—[ To Belong ]—

I own nothing, just some stupid ideas. This start right after Sasuke shoved chidori right through Naruto's right chest. Kurama at that time refuse to heal Naruto. It thought that it can just reform. However, it didn't expect that in all sudden they got teleported to another world. Kinda AU. Fate Element. Gate of Babylon!Naruto. Terrible grammar, poor vocabulary.


A thirteen years old Sona Sitri sighed in defeat as she was again failed at mirroring her sister's spell in creating the enormous form of the sea-monster, Leviathan. That was her hundreds trial, yet none had succeeded. Sona was aware that her magic energy was not high enough to create such enormous monster. However, she wanted to prove her sister that she was strong enough to handle things on her own.

"It is okay, So-tan. Your big sister will be happy to help you every day. For now, why don't you rest in this big sister's warm and loving hug?"

Sona frowned. It's not that she hated how carefree her sister was, but she was annoyed that her strength was so pale in comparison to hers. Of course it was normal, after all Serafall was one of the four great satans. It would be an insult to Serafall if Sona was close to her in strength.

"Not yet, dear sister. I indeed failed at creating that spell, but I may be able to use another high level spell. Just watch."

"Oh, my! How can I become a good big sister if I can't even support her dear little sister? Right! This big sister of yours shall do her best at supporting you. Go So-tan! Let your youthful shines bright light a diamond!"

It was embarrassing to hear that, but luckily no one was there to listen. Ignoring her dear big sister, Sona began concentrating. Magical energy arose, surrounded her small slim body like a blanket. Then, an enormous blue magic circle appeared on the ground. "Heed my call, Wandering Sea Spirit!"

In all sudden, all magical energy left Sona's body. If not for her sister who moved fast enough to hold her fallen body, she would no doubt have hit the ground. Luckily enough, Sona hadn't lost her consciousness.

The magic circle Sona had created shone so bright like it had become the very source of light. The light remained there for almost a minute, before gradually fading away. What remained there was not something they expected, but a very pale dying male human which seemed as old as Sona herself. It was nothing like what Sona wanted to see.

He had short spike fair blond hair. He wore orange jumpsuit, though it was not in a good condition. There was scar—actually a very large scar on his right chest, saying it a hole was not an exaggeration. That wound looked fresh, there's blood leaking out of its vein. Whoever caused that hole, Sona firmly believed that he/she wanted to kill him slowly and painfully.

"Tell me big sister, he isn't the supposed to be wandering sea spirit, is he?"


He had died. That furball bastard refused to help him. It went as far as saying that it would be revived a few years after they both died. Naruto wanted to shout, yell, scream, or anything which would annoy that fox. However, the nine-tails fox simply closed its eyes and pretended that he did not hear.

Naruto was angry, no, he was beyond furious. Oddly enough, it was not to the fox, but to himself and that bastard uchiha. He had considered that guy a friend, best friend, a brother in all but blood. Yet, that guy had killed him. He had gone as far as shoving that damn chidori into his chest. Naruto felt betrayed. He felt so angry that he wanted to punch himself over and over and over so that he stopped become naïve and stupid.

If only he took his life as ninja seriously… If only he stopped seeking for attention… If only he forced himself to read books…

Sadly, it was now meaningless. His tears meant nothing. His regret was worth nothing in the end. He had died. End of story. There's nothing he could do to bring himself back to the living.


That voice forced Naruto to stop his train of depressing thought and raised his head. A pair of blue eyes—quite similar to his—stared warmly at him. That blond hair was also the same shade as him. If not for the sharp chin and the lack of whiskers, Naruto would say that he was staring at the adult version of himself.

But Naruto knew better. That man staring at him with a warm-gentle smile at his face was someone he had seen. Precisely, it was the face he everyday stared at with grin on his face. The man standing before him…

"Fourth Hokage…"

"Naruto, how old are you?"

Many questions began filling Naruto's head. But, he managed to calm down. He had made so many mistakes by rushing everything and treating things like everything would be alright as long as he kept trying. Not anymore. That Naruto who lived to seek attention had died. He had to think carefully now before opening his loud-annoying mouth—or so Sakura described him.

"Thirteen." Naruto answered. He did not bother to stand up. It didn't matter if the guy was the fourth hokage or that he could be mistaken as his father. Naruto wasn't going to stand up. He was tired.

"Thirteen years old, huh?" The Fourth Hokage—whose name Naruto didn't remember—looked sad like he was remembering something unpleasant. "I have questions," he said with sorrowful eyes, but he didn't wait for Naruto's response, "but I don't need your answer because I have seen it from within you. I'm sorry."

Naruto was taken aback by the fourth hokage's demeanor, more so with him saying sorry. As far as he concerned, his death had nothing to do with the man. It was his and that uchiha's fault. And yet, the man was the one for some stupid reason saying sorry. Wait…

"What do you mean with 'I have seen it from within you'?"

"Naruto… I'm the one who sealed the kyuubi inside you." Fourth Hokage replied with face full of regret. "To ensure that he would not escape when the seal got weaken, I sealed a part of my chakra into the seal. That is how I have seen it from within you."

Now Naruto understood it. He's so fucking understood it. The man stood before him, that goddamn man was the one at fault! He had caused him every shitty thing in his damnedest life. It was his damn fault, his very damn fault.

"Naruto… I'm the fourth hokage. How can I ask for another child when I can't sacrifice my own? I can't do that. As a hokage, that is something I need to do."

Those words stunned Naruto a little. He was not stupid. Okay, he was stupid. But not anymore. He had enough of stupidity. That's why he racked his damn brain so hard to understand the meaning behind those words ‒ to fully understand the situation.

"Naruto… I'm your father."

That's it. With the speed shocked even the fourth hokage, a punch had found its way on the man's gut. It was not one. Naruto drove another punch, and another, and another until he was tired of it and fell backward. He cried. All emotions were exploding in his brain at once. He was angry, felt betrayed, yet he was happy. Finally, after so many lies thrown unto his face, the truth had unrevealed itself.

He had a father. He was not a demon brat. He was not a monster. He was normal like other people. He had a father, and he should have a mother as well.

"You hit hard, but I very much deserve it." The Fourth Hokage—who later introduced himself as Namikaze Minato—smiled weakly as he said that. "But, putting all things aside, I'm so happy to finally meet you, my son. I have no right to call myself your father after putting so much pain in your life, but from the deepest of my heart I wish to hear you call me father."

"It matters not, father, I'm about to die anyway. So, who is my mother? I'm sure you didn't create a female clone to insert your seed inside her, did you?"

"WHAT?! Of course not! Kushina would kill me before I can do something so perverted like that. Surely, Jiraiya-sensei has shared his traits to you, hasn't he?"

"Oh, so you are implying that if I don't know then you will consider it, dear husband? And, Naruto, you're still thirteen, how on earth that perverted thought exists inside your head? Did that pervy-sage fill your mind with such garbage?"

That voice which had just interrupted the conversation between two blonds belonged to a red haired beauty. Her facial shape was similar to Naruto, but she didn't have whiskers and her eyes were violet. Even though she was smiling, there're frightening motherly aura surrounded her.




Kurama couldn't comprehend what had just happened to him and his jinchuriki. When he was about to die, suddenly a void appeared out of nowhere and suck the unconscious body of the stupid brat. He couldn't recall quietly what happened inside the void, but he faintly remembered that a blond man inserted his soul inside his jinchuriki's body. If he wasn't mistaken, that man proclaimed himself as Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes. That Gilgamesh declared that the brat was lucky to be chosen as his temporary host.

However, it prompted the sleeping soul inside his jinchuriki to awake. Asura didn't like it that a stranger soul suddenly invaded his transmigration's body. Kurama didn't know what happened afterward, but it seemed that both souls had ceased to exist, leaving only their prowess behind. The power was big. Kurama could feel it deep inside Naruto's soul. Should Naruto managed to tap into that power, it was highly unlikely he'd beat the boy into submission. Moreover, the chakra of that bastard blond hokage and his former jinchuriki had already interacted with his host's consciousness. Kurama couldn't find way to escape the damn prison.

If only he knew of these beforehand, he'd surely healed Naruto's injury. Sadly for him, he couldn't undo what already happened. It was a damn big mistake on his part. Who knew that the brat's luck was high enough to take advantage even in his dying time? Kurama surely did not.


"Double mutated knights. Not only he has an unknown powerful sacred gear, but also energy similar to youkai? Moreover, you need Serafall's help to force those evil pieces inside his body. After that, his energy merged with demonic power, making his already large magical reserves become as large as Serafall. And he is only twelve or thirteen? Quite interesting, I'm intrigued. You surely have an interesting knight, Sona."

Sona was happy to receive praise from her father. But oddly enough, her face refused to show it. Instead, her beautiful face was full of concern. She was afraid that the kid would refuse to live as a devil. Even though Sona reincarnated him to save his life, Sona wasn't naïve enough to believe that the kid would welcome being devil with open arms. There's a possibility that he would curse her.

"It is okay, my instinct tell me that the kid would appreciate your help." Her father assured her with his warm smile, it prompted Sona to smile as well. "Putting that aside, where is your sister?"

"Big sister said she will return at dinner. She did not tell where she's going, but I have a feeling that she's going to brag to Lord Lucifer that her dear younger sister has finally gotten her very first peerage member who is far stronger than his sister's very first peerage member."

"Ha-ha-ha, it is so like Serafall."

Sona allowed her lips to curl a little. Knowing her dear big sister, that was exactly what she's doing. She just hoped that the words wouldn't reach Rias' ears. It would be a pain in the ass to handle her whining.

"Father, I will see how he is doing." Sona said after a minute or so, receiving a nod from her father.

It took only a few minutes for Sona to reach the room where her very first peerage member slept. Even though there's no more wound on his body, the blond hadn't awaken yet. It was as if something was holding him from awoken.

As soon as she entered the room, a pair of blue eyes stared at her as if she was the prey he had been searching. Sona felt a bit intimidated at first, but soon she felt relaxes when a small smile found its place on the blond's lips. His cold-sharp eyes had become softer; warmness began radiating from within those sapphire irises.

"Were you the one who helped me escaped my death?"