Alternative Life


Full summary: Things are going great for Yami and Yugi. But then an old lover of Yami appears, with one objective: Destroy the Millenium puzzles and break the bond between the two teens. To complete her quest, Katari kidnaps Yugi and his Millenium puzzle. What will Yami do to save his only love?

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Warning: This fic is Yami/Yugi and it has a YAOI SCENE on EVERY CHAPTER!!

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Chapter 1: Happy times are broken

Yuugi was sitting on his bed, happy and content. His grandpa allowed Yami to live with them. 'This is great' he thought. 'Now Yami and I can never be apart' Yugi looked at the spare bed his grandpa had ordered and put in his room. Yugi then fiddled with his Millenium puzzle.

Yugi could still remember how he got this special item, Yami's vow, and the effects of it. Yugi hugged his Millenium puzzle and sighed.

"Are you all right aibou?" asked a rich voice. Yugi looked up and saw Yami standing in the door, smiling at his love. Yugi smiled back, loving the new nickname Yami gave him.

"I'm all right, Yami. I'm just remembering our special moment last week." he replied. Yami chuckled. "You mean the night you and I bonded? Yes, that was a special time for us." Yami walked over to Yugi and sat down beside him.

Yugi scooted over next to him. Yami hugged his petite other half. "I am grateful that your grandfather allowed me to be in the same room as you, aibou." he whispered. Yugi giggled.

"Me too." he said. Yami smiled. "I have to ask aibou, does your grandfather know that I used to be a vampire?" asked Yami. Yugi shook his head. "He thinks that you're a friend of mine that's homeless." he replied. Yami chuckled. "We are more than just friends." Yami then planted a kiss on Yugi's forehead. Yugi looked up and saw Yami's eyes.

"We can't do it now." he warned. Yami frowned a little. "Why not?" he asked his light. Yugi smiled. "Because we didn't close the door." he replied. Yugi got up and closed the door. Yami smiled.

Yugi went back to his bed. "Be gentle?" he asked. Yami gently laid Yugi down. "Always." he replied. Yami then kissed Yugi's supple lips with fire and passion.

Yami then took off Yugi's shirt and threw it on the floor. Planting kisses on Yugi's chest, Yugi moaned. Yami smirked. He then lifted Yugi up, allowing him to sit up on his bed.

Yami planted more kisses down Yugi's neck. "You taste so good." whispered Yami between kisses. Yugi moaned a little louder, as Yami's hands traveled to Yugi's pants.

"Not yet Yami. I'm really sorry, but I'm still not ready." whispered Yugi. Yami then felt his lover feel sad and sorry. Yami stopped kissing Yugi and turned Yugi's head so he could face him.

"Don't be sorry aibou. I told you that I'll wait and I will. So don't feel bad, ok?" he gently asked. Yugi smiled and hugged Yami tightly. "Thank you, Yami." he whispered.

"Yugi! Yami! I'm home!" said a voice downstairs. Yugi looked at the door. "Grandpa's home!" he said. Yami chuckled. "Let's go greet him." he replied. Yugi put back on his shirt and the two teens went downstairs to greet Yugi's grandpa.

Grandpa went to the living room and heard two sets of feet coming down the stairs. "Hello Yugi! Hello Yami!" he cheerfully greeted.

"Hi Grandpa!" said Yugi, hugging him. "Hello Mr. Motou." greeted Yami. "Thank you for allowing me to stay within your hospitality." Grandpa smiled. "It's no problem. You can call me Grandpa if you like." he replied. Yami smiled. Grandpa then looked at the time.

"You two better get some sleep! You don't want to be late to school tomorrow." he said. Yugi nodded and took Yami's hand.

"Let's get some sleep." he told Yami. Yami smiled. Thw two went upstairs while Grandpa went to the kitchen.

Yami and Yugi went to their own beds. "Goodnight Yugi." said Yami. "Goodnight Yami." replied Yugi. The two quickly fell asleep. Unknown to the couple, a figure was watching them outside of Yugi's window. "Soon, Yami. Soon." hissed the figure.

Yugi woke up, and stretched his arms out. He looked at Yami's bed, but only found it empty. Yugi dressed into his school uniform, brushed his teeth, and went downstairs.

He found Yami cooking breakfast on the stove. "Good morning Yami. Where's Grandpa?" he asked. Yami looked at Yugi. "He had to go on another dig in Egypt. He asked me to tell you that." he replied. Yugi nodded. He was used to his Grandpa not being here.

He sat down at the table while Yami handed him a plate of breakfast. "It's really hot outside for some reason. I think Domino has a heat wave today." said Yami. Yugi smiled and ate his breakfast.

After breakfast, Yami and Yugi both walked to school, holding hands. "Even though Grandpa's gone, I still have something to look forward to when I wake up." said Yugi. Yami looked at his aibou. "What would that be?" he asked. Yugi giggled.

"A morning with you." he replied. Yami smiled. Thw two then talked about random stuff as they reached Domino High.

Yugi was at school, hot and dazed. A heat wave really had washed over Domino, making the inhabitants carrying water and hot. Yugi had a spelling test that no one could concentrate on. Yugi was already done with his test and looked behind him for Yami.

Yami wasn't there, and he had been in the bathroom for a quite a while. So he raised his hand. The teacher looked at him. "Yes Yugi?" he asked.

"May I use the restroom?" he asked. The teacher nodded, and Yugi was out the door. His footsteps echoed the empty hall, heading towards the restroom. When he got there, the stalls were empty.

Yugi shook his head. "Yami must've snuck out." he declared, leaning in front of the mirror with his head down.

"Now why would I leave you alone, aibou?" asked a familiar voice. Yugi looked up and saw Yami's reflection, looking at his. "Because you have been gone for a long time." Yugi answered.

Yami chuckled, and wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist. "I was waiting for you to come here aibou. So we could have some fun." Yami started to plant kisses on Yugi's neck.

Yugi shook his head. "But not here. Not in public. What if someone comes in here and sees us?" Yami turned Yugi around to face him. Crimson eyes bore into violet orbs.

"Then I'll tell them to get lost." he simply said. Yugi smiled, then hugged Yami. "I'm glad we're bonded now. I don't know how I'll live without you, Yami." Yami embraced Yugi and smiled. "Yes Yugi. It's good to be human again. Especially with you. Our Millenium Puzzles connect us, and that bond will never be broken."

Suddenly, a black light appeared, breaking Yami and Yugi's embrace. Yami glared at the black pillar of light. "Show yourself!" he demanded. The black light disappeared, and there stood a woman.

She had long black hair, straight as sticks. Her skin was pale and ivory, and her eyes were very light green. She wore a black leather skirt, black leather top, and black leather high heels. She looked 16 years old. She smirked at the couple in front of her.

Yugi looked at Yami. Yami's eyes were wide with shock. "It can't be.." he whispered. Yugi tugged at Yami's school uniform. "Yami, who's she?" he asked. The girl laughed.

"I'm Katari, Yami's lover. I've come here to bring him back." she declared. Yugi's eyes were wide open. Yami glared at the woman. "What do you want?" he growled.

Katari giggled. "Simple Yami. I want you back with me." Yami smirked. "That's never going to happen. I belong to Yugi now." he replied. Katari glared.

"Well then, I'll think of other ways to fix that." she threatened. Suddenly, she disappeared. Yugi was practically squeezing Yami while Yami looked at the spot where Katari once stood.


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