came, and she stayed in the waiting room with Luke while Sally gave birth.

It took hours, and it was in the evening that she did finally give birth, and when she was handed a tiny bundle she felt her heart growing so much, warming as she gently held the squirming babe, a precious little girl with a shock of black hair.

She brushed her fingers through the girls hair, humming softly as the doctor gently asked if she'd decided on a name.

She hadn't, she'd been considering a number of names-she knew she wanted Perseus for a boy but she hadn't decided what name she'd want for a girl until now. But holding her she knew what she'd choose.

While many thought that the story of Persephone was a tragedy Sally knew better, Poseidon had told her as much during one of their many talks.

Persephone had been happy with Hades after some time, she loved him.

Very few heroes had happy endings, and the women even less so.

But Persephone had, and Sally smiled softly as she stared down at her little girl, "Persephone Alethea-Alexandria Jackson." as she said them the names seemed to slip into place as if they were made for the little bundle in her arms.

It took several minutes for the doctor to get her attention again, and she looked up at the man slowly as he spoke "Oh-sorry I... I was just... she's perfect."

"That she is." the doctor gave an amused smile, "I was asking if you'd like us to bring your son in."

"Oh yes." Sally nodded quickly, shifting so that she was sat up slightly more, "Yes I'd like that. I'm sure he's been dying to meet his new baby sister."

"I'll get a nurse to fetch him." the doctor chuckled, waving over a nurse, and a few minutes later Luke was being led into the room, his eyes wide as they focused on Sally and the baby in her arms.

He scrambled towards them and onto the bed and Sally shifted her grip on Persephone so that she was holding her with one arm, gently wrapping an arm over Luke's shoulder, letting the boy lean into her side and peer at the baby in her arm. "She's so small-and wrinkly."

Sally laughed softly, "She is." she agreed, shifting slightly so that he could see the baby. "Her name is Persephone Alethea-Alexandria Jackson. Do you like it."

"I do." Luke nodded, "It's a pretty name. What does it mean Sally?"

"Well, Persephone is a Goddess but you know that sweetie. Her name means to destroy, but I only chose it because Persephone is one of the few Goddesses who was happy with her husband and life. Alethea means means truthful one, and Alexandria means defender of mankind." she explained, "Do you like?"

"I do." Luke reached out slowly, brushing his fingers over the the quiet baby's cheek.

He let out a giggle when the baby's hands moved, tiny fist bumping his hand.

"She's so small."

"She is. She'll need her big brother to protect her." Sally's voice was soft, teasing, and Luke nodded quickly, "I'll protect her always I promise Sally."

"I know you will Luke." Sally pressed her lips to the top of his head, "I love you both so much."